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The Good Day, Sir! Show is a weekly technology and software development podcast, with a strong focus on the Salesforce platform.

The Good Day, Sir! Show is a weekly technology and software development podcast, with a strong focus on the Salesforce platform.
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The Good Day, Sir! Show is a weekly technology and software development podcast, with a strong focus on the Salesforce platform.




174: Pour Fast

In this episode we discuss, Bulma and Spring Boot, the cost of insurance and being independent, how little we know of GDPR, nested lightning component initialization, and debate the impact of AI in the near term. Salesforce donates $1.5 million to Hamilton Families - Business InsiderSalesforce CEO Marc Benioff salary, versus median employee - Business Insider30+ Real Examples Of Blockchain Technology In PracticeSay hello to Google One – TechCrunchNews Corp. Calls For Algorithm Review Board...


173: Too Many Photons to the Retina

In this episode, we discuss Oracle launching its blockchain-as-a-service platform, Oracle's autonomous IT push, Salesforce's study on color themes for data visualizations, and highlights from the Summer '18 release notes. Oracle to Launch Its Blockchain Platform This MonthOracle Steps Up Autonomous IT Push With Three More ‘Self-Driving’ Cloud Services - Page: 1 | CRNTwo Fascinating Things Salesforce Discovered When It Studied Color


172: Nougatories

In this episode, we discuss blue-collar signing bonuses, certifications, IBM Watson and AI in general, SAP's renewed focus on CRM, personal data backup solutions, Apple stock, and we answer questions from the Good Day, Sir! community. The rise of the blue-collar signing bonus — now up to $25,000 - The Washington PostJoin me in reporting all “exam dumps” to Salesforce’s legal team | John : Decentralized Professional Data ExchangeApple surprises with solid...


171: Get Rid of All the Admins

In this episode, we discuss interviewing for a Technical Architect position, San Francisco's continued issues with safety and cleanliness, Amazon, Bootleggers and Baptists, pre-release orgs, testing on multiple browsers, and Keith Block's comments on AI and blockchain. Video Interview Software for Recruiting & Hiring | HireVueSalesforce’s Keith Block Is Still Cautious About AI — The InformationClean up San Francisco’s streets, tourist industry pleads - San Francisco ChronicleEarly tech...


170: A Material Misstatement

In this episode, we continue our recap on TrailheaDX,'s MuleSoft acquisition, and Mark Zuckerberg's Senate hearing. Salesforce announces $2.5B senior note offeringSalesforce reveals it was the sole bidder for MuleSoft and even paid 18 percent more than its original offerCloudflare touts privacy-friendly public DNS service. Hmm, let's take a closer look at thatMuleSoft: Not As Expensive As It Looks?Hyderabad TrailblazinI can’t wait for laptops with Apple’s own...


169: Pizza of My Fantasies

In this episode, we are joined by Chuck Liddell and Stephan Garcia to discuss our thoughts, opinions, and experiences from the TrailheaDX conference and The Extracurricular community event. TrailheaDXThe ExtracurricularChuck LiddellStephan Garcia


168: MuleForce

In this episode, we discuss TrailheaDX and's acquisition of MuleSoft. Salesforce buys a mule, but pays for a pedigreed horse - MarketWatchSalesforce to buy MuleSoft for $5.90 billion | Reuters


167: Calorically Neutral

In this episode, we discuss The Extracurricular and TrailheaDX, the Stack Overflow 2018 Developer Survey, Salesforce Ventures investment in Dropbox, Saleforce's acquisition of CloudCraze, Salesforce Essentials, and the top languages, skills, or platforms used for open source. The ExtracurricularTrailheaDXSalesforce’s $100M Dropbox investment, on the eve of the IPO, could signal an acquisition - Business InsiderBox Notes: Online Note Taking App | Box USSalesforce will acquire enterprise...


166: Extra Napkins

In this episode we are joined by Evangelist Kevin Poorman to discuss queueables, promise libraries, Pets for Patriots, static vs dynamic functional languages, JOOQ, and we debate the need for a packaging manager for Kevin Poorman - - Cloud and Mobile ArchitectPets for PatriotsInsight: How Admins & Devs Produce Awesome Apps Together - Salesforce AdminsUsing JavaScript PromisesBuild a Mocking Framework with the Stub APIJOOQ


165: Someone Got Weaned

In this episode, we discuss freelancing, the announcement of Developer Controlled Packages (DCP), integration tools and Mulesoft, and we choose a challenge for the GDS Coding Challenge pilot. Fortune - 100 Best CompaniesAnnouncing Developer Controlled Packaging (DCP) BetaThe Case Against GoogleDiseased Streets


164: Apex Jockey

In this episode, we discuss minifying apex code, working with Pardot landing page templates, refactoring and abstraction, and Marc Benioff's comments at the New York Times New Work Summit 2018. Minify Apex!NYT - New Work Summit


163: One Degree from Namespaces

In this episode, we discuss certifications, the "Uber of Humans", Marc Benioff's interview on CNBC discussing the regulation of social media, and naming conflicts in Apex. You may soon be able to send ‘Human Ubers’ as your surrogate - BBC ThreeSalesforce CEO Marc Benioff says regulate Facebook like tobaccoDavos 2018: A.I. machine called Einstein attends Salesforce vs Dynamics 365 CRM: A live Side-By-Side Comparison By BrainSell LLC On February 14th | Markets Insider


162: A Swig of Butts

In this episode, we discuss Marc Benioff's comments on regulating social media, Larry Ellison's comments on outcompeting Salesforce in SaaS, using namespaces, and collecting debug logs for unauthenticated site users. Is This Even Beer? (Citra & Vic Secret)Oracle Places Huge Bets On AI And Machine Learning To Overtake Salesforce In SaaS$2.4 billion Twilio brings on a Salesforce veteran as its new marketing boss - Business Insider NordicMarc Benioff on Twitter: “When I was a kid I remember...


161: Playing the Field

In this episode, we discuss Marc Benioff's comments on regulating social media companies at Davos, the recent service disruption, Trailhead resumes, Spring '18 release notes, Microsoft's cross-platform Powershell, and unit testing. CEO Marc Benioff Compares Silicon Valley’s Crisis of Trust with the 2008 Financial MeltdownService Disruption - Incident #1891Salesforce Trailhead Makes the Paper Resume ObsoleteSalesforce Spring ’18 Release NotesMicrosoft’s PowerShell Core...


160: Really Cool Access Database

In this episode we discuss, a bunch of stuff that I can't remember because I drank too much whiskey so check out the show links or just listen to the show. Join our Slack Community if you read this and wish for a more informative show notes...or just join to see what people talk about. Jeremy doesn't now I did this cool. Some link to google landIlluminated Cloud - TemplatesSalesforce Commerce Cloud integrates with Instagram, adds other enhancements Google and...


159: Trees and Blobs

In this episode, we discuss our experiences with all day meetings, running MS SQL in a docker container on a Mac, Rootstock acquiring Kenandy, changes to the Lightning URL format, and Salesforce acquiring Attic Labs to join the Quip team. Run the SQL Server 2017 container image with DockerRootstock acquires Kenandy as ERP on Salesforce platform consolidatesAttic.ioCES 2018


158: Man-Hugs

In this episode, we discuss methods being counted in code coverage stats, Salesforce and other companies moving away from Oracle, Andrew Fawcett joining as VP Product Management in the platform group, Apex Sharp, and Intel's processor design flaw. Andrew Fawcett - New year, new role, new company! Day 1 @salesforce today! VP Product Management in the Platform group. @SalesforceDevsIn Major Shift, Amazon, Salesforce Move Away From OracleWe are hiring 5 Database Engineers...


157: Grape Soda

In this episode, we discuss Finisar opening a facility in Texas as part of Apple's $1 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund for American manufacturers, John Zissomos leaving, error handling and null checking, the recent release of Illuminated Cloud 2.0, and finally we reflect on the events of 2017 and discuss our pridictions for 2018. How Apple and Finisar are transforming the future of this Texas townJohn Zissimos


156: A Kerfuffle Amongst the Indoctrinated

In this episode, we discuss scouting too far ahead on project requirements, debate agile vs waterfall, and answer questions from the Good Day, Sir! Community. Barry Hawkins - How We Got Here, And What To Do About ItNew California Law Prohibits Salary History InquiriesOur Path to Equality: The Salesforce Annual Update Proposal to Turn the Salesforce Tower Into a Real Gusher AdvancesJokesters propose fountain on top of Salesforce TowerInstall a majestic artistic fountain on top of the...


155: Two Dirty Lines of Code

In this episode, we discuss Matt Lacey's IDE survey, switching away from Evernote, the portablity of code, unit testing, and answer questions from the Good Day, Sir! Community. Which IDE Is Next For Me?Move Over, San Francisco: Dallas Tops Our List Of The Best Cities For Jobs 2017Planet Welcomes Shawna Wolverton as Chief Product Officer


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