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Enterprise Management 360 tech podcasts bring you new episodes weekly from our tech experts with interviews, features and reviews.

Enterprise Management 360 tech podcasts bring you new episodes weekly from our tech experts with interviews, features and reviews.
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Enterprise Management 360 tech podcasts bring you new episodes weekly from our tech experts with interviews, features and reviews.






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Cynozure: Using data to drive business transformation

In this podcast, Industry Analyst at 451 research, Matt Aslett speaks to Jason Foster, CEO and Founder of Cynozure. They discuss different ways organisations can use data to drive transformational improvements.


Ask The Expert: Dr Sarah-Jayne Gratton, Technology Influencer and Futurist

In this podcast, Sarah talks about removing the confusion around the buzzwords relating to AI. Also, how AI is increasing accuracy in the medical field and changing British agriculture. Dr Sarah-Jayne Gratton is a technology influencer and futurist, specialising in emerging technologies and covering trends in artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality.


Ask The Expert: Jim Harris, Thought Leader and Columnist

In this podcast, Jim offers some invaluable insights from climate change to the future of technology. He also poses an important question relating to the sustainability of exponential technologies. Jim Harris is an international bestselling author and Disruptive Innovation thought leader. His work in disruptive technologies is evidently crucial to raising awareness of key global issues.


Ask The Expert: Tristan Nitot, VP Advocacy at Qwant

In this podcast, Tristan discusses the dangers users face of not understanding how their data is collected and used. Also, what Qwant means for the future of search engines. Lastly, the importance of having open source software as a prominent focus in the tech industry. Tristan Nitot is the Vice President Advocacy at Qwant. Tristan is an Open Source executive specializing in Internet-related technologies, community building and Open-Source Marketing.


Ask The Expert: Rajarshi Gupta, Head of AI at Avast Security

In this podcast, Rajarshi explains how to battle against hackers who are constantly changing and evolving their tactics. Also, how a new focus needs implementing to make consumer IoT devices more secure. Rajarshi Gupta is the Head of AI at Avast Security. Rajarshi is a pioneer in AI, cybersecurity and networking, with 15 years of technical leadership and executive experience.


Ask The Expert: Avrohom Gottheil, CEO of AskTheCEO Media

In this podcast, Avrohom explains how people in the world of eCommerce can rank their products. Also, how IoT will be able to assist the eCommerce world and using AI to help online vendors. Avrohom Gottheil is the CEO of AskTheCEO Media. Avrohom is a futurist, anticipating all sorts of changes in enterprise technology.


Ask The Expert: Antonio Grasso, CEO of Digital Business Innovation

In this podcast, Antonio explains how we can change the cultural mindset towards Industry 4.0 and looks to the future of Digital Transformation. Also, he provides his thoughts on a recent survey that cloud-based services are accelerating faster than their security efforts. Antonio Grasso is the CEO of Digital Business Innovation. Regarded as one of the top Digital Transformation influencers on AI, cybersecurity, IoT, and blockchain.


[Part 1] Endgame: How Endpoint Security Got To Now

In this podcast, Bob Tarzey talks to VP and endpoint security expert from Endgame, Ian McShane. They discuss the history of endpoint security, the failings of signature-based anti-virus and how it is integral for all organizations. In this three-part podcast series, hosted by freelance analyst Bob Tarzey, he speaks to Ian McShane who as a former Gartner analyst focuses on the endpoint security market. Ian McShane has written extensively about the failure of antivirus vendors to defend...


[Part 2] Endgame: What’s Next for Endpoint Security?

In the previous episode, Bob Tarzey spoke to VP and endpoint security expert from Endgame, Ian McShane, about the history of endpoint security and why it needs to play an integral role for companies. In this second podcast, Bob and Ian look at the future of endpoint security and the next steps that need to be taken. This involves looking at whether security teams will have to learn new skills and also the importance of the MITRE ATT&CK framework. In this podcast series, hosted by...


[Part 3] Endgame: How To Map Endpoint Security To A Contemporary Security Strategy?

In the previous two episodes, Bob Tarzey spoke to VP and endpoint security expert from Endgame, Ian McShane. They discussed the history of endpoint security and how to progress moving forward. In this final part of the podcast, Ian explains various aspects of how to implement endpoint security most effectively. Furthermore, making sure these security controls are kept up to standard and improve over time. In this podcast series, hosted by freelance analyst Bob Tarzey, he speaks to Ian...


Ask the Expert: Tim Walters, Principal Strategist & Privacy Lead of The Content Advisory

In this podcast, Tim helps to explain the biggest mistakes businesses are making in Customer Relationships. Also, how CXM is settling down with GDPR and how GDPR has affected Digital Marketings honesty.


How SAS is moving to the forefront of providing Data Visualization

Data Visualization is a growing trend, and more and more data and analytics providers are offering innovative ways to visualize analytic insights. As this business grows, more businesses are trying to execute intelligent data-driven decisions with an edge. Global Data Strategy’s Donna Burbank speaks with Dr Jimmie Lenz, Principal at The Financial Risk Group, to break down how SAS is moving to the forefront of providing Data Visualization.


Ask the Expert: Blair Pleasant, President & Principal Analyst of COMMfusion

In this podcast, Blair helps to explain why user adoption is necessary for Unified Communications deployment, and how training is one of the most important aspects of a user adoption strategy. Blair Pleasant is the Co-Founder of UCStrategies.com which focuses on providing resources for anyone in the growing Unified Communications area. She is also the President and Principal Analyst for COMMfusion which provides insights, analysis and consulting to help develop ongoing strategies and...


Ask the Expert: Jen Stirrup, Director of Data Relish

In this podcast, Jen Stirrup breaks down much of the industry oversights with data, and how the right forms of communication and collaboration can calibrate approaches to data so that the best outcomes are guaranteed. Jen Stirrup is an industry analyst and speaker. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, she was appointed as Microsoft Data Platform’s Most Valuable Professional, has authored multiple books and is a data strategist and expert in business intelligence, big data and...


[Part 1] Cybersecurity Responding to Demand: Application Security

In this podcast, freelance analyst Bob Tarzey talks to Rapid7’s Ben Glass, Manager of Enterprise Security Consulting, and Jay Paz, Director of Penetration Testing and Consultant Development, about finding better methods to address application security and building better code. New software code is released almost as fast as new ideas are conceived in the tech industry. While this growth is necessary, it makes web applications rather vulnerable places online, as these are exposed to the...


[Part 2] Cybersecurity Responding to Demand: Supporting Technology

In the previous episode, Bob Tarzey spoke to Rapid7’s Ben Glass and Jay Paz, Manager of Enterprise Security Consulting and Director of Penetration Testing and Consultant Development, respectively, about building better code to stay secure. In this second podcast Bob, Jay and Ben look at some of the supporting technology to avoid vulnerability in companies. This includes the testing of code before releasing it, the testing of deployed software, and finding safer guides to build better and...


Ask the Expert: Morey Haber, CTO of BeyondTrust

Morey Haber joins us to talk about Privileged Access Management and the missteps companies may make when trying to handle their administrative rights. Companies rely on BeyondTrust to shrink attack surfaces and identify imminent threats, making BeyondTrust one of the leading voices in vulnerability reduction, online security and access management.