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The best explanation of crypto-currencies you'll hear by a geographer this week [S15E06]

** Nothing in this podcast is investment advice. ** Recorded in mid December 2017, the team talk about their progress with their 'Crypto Challenge' and the dawning realisation that Bitcoin (and the like) might not be as usable as money. We learn a little about how this technology works, how (and why) its value might change, and share our own tentative first steps of buying and selling for ourselves.


Festive Winterval special [S15E05]

This week the team tell bad Christmas cracker jokes and discuss gift ideas for last-minute shoppers. We look back at the topics we discussed in December 2012 (including - would you believe - Snapchat) and confirm with Ewan that, yes, it's also Christmas in Denmark. You heard it here first...


Who can beat the banks? (FinTech special) [S15E04]

This week the team discuss 'FinTech' - the apps and services hoping to displace traditional banks and their products. We look at some of the most interesting offerings for consumers for everyday spending, foreign exchange and borrowing, considering which firms have what it takes to be successful. We also talk about AirPods, briefly.


Back to the smart home [S15E01]

We're back (sorry for the wait) and this week we're re-visiting our smart home challenge. What's the long-term verdict on the products we bought last season, what have we changed and would we recommend? Also, were you aware of the 'neat hair' situation in Nordic banking? Ewan has the latest.


iPads, ‘transformers’ and ‘real’ work [S14E09]

This week the team talk about mobile working… Do we still need laptops or is it possible to do ‘real’ work on an iPad. Does the device even matter or is it the software that drives users’ behaviour. We talk about ‘transformer’ devices, young people, keyboards and clipboards. Rafe also provides a duck-house update (so you can stop emailing to ask).


What did we learn at CES? [S14E05]

This week the team look back at Consumer Electronics Show, trying to understand the themes that emerged: voice (and Alexa) everywhere, home automation and ‘emotional’ robots. Rafe, our ‘man on the ground’ gives us his view. Ewan’s still in Denmark and has discovered it has a land border with Germany… who knew?


On the road again… [S14E04]

Happy New Year! We’re back and - seasonally - talking about our travel experiences again and how mobile influences it. Ewan’s saved from disaster by Amazon Prime Now in San Francisco (seriously, how are they not sponsoring this yet?), Rafe’s excited by a QR code in a cathedral (don’t judge) and Ben wants to talk to Alexa in his hotel room (who needs friends?).


It’s a very Echo Christmas [S14E02]

This week the team talk about Amazon’s smash-hit home assistant ‘things’ - the Echo and the Dot - and the on-board personality Alexa. We think they’ll sell by the ton this holiday season and wonder why we enjoy them so much compared to Siri. We discuss how we use them, the extra ’skills’ you can add and setting up simple home automation. WARNING - we say ‘Alexa’ a lot this episode so mute your Echo!


Rafe: Origin Story [S13E08]

This week we put Rafe Blandford in the spotlight - his formative experiences with Psion devices (and broken limbs), founding the ‘all about’ empire, being a blogging pioneer and getting ‘inside Nokia’. Rafe shares his experience at the fore-front of online media, hitting 1m readers per month, ‘really big servers’, knowing more about Nokia than Nokia Execs and being laughed at by Steve Ballmer.


Ewan: Origin story [S13E06]

This week we track Ewan's history in tech - inciting a strike at school, selling (and failing to sell) businesses, working with the earliest SMS services, some stuff he can't talk about and big news about his next role. Ewan explains the ups / downs of being a tech entrepreneur in the early days of mobile. Ben and Rafe ask the questions and no-one gets naked.


The on-demand economy & #RubRafe [S13E05]

The day we (but especially Rafe) didn’t think would come is finally here and the team settle-down to discuss Uber, Deliveroo, Jinn, Quipup, Jinn, Task Rabbit and - crucially - Urban Massage as we share our experiences of the growing number of ‘instant’ smartphone-enabled services available. Rafe has his own ‘on-demand’ experience live on the show and we forgive the absence of trousers this week as he smells fantastic.


Holidays & travel (2016 update) [S13E04]

This week, as summer arrives in the UK with storm warnings and flash floods, we turn our attention to holidays and travel (again). We discuss the impact of the (near) removal of roaming fees across Europe, update our list of essential travel apps for 2016 and discuss some of the new tech we’ll be trying out. As episode 5 nears we also anticipate Rafe’s impending experience of the on-demand economy (#rubrafe).


Unscripted: Politics, fitness and LinkedIn [S13E03]

Ewan’s taken over again this week and he doesn’t like planning… so the team wander casually through topics as diverse as politics (the first and only time you’ll hear us talk ‘Brexit’ on the podcast), fitness (we’re still fat) and Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition (can we add *you* to our professional network?). We also give our first update on this season’s Android Challenge as reality bites (a bit).


Rafe sets a challenge [S13E02]

This week Rafe takes control to set the season’s challenge: an entire season for Ben and Ewan to… well, you’ll have to listen to find out. He issues his instructions for the challenge and takes care to explain the rules very precisely this season (after the $100 phone challenge that cost double, Ewan). We also answer some listener questions and take some over-due feedback.


Ask us anything [S12E10]

It's almost(!) a tradition... As we end season 12 we answer listeners' questions on topics from SMS (is it dead?) to biometrics and retina scanning (will it replace fingerprint readers?). We revisit the $100 phone challenge and get an update from £1000 prize winner Kenny (thanks Tengi!) on the phone he's chosen to buy.


Spotify in my Volvo [S11E04]

This week the team talk cars: What we own, how ‘connected’ (or not) they are and our frustrations with getting the software upgraded. We discuss Tesla’s pioneering use of ‘crowd data’, ‘in-app purchases’ for vehicles and speculate (very briefly) about the Apple Car. There’s also an update on this season’s Smartest Home competition as Rafe takes a clear lead.


Blooming marvellous apps [S11E02]

This week the team discuss one of their favourite apps from ‘mobile-first’ flower retailer Bloom and Wild. The team discuss how a mobile app out-performs web shops and and how the small(er) guy can leapfrog the competition with a bit of help from the app store.


S10E10: Ask us anything

This week we answer listener’s questions. We cover topics from including how 999 emergency calls work, the effects of long contracts, affordable roaming, Nokia (predictably), Apple’s Passbook and even a question about wires. What more could you ask for? This week we also announce the winner of our draw to discover the smartphone you think is the best on the market. We pick 3 winners - one to win the phone they voted for (thanks to TigerMobiles.com) and 2 mobile printer gizmos from...


S10E09: Mobile Payments

This week the team are talking mobile payments, including (but not just) Apple Pay. It’s not an area we know well so we’re joined by special guest-expert Tim Green of Mobile Money Revolution. We talk about the different types of mobile payments, who’s doing what, how retailers are experimenting and where mobile payments are really useful. We also get a present from friend-of-the-show Dan Lane at Simwood who’s made us our own mobile network. This week is your last opportunity to tell us...


S10E07: Virtual Reality

We’re answering another listener question this week - a voicemail from the Voicemail Podcast team. They asked for our views on the state (and future) of all things ‘virtual reality’ so we discuss the products they’ve tried; the (important?) difference between ‘augmented’ and ‘virtual’ reality; and the likelihood of either being the hit many big investors anticipate. Tell us what you think the best smartphone on the market is and sign-up for our new newsletter for a chance to win it...