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THE podcast for Microsoft developers. Jason and Carl talk about the latest in developer news covering topics such as the cloud and cross-platform development using the Microsoft platform.

THE podcast for Microsoft developers. Jason and Carl talk about the latest in developer news covering topics such as the cloud and cross-platform development using the Microsoft platform.
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THE podcast for Microsoft developers. Jason and Carl talk about the latest in developer news covering topics such as the cloud and cross-platform development using the Microsoft platform.






WSL2 and the new Windows Terminal with Craig Loewen

This is another special episode in our Build 2019 series. This is episode 220, and we sit down with Craig Loewen to talk about WSL2 and the new terminal. Craig tells us about the Easter egg in in the new terminal video.


Azure Functions & KEDA Jeff Hollan

This is a special episode in our Build 2019 series. This is episode 219, and we sit down with Jeff Hollan to talk about Azure functions, and how Carl and I inspired KEDA.


Careers with Jeremy Likness

We talk with Jeremy Likness about career tips. VS Code Remote extensions. Phishing with inception. And use this one simple trick to put iPhone 4's in your ears. News VS Code Remote Extensions Dev environments for node, python, go, java, dotnetcore, php, rust, cpp The inception bar: a new phishing method WASI: A system interface to run WebAssembly outside the web Apple AirPods H1 chip (SOCs) has the processing power of an iPhone 4—in each ear Class 1 Bluetooth 5. H1 die size is ~12mm2....


SignalR with Brady Gaster

We talk with Brady Gaster about SignalR and the SignalR service. How the Age of Empires AI "thinks". Accenture is sued until it Hertz. And we're completely shocked, shocked that the Galaxy Fold has reliability issues. News How the AoE2 AI Thinks (ft. Promi)Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz: Car hire biz demands $32m+ for 'defective' cyber-revampHere's Why We Think Galaxy Folds Are FailingThese are the Features Microsoft Turned Off or Replaced in Chromium-Based...


CNCF and App Plat with Alessandro Vozza

We talk with Alessandro Vozza about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Dtrace on Windows. We review some salary data we've been collecting. And how much are ads costing you? News DTrace on WindowsOpen DTrace on GitHubDynamic Tracing GuideDTrace on Windows BranchAds cost you 10% of your usersPandora Learns the Cost of Ads and of SubscruptionsMozilla Research: The Effect of Ad Blocking on User Engagement with the Web My Salary Progression in...


MXCHIP with Suz Hinton

We talk with Suz Hinton about MX Chip. We also chat about her live streaming and the gear she uses. Calculator goes open source. And Apple Rick-rolled us all. News Not getting Rick Rolled enough? Check out the official Apple Watch documentation archive!Announcing the Open Sourcing of Windows Calculator.Calculator on GitHubMy Twitch Live Coding Setup Suz Hinton @noopkat Twitch ----------------------------------------------------- IoT Dev KitMX ChipGetting...


Identity with Sahil Malik

We talk with Sahil Malik about the identity landscape. How to recognize ML generated images. Excel gains OCR capabilities. And using WSL to watch Star Wars. News How to recognize fake AI-generated imagesMicrosoft Excel app 'Insert data from picture' tech goes liveUse WSL Bash to telnet into the Star Wars intro in your Bash shell!Why everyone should read support emailsNatural Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Sahil Malik ------------------------- Azure...


IoT Deep Dive with Pamela Cortez

We talk with Pamela Cortez about her IoT Deep Dive series. The shady iPhone app underground. Fonts are in color now. And CSS is now witchcraft. News The State of CSSPure CSS Still Life - Lemons and WaterThis illicit iPhone app store has been hiding in plain sightDNS Servers That Offer Privacy and FilteringColored Fonts!More Colored Fonts!Apple has a clever plan to fight off patent trollsPowerShell can now install Xbox One games Pamela Cortez Pamela is a Senior PM on the Azure IoT Team...


The Problem with Software with Adam Barr

We talk with Adam Barr about lessons he has learned throughout his career. Microsoft says stop using IE. Run Windows 95 in an Electron App… for reasons. News Microsoft security chief: IE is not a browser, so stop using it as your defaultThe perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browserRoadmap to becoming a Web Developer in 2019Run Windows 95 as an app (and yes, it runs Doom)US iPhone users spent, on average, $79 on apps last year, up 36% from 2017 Adam Barr @adamdavidbarrThe...


JAMstack with Joe Zack

We talk with Joe Zack from the Coding Blocks podcast about JAMStack. 10 rules for a better conference name badge. How many keywords can you fit into a C# expression. And Google throws up it's arms in Louisville and cancels their fiber internet plans there. News Ten Rules for a Better Conference Name BadgeIs China’s corruption-busting AI system ‘Zero Trust’ being turned off for being too efficient?Navigation Should Be BoringI hate NumeronymsCompleters in Azure PowerShell230 New Emojis in...


Hacking Your Car

This week we talk about hacking your car using the OBD2 connector. We talk audio and OLED. Apple revokes Facebook and Google certificates. Google is trying to trick us. And modern forecasts are accurate - change my mind. News Apple Bans Distribution of Facebook’s Internal Apps Localized Messaging is ImportantThe Norwegian Consumer Council has filed a complaint against Google. Google is accused of using deceptive design and misleading information, which results in users accepting to be...


CES 2019 & Travel Gear

Carl and I talk about developer gear at CES 2019. We also talk about travel gear, including the best noise cancelling headphones. Twitter moves 300 petabytes to the cloud. And Jason analyzes the Backblaze data so that you know which drive to buy. News Windows Command-Line: Unicode and UTF-8 Output Text BufferBackblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2018Twitter moves 300 Petabytes of data to the cloudThe ‘Computer’ Mouse is a mouse that is also a fully functional computerPanos Panay reacts quickly...


Welcome to 2019!

We talk about new years resolutions, DPI, console styling, apps stealing your data, autonomous driving, USB-C, and much much more. News In recent builds of Windows 10, Task Manager's "Details" view includes an optional "DPI Awareness" column to help you understand and identify DPI-related issues, esp. with legacy apps. Howto See DPI Awareness of Running Apps in Task Manager in Windows 10 Last episode we talked about sites with awesome consoles. Check out this article to up your web...


Quantum Computing & Q# with Bettina Heim

We talk with Bettina Heim about quantum computing and Q#. Fun with browser console messages. And Google patented an idea from an interview, but they've probably canceled the product already. News I love little easter eggs hidden in console messages, so I made a website about Company Tried to Patent My Work After a Job InterviewHow QR Codes Workkilledbygoogle.comMicrosoft now lets you log into Outlook, Skype, Xbox Live without a passwordMicrosoft Surface Studio 2...


ML.NET with Chris Lauren

We talk with Chris Lauren about ML.NET. Sabotaging machine learning algorithms. Generating a website from a wireframe. And the only way to win is to not play. News When AI Misjudgment Is Not an Accident -- Intentional bias is another way artificial intelligence could hurt usHow machine learning systems sometimes suprise usHow to match "A B C" where A+B=C in RegEx: The Beast RebornWow! This AI Creates a Website just by looking at the Wireframe Chris...


Service Fabric & Mesh with Mark Fussell

We talk with Mark Fussell about Service Fabric and Service Fabric Mesh. Robots have replace lawyers and GitHub contributors. And you can finally pay someone to review your website while they're drunk. News theuserisdrunk.comHuman competitive patches in automatic program repair with repairnatorA bot has been finding bugs and submitting patches for them, successfully masquerading as a humanResearchers secretly deployed a bot that submitted bug fixing pull requestsAI vs. Lawyers the...


Ignite 2018 with Neeraj Joshi

We finally sit down with Neeraj Joshi to talk about the Ignite 2018 announcements including Ultra SSDs, digital twins, Azure Sphere, and more. Windows Kernel internals. And GitHub actions. News Introducing the Windows Internals Series: One Windows KernelOne Windows KernelIntroducing GitHub ActionsGitHub Actions Neeraj Joshi Neeraj is a random awesome dude at Microsoft! Check out Neeraj at -- the original social network Ignite 2018 Check out the Ignite 2018...


Microsoft and Progressive Web Apps

We talk with Josh Holmes about the latest in PWA and what Microsoft and other companies are doing. Hacking vending machines. And we salivate over the new dell 49" monitors.


The Need for APM with John-Daniel Trask

We talk with John-Daniel Trask about how you can figure out if you need an APM solution. DOS goes open source. How many new Apple gadgets did Jason and Carl get? And how many watts does it take to power your brain?


That Conference 2018 Part 2

This week we recorded at That Conference in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. We had some crazy awesome guests Richard Campbell, Kim Cwiak, Rob Reynolds, Michael Fazio