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Discussing news and opinion from the world of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and everything in between.

Discussing news and opinion from the world of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and everything in between.
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Discussing news and opinion from the world of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and everything in between.




Pocketnow Weekly 327: Pixel 3 in the East, Razer Phone 2 in the West

From the East Coast to the Left Coast, we were sandwiched between a gaggle of Google tech and a rainbow-colored Razer Phone in just two days. The third-gen Pixel phones have blown their cover and with the minor design iterations they've gone through, it's the XL catching many eyes and their ire for that useless notch and that useless, useless chin. Is it a deserved call-out? And what about the Razer Phone 2? Chroma lights a phone doesn't make. Is it just a lateral move that fails to...


Pocketnow Weekly 326: Fall trifecta: LG V40 ThinQ, Nokia 7.1, Surface Headphones

Three events, one week. Think it couldn't get busier? Think again. More's coming next week, too. But for now, we have plenty to to look over: the LG V40 ThinQ, Watch W7, Microsoft's Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Studio 2 and Surface Headphones and HMD Global with the Nokia 7.1. Let's get going. It's the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch the YouTube video recorded at 2:00pm Eastern on October 5th or check out the high-quality audio version right here or through Apple, Google, our RSS and...


Pocketnow Weekly 325: Getting less from the iPhone XS?

Consumer Reports, in its infinite wisdom, has called the Galaxy Note 9 the best phone you can buy in 2018. You might have some reservations about that label, but with some of the news in the past couple weeks on the teething pains coming out of the iPhone XS, perhaps they're justified. But with at least three new Android phones on the way next month, is it premature? Plenty to talk about this week including the leadership crises at the Facebook companies and what it could mean for your...


Pocketnow Weekly 324: The iPhone XS Racket

Gather back around! Again! The big trucks have dropped off boxes with a bunch of apples in them. It’s ripe season for those new iPhones and Apple Watches -- and we’re about to take our first bite. But before dessert, we’ve got dinner. A smorgasbord: Amazon’s new Echo speakers and… an Alexa-powered microwave. A OnePlus television set. A bixby key that will never NOT work. And the Galaxy Note 9 that has that key… and a problem with temperature. Oh. A Note up in smoke... Here we go again......


Pocketnow Weekly 323: Is it time to wear smartwatches again?

That's right! We're back at it this week with a second episode of your favorite mobile tech podcast — in special video form! And it really helps to explain why our usual suspects were out when we did that post-Apple show on Wednesday... hint hint. Joshua, Jaime and a whole bunch of other people were at Qualcomm's big event in San Francisco early this week — before the Apple event — for the launch of the Snapdragon Wear 3100, the latest chipset that will power the next generation of Wear...


Pocketnow Weekly 322: Round and round we go with the iPhone Xs

Gather back around! We're not done talking about the iPhone Xs just yet! And there's plenty more from Apple we need to think about today. Watch the YouTube video recorded at 4pm Eastern on September 12th or check out the high-quality audio version right here or through Apple, Google, our RSS and wherever you get your podcasts. Talk back live while you’re watching the show on Twitter with #PNWeekly and shoot feedback to the hosts at podcast@pocketnow.com! Host Jules Wang Guests Mark...


Pocketnow Weekly 321: Nokia’s 5 cameras are all on the same side

We had a pretty standard podcast in the nadir between a big trade show and the launch of an iPhone. Then came breaking news from the land of Pixel notch outrage. And out of left field was Jaime Rivera's rage against the smartwatch. What have we gotten ourselves into? There's plenty between the lines to discover away from the rundown, so we're just gonna get to it. It's the Pocketnow Weekly. Watch the YouTube video recorded at 2:00pm Eastern on September 7th or check out the high-quality...


Pocketnow Weekly 320: Who said IFA 2018 isn't about phones?

It's currywurst time! Well, for everyone that's in Berlin. Here in North America, we're left to be content discussing the nine, count'em, NINE phones that launched at IFA! And most of them came out before IFA officially began! Does BlackBerry hold an icon that everyone wants? Is Honor playing in the big leagues now? Is HTC shrinking away from us further? Does an Android One push make sense for LG and Motorola? How does Sony do with its first OLED mobile phone? And is there vengeance for ZTE...


Pocketnow Weekly 319: We've used the Pocophone, but all we have are Pixel 3 XL leaks

Hey everyone! Hope you're enjoying your Pixel 3 XL phones out there. Now that you've bought one, what do you-wait, hang on. You mean to say that they haven't gone on sale yet? Then why the hell does everyone in the world have one except us!? Gosh, we're so thirsty. Meanwhile, Huawei's up to its old DSLR tricks again while new renders of one of its future phones surface. Will this year's iPhones hurt next year's? Is a Nokia phone the best one you can get out there? All these questions may or...


Pocketnow Weekly 318: iPhone X + Huawei P20 = Motorola P30

The Motorola P30 is pretty much the iPhone X. Design-wise, it just is. Okay, perhaps we should really talk more about this because it's more than just a look-alike. But before that, a stringy thought thread about the Galaxy Note 9 and some Crazy Rich Asians make our day. We also notch another bit of chat on the Pixel 3 XL's devastating notch (get in line) and Alexa's creeping motions to everyone's dorms. Jules is out this week, but the rest of the gang work to make up for it on this...


Pocketnow Weekly 317: The Galaxy Note 9 is so...

This is the big show we've been working up to. It started out on the 'Z' train, went through a street that we failed to turn on to and then ended up at our friend David Cogen's apartment. We were going to shoot a video podcast like we meant it. And what an opportunity to do so! The Galaxy Note 9 is wearing into us like mineral oil does into blue suede and it has everything to offer us and everything for us to ponder. We talk about how Samsung is maintaining itself as we head towards 2019...


EXTRA: Press reactions to Moto Z3

Motorola might have put its name on the Moto Z3 last week, but at its launch event in its headquarters, it seemed as though its exclusive carrier, Verizon, as well as Qualcomm had upstaged the phone with talk about how great 5G is and how the Moto Z3 would be the first "upgradeable" phone for the new-generation network thanks to a weird looking Moto Mod. The 5G Moto Mod contains the 5G-capable Snapdragon X50 modem and antennas reaching all edges of the mod to allow for maximum connectivity...


Pocketnow Weekly 316: The Moto Z3 is a lot like the RED Hydrogen One

Notches. How many can a phone have? How many should a phone have? Is it good to be leading the pack in terms of selling the most phones with notches? And what about other questionable design choices like inserting a mock circuit board into the back of your phone to make it look pretty? The news is brimming with annoying, but pertinent questions this week. In addition to getting some answers on those, we'll also be dishing theses on what just launched in Chicago. Motorola, Verizon and...


Pocketnow Weekly 315: Note 9, Unbreakable

The Galaxy Note 9 has a hard road ahead of it. It has to make up ground in sales from the Galaxy S9 and it’ll have to do so with few visceral upgrades. So, what can Samsung do to prop up the biggest chance it has against the iPhone? Put Fortnite on it. The world’s most popular MMO is coming to Android and it looks set to debut on a phablet. We’ll dig into a couple of follow-up stories on the MacBook Pro and BlackBerry KEY2 plus hit on the bitter pill for everyone in technology that is the...


Pocketnow Weekly 314: Let there be a second Light!

What a busy week for things that don't have to do with smartphones... well, at least directly! For example, Apple's laptops. They try and fix one problem here and then make everything else better. The catch? You don't get there without breaking a few eggs and scrambling them on a MacBook Pro. It's hot. Too hot for its own good. Also, are iPhone owners snobs? No. You judge everyone on an individual basis, especially the people that you would go out with on a date. But there's a survey this...


Pocketnow Weekly 313: iPhone SE stop, Surface Go

Microsoft came rip roarin’ ready this week with a small convertible tablet that starts out at $399. Unfortunately, unlike an iPad, if you really want to take your computing somewhat seriously, you’re going to need to spend upwards of $800 on a Surface Go. Does it make sense? We’ll sort that out and look into the five-camera trend that seems to be cropping up, plus a lesson on case design, why if you don’t care about the blockchain you should probably care about HTC and the impending death...


Pocketnow Weekly 312: Futurism for the Mi MIX 3 and Galaxy X

This very podcast you're listening to right now has been running for six years strong as of this episode. And we're looking to bring you a whole lot more in the future. We start that future off with more pop-up cameras and no chins then we take it over to a foldable phone in 2019 and then, well, who knows, if HTC makes a phone we're interested in next year... if it's still making smartphones next year... well, we'll look into it. All the mobile tech news plus an overview of Android P...


Pocketnow Weekly 311: Excessive Galaxy S10 vs. excessive LG V40

Five cameras on the LG V40? Three phones with up to three cameras on the Galaxy S10? Has progress in the mobile technology industry just become a very simple numbers game? We don't have any idea what to look forward to anymore as we head into the fall with the two chaebols, but we'll talk it out. Plus, Apple is flittering like a butterfly over its MacBook keyboards and hey, can someone in IT check out what's wrong with ASUS's website here? Thanks. All that and more on the Pocketnow...


Pocketnow Weekly 310: The OPPO Find X is a step toward Bezel Zero

One Australian state is considering banning students from using smartphones. Meanwhile, back in China, we're staring into the bezelless abyss and wondering what it is because the leaked picture sure doesn't tell its own story. Also, is Apple capable of releasing anything that's not an iPhone, iPad or MacBook on-time? Do cameras really have to be over-engineered to avoid punching a notch into our faces? And what the heck is IGTV and why is Pocketnow involved in that? We'll have some answers...


Pocketnow Weekly 309: Let's hope the Galaxy Note 9 doesn't blow up!

We're slowly slugging our way to a big, big phone with a bigger battery than we might've expected just two years after the mess that was the Galaxy Note 7. Is Samsung prepared for a 4,000mAh power pack in the Note 9? We'll eventually find out, but first, why can't we have a Dark Theme on Android so easily? Is LG's cash splash on the G7 ThinQ working out well in the United States? And a big, big, bigger phone could be on the horizon from overseas. We're bringing on Ryan Dao of his Fried Face...