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Get in touch with your inner geek with Deb Evans and AK Stout! Listen in each week as we discuss the use of social technologies on today's Web. Join us along with special guests as we talk about utilizing the various social technology platforms to connect with others. If you think you enjoy technology just as much as you do relationships, this show is for you.

Get in touch with your inner geek with Deb Evans and AK Stout! Listen in each week as we discuss the use of social technologies on today's Web. Join us along with special guests as we talk about utilizing the various social technology platforms to connect with others. If you think you enjoy technology just as much as you do relationships, this show is for you.
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Get in touch with your inner geek with Deb Evans and AK Stout! Listen in each week as we discuss the use of social technologies on today's Web. Join us along with special guests as we talk about utilizing the various social technology platforms to connect with others. If you think you enjoy technology just as much as you do relationships, this show is for you.








Brand Strategy with Nick Westergaard and Jack Monson

We’re diving deep into branding with strategist, speaker, author, and educator Nick Westergaard. Nick is the Chief Brand Strategist at Brand Driven Digital, and teaches at the University of Iowa. He's the author of Get Scrappyand his newest book Brand Now. Nick was the keytone speaker at this year's MITCon event in Austin from The International Franchise Association. He continues sharing the trends he's spotting in branding including where smart companies are putting their marketing dollars...


Facebook and Twitter Updates with Mike McDowell, Jim Buckley, Jack Monson

TheDigital Marketing A-Team returns with updates about Facebook.Mike McDowell and Jim Buckley share their analysis on the latest politically charged issues with Facebook executives and what may happen next. The team also examines what happened during the recent Facebook outage and how it may have affected advertisers during the biggest ad week of the year for retailers and how Social Geek Radio host Jack Monson OWNED Facebook for about 23 minutes!! And, is the way your brand shares Facebook...


Influencer Marketing with Brendan Gahan and Jack Monson

Joining today's show is Brendan Gahan, the founder of Epic Signal. He was named to Forbes 30 under 30 in 2012 and was tapped by the White Hose to advise on awareness efforts for the Affordable Care Act. Brendan shares his experiences with reason influencer marketing programs he's created for Starbucks and Amazon reaching some customers that had previsouly eluded some marketers. "Meet them where they are and deliver content they enjoy. They'll consume it." He advises brands to forget the...


Hiring and Staffing Trends with Jason Leverant and Jack Monson

This week's guest is Jason Leverant of The AtWork Group. Jason shares trends he's spotting for horing and staffing for 2019 and 2020. How will technology continue to enhance job searches? How can innovations like AI help workers control their careers? Plus, we have more details on IFA's Emerging Franchisor Conference this week in Miami. If you're coming to this great event, please join my panel on Social Media for Emerging Brands on Friday Nov 9. Thanks to Franchise Dictionary Magazine and...


2018 Midterm Elections Preview with Matt Haller and Jack Monson

The International Franchise Association's Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Matt Haller joins the show to discuss the 2018 Midterm Elections. How will the outcome affect small businesses? What will it mean for critical regulatory issues? Join Matt and Jack for some preview and predictions! We've also got more details on IFA's Emerging Franchisor Conference where both Matt and Jack are speaking next week in Miami! #EFC2018 Today's episode is brought to you by Social Joey and Franchise...


Attribution and Inflated Ad Metrics

Jack Monson and Jim Buckley dive deep into the recent issues with inflated metrics from some ad platforms. We would love to hear your opinions on this topic! We also share details on the upcoming Social Media panel at IFA's Emerging Franchisor Conference in Miami in November! #EFC2018


Franchise Sales Trends with Keith Gerson and Jack Monson

Keith Gerson, President of Franchise Operations and CMO of FranConnect joins the show to share Franchise Sales trends. FranConnect's industry-leading Franchise Sales Index Report will be published in November and we've got a preview! Many of the findings show why today's top sales organizations are getting better, and what you can do to replicate their success. Keith states, "If you're not connecting with your leads in the first 4 hours, then chances are you're lsoing out to the...


Top 3 Networking Hacks with Angela Cote and Jack Monson

Franchise industry networking rockstar Angela Coté of Cultivate Advisors returns to Social Geek Radio with her Top 3 Networking Hacks at conferences and conventions. Conferences are all about growing relationships and Angela shares her best tips on building trust and providing value. We'll also share the latest details on IFA's #MITCon event in Austin next week! Thanks to this week's sponsors, Social Joey, FranchiseSoft, and Franchise Dictionary Magazine!


Global Brands with Local Marketing - Justin Mink and Jack Monson

Justin Mink of Scorpion Internet Marketing joins Jack Monson to discuss Branding on a Global level, while Marketing on a Local level. This is how franchise brands grow! We dive in to these areas: how digitial marketing tactics can support this at scaleis Branding taking a back seat to Lead Generation?upcoming trends all marketers need to watch, including voice search And, we'll share the latest details on upcoming franchise marketing events including #FLDC in Atlanta and #MITCon in Austin!


The Customer Journey with Stefania Sigurdson Forbes and Jack Monson

Stefania Sigurdson-Forbes returns to share best practices in mapping out your customer's journey. She includes tips on building personas, walking through the map, and using the process as a team-building process that should mirror the customer, not the brand! Check out Stefania's brand, FranchiseBlast and her awesome video series on marketing principles: Stefania at the Gravity Hub! This episode is sponsored by Franchise Dictionary Magazine and ClickTecs!


Franchise Industry Updates for Marketers

We'll talk about the October #MITCon event and the awesome news that Gary Vaynerchuk will keynote #IFA2019. It's Gary freakin' Vee, people!! Get more info on both events and register today at IFA! VP of Marketing from The International Franchise Association, Beth Dailey, has big news from The IFA!


The Spirit of Sharing Knowledge with Jamie Izaks and Jack Monson

Jamie Izaks, President of All Points Public Realtions returns to the show to discuss 3 reasons why you should share knowledge with others in your industry! Connect today with Jamie on LinkedIn or on the Alll Points PR website! We also share some details on these upcoming events in the franchise space where Jamie and I look forward to seeing you: Northern Illinois Franchise Association luncheon in Chicago on September 13 featuring special guest, IFA CEO Robert Cresanti. IFA's Marketing...


Email Marketing Trends

Is Email Marketing dead? Mostly dead? Or alive and kicking? Email marketing pro David Kellyof KingSumo joins the podcast to show us that email marketing is alive and thriving! David points out trends, shares best practices to fire up your email campaigns, and tips on timing and content that works. Connect with David at KingSumo and on his blog. Thanks to ClickTecsand Social Joeyfor your support of Social Geek Radio!


The AHA Moment for Marketers with Mitchell Levy and Jack Monson

Mitchell Levy joins Social Geek Radio to discuss having your AHA Moment! Thanks for your ongoing support, Franchise Dictionary Magazine.


The Things You Used to Do Don't Work Now! Gini Dietrich and Jack Monson

Gini Dietrich, founder of Spin Sucks, joins Social Geek Radio to discuss how all the things marketers used to do no longer work. Gini shares some ideas on getting ahead of these industry disruptions, how you can plan for scaling your business up, and where to spend your critical thinking time! Check out Spin Sucks for more development ideas for PR and Marketing Executives! And thanks to Social Joey and ClickTecs for their support of this podcast!


The Podcast About Podcasting with Kerry O'Shea Gorgone and Jack Monson

Kerry O'Shea Gorgone, host of the Marketing Smarts podcast, joins the show to discuss the recent history of podcasting, the current spike in podcast popularity, and the possible future of podcasting (or whatever we're going to call it). We'll also share our favorite current shows including podcasts hosted by Alan Alda, Dennis Miller, Chris Brogan, and more. Check out Kerry's show, Marketing Smarts from MarketingProfs. And, if you want to see Kerry at the upcoming B2B Marketing Forum, learn...


Influencer Marketing Trends

We're diving into the world of INFLUENCER MARKETING this week. How are marketers best using influencers? How are the social networks handling influencers? How is the marketing industry going to handle Influencer Fraud? AND we've got some excited changes at Social Geek Radio: Co-host Jim Buckley is now The Director of Marketing at Priatek! Plus, the all new site is up. Thanks to Jam Hashmi and the team at ClickTecs for an outstanding job on the website.


Tech Trends for Restaurants

"Yummy Margaritas mean Yummy Profits" Patrick Bobrukiewicz, Director of Business Development at ROSnet, discusses how technology for the restaurant industry is constantly changing every part of the dining experience. Patrick shares the latest trends affecting ordering, staffing, serving, and delivery. Thanks to Franchise Dictionary Magazine for supporting Social Geek Radio!


Bullseye Marketing with Louis Gudema and Jack Monson

"It doesn't cost a dime to listen to a customer," says Louis Gudema, author of the new book, Bullseye Marketing and President of Revenue + Associates. Customer feedback is just a part of his approach for brand marketers. Louis shares the 3 pillars of his Bullseye Marketing plan and some backgound on how he turned the typical marketing funnel upside down for SMBs. Check out Bullseye Marketing and also Louis' upcoming speaking engagments and projects!


Digital Disruption for Franchises with Dan Monaghan and Jack Monson

Dan Monaghan, founder of Clear Summit Group and co-founder of WSI, discusses advanced ways for franchise brands to step up and beat the competition with new technologies and digital marketing strategies. The areas where Dan shares ideas include: Machine LearningA.I.Virtual RealityAugmented Reality We also share details of The International Franchise Association's Marketing Innovation Technology Conference - #MITCon - happening in Austin this October!