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Discussing news and opinion from the world of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and everything in between.

Discussing news and opinion from the world of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and everything in between.
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Discussing news and opinion from the world of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and everything in between.




Pocketnow Weekly 309: Let's hope the Galaxy Note 9 doesn't blow up!

We're slowly slugging our way to a big, big phone with a bigger battery than we might've expected just two years after the mess that was the Galaxy Note 7. Is Samsung prepared for a 4,000mAh power pack in the Note 9? We'll eventually find out, but first, why can't we have a Dark Theme on Android so easily? Is LG's cash splash on the G7 ThinQ working out well in the United States? And a big, big, bigger phone could be on the horizon from overseas. We're bringing on Ryan Dao of his Fried Face...


Pocketnow Weekly 308: WWDC 2018 and BlackBerry's KEY2 Success

When it comes to the need for speed, BlackBerry thinks it has introduced a new interface paradigm that removes one Android screen from the experience entirely. Also, will this new hardware combination on the KEY2 really still deliver two-day battery life as its predecessor did? We have our questions, we'll try and get some answers. Plus, WWDC happened on Tuesday, so we'll give you a low-down of what we think the biggest takeaways are. ZTE is out of the frying pan and into the fire while...


Pocketnow Weekly 307: This Snapdragon is Over 1000!

Two new Snapdragon chipsets are on the horizon to serve Windows 10 laptops. That may mean the first four-digit Snapdragon-series chipset is due — no, the Wear 2100 doesn’t count. We talk about that and span the breadth of Android and iOS news this week with Valve fans getting tripped about a rejection and Project Fi fattening up its non-Google phone ranks. And we answer your questions and get into your debates this week with our friend, the High Tech Traveler Nick Gray, on the Pocketnow...


Pocketnow Weekly 306: Apple v. Samsung ends, the HTC U12+ begins

The longest-running series of lawsuits over how much a design patent is worth concluded yesterday and it splits the gamut between Apple and Samsung. But while Cupertino counts its winnings, it still has to face the public on the knowledge of the iPhone 6's major structural shortcomings. We talk about another startup shutting down, another another startup perhaps shutting down and our big device of the week, the HTC U12+. That's all on this episode of the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch the YouTube...


Pocketnow Weekly 305: The "OnePlus 6 can't Avenge net neutrality" Edition

We have our full slate of OnePlus 6 coverage to go through, so we might as well rev up our opinion machines. What do Avengers, wireless headphones and the Mohs mineral hardness scale have to do with this phone? We'll tell you. Also, lots of politics has been mixing itself into our mobile technology from ZTE to net neutrality. Meanwhile, AT&T and Verizon show their faith in a former man who managed a sunglasses company and HTC may be becoming a specialist smartphone producer after years of...


Pocketnow Weekly 304: What happened to responsibility at Google I/O 2018?

Google I/O has wrapped up, but all the big news was made on Tuesday's keynote address. From Google Assistant making calls that sound quite human to Android P's better battery bonanza, we have it all covered for you. Plus, ZTE at a standstill and net neutrality is set for death. All on this episode of the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch the YouTube live broadcast from the special time of 1:00pm Eastern on May 11th or check out the high-quality audio version right here. You can shoot your listener...


Pocketnow Weekly 303: LG G7 ThinQ, Xiaomi IPO, Sprint and T-Mobile (again, again)

We have lots to talk about and not enough time to do it in. It was true on Monday and it's true today. The LG G7 ThinQ might have been leaked to high heaven before its launch this week, but now we're going to talk about the consequences. We also have Sprint and T-Mobile on our minds as the two have finally announced a merger deal. And then there's Xiaomi, so close to launching in the United States, but it has the rest of Europe to go through first. We talk through these issues as wells...


Pocketnow Weekly 302: Net neutrality isn't exactly dead yet...

The Trump administration, for all its worth, has slammed its tentacles into our mobile technology conversations in several ways over the past year and change. From net neutrality to investigations into carriers and tech manufacturers, we've got our plates full. Sprint and T-Mobile are coming together (again), the iPhone SE 2 has its 17 seconds of fame and Apple is getting its Shazam jinxed. All that and your letters to us on the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch the YouTube live broadcast from...


Pocketnow Weekly 301: US vs. ZTE: a fight for survival

The US government may have dealt a fatal blow to ZTE's consumer ambitions, preventing it from sourcing any components or software from the country. How does this Chinese telecoms company go forward? Tim Cook thinks macOS and iOS should stay apart for our benefit. John Chen wants to see the BlackBerry Bold 9900 back on store shelves. And the LG V35 ThinQ is apparently coming in just a few weeks. All this and more with our guest, Domenico Lamberti, as you tune into the Pocketnow...


Pocketnow Weekly 300: Unsinkable Apple, fallible Android

Apple won't pay any respect to third-party repair shops, won't pay Korean carriers to market its iPhones and can't pay to get any ground in the smart speaker race. Meanwhile, Android phone manufacturers can't pay for respect after the security patch trashing they got this week. All this plus Spotify's car player, another chance at a Sprint and T-Mobile merger and a whole lot more on our 300th episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast! Watch the YouTube live broadcast from 3:30pm Eastern on...


Pocketnow Weekly 299: Black Sharks swimming, black money against cancer

Xiaomi sets a Black Shark out to bite into Razer's influence in the mobile gaming hardware market, burgeoning as it still is. Google is putting Wi-Fi in all the places out in the country. Plus, the LG G7 has a new name to it and it's just as horrifying as the LG V30S ThinQ. All that and an extended discussion on the wireless industry's political and capital campaign to obscure independent research linking radiation from mobile phone usage to increased cancer risks on the Pocketnow...


Pocketnow Weekly 298: Hated one way or another: Notches & Co.

Notches are a fact of life these days in the flagship smartphone space and there's very little refuge for Android freaks to find solace in unless they're willing to make personal compromises. OnePlus was burned by its fandom while LG resorted to Reddit for its diplomacy. Has the notch become too hated in the consumer discourse? We try and answer that question. We also talk about a couple of other hated subjects in one way or another: Huawei and Apple have new things out and Facebook has...


Pocketnow Weekly 297: The fight for Lytro and the flight of Huawei

While Huawei failed to gain ground with any potential carrier deal in the US, it has yet to lose it, even with the government hunching over the Chinese tech company's influence. But now, the word is that Best Buy could be slipping away, big time. We'll talk about that in our second segment. Plus, Lytro is wearing a huge target on its back and all the archers just want its guts. Verizon is selling the Galaxy S9 to iPhone owners and Apple just doesn't seem to care. That and all the mobile...


Pocketnow Weekly 296: Broadcom loses Qualcomm, has Apple lost Siri?

From when Apple first acquired Siri to the day they left the company, weary former employees describe how the digital assistant lost its way behind Google Assistant and Alexa. And we've got a recall on some battery packs you'll want to know about and some news on HTC's one big smartphone of the year(?). Plus, that was fast: the collapse of Broadcom's hopes to acquire Qualcomm. It's all on this week's episode of the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch the YouTube live broadcast from 3pm Eastern on...


Pocketnow Weekly 295: Android P rhymes with HP Elite x3

'P' is for "Preview" as the Android P Developer Preview Program gets underway. We'll give you a quick look into some of the big new feature adds and we'll also try and paint by sound a couple of changes to the Material Design aesthetic, too. 'P' is for "prosecution" and those are what the FBI has allegedly been getting with the help of paid informers at Best Buy's Geek Squad support and repair service. Were customers subject to unwarranted search and seizure of their items? We...


Pocketnow Weekly 294: MWC 2018 All-Stars or The Reduced BezelMasters!

Another pre-recorded episode this week, but when you're in Barcelona with so much to do in such little time, we hope you'll understand. From the Galaxy S9 "unpacking" to the LG V30S ThinQ taking up our thinking space, from Nokia's newfound vibrancy to ASUS's derivative looks, we have a bounty to share in opinions. And we're doing it with the help of Myriam Joire's Mobile Tech Podcast. Stay tuned for the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch the YouTube companion video (coming soon) or check out the...


Pocketnow Weekly 293: The iPhone SE 2 and MWC 2018!

The iPhone SE 2 was on our radars this week and so is MWC 2018. And when your podcasting schedule goes to hell because of all the coverage you need to do, you just have to grab the colleagues you have around you and get to talking. And then you export the podcast two days later after a bunch of other coverage. Like, seriously, we talked about a couple things that happened at the show and we still had to cover the Galaxy S9. Anyways, no time to scoot around, it's the Pocketnow...


Pocketnow Weekly 292: No breaks for Huawei or HTC

If you're a smartphone maker whose brand starts with the letter 'H,' you've only known pain and suffering this week. You were treated as an outpost of the Chinese cybersecurity threat and have committed an unforced error in the US market you're trying to reach. Or, you're losing another executive after trading away 2,000 of your finest employees and you're trying so hard to steer a sinking ship towards salvation. Or at least salvage. Huawei and HTC are our main topics this episode, but...


Pocketnow Weekly 291: Death, lawsuits and the OnePlus X2

In this episode, we talk about a totally real new phone from OnePlus coming soon and you're going to believe us when we say that it's amazing. 16GB of RAM, unlimited internal storage, a Snapdragon 1000 and a load of cow manure because it's fake news. Yeah, a big honcho at the company really likes to disappoint us, doesn't he? Anyways, it'll be a nice distraction to the depressing, but important lawsuits and bankruptcies we'll have to talk about. Can you believe there wasn't enough Galaxy...


Pocketnow Weekly 290: 5G crisis, 10GB RAM, Huawei P20 potentials

Huawei announce its event to launch the P20 and we continue to geek out about how it will use three cameras on one side. Plus, 10GB of RAM? On a phone? Who in their right minds would fit that in? Oh, a company from China — the same one pushing for under-display fingerprint sensing technology to work. We'll have the news, bootloops and all, plus some thoughts about what good and bad could really come if Trump went onto nationalize the United States 5G network on this episode of the...