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Taking Profits ....AGAIN

PODOMATIC Before I start the show, you may know, we use for our podcasting service. has decided to put a bandwidth limitation on our podcast feed (this makes our show unavailable for listening or downloading sometimes) because we're their #1 business show and we're draining their bandwidth, so if you can't listen to this show, you can either: (1) try back in a week when the limit gets reset, or; (2) sign-up for a premium account at and get full...


2005 Year in Review

In this podcast, we review some of the Marketocracy tests we ran this year that didn't work. Companies in trouble (via high levels of shorting - SEC's Regulation SHO, class action lawsuits), pump and dump candidates, and previous losers, were the tests which had the worst performance compared to S&P for 2005. The lesson? Don't buy losers. Buy winners! Some of this year's winners: ET +93.28% BZH +60..32% TM +44.02% KRB +36.01% (we sold after BAC bought them out) DVN +35.5% (we took the...


Moneycentral and Marketocracy

WE ARE RE-RELEASING THIS PODCAST AFTER FIXING A TECHNICAL AUDIO GLITCH. Today, we combine the free MSN Moneycentral Stock Screening feature at with the free Marketocracy fund management feature at . CORRECTIONS: We said "it's gone up $3.68. Divide that by $39, is 9.4% profit". We intended to say, "it's gone up $3.68. Divide that by $36, is 9.4% profit". We said our email address is, "mike at". We intended to say,...


NEW - New Century Financial Corp

2005-12-10 NEW is trading at $36.00 right now. This upcoming Friday is options expiration day and the maximum pain is $35.00, which means, the stock is probably going to drop a buck between now and December 16, 2005. However, the January max pain is around $45 and falling. With new contracts being added every day, perhaps, It'll fall all the way down to $35 again. I dunno. Perhaps you can make some money between this differential. It'll also be paying a dividend for those who hold the...