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The Puppet Podcast features Puppet community members talking about the latest trends in configuration management & cloud automation as well as DevOps culture.

The Puppet Podcast features Puppet community members talking about the latest trends in configuration management & cloud automation as well as DevOps culture.
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The Puppet Podcast features Puppet community members talking about the latest trends in configuration management & cloud automation as well as DevOps culture.




Community Spotlight: Puppet Debugger

We're kicking off 2019 with a bang and a series of spotlights on notable community members and their achievements. We've got some great shows lined up for you, from useful development tools, to community experiences, to lessons we could learn from the history of computing. Let's get started today with Corey Osman of Portland, Oregon who's built a command line REPL debugging tool for Puppet. This quick screencast shows some of the capabilities of the tool: A REPL, or command-line shell,...


Puppet Podcast: Introducing the Puppet Development Kit (PDK)

The Puppet Development Kit makes it easier than ever to develop and test Puppet modules by providing a simple, unified interface to a set of helpful tools for anyone who writes or consumes Puppet code. Leveraging the Puppet Development Kit, it’s now possible to: Learn more about the PDK: Listen to the podcast now! Anna Velasco is an associate community manager at Puppet. Learn more Download the Puppet Development KitRead the PDK documentationPuppetConf 2017Contributor Summit


Puppet Podcast: Meet Lumogon

Editor's note: The Lumogon open source project is now unmaintained. The technology is part of Puppet Discovery, which lets you discover what's running in your hybrid infrastructure — from servers to VMs, cloud instances and containers. On May 11th, we announced Lumogon™, a new technology for inspecting, reporting on, and analyzing your container applications. In our podcast about Lumogon, we hear from Kenaz Kwa, Lumogon’s product manager, and Tyler Pace, Lumogon’s UX architect, on the...


Security and DevOps: Puppet Podcast with Gareth Rushgrove

Sign up for our podcast on iTunes or subscribe to our feed with your favorite player. Welcome to the final episode of our three-part infrastructure security series. Puppet senior software engineer Gareth Rushgrove chats about the future of infrastructure security, and how breaking down organizational silos can help devs, sysadmins and security experts work better together. Gareth discusses how other DevOps practices like test-driven development and continuous delivery can help you create...


Puppet Podcast: Security with Luke Kanies and Chris Barker

Sign up for our podcast on iTunes or subscribe to our feed with your favorite player. In this podcast about IT security, hear Puppet founder Luke Kanies talk about how he built security into Puppet from the beginning; how his thinking on security has evolved; how locking down systems too tightly can actually make your IT infrastructure less secure; the security challenges of containers and the Internet of Things; and more. Puppet engineer Chris Barker brings his experience to the table,...


Puppet Podcast: Security with Ben Hughes of Etsy

Sign up for our podcast on iTunes or subscribe to our feed with your favorite player. The Puppet Podcast is back with a three-part series on security. “But wait, isn’t Puppet all about DevOps?” you ask. Here’s the thing: People have always used Puppet for security. (Check out Bill Weiss’ talk at PuppetConf to learn more.) In this episode, we chat with Ben Hughes from Etsy about DevOps and security working together. Turns out, security professionals are people too, and having empathy for...


Gene Kim on Being a Change Agent in IT & insights from DevOps Enterprise Summit

Note: This podcast was originally posted on November 6th, and we're reposting it to our main podcast channel. Welcome to the Conversations with Puppet Labs podcast. We'll be talking with folks in the industry about a variety of topics that affect IT operations. Over the next few weeks, we'll focus on what it means to be a change agent in your organization, and how ops can influence positive change. We'll explore the challenges and roadblocks you might come across when trying to implement...


Podcast: What's New with Razor

In the latest edition of the Puppet Podcast, you’ll find out about Razor, the Puppet provisioning application. The Puppet Labs software engineers who work on Razor, David Lutterkort and Scott McClellan, join Kent Bye and Kara Sowles to discuss the history of Razor and the new capabilities you can look forward to in the upcoming release. You can also check out our many other recent podcasts by visiting our podcast page or subscribing in your favorite podcast tool. Learn More: Razor on...


Up to 80 Times More Deployments for Hiscox Insurance with Puppet Enterprise

Jonathan Fletcher of Hiscox Insurance talks about building a reusable change platform with Puppet that includes continuous integration and testing tools. His teams have seen a radical increase in the pace of change, going from a half-dozen deployments in a 10-week change cycle to as many as 50 deployments per week! Deployments used to be big events, and are now routine non-events. In this interview, Jonathan also describes: Finally, Jonathan talks about the fact that some of Hiscox's most...


Elisabeth Hendrickson on Reducing Feedback Loop Cycles

Elisabeth Hendrickson is currently the senior director of engineering at Pivotal, and a longtime evangelist for testing. In this week's podcast, Elisabeth talks about the process of cultivating a cohesive engineering culture at Pivotal through the introduction of extreme programming techniques. She discusses a wide variety of topics related to change management, including: Elisabeth says if you're considering bringing about change in your organization, the No. 1 thing you can do is start...


Linda Rising: Fearless Change and Patterns for Introducing New Ideas

Linda Rising is the co-author of the book Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas. She's studied change management within organizations for over 20 years, and discovered 48 patterns of behavior that are associated with successful change. In this podcast, Linda covers the importance of: Linda approaches both the strategic and tactical sides of bringing about change to an organization, and her insights feel particularly germane for building cross-functional teams and work...


Derek Austin: DevOps Culture & Implementing Continuous Delivery

Derek Austin is a technical project manager at Puppet Labs. In a prior life, Derek was involved with a big change initiative to bring about more continuous delivery practices, as well as a DevOps culture, to his organization. The company needed a more rapid and repeatable deployment process, and needed to reduce manual errors and friction between development and operations teams. Derek talks how migrating first to Open Source and then to Puppet Enterprise helped bring about these...


Starting and Growing a Puppet User Group

In the latest edition of the Puppet Podcast, you’ll find out how to start and grow a Puppet User Group (PUG) in your city. Nick Huanca, Denver PUG organizer, Byron Miller, Austin PUG organizer and Kara Sowles, Portland PUG organizer, all sit in with me to share the tips and tricks they’ve discovered to keep a PUG lively and meeting regularly. If you’re interested in starting a PUG in your city or want to know more about our PUG program, then this is the podcast for you. You can also check...


Adrian Cockcroft: Managing Cloud Infrastructure at Netflix

Adrian Cockcroft was the cloud architect at Netflix from 2010 to 2013, and took part in the initial process of evaluating, validating and migrating Netflix services to the public cloud — an initiative that started in 2008. Adrian has keen insights into the work culture and processes that make Netflix such a remarkably innovative organization. In this podcast, we talk about what it means to be on the bleeding edge of technology, and how to push disruptive new projects forward. You'll also...


Karl Matthias: Shipping Multiple Times Per Day Changes Infrastructure Management

We recently talked with Karl Matthias, site reliability engineer at New Relic. Karl works on the company's huge-scale database infrastructure, where over 300 billion metrics are written to disk every day. In this podcast, Karl talks about the role of automation at New Relic, and how automation and configuration management enable consistency and reliability in the company's infrastructure, letting operations staff focus on higher-level problems, along with development engineers, and on...


Podcast: How to Contribute to the Puppet Core

In this edition of the Puppet podcast, Kara and Kent sat down with Felix Frank, Puppet power user and systems engineer, and Josh Partlow, Puppet Labs software engineer, to chat about contributing to the Puppet core projects — primarily Puppet, Facter and Hiera. Felix is one of the top contributors of all time to the Puppet mailing lists and a Featured Community Member. Felix got started contributing to the Puppet Core projects by writing the first couple of Puppet patches for his employer....


Rob Reynolds: Practical Ways to Simplify Windows Administration

In this podcast installment, Rob Reynolds, software engineer at Puppet Labs, talks about some of the tools that make it easier to automate Windows environments, including Powershell, Puppet, and the package manager he wrote called Chocolatey. This discussion is especially timely, given the release of the new Windows module pack, which includes the following Puppet Supported and Approved modules: puppetlabs-aclpuppetlabs-sqlserverpuppetlabs-powershellpuppet-registrypuppetlabs-rebootJust...


Podcast: Test-Driven Development

In this edition of the Puppet Podcast, hosts Kara and Kent sat down with Gareth Rushgrove, Puppet Labs software engineer, to talk about Test Driven Development (TDD). This podcast is especially helpful to those who are new to TDD: the process of writing tests first, then writing enough code to pass the test and finally refactoring the code to make it better. Gareth shares how he uses Test Driven Development and why he’s found it a compelling way to write code. He says, “Tests help you move...


Podcast: Puppet Server

In this edition of the Puppet podcast, hosts, Kara Sowles and Kent Bye, interview Chris Price, one of the primary engineers working on Puppet Server here at Puppet Labs. We had a compelling conversation discussing the many aspects of Puppet Server that came out in the 3.7 Puppet Enterprise release, including how it's built on Trapperkeeper and why they chose to write it in Clojure. Puppet Server started out as weekend coding stints for Chris, and grew into a next generation replacement for...


Terri Haber: How Cultural Readiness Affects Your Ability To Automate

In today's installment of Conversations with Puppet Labs, we talk with Terri Haber, a professional services engineer here at Puppet. Terri works closely with our customers, and helps set them up for success with Puppet Enterprise. Listen in as Terri discusses: As Terri sees it, a tool alone won't cause positive changes in an organization; it takes people, and it takes cultural readiness. Tell us what you think of the podcast! And if you have a story about making positive changes on your...