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Toolstop Podcast #121 - the FInal Episode!

We're sorry to announce that this is the last episode of the Toolstop Podcast. However, we're delighted to announce our new Radio Show! We're calling it, unsurprisingly, the Toolstop Radio Show and you can find it on iTunes here. So, subscribe, and we'll see you over there.

Toolstop Podcast #120 - Toolfair and Chocolate Tools

It's edition 120 of the Toolstop Podcast, our weekly radio show all about power tools! This week Mark is in his home office and Neil is in Harrogate, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, they have a chat about what's new in the world power tools and beyond. * Neil fills us in with what's happening at the ToolFair in Harrogate, look out for the Toolstop team on the Telesteps stand * Mark brings us up to speed on a new Andriod app from Makita to measure the amount of hand/arm...

Toolstop Podcast #114 - Makita MR051 Radio and Cordless Grinders

On this week's podcast (watched closely by Toolstop's newest recruit, David), Neil and Mark munch on chocolate ginger snaps from Lazy Day Foods while they discuss: TrustPilot: be sure to leave your review, and remember, review a power tool on our website and be entered into a draw to win an Apple iPad! a recent new product on the Toolstop website is from Powell, it's a plastic shelving unit that even Neil could assemble in less than 90 seconds and it strong enough to hold your power tools...

Toolstop Podcast #113 - FibreFast and iPads

It's edition #113 of the Toolstop Podcast, all about power tools! This week we discuss our latest Power Tool Spy finding, a brand new saw blade called FibreFast. It's been designed to cut through cement fibre boards, and you can check out our range of stock here. Don't forget, though, that we've got a buying guides to help you choose the right mitre saw and saw blades for the applications you're undertaking. If you love winning prizes, and quite fancy nabbing yourself and iPad - and who...

Toolstop Podcast #109 - Metabo's Latest Innovation and Centaure Ladders

It's edition #109 of the Toolstop Podcast, and Mark is back from his travels to visit Bosch and Centaure, the fruits of which can be seen our YouTube channel. Mark and Neil cover off: more new power tools from Bosch, keep your eyes peeled for more information as we get it, including videos and blog posts Metabo continue to innovate as exclusively revealed by our power tool spies: a 4Ah lithium-ion battery! The guys discuss the pros and possible cons to this innovation. Read all about it on...

Toolstop Podcast #106 - New Tools from Makita and Metabo and are 18v Batter

It's edition #106 of the Toolstop Podcast! Neil and Mark chat about: Christmas is almost here! So, when is the latest to place your order with Toolstop? Neil reveals all... Kibosh has won an award, which is understandable as it's a great product. Check it out here and get more info on The Pitch 11 Metabo's KSU 250 mobile work stand is featured on the Power Tool Spy area of our blog. Read about it - plus watch our demo video - here We've got some news from Makita regarding their new...

Toolstop Podcast #107 - Choose Your Power Tool of the Year

On this week's podcast we launch our 2011 Toolstop Power Tool of the Year Award. In order to vote for your choice of power tool to pick up our Power Tool Oscar, visit the blog and make your choice. Neil and Mark also briefly chat about the general strike, the banking crisis and Jeremy Clarkson. Plus, we highlightSigbjrn Revheim's redesign of the Makita BTD145 18v impact driver. Check it out and be sure to add your opinion!

Toolstop Podcast #105 - Winter, Cordless Jigsaws and New Videos

Mark and Neil start to get ready for winter, here are their tips for what you should be buying right now: * space heaters * snow shovels, folding snow shovels (ideal for in the back of the car), heavy duty snow shovels and regular shovels * hi-vis jackets for the dark early mornings, or for when you're stumbling down the snowed in motorway * generators Mark's spent some time this week writing a cordless jigsaw buying guide, including how to tell the difference between orbital and pendulum...

Toolstop Podcast #104 - 22,000 New Products

Mark and Neil have a brief chat on the 104th edition of the Toolstop podcast, and they cover off: Centaur ladders and access equipment are now available from the Toolstop website (along with 22,000 other new products!) the 12 Deals of Christmas offer! would you buy an HD TV for the jobsite canteen? We've got a great deal on one... we've got a product overview of the brand new with an 85mm blade, capable of a maximum cut of 25.5mm. Who it is ideal for? Who should own one? Makita HS300DZ...

Toolstop Podcast #103 - Torches, Torque and...Movember

It's Movember and it's the 103rd edition of the fabled Toolstop Podcast! For those who haven't done so already, please be sure to subscribe - for free - to the podcast in iTunes. It's really simple, if you already have iTunes on your computer, just click here. This week Neil and Mark discuss: Movember Nextorch, the "World's First Smart Torch" Metabo's PowerX3 handle: gimmick or smart design? Check our blog post and demo video Kibosh, the ingenious gadget that gets you out of a tight spot...

Toolstop Podcast #102 - The Future for CEL-UK

We chatted with Chris about: Multi2 Pro with the 10.8v lithium-ion battery, and how CEL are expanding the tools they manufacture that will run off of the 10.8v batteries, including a brand new impact driver outputting almost 100Nm of torque, which will be available naked and in a kit along with the Multi2 Pro also to compliment this CEL are producing a Xenon torch which will, again run off the 10.8v lithium-ion batteries and to further the 10.8v li-ion range from CEL are currently...

Toolstop Podcast #101 - The UK's Last Power Tool Company

Last week it was all tuxedos, kilts and prizes galore. This week we're back to basics with a good old sit-down chat with someone who is immersed in the world of power tools. CEL-UK's Chris Elsworthy is not stranger to the spotlight. Appearing in an episode of the BBC's "Dragon's Den", not to mention several editions of this very podcast, Chris is used to talking about his products, particularly the Power8 Workshop. This time, though, we chat about: Chris's approach to business in terms of...

Toolstop Podcast #100!

On this week's podcast we celebrate our 100th edition, the relaunch of the Toolstop website, the winners of our Utterly Awesome Prize Giveaway, plus we give away a Metabo PowerImpact 12 and Calum Kegg (aka Mr Toolstop) tells us how you can support Kidney Research. The winners of the prizes in our Utterly Awesome Summer Prize Giveaway are: - Metabo goodie bag: Claire Smith - Ridgid Inspection Camera - Richard Bryant - Makita Jobsite Radio - Louise McGhee - Mont Blanc pen - James Preston -...

Toolstop Podcast #99 - Milwaukee is in the House

On edition 99 of the Toolstop Podcast we meet Fraser from Milwaukee and we discuss: - 99 Red Balloons - Fraser's background before joining Milwaukee and his reasons for doing so, including his view that they're going to attack the UK power tool market and he believes that we're going to see some amazing innovations from the company going forward - Fraser shares the amazing fact that Milwaukee brought lithium-ion battery power to the UK power tool market and invented the recip saw - we...

Toolstop Podcast #98 - More From Makita and the Big 100

On this week's edition of the Toolstop Audio Podcast (available as a free download from iTunes), Mark and Neil go over some of the stuff Mark saw at Makita, including this rather powerful impact driver: - Makita BTD145 Impact Driver with brush-less technology And this hugely adaptable circular saw: - Makita BHS630 with 66mm depth of cut They also touch on the new range of Makita 2 kilo hammers, and Mark talks about Makita's AVT, what it is and how it works. You can get more info on AVT and...

Toolstop Podcast #97 - We Visit Makita!

Mark sits down with Ray and Martin from Makita's UK HQ's training department to talk all things Makita power tool, including: - Makita's brand new AVT technology designed to counter the vibration generated using their power tools, seen in their new range of 2 kilo hammers (coming soon!) featuring a spring and pendulum action, killing vibration at the front end of the tool - Gavin asked, on our Facebook Page, about the possibility of an 18v lithium-ion powered pin nailer. Keep your eye on...

Toolstop Podcast #96 - Hand Tool Olympics, Leica Guide and New Makita

Mark and Neil keep it brief this week with a round up of the events held at the 2011 Hand Tool Olympics, plus we've made available a PDF of the Leica Disto buying guide, which you can download here. Neil also teases us with some of the new Makita power tools that will be coming out over the next few months! Download

Toolstop Podcast #95 - Brand New Bosch Tools Revealed!

Neil and Mark unveil the list of brand new power tools that are coming our way from Bosch during quarter 4 of 2011! The list is extensive, but includes some absolute belters and we'll be visiting Bosch early in October to see these tools in action, so we'll get plenty of videos and photos in due course. Download In this week's show (video highlights are here): - Mark still believes the new Metabo pen is better than the old one (and congratulations to the winner of our Metabo goodie bag on...

Toolstop Podcast #94 - Hi-Vis, Milwaukee and Metabo Radios

On this week's edition of the world-famous Toosltop's Power Tool Cook Book podcast Mark displays his poor lack of World Cup knowledge, compared to Neil's. Big John once again handles the video camera, so you can check out a video highlight on YouTube. Download - Mark rebuts a comment received on our YouTube video of the Metabo RC12 10.8v video - Neil lets us know that a large consignment of Milwaukee power tools has arrived in the Toolstop warehouse, click here to see what's available! -...

Toolstop Podcast #93 - Social Media Feedback and Job Lights

Neil and Mark spend some time addressing some of your feedback and questions as submitted via either YouTube, our blog, Twitter or Facebook. Download - power tool memories and Olly's response - comments on YouTube, particularly about Metabo's tough-test and the Bosch DLE70 (plus, remember to RFTM! See Neil's mug on the video) - we have a breakthrough in figuring out how to adjust the Hitachi job light (see the video). A full blog post will follow soon! - what should you do if you get some...