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CCATP #559 - Sal Soghoian & Ray Robertson on Automation

In this episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond I talk to Sal Soghoian and Ray Robertson. Sal was the Product Manager of Automation Technologies at Apple from 1997 to 2016. During his tenure, he was pretty much responsible for all of the automation in the Mac operating system and even the Terminal. Ray Robertson is a seasoned instructor of AppleScript who has spent most of his career teaching beginners and creative people how to use AppleScript. Be sure to check out their Down-Home Scripting...


CCATP #558 - Bart Busschots on PBS 60 of X - Bootstrap & jQuery

In this week's installment of Programming By Stealth Bart introduces us to Bootstrap Components how we can use jQuery to extend Bootstrap. This is the first baby step into JavaScript with Bootstrap. I'm glad Bart started slowly because my JavaScript muscles are just a bit stiff and dusty. You can find Bart's tutorial over at Please consider supporting Bart's work on Patreon.


CCATP #557 - Tom Merritt on Community in Podcasting

This week Tom Merritt, host of the Daily Tech News Show, (and co-host of Cordkillers, Sword & Laser and Current Geek) joins us to talk about the importance of the community to his podcast. We’ll explore how he created such a thriving and participative community, what it means to him, what it would be like without it and even the downsides of having a community. It’s probably one of my favorite discussions with Tom and I always love talking to Tom. You can follow Tom on Twitter @acedtect.


CCATP #556 - Bart Busschots on PBS 59 of X — More Bootstrap Breakpoints

Bart takes us back to Bootstrap content, now that we know all about breakpoints. He never told us when we were looking at things like margins and float and the display tag that they are also breakpoint-aware, because we didn't know about breakpoints yet. It's an easy lesson and it's great fun to learn more about how responsive design is done with Bootstrap. You can follow along with the audio with Bart's awesome tutorials at


CCATP #555 - Bart Busschots on PBS 58 of X - Bootstrap Breakpoints

In this week's installment of Programming By Stealth, Bart Busschots explains Bootstrap breakpoints. Breakpoints allow the designer to define how a web page reacts depending on the size of the viewer's screen. He explains how through some very simple Bootstrap classes, we can allow a semantic tag to be in the "correct" order for screen readers and search engines, and yet have the layout be visually appropriate across all screen sizes. Follow along with Bart's detailed tutorial shownotes...


CCATP #554 - Dr. Maryanne Garry on Persuasion with Facts and Data

Dr. Maryanne Garry returns to Chit Chat Across the Pond, this time to talk about how and why persuasion with facts and data simply doesn't work. If you haven't heard her before, she's a professor at the University of Waikato in New Zealand where she's a scientific researcher into memory, memory distortions, fans memories, the myth of repression and its overlap with the laws. She's also really funny and entertaining.


CCATP #553 - Bart Busschots on PBS 57 of X - the Bootstrap Grid

Things take a turn for the mind-bendy in this installment about Bootstrap as Bart Busschots explains the Bootstrap Grid. He teaches us how containers have rows, rows have columns and the number 12 is really important. In the end he leads me to understanding but it was a bit of a bumpy road getting me there. You'll probably swim right through it without difficulty because of Bart's fabulous shownotes at If you a


CCATP #552 - Steve Harris on Mac App Store Improvements & Dark Mode

Steve Harris, developer of Feeder and Keep It from Reinvented Software joins us to talk about how much the Mac App Store has improved for developers and also about the work that will go into making apps work in Dark Mode on macOS Mojave.


CCATP #551 - Bart Busschots on PBS 56 - More Bootstrap Content

We continue learning about how to style our HTML with Bootstrap as we take a look at styling images, figures, and tables. These Bootstrap classes are really easy to use and make such a difference in the look and feel. You can find Bart's tutorial shownotes and the downloads at


CCATP #550 - Bart Busschots on How & Tools He Creates His Awesome Shownotes

This week our guest is Bart Busschots but this is not an episode of Programming By Stealth. Bart is here to talk about the tech tools he uses to prepare his shownotes for his podcast Let's Talk Apple and for his Security Bits segment for the NosillaCast.


CCATP #549 - Bart Busschots on PBS 55 - Bootstrap Content

We finished learning the Bootstrap Utilities last time so this time we get to start learning about continue to learn about Bootstrap moving on from the Utilities into Bootstrap Content. Content is kind of an odd word; it means Bootstrap's styling of regular HTML tags for things like headers, paragraphs, lists and tables. We have a lot of fun playing with our recipes in this episode, learning how to easily style them to be much prettier. Bart's fabulous tutorial shownotes are at...


CCATP #548 - Lupita Salazar on Braille Literacy and Tech

Lupita Salazar talks to us about how she learned to read at 6 years old (just like everyone else) through Braille. She was highly influenced by my awesome friend Lore Schindler, who taught Tech and Braille to her and the other students in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He explains why Braille is so important to literacy when many believe audio is a substitute for being able to read. Lupita is a hard core tech head who just loves to experiment and learn new tech (she even used...


CCATP #537 - Bart Busschots on PBS 54 - More Bootstrap Utilities

In this week's episode of Programming By Stealth, Bart Busschots takes us through the last bit of the Utilities for Bootstrap 4. We'l refer to the WABAC Machine (kids, ask your parents about Sherman and Mr. Peabody) to installments 8 and 9 comparing positioning with CSS vs. Bootstrap. Thenwe'll learn about sizes and float utilities, Flexbox utilities, and Screen Reader utilities. It's great fun and of course Bart has his excellent companion tutorial at and you can find...


CCATP #536 - David Sparks on Video Field Guide Books

This week we had David Sparks, AKA MacSparky himself on the show to talk about iBooks Author, writing his famous Video Field Guides, how he traded in his saxophones for children, how he believes in "cooking ideas" and his love of mind maps. If you haven't learned from David Sparks, you haven't lived.


CCATP #535 - Bart Busschots on PBS 53 of X — Bootstrap Utilities

We're finally back to a new episode of Programming By Stealth after a few weeks chatting with different things like GDPR and DNS with Bart Busschots. In this installment, Bart starts explaining the Utilities available in Bootstrap. We'll learn how easy it is to use the pre-built CSS styles in Bootstrap to color text, add borders, spacing, text alignment and fonts all with semantic phrases that actually make sense! In an odd bit of luck, Bootstrap had been updated and Bart's code didn't...


CCATP #534 - Bart Busschots on GDPR

In another Lite version of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Bart agreed to come on and explain the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. This is a regulation that will take effect across the European Union starting on 25 May 2018. Bart first gives us an overview, outlining the main objectives, the 7 core principles, and explains how a regulation differs from a directive. From there he defines the terminology and concepts which are critical to understanding the regulation. He explains the...


CCATP #533- Bart Busschots on Choosing a DNS Resolver

In this "Lite" version of Chit Chat Across the Pond (within a NosillaCastaway's definition of Lite), Bart teaches us about DNS Resolvers and helps give us the information to choose the right one for us. To get us there he starts by explaining the background technologies. He explains DNS and how there's two kinds of servers, he explains DNS Name resolution and why caching is important, and the security problems (and solutions) of DNS. Then he explains how third-party DNS providers can solve...


CCATP #532 - Joe Dugandzic Answers NosillaCastaways' Home Automation Questions

Joe Dugandzic of joins us again, this time in a crossover episode. We start by him asking me to describe my progression in Home Automation from my first smart lightbulb to the more advanced capabilities Steve and I enjoy today. But then we turn the table around and I ask Joe a series of questions submitted by NosillaCastaways. If you'd like to see the video version of the show, check it out at:


CCATP #531 - Bart Busschots on PBS 52 - Introducing Bootstrap 4

We're finally back after spring break, and we're going to be moving on from JavaScript while we learn about Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a set of open source libraries which provide pre-built foundations for creating responsive and good looking websites. It's an easy episode with easy and fun homework I think you'll enjoy. Before we got started I talked about a fantastic post Will (aka @beiju) wrote to me to help me understand JavaScript objects better. If you've been struggling like I have or...


CCATP #530 - Bart Busschots on PBS 51 Cellular Automata Wrap-up

As our last episode of Programming By Stealth before our spring break, Bart wraps up our Cellular Automaton. He goes through his solution to the PBS 49 challenge first, and then he walks us through three examples of how a user could produce three different representations with our code. He demonstrates how to build a Conway Game of Life, the Maze Rule, and Brian's Brain. It's fun to see it all wrapped in a bow ending this long project. We'll be back on March 31st with a whole new...