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The biggest names, the latest news, and leading insights from the field. Podcasts, interviews, technology demonstrations, and commentary from industry experts. Get more at

The biggest names, the latest news, and leading insights from the field. Podcasts, interviews, technology demonstrations, and commentary from industry experts. Get more at
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The biggest names, the latest news, and leading insights from the field. Podcasts, interviews, technology demonstrations, and commentary from industry experts. Get more at




Blind Bargains Qast 160: Not Pink Squeezey Phones

The Google hardware event is now over, and the BBQ Crew takes almost as long as the event itself to discuss the important bits. Access Ana Aids J.J. and Joe in the unpacking of all the news from the event. She also provides her thoughts on the new Voice Access app And the Tick Watch Running Ware OS. We additionally want to thank all 156 of our listeners who took our short survey. Congratulations to Ron McEwen for being the lucky person to win the Google Home Mini giveaway. Discussion...


Blind Bargains Qast 159: Lamas Whip The Windows Enthusiast

Free updates are the best updates. Last month Apple handed out several with iOS, Watch OS, and of course Mac OS. This month Microsoft sends down the information superhighway the second of the big Windows 10 mega updates for 2018. J.J. and Joe discuss some of the highlights of this Windows refresh and J.J. even has a tip that is Windows related to boot. Sponsor: Google Our friends at Google are working hard to create great technology products for everyone. They re inviting you to...


Blind Bargains Qast 158: When the Visperos Go Back To Capistrano

It has been a long time since the week s A.T. news monopolized an episode s runtime. Yet that is what we have with information rolling in like a story-laden freight train heading towards the news section at breakneck speed. That means that our demo and tip sections are a bit shorter. And we still have Sound Off plus the week s weirdness with the Last Word . But first Remember you can take a short survey about our podcast by heading to this link Filling out the survey will put you in the...


Blind Bargains Qast 157: Liquid Retina Vapor Faces

It takes 5 of us to talk about 3 phones. Yep, the Apple event is over, and we break down the highlights of the hardware. Shelly Brisbin and Scott Davert join J.J., Joe and Patrick to talk about the new Apple gear in this special wrap-up show edition of the BBQ. Programming Note: This podcast was recorded shortly after the Apple event on September 12th. At that time, we did not know where Hurricane Florence would make landfall. However, we knew it would and we wanted to mention some...


Blind Bargains Qast 156: State Fair Guide Dogs

A few months ago, we mentioned that many of the US airlines were examining changes to their policies about air travel for service animal customers. We asked Jenine Stanley to come on the show and provide us with the status of these changes at the time of our recording. We also have a tip, a few suggestions and the trusty food-related content for the "Last Word". Sponsor: Google Our friends at Google are working hard to create great technology products for everyone. They re inviting you to...

Blind Bargains Qast 155: Crock Noir

The week s news is usually light before an upcoming Apple event, now set for Sept. 12th by the way, so J.J. and Joe decided to put their feet up with a few games to pass the time. We have a listener submitted tip, a fashion statement in "Sound Off" and an odd combo for "Last Word". In the News: Freedom Scientific releases their August 2018 update for JAWS, Fusion and ZoomText Dolphin 17 update adds more browser support beyond Internet Explorer The August issue of Access World looks at...


Blind Bargains Qast 154: The A-Lady

For many years we ve held back about talking sports. Well, thanks to Brian Fischler And Yahoo, we found a way to cover sports and Assistive Technology at the same time. But it isn t all gridiron action this week. We have news, a tip and many audio clips in the Last Word . Get your draft on, its game time! In The News: Rice Krispies introduces Braille stickers for blind, visually-impaired kids just in time for back to school Envision AI version 1.5.0 released, introducing several new...


Blind Bargains Qast 153: Allstar Duck Triathlon

J.J. is out communing with nature at his annual summer camp retreat. So, Joe asked Jamie Pauls to hop into the studio to discuss the matters of the week. David Bradburn, longtime friend of the show, returns to talk about Video Magnifiers and his recent international travel exploits. Jamie has a tip; a fellow podcaster sends in a letter for "Sound Off" and a bit of audio Tom Foolery rounds out things in the "Last Word". Program Note: Huge shout outs, and big congrats, to members of the BBQ...


Blind Bargains Qast 152: 55 Gallon Braille Signage

The annual migration from the convention floor back to the studio has once again come to our merry band of podcasters. J.J., Joe and Patrick take a moment to discuss some of the highlights from our 2018 Summer Convention Coverage and even slip in some of the news from the last month as well. The "Last Word" and "Sound Off" round out this week s offerings. Pack, unpack or just relish the idea that you don't have to do either. Fight over that lone electrical outlet, It s an episode for that...


#ACB18 Audio: Friendly Phone Options For All At Irie-AT

Touch screens on phones and tablets can be very daunting to master for those who are new to vision loss. Cody Mitchell, Sales Manager for Irie-AT, and J.J. talk about some options that are out there for those looking to adopt a more guided focus driven experience on Android. The Synaptic software can be loaded on any device with Android Kit-Katt, on up, and contains features like a built in Video Magnifier and OCR. To check out the accessible phone options mentioned in this interview, head...


#NFB18 Audio: Detect The World Around You With Sunu

We aren t sure if Chancy likes Spiderman or not, but she sure could be Spiderwoman if she wanted to have comic book-like Spider Senses while wearing the Sunu Band. Fernando Albertorio, of Sunu, provides an overview, and outdoor demonstration, of the mobility travel aid. He discusses how the product has evolved and gives some insight into the increased capabilities of the device through its optional smartphone companion app. To learn more about the band, visit the Sunu Website. Our 2018...


#ACB18 Audio: Know More About Where You Are With WayAround

NFC, or Near Field Communications, is great for paying for things with a phone or watch. But wouldn't it be great if you could apply that same technology to a sign and learn more about where you are or what is around you? Jessica Hipp, Marketing Director for WayAround, explains the company's vision for doing just that. She also shows J.J. how using tags can be used to label shirts, objects, food and so many other items around the home. To learn more about the company, and download their free...


#ACB18 Audio: Welcome to Accessible Voting With Votec

There are a lot of rules and laws at play when it comes to the process of voting. Douglas Towne, of Votec Corperation, discusses some of the ins and outs of that process in this interview from the ACB Exhibit Hall floor. Find out about pollbooks and hear an overview of the Welcome Voter Kiosk. To learn more about accessible voting, visit the Votec w ebsite. Our 2018 summer convention coverage is sponsored by Google. This week we're teaming up with our friends on the Google Accessibility...


#NFB18 Audio: Let Your Fingers Do The Walking Along The Tactile Mapping Automated Project ™s Pages

Chancy initially spoke to Scott Blanks of the San Francisco Lighthouse about the tactile maps being embossed on a View Plus Columbia Braille Embosser At the Tactile Mapping Automated project s booth. Except, being the intrepid reporter that we all know her to be, the interview soon expands outward to cover several aspects of the wide array of services offered by this famous organization. To learn more about the maps mentioned at the beginning of this interview, or about any of the services...


#ACB18 Audio: Wait, Walk And Cross The Street With Polara

Did you know that the talking traffic lights on street corners are officially called Audio Pedestrian Signals [or APS]? David Ayers, Eastern Region Sales Manager for Polara, and J.J. talk about the installation process and cost for equipping an intersection in this interview. There are a lot of things to consider before a city can add these devices to the traffic grid. To learn more, and find out how you can make a request for APS in your area, visit the Polara website. Our 2018 summer...


#NFB18 Audio: Rein In Kiosk Navigation With Storm Interface

The automation self-service trend has been slowly rolling out to the national airlines, fast food outlets and retailers around the U.S. Sadly, most of these automated systems rely on touch screens for their general use. Chancey spoke with Nicky Shaw, U.S. Operations Manager for Storm Interface, about how businesses can augment these kiosks in a way that allows auditory feedback for navigation of the information offered on touch panels. Tune in to hear the technology in action and to get an...


#NFB18 Audio: Lets Go Crazy For GoBraille From Irie-AT

There are few things separating Braille Embossers from their mainstream printer counterparts. In this interview with John Taylor, Product Manager for Irie-AT, Chancy learned about wirelessly embossing from your phone with GoBraille . John then describes the features of the embossers that are supported by this modern day convenience and explains how they also have easy to use tactile controls. To learn more about these embossers, and everything else the company offers visit the...


#NFB18 Audio: Be A One-hand Wonder by Typing With Tap

BBQ Crew Member Buddy Brannan first turned us on to the wearable Tap alternative at last year s CSUN Chancy has been using the accessory as well and she had her questions ready for Sabrina Kemeny, President and Co-Founder, when they met in the NFB Exhibit Hall. Find out about Tap Aloud, the Tap manager and the new Tap Mapper in this interview. Also, discover ways that you could use a Tap on each hand for some very interesting tasks. To learn more, or to order a Tap, visit the Tap with Us...


#ACB18 Audio: A Book And A BrailleMe From NBP

J.J. and Brian McDonald, President of National Braille Press, found some time to escape from the ACB Exhibit Hall floor to talk about the new affordable BrailleMe display. Brian walks us through an overview of the product and provides some insight into the unit s unique pin design. The pair also discuss a forthcoming update to the B2G and the differences between it and the BrailleMe. To learn more about both the BrailleMe and the B2G, or to pick up any number of Braille books as well, head...


#NFB18 Audio: The Next Generation Of Travel Tools Are On Display With RuffWear

Chancey met up with the most obedient Service Animal on an Exhibit Hall floor ever. Okay, it was a dog statue wearing a new next generation harness, but good dog! Greg Freyberg, Product Line Manager for RuffWear, describes the design and the plan for a product rollout next year for this telescoping handle based harness. He also provides more information on an audible beacon light and a collapsible bed for travel. To learn more about the products mentioned in this interview, Visit the...