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#31 – The Realistic Optimist

This week Lisa and Allison talk about how you can’t go forward without being realistic. Lots of trash talk about The Secret, Gurus and other magical thinking. Allison reveals a secret of her own. Embrace the suck! Show Notes The Kelsie Morris – TWF prodcast 29 The Pledge: Your Master Plan for an Abundant [...]

#30 – The Mark Copeman

The week Allison interviews Mark Copeman who owns and runs The 8:45 Club andCustomerThermometer. They chat about Mark’s take on working foryourselfand the influences in his road to success. Show Notes The E-Myth Revisited Mark’s big holiday experience (mini-retirement!) Mark’s office!...


#29 – The Kelsie Morris

Allison Reynolds interviews her daughter Kelsie Morris while Lisa is away. Kelsie talks about what it’s like to be the child of someone who makes a living on the internet and then runs away to the country. Notes There are none… WIN WIN WIN Win 1 of 10 copies of Nine Things Successful People Do [...]


#28 – The To Go

How can being too productive be harmful? Why does looking forward help you to be more successful than looking back? Allison wishes she had an experience bar over her head and Lisa laments the lack of feedback from some clients. NOTES – Our Sponsor The Challenge WIN WIN WIN Win 1 of 10 copies [...]

#27 – The If/Then

This week Allison and Lisa talk about their new sponsor, how crap Seth Godin is (sometimes) and the secret of creating a habit…backed up with the results of scientific study. Sponsored by… NOTES Our Sponsor The first thing you do when you sit down at the computerSeth Godin Trouble With Freedom Facebook Page WIN [...]

#26 – The Specifics

Lisa and Allison talk about the first dot point from Heidi Grant Halvorson’sNine Things Successful People Do Differently, and that is getting specific…about what you want and how you will get it. And yes you CAN gift Kindle books. Links Nine Things Successful People Do Differently- Heidi Grant Halvorson Thinking, Fast and Slow- Daniel [...]

#25 – The Christmas Special

Cheeky elves Lisa and Allison put out their Christmas special with funny out-takes from this past year. They also cover what they consider was their biggest success, failure and Ah-Ha moment of 2011 and invite listeners to comment with their own. Have a very happy Christmas and holiday season and we look forward to talking [...]

#24 – The Disaster

Allison and Lisa talk about when things keep you from your business activities after both having events that did just that. Topic headers such as wastage,processesfor when you are gone, and contemplating selling everything and playing World of Warcraft for the rest of your life.


#23 – The Letting Go

Allison and Lisa talk about the pain of letting things go in your business and when to decide to do it. Allison points out that in business having a process and criteria makes severing ties easier, and that big business does it all the time. Links Jen Sheehan – 5 Ways Not to Fail at [...]

#22 – The Perception

Lisa goes to a business networking event and comes across a good example of how perception can ruin your business. A session of constructive criticism then breaks out. What red flag makes Lisa ask for money up front? What’s on Lisa’s list of pointers for professionals starting out?

#21 – The Action

Lisa and Allison discuss taking action. Lisa has read Allison’s recommendation of The Pledge and discusses her opinion of the book. Allison goes into her life philosophy that says making goals and taking action are the two fundamentals of living versus existing. Lisa reveals an embarrassing moment that she survived. Allison discusses how she uses [...]

#20 – The Dilemma

Allison and Lisa talk about the dilemma that selling information products on the internet can cause – expert or enthusiast, are you qualified enough to sell information?

#019 – The Success

Lisa and Allison talk success and how it’s a very subjective term that people rarely sit down and think about. Allison talks about how she gets her mentorees to visualise success. Lisa mentions how she’s left some personal goals behind in getting ahead. Notes Ron Jeremy Wikipedia Made The Jump – where Allison [...]

#018 – The Myths

Allison and Lisa play myth busters (please don’t sue us famous TV show) with athoroughdebunking of some of the working for yourself marketing myths. Feel free to add comments if you have a myth that was not covered. My dear, Our society continues to think that leisure time ismoreenjoyablethanwork. Continues to think that [...]

#017 – The Consistency

Lisa and Allison discuss consistency and knowing what comes next (which usually goes hand in hand). Common sense solutions for how to determine what needs to be done and then go do it (which they really should create a product around). Notes PreneurCast – Pete Williams Podcast Freedom Ocean – James Schramko Podcast Secret Women’s [...]

#015 – The Rant

Allison talks a whole lot about her existential angst with her business direction while Lisa listens politely. Allison discloses that she is leaving her circle of contacts and friends and striking off into the unknown. Lisa nods and smiles. Allison is embarrassed when she listens back and hears all the half formed thoughts and tangents. [...]

#014 – The Word No

Lisa and Allison discuss a question asked by Karen Kramer about saying “no”. Allison shows how truly insecure she is by talking about how no one asks her to do anything. Lisa points out this is because Allison is scary and not very approachable (Allison starts to plot revenge). Discussion then moves to some practicalexamplesof [...]

#013 – The Start-Up

Regular listener and awesome fan of the podcast, Michelle Brown asks Allison and Lisa about how to choose a business. Allison admits she has a love of money and will work on things she doesn’t care for, for a while. Lisa talks about the importance of market research and how it’s unreasonable to have a [...]

#012 – The Lynn Terry

Lynn Terry of ClickNewz is interviewed by Lisa and Allison about how she came to start working for herself over 13 years ago. Lynn explains how she has two mornings in every day (her most productive time of the day) and when she knows it’s time to stop working. She also talks about her upcoming [...]

#011 – The Feedback

Allison and Lisa talk about the importance of getting feedback and rewards while working for yourself. Allison chooses “emotional nourishment” as her phrase of the week and Lisa tells us why she watches Hawaii 5-0. Are you working in a vacuum? Notes Lisa’s 30 Days of Truth Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule Allison’s App Development [...]