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Discussing news and opinion from the world of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and everything in between.

Discussing news and opinion from the world of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and everything in between.
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Discussing news and opinion from the world of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and everything in between.




Our post-CES Winter Break Road Trip! | #PNWeekly 341

We're back for another week of CES recapping! We actually talk about the technology that we took a look at while in Las Vegas. We saved the actual talking, however, for after when we got across the California border. Join Jaime and Josh (plus a very sleepy Isa) for a carcast covering Razer hardware, the FlexPai, Huawei, LG TVs, Hisense, Fossil and a lot more! Check out our YouTube companion video recorded at 7pm Eastern on January 11th or check out the high-quality audio version right here...


Behind the CES Scenes | #PNWeekly 340

CES 2019 has come to an end and we have had fun bringing you our news and editorial coverage at Pocketnow. But it's not just strictly about the devices that make our mobile lives go. Join Joshua Vergara, Jaime Rivera, Isa Rodriguez, Mishaal Rahman, your host for this week, Jules Wang, and a gang of awesome colleagues for an exciting travelogue on the experience that is the Consumer Electronics Show! Keep an eye out for our YouTube companion video coming soon or check out the high-quality...


Apple rots | #PNWeekly 339

There must be a sense of defeat permeating through Cupertino this week, nevermind this season. Even as we've seen the headwinds blow against Apple, it didn't seem possible that this corporation on a rocket to the moon could be stopped from constant growth. Well, perhaps it needs a break this winter. Or maybe it'll break down? Is this losing quarter just a sign of that the innovation engine is sputtering at the spaceship? We take on that discussion plus a tonnage of leaks from Nokia, Xiaomi,...


To all the 2018 tech we... tolerated? | #PNWeekly 338

Twelve months of mobile technology have passed us by and we're here to remember the parts that you probably forgot, right? Because 2018 in politics, the economy, other news and miserable things. Why not talk about notches, batteries and fifteen cameras! We also figured that we'd pop out the drinks while we're at it. Hey, what do you want? We're not doing a New Year's Eve show. This is the best you'll get. It's best you can expect from the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch the YouTube video posted at...


Goodbye Cydia, Hello Snapdragon 855 | #PNWeekly 337

If we haven't made it clear already, even as it's the end of the year, we have so much to look forward to in 2019 — that's 11 days away! But until then, we're back on our BS again with another "Bendgate" scandal, more hopes of Touch ID coming back, eSIM headaches, HTC's mediocrity and the first new Snapdragon phone coming to a place where we can't get it. And a final farewell to Cydia, the jailbreaker's refuge. It's all this episode on the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch the YouTube video posted...


Spending the holidays with Megapixels McLaren | #PNWeekly 336

How could we have our Christmas episode two weeks early? Simple: we blew all of our writing talent on this one and refuse to revisit the matter for the next few weeks. But that doesn’t mean the rest of our content’s going to be all humbug. We’ve got gift suggestions to talk about, a new OnePlus phone to show off and a whole lot of interesting stuff from China on this very normal edition of the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch the YouTube video posted at 2:00pm Eastern on December 14th or check out...


Let's talk about 5G... again... | #PNWeekly 335

Mahalo from the Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit — where 5G is abundant in the air. Well, most of that is just people talking about it. The chipmaker has a few new chips for the new age of connectivity, but there's plenty of molehills and letdowns to ply through. Joshua, Jaime and Android Authority's David Imel chat Snapdragon on the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch our video recorded 11:00pm Eastern on December 6th or check out the combined high-quality audio version right here or through Apple,...


On the Road Again... with Michael Fisher | #PNWeekly 334

When Michael Fisher invites you to come along with him to test a hydrogen cell vehicle, you agree and bring all of your GoPro Hero 7 cameras, stick an stage performance headset on his bonce and start recording a podcast. Joshua Vergara goes over the year's top devices and looks forward to what 2019 might bring on this special episode of the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch our video recorded at 5:00pm Pacific on November 28th or you can also check out the high-quality audio version right here or...


Galaxy Flex, Mate Flex, LG G Flex, Flexis Praxis | #PNWeekly 333

Did you know that our host, Joshua Vergara, took a one-day dance choreography course in South Korea this year? That’s a good demonstration of flex. What’s not a good demonstration of flex? Using the word “flex” in branding your folding smartphone. We’ll try to brainstorm something better in our show. Also, we pass or play on a few Black Friday deals and go through news of future flagships and mid-rangers from Motorola, HTC, Samsung and others! All of this with one of favorite techtubers,...


Fold me, 'splode me, iPhone and Galaxy | #PNWeekly 332

Once all the stuff from Techtober's dried up, we're looking to the future. Actually, all the way out past CES. How long will it take Apple to move its iPhones to 5G? What will the Galaxy S10 look like? And will we be able to take a Kickstarter project and make a Mac Mini and iPad Pro usable together? Watch the YouTube video posted at 2:00pm Eastern on November 16th or check out the high-quality audio version right here or through Apple, Google, our RSS and wherever you get your podcasts....


Samsung Infinity Flexes | #PNWeekly 331

We've come to a crease in the history books on smartphones. Samsung has brought about a new display that flexes so hard, you'll flip out and use only half of it! Well, those are two separate developments we'll get to as we take a look at some of the biggest stories of the week on the show. GeekSpin's own Helena Stone joins us for the first time on this episode of the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch the YouTube video posted at 2:00pm Eastern on November 9th or check out the high-quality audio...


Seeing RED, Apple and OnePlus | #PNWeekly 330

We end #Techtober with a last stand from OnePlus, Apple and RED. OnePlus moved its smartphone launch event up a day to avoid undue influence from Apple's three computers — and they ARE computers — while RED's review embargo for the Hydrogen One. How much of a success were each of these events? How many failures have we amassed. It's time for the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch the YouTube video posted at 3:00pm Eastern on November 2nd or check out the high-quality audio version right here or...


Rubin woes, Xiaomi grows, MAKERphone glows | #PNWeekly 329

Xiaomi puts two phones to the fore: one with magnets and without bezels to speak of, another with two copper tubes and all the gaming might one could ask for. Where does that leave the Chinese manufacturer as we head out of 2018? A make-your-own-phone kit has received multiples of its minimum crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter. And while it isn't an Android phone, there are valuable lessons to be had from the MAKERphone. But first, the specter of improper handling of sexual misconduct at...


G'day, Huawei Mate 20 Pro! | #PNWeekly 328+

Watch the OnePlus 6T launch event livestream on October 29. In London town, Huawei has brought a legion tech junket to show off four phones, three wearable devices, a memory card and a whole lot more. And with all of that, we get all of the megapixels, too. What do we make of it? Well, we have five people tired out of their minds doing a podcast at two in the morning and then we have four people removed far away from Britain talking around the phone and going into some interesting tangents...


Pocketnow Weekly 327: Pixel 3 in the East, Razer Phone 2 in the West

From the East Coast to the Left Coast, we were sandwiched between a gaggle of Google tech and a rainbow-colored Razer Phone in just two days. The third-gen Pixel phones have blown their cover and with the minor design iterations they've gone through, it's the XL catching many eyes and their ire for that useless notch and that useless, useless chin. Is it a deserved call-out? And what about the Razer Phone 2? Chroma lights a phone doesn't make. Is it just a lateral move that fails to...


Pocketnow Weekly 326: Fall trifecta: LG V40 ThinQ, Nokia 7.1, Surface Headphones

Three events, one week. Think it couldn't get busier? Think again. More's coming next week, too. But for now, we have plenty to to look over: the LG V40 ThinQ, Watch W7, Microsoft's Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Studio 2 and Surface Headphones and HMD Global with the Nokia 7.1. Let's get going. It's the Pocketnow Weekly! Watch the YouTube video recorded at 2:00pm Eastern on October 5th or check out the high-quality audio version right here or through Apple, Google, our RSS and...


Pocketnow Weekly 325: Getting less from the iPhone XS?

Consumer Reports, in its infinite wisdom, has called the Galaxy Note 9 the best phone you can buy in 2018. You might have some reservations about that label, but with some of the news in the past couple weeks on the teething pains coming out of the iPhone XS, perhaps they're justified. But with at least three new Android phones on the way next month, is it premature? Plenty to talk about this week including the leadership crises at the Facebook companies and what it could mean for your...


Pocketnow Weekly 324: The iPhone XS Racket

Gather back around! Again! The big trucks have dropped off boxes with a bunch of apples in them. It’s ripe season for those new iPhones and Apple Watches -- and we’re about to take our first bite. But before dessert, we’ve got dinner. A smorgasbord: Amazon’s new Echo speakers and… an Alexa-powered microwave. A OnePlus television set. A bixby key that will never NOT work. And the Galaxy Note 9 that has that key… and a problem with temperature. Oh. A Note up in smoke... Here we go again......


Pocketnow Weekly 323: Is it time to wear smartwatches again?

That's right! We're back at it this week with a second episode of your favorite mobile tech podcast — in special video form! And it really helps to explain why our usual suspects were out when we did that post-Apple show on Wednesday... hint hint. Joshua, Jaime and a whole bunch of other people were at Qualcomm's big event in San Francisco early this week — before the Apple event — for the launch of the Snapdragon Wear 3100, the latest chipset that will power the next generation of Wear OS...


Pocketnow Weekly 322: Round and round we go with the iPhone Xs

Gather back around! We're not done talking about the iPhone Xs just yet! And there's plenty more from Apple we need to think about today. Watch the YouTube video recorded at 4pm Eastern on September 12th or check out the high-quality audio version right here or through Apple, Google, our RSS and wherever you get your podcasts. Talk back live while you’re watching the show on Twitter with #PNWeekly and shoot feedback to the hosts at podcast@pocketnow.com! Host Jules Wang Guests Mark...