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Cars & Gadgets: Huawei's Mate 20 Pro

TechCentral — In the latest episode of Cars & Gadgets, Duncan McLeod speaks to Nafisa Akabor about the new Mate 20 Pro from Huawei. Is this the best smartphone of 2018? Nafisa has just returned from London, where she attended the global launch of the latest and greatest from the fast-growing China's consumer electronics giant, where the centrepiece was undoubtedly the new Mate 20 Pro, which goes on sale in South Africa on 1 November. Huawei, which is building on the momentum of the very well...


Cars & Gadgets: Apple's iPhone Xs unpacked

TechCentral — In the second episode of Cars & Gadgets, Duncan McLeod speaks to Nafisa Akabor about the new iPhone Xs from Apple. The Xs is one of three iPhone models Apple is introducing in 2018 -- the others being the supersized Xs Max and the "cheaper" Xr. In the podcast, Nafisa unpacks the key differences between the three models, whether iPhone X users should consider upgrading (short answer: absolutely not) and why, in a highly unusual move, Apple decided to discontinue last year's...


Cars & Gadgets: We drive BMW's insane i8 Coupé

TechCentral — In this episode of Cars & Gadgets, Nafisa Akabor and Duncan McLeod test-drive the new BMW i8 Coupé - while they record the podcast. While inching forward in Midrand traffic, they talk about where the R2.1-million car is positioned in the market, how it performs and the practicality of owning one in South Africa. They then head to the Kyalami race track, before testing the i8's sheer muscle on a quiet back road. The plug-in sports hybrid is now available in a Roadster for the...


Cars & Gadgets: We talk to Mercedes-Benz's new A-Class

TechCentral — In this, the third episode, of the Cars & Gadgets podcast, Nafisa Akabor chats to Duncan McLeod about Mercedes-Benz's new A-Class, and specifically the vehicle's MBUX artificial intelligence-powered voice assistant. In the podcast, listen to audio snippets of what MBUX can do, and how it differs from voice assistants from the likes of Google and Apple. The company claims that the system grows to understand personal preferences and predict your needs, like switching to your...


Cars & Gadgets: Jabra's Elite 65t wireless earbuds

TechCentral — In the second episode of Cars & Gadgets, Duncan McLeod speaks to Nafisa Akabor about Jabra's new "true wireless" earbuds, the Elite 65t. In the podcast, Nafisa discusses how the 65t compares to its most direct competitor, Apple's AirPods, and why you should - or shouldn't - consider one over the other. She explains the pairing process, how Jabra makes use of silicone tips to ensure optimal in-ear comfort and what the earpods are like to make and receive phone calls. She also...


Cars & Gadgets: The Samsung Galaxy Note9

TechCentral — In the inaugural episode of the Cars & Gadgets podcast, Duncan McLeod chats to Nafisa Akabor about the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9. Nafisa has been playing with the Note9 for the past few days. She gives her views on the device, who it's targeting and why it's such an important release for the Korean consumer electronics giant. If you have feedback on the show, please send a WhatsApp to 0719991111.