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Practical Technology News, Advice and ScreenCasts






st1803: What to do about all those Windows 10 Updates [Podcast]

I have to admit, one of the things I like about the Mac OS over Windows are updates. Apple's updates are pretty straight forward. But Windows has major and minor updates and there are differences between the flavors of Windows 10. So if you are a Windows user, sit back, buckle yourself in. I will try my best to simplify all of the options you have and walk you through some of the settings you'll want to customize.


st1802: New Robo Call Protections and other reasons I switched to T-Mobile [Podcast]

I hate phone scams. But I REALLY hate them on my mobile phone. T-Mobile has some new technology to try and minimize those pesky robocalls and it might be the best deal going in the US as far as features for the price (depending on where you live.)


st1801: Your Phone Knows Your Every Move!

Modern smart phones, specifically Apple and Android phones, record our every move using highly accurate GPS. They use this information to provide a variety of services including mapping and location based reminders. But how secure is this information? Is your privacy at risk? Is there any way to shut this down? All of this and more is explored on this episode of SmartTech. As you heard in the podcast, location tracking can be useful for many services and it is very secure on Apple devices....


st1719: 2017 – A SmartTech Year in Review [Podcast]

It is amazing how, when a year comes to an end, we tend to forget all of the things that have happened. 2017 has been a crazy year in a lot of ways, but it has been a diverse technology related year. So in this episode I review some of the technological events of note through the eyes of the SmartTech podcast. Be sure to share your favorite technology related events or gadgets in our comment section or on our Facebook page. Illustration provided by Pond5


st1718: 10 Great Apple Watch Apps You Should be Using [Podcast]

The Apple watch. It makes us all Dick Tracy. (If you don't know who he is, Google it!) If you own one, we will help you use it efficiently by reviewing 10 (maybe 11) apps. If you are NOT an Apple watch user and wonder what this is all about, you can find your answers here.


st1717: Christmas Gifts that will make Any Techie Smile! [Podcast]

Yes it's here! One of my favorite episodes of the year. My picks for great technology based gifts. A couple may surprise you! Maybe you have some favorites that I missed. No worries, just leave your picks in the comments below or on our Facebook page. I would love to hear what catches your eye this year. Each pick on my list has a link below and by using those links to purchase, you help SmartTech while getting the best price around.


st1715: Everything we learned about creating safe passwords is WRONG! [Podcast]

The guy who years ago worked out rules for safely password protecting your files and websites just announced he was wrong! Now what??? We explore his revelation on this episode.


st1714: Jobs that No Longer Exist Because of Technology [Podcast]

Back in 2010, then Secretary of Education, Richard Riley said, "The top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004." With all the new jobs, some jobs had to change dramatically or even become obsolete. In this episode we talk about jobs that no longer exist, in a large part due to technology.


st1713: 10 Ways Social Media can Mess with your Life! [Podcast]

Social Media has become an integrated into most activities by so many people. But have we really thought through its effect on our lives? In this episode I go through 10 pitfalls to watch out for if you are going to be a user of social media. Do you have problems with any of these? Leave a comment in the comment section below.


st1712: Is Disney Spying on your Children? [Podcast]

The Walt Disney company has been slapped with a lawsuit alleging violation of COPPA. This law says that companies can not collect personal information on children without permission from their parents. In 42 identified apps, Disney may be violating that law. What does this mean, how do you protect your child's privacy? We explore this and more in this episode. Here is the full list of the apps in the lawsuit: "AvengersNet" "Beauty and the Beast" "Perfect Match" "Cars Lightening League"...


st1711: Are you Smarter than Your Luggage? Bluesmart Unveils it’s new Product Line

Bluesmart came out with the world's first smart luggage! A carry on with a lot of high tech abilities. Well over 2 years later, they have done it again. They have updated their software and electronics, and created a smart luggage system. In this episode we talk about what smart luggage is and if you really need it. We also explore the features in the new luggage set and make some recommendations. By the way, if you decide you'd like to purchase one piece or the entire set, click HERE to...


st1710: Keeping Up Appearances [Podcast]

Don't let social media make you miserable Surprise! What you read on line is not always true. In fact, social media makes a lot of us miserable. In this episode of Smart Tech we explore the ramifications of social media and how you can use it in a way that allows you to keep your mental health.


st1707: Internet Users Beware! This may not be the website you think it is

Hackers are at it again and this hack is pretty smart. They trick your browser into thinking the internet address they are looking for is in a foreign language while displaying the address in familiar looking English characters. How do they do this? Find out in this episode of SmartTech. For more information check out the article at Firefox users can protect themselves by: 1. Enter "about:config" in the address bar and agreeing to the displayed warning. 2. Enter "punycode"...


st1706: You CAN take it with you! (syncing your life across your devices) [Podcast]

The more devices we use, the more the need to sync our files to more than one device. As the price drops, and the speed and reliability of cloud storage increases, cloud storage becomes a great answer. Today we talk about the big 4 storage sync solutions and which ones work best for which situations. Photo courtesy of Google G-Suite Here are some links from the show:


st1705: Great Resources for Learning About Tech [Podcast]

Believe it or not, the SmartTech studio is still in construction and so this week we are presenting a "Best of" SmartTech! Photo Courtesy of Pond5 It may seem a bit strange to my podcast to talk about other podcasts. But as a teacher, this is how I got better at teaching about Tech. Why reinvent the wheel so to speak? So I want to recommend places on the web where I have learned a lot of things about Technology. Below are links to the websites I talk about during today's episode. Google...


st1704: Twitter Changes How They Do Their Timeline [Podcast]

Twitter was always "What you see it what you get" but no more. Twitter has decided to more closely control what you see on your timeline. What does this mean for you and will you still have access to the tweets you most want to see? Find out in this episode.


st1703: Building a Studio in your Home [Podcast]

In this episode I walk you through the thought process on converting a bedroom and a bathroom in a 75 year old house to an office/studio/guest-room. Roxul Insulation UpDesk Standing Desks


st1702: What the Heck is Technology Anyway?

As the new year begins, we explore the demise of SnapChat and talk about what technology is exactly and what to look forward to in the future. Technology: The application of knowledge and the use of resources to meet human needs and solve problems.


st1701: 2016 – A SmartTech Year in Review [Podcast]

It is amazing how, when a year comes to an end, we tend to forget all of the things that have happened. 2016 has been a crazy year in a lot of ways, but it has been a diverse technology related year. So in this episode I review some of the technological events of note through the eyes of the SmartTech podcast. Be sure to share your favorite technology related events or gadgets in our comment section or on our Facebook page. Illustration provided by Pond5


st1624: 5 Tech Related Gifts You Should Definitely Avoid this Holiday Season [Podcast]

Last episode I gave you my best picks for tech gifts this year. But what about what NOT to buy! Bad tech not only makes for a disappointing Christmas, it can be deadly. So I turned to Selena Larson at CNN Money for her input on tech related gifts to avoid.