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Michiana Story Hour, #2, Eugene Jones Baldwin

Eugene Jones Baldwin is a storyteller in many senses of the word. He's a journalist, a columnist for the Alton, IL newspaper, the Alton Telegraph, a blogger, who pens some very clever musings with a literary feel on the Genehouse Chronicles. Gene is also a good story teller in the sense that he knows how to unfold a happening and this interview has him talking about acting experiences (doing Judas and/or Jesus) in Jesus Christ Superstar and the pastoral life down in Alton. Gene is also a...


Julia Cameron and Emma Lively Talk About Their New Musical, The Medium At L

Putting the Muse in Musical The Innovise Guys are once again talking to The Artist's Way author Julia Cameron. This time it's about her new musical, The Medium at Large, written in collaboration with Emma Lively, her long-time creative collaborator. Emma, the Guys, and Julia talk about the show, set to open in previews October 17 and run October 19 through November 16 at the Village Players Performing Arts Center in Oak Park, Illinois at 1010 Madison Street. The spiritually inspired...


Pine and Gilmore Have An Authentic Experience With The Innovise Guys

Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore are at it again -- Breaking old paradigms and defining the next big thing. First, it was in their groundbreaking book The Experience Economy, which, nearly a decade ago, redefined the marketing landscape. Now it is with their new best-selling book Authenticity. This dynamic duo of "must do & must read" are featured in the March TIME Magazine issue on "10 Ideas that are Changing the World". It seems that in the realm of paradigm shifting, Joe and Jim only do heavy...


Verbal Gusto with Jim Kelly and The Innovise Guys

Gushing with Gusto! To our Innovise Guys podcast listeners: "You are an immeasurable life force, saturated with infinite creative potential at this very moment ... From Siberia to the Serengetti, you are the ne plus ultra, the instantaneous creative, the best of the best at your best ... All of you --precedent- setting and paradigm shattering, bold and clever Argonauts tastefully continuing through the space-time continuum ..." How does that feel? Good, huh? These are but a few of...


Disney Innovation Maven Marty Sklar Talks to The Innovise Guys

The Los Angeles Times – once wrote, “Fresh out of college, Marty Sklar was overwhelmed to find himself as Walt Disney's newest writer.? Sklar, in awe, dutifully followed Disney around, scribbling down Disney's orders, ideas and, occasionally, one-line gems. Many years after Walt’s death, Sklar recognized this treasure-trove of wisdom and created “Mickey's Ten Commandments?, one of the most widely circulated creeds and a bible of the theme park industry.“The lessons became a cornerstone of...


Authors of Creative Leadership, Gerard Puccio and Mary Murdock talk to The

The Innovise Guys recently caught up with Dr. Gerard Puccio, program chair at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College (SUNY) and his faculty colleague Dr. Mary Murdock at the American Creativity Association Conference. Together, with Marie Mance, they have just published a brilliant book, entitled Creative Leadership: Skills That Drive Change. In this fast-paced, fun and substantive interview, Puccio and Murdock discuss the connection between leadership...


Creative PR and Arts Leadership, an interview with Tamara Saviano

Tamara Saviano is a creative publicist and the organizer of a non-profit called American Roots Publishing, which is dedicated to the preservation of American culture through music, literature, and art. Beneath her mild-mannered exterior lies a bit of a firebrand and a devout defender of free speech. That’s one reason why Kris Kristofferson hired her – her guts to speak out. We would call her a genuine Creative Leader, entrepreneur, and arts advocate. The Innovise Guys are delighted to...


Joe Pine, author of The Experience Economy talks to The Innovise Guys

The Experience Economy & Innovation: The Innovise Guys Interview with Joe Pine. In 1999 Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore turned the marketing world on it's ear with the publication of their groundbreaking book, "The Experience Economy." Pine, formerly an innovator at IBM and a graduate of MIT's Sloan Graduate School of Business in Management Technology, met Jim Gilmore shortly after the publication of his first book, Mass Customization: The New Frontier in Business Competition. It turns out that...


Da Bears Tribute Podcast, with Skip and Lou

Da Bears. Da Super Bowl. Da Innovise Guys. We simply could not resist talking Bears football at this momentous time. And we make a true attempt to connect it all to Innovation -- After all, we all remember how the Bears 'thrilled the nation with their T-formation' -- or so the Bears fight song goes. And that's not all -- Papa Bear Halas created the professional National Football League -- an innovator for sure. In this interview, The Guys speak with sports geeks and clairvoyant cliches...


Gregg Fraley, author of Jack's Notebook, talks to Innovise Guy Doug Stevens

This podcast is a break with tradition for the Innovise Guys. Here, Doug interviews Gregg about the publication of Jack's Notebook, a business fable about creative problem solving. It's a fun interview -- some improvised songs, jokes, and accents happen as they manage to find out why Gregg wrote the book, who it's for, and to discuss some of the aspects of deliberate creativity as they progress. Jack's Notebook could be the first "break out" book that takes the concept of CPS and...


Creative Leadership & Design

David Horth, author of The Leaders Edge, creativity and leadership expert, is with the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensborough, NC (www.ccl.org). In this wide-ranging and eclectic interview the Innovise Guys and David cover a wide range of topics, but with a central connection to creative leadership and design. They talk about design as a unifying concept of creativity, innovation, and quality. It's good fun and as usual the Guys talk about seemingly non-related stuff as well, like...


Creative Environment: The Innovise Guys talk to Eva Niewiadomski of Catalys

Eva Niewiadomski is the founder and owner of Catalyst Ranch in Chicago. Catalyst Ranch is a highly successful and innovative venue for creative meetings of all kinds. It really has to be seen to be believed; it's possibly the most creative meeting space in the USA. Eva, formerly with Quaker, is a real creative environment expert and an inspiring entrepreneur. Here she talks with The Innovise Guys about how she got Catalyst off the ground and she shares her views and ideas about creative...


Greater Possibilities -- The Guys Talk with InterPlay's Nika Quirk

Nika Quirk, AKA Princess Succulenta (don't ask) crossed the path of The Innovise Guys at the AIN conference in San Francisco (AIN is the Applied Improvisation Network, see: www.appliedimprov.net). Nika was a keynoter and did an amazing plenary session that involved a group of about 80 people in creating music. We were impressed with her facilitation skill and we had to get her thoughts on tape for our podcast. Nika is a lot of fun, and, a real expert at applied improvisation. She uses her...


Pamela Meyer & The Innovise Guys Talk Organizational Improvisation

Pamela Meyer is a consultant, author, and teacher. In this fast moving and lighthearted interview with the Innovise Guys she talks about her deep dive into the idea of organizational improvisation and the related topics of creativity training and appreciative inquiry. Pam has a deep background in the theater arts and she discovered the value of improvisation when casting plays. She's learned over time the value that improv has to build responsiveness to changing conditions in the market...


Julia Cameron Talks to The Innovise Guys

The Innovise Guys do an inspiring interview with creativity icon and author of "The Artists Way", Julia Cameron about her new memoir "Floor Sample". Julia is best known for her seminal book on unblocking creativity (The Artists Way) and Gregg and Doug talk with Julia about both books in this lively chat. The topics bounce around all things creativity. Julia talks about how her sobriety caused the invention of her creativity tools, and how her upbringing in a big family led to her teaching...


Tama Kieves of "This Time I Dance!" talks to the Innovise Guys from Transit

Tama J. Kieves, Harvard Law School cum laude graduate abruptly left the legal profession to write. Her book "This Time I Dance!" is all about doing what you love and more generally Career Transitions. She talks with Gregg and Doug in front on a live audience at Transitions Bookplace in Chicago. It's an entertaining interview -- Tama has fun with Da Guys -- that gets to the heart of why 3 of 5 people are unhappy with what they do. She suggests practical remedies to that sad situation. For...


Paint On Water

Amy Lee, aka Segami (the word Images backwards) is that rare combination of scientist and artist. Segami literally paints on water -- she talks about that process here -- and gives dynamic keynote speeches about Seeing the Impossible. Segami is also involved in an international entrepreneurial business venture in the recycled waste for energy arena. Listen to this interesting interview with the Innovise Guys, the talk is about art, innovation, business, creativity, and more. For more...


Ralph Kerle on the Arts in Business Leadership Training

Ralph Kerle, of The Creative Leadership Forum of Asia Pacific and Australia is a leading creativity expert and a pioneer in the use of the arts in business leadership training. A former theater director, he has a lot of insight on the value of creative training at all levels of management. His wry sense of humor blends well with the Innovise Guys and they have a great discussion about...getting into the moment, acting and authenticity, status in business transactions, and much more. Tune...


Linda Yaven on Design Thinking, Visual Thinking & More

Linda Yaven is a communication designer and invention coach with a unique appraoch to creativity. The Innovise Guys interviewed her at the Creative Problem Solving Insitute -- and it's a light hearted and yet rich in content discussion. Linda provides clients with services and trainings, based on emerging methods from the design studio - for making thinking visible and qualitative assessment. Linda recently completed a project for The Department of Defense on creative thinking and...


Jon Pearson on Creativity, Innovation, Visual Exploration, and Knowing

Hear Jon Pearson and believe in yourself as an artist! Jon is a font of knowledge and inspiration on creative process. A former political cartoonist, and now an educator, consultant, and speaker, he's profound, funny, interesting, and full of content -- all at once. In this highly improvised and humorous interview Jon speaks about using drawing to explore challenges, how anybody can draw using his famous Moodgie technique, being in the present and "Not Knowing. He links Not Knowing to...