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The devs at SitePen talk JavaScript, TypeScript, front-end web dev and more!

The devs at SitePen talk JavaScript, TypeScript, front-end web dev and more!
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The devs at SitePen talk JavaScript, TypeScript, front-end web dev and more!






Episode 31: What’s the Meta with Direct DOM Access?

Virtual DOMs are all the rage these days, and for good reason. But sometimes your application really does need access to the DOM. In this episode, we discuss Dojo’s meta concept and its powerful way of getting at DOM properties without breaking the abstraction and providing a simple tie-in for still mocking metas at test […]


Episode 30: Idle Till Urgent

This week’s episode of TalkScript features SitePen software engineer, James Milner, to explore First Input Delay, a new user-focused metric for the Web which refers to the amount of time before a response to the first user interaction on a Web page. Gain a deeper understanding of First Input Delay, why it’s important and how […]


Episode 29: (TC39|>Dreams)

On this week’s episode of TalkScript, we take a look at the TC39 proposal process. What’s the difference between a draft and a candidate? Join us as we discuss what it means for an addition to have a champion and what our favorites are in each step of the process. Speakers Bryan Forbes on Twitter […]


Episode 28: Your Reasoning is Sound

On this week’s episode of TalkScript, we talk with Web Audio API specification editor HongChan Choi. Join us as we pull back the curtain and find out about the past of Web Audio and priorities for the future of the specification and community involvement. Speakers Bryan Forbes on Twitter Neil Roberts on Twitter Paul Shannon […]


Episode 27: On the Roadmap Again

On this week’s episode of TalkScript, we break down the 2019 TypeScript roadmap outlining Microsoft’s high-level plan for where they want the project to go. With a move to integrating ESLint, improved declaration file tooling, documentation better aimed at all potential adopters, and a nightly playground update, there is a lot of great stuff in […]


Episode 26: 12 Months of TalkScript

On this week’s episode of TalkScript, we take a look back at 2018 and listen to some of our favorite clips from each month. Between perfectly predicting the future in January, to our interview with Will Smith, our failed fannie pack promotion, and our live show at [REDACTED] conference, it’s been an eventful year. Take […]


Episode 25: Gettin’ the gist of GIS with Yann Cabon

On this week’s episode of TalkScript, Yann helps us navigate GIS, explores his work at Esri, maneuvers their use of third-party libraries, and plots a course to TypeScript. Get those earbuds ready! Show Notes TypeScript 3.2 RC Esri Bryan Forbes on Twitter James Milner on Twitter Neil Roberts on Twitter Yann Cabon on Twitter […]


Episode 24: TypeScript for Turkeys

On this week’s episode of TalkScript, we asked our fans on Twitter what excuses they hear from other developers or companies when it comes to adopting TypeScript. Podcasters Neil Roberts, Nick Nisi, and Bryan Forbes go into full myth-busting mode to set the record straight and help bring TypeScript to a codebase near you. Get […]


Episode 23: Web Audio: 99 Problems and a ScriptProcessorNode is One

On this week’s episode of TalkScript, podcasters Bryan Forbes, Paul Shannon, and Nick Nisi dive into the always exciting world of web audio and discuss everything you’ve always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Get those earbuds ready! Show Notes Web Audio API Webamp Can you hear this sound that only young […]


Episode 22: Finding Your Spirit Interface

On this week’s episode of TalkScript, “Finding Your Spirit Interface,” podcasters Nick Nisi, Paul Shannon, and Neil Roberts talk about the benefits of using generics. Show Notes Quiz: TS Type Mapping Solution What’s New in TypeScript TypeScript Generics TypeScript Advanced Types Variadic Types TS Tip: Alias Any NEJS Conf Videos Nick Nisi on Twitter […]


Episode 21: Web Infrastructure at Spotify with Jason Palmer

On this week’s episode, James Milner, Bryan Forbes, and Nick Nisi sit down with Jason Palmer, a software engineer at Spotify who works on the Web Infrastructure team. Jason talks about the role his team has in continuous integration and recommends tooling and best practices within Spotify. The team also chats about continuous integration in […]


Episode 20: Smartphone Symphony / Growing Communities (Live at JSConf US)

From smartphones to growing communities, the TalkScript team covers all the things in the final podcast from JSConfUS 2018. Listen in for interviews with Gavin Joyce and Juan Pablo Buritica! Show Notes Beethoven’s 5th Symphony WebSockets ember-present Ember.js JSConf Columbia RubyConf Columbia coderise yayQuery Chris Williams NEJS Conf Steve Kinney DinosaurJS Julián Duque Juan […]


Episode 19: tao.js / Civic Hacking / RxJS (Live at JSConf US)

On this episode from the JSConfUS TalkScript podcast series, the team talks with Jeff Hoffer, Carrie Maxwell, and Hannah Howard about tao.js, civic hacking, and RxJS. Put those earbuds in now and take a listen! Show Notes tao.js RxJS Observer Pattern Observable (RxJS) rxreact Carrie Maxwell on Twitter Jeff Hoffer on Twitter Hannah Howard […]


Episode 18: Ethics / ES6 in Practice / Dynamic CSS (Live at JSConf US)

On Episode 18: Ethics / ES6 in Practice / Dynamic CSS, and Dynamic CSS, the TalkScript team continues the live-ish at JSConfUS podcast series with guests Myles Borins, Tim Doherty, and Miriam Suzanne. Listen in! Show Notes AI at Google: Our Principles Santa Barbara JavaScript Iterators and Generators Proxy Babel 7 CSS / edge […]


Episode 17: Presentations, Vulnerability, and Solving Complex Problems with Justin Searls (Live at JSConf US)

On this episode of TalkScript, the team continues the live-ish from JSConfUS podcast series with Test Double’s Justin Searls. Listen in for a lively discussion on presentations, vulnerability, and solving complex problems. Show Notes How to Scratch an Itch Justin Searls on Twitter Nick Nisi on Twitter Torrey Rice on Twitter Listen Now!


Episode 16: React and A11y / WorkerDOM / Overcoming Challenges (Live at JSConf US)

TalkScript took the podcast on the road to JSConfUS 2018 in sunny Carlsbad, California, August 21-23, 2018. In the first episode of this series, the team talks with Neha Nivedita, Kristofer Baxter, and Kevin O’Neil about React and A11y, WorkerDOM, and overcoming challenges. Show Notes Post Meritocracy Manifesto Clooney Blöcks Proposal Stockroom WorkerDOM […]


Episode 15: We Need to Make Bill Wink (LIVE AT NEJS)

On this episode of TalkScript The TalkScript Team hosts Laurie Voss, co-founder and COO of npm! Listen in as Laurie shares info on the larger package community, audit and fix functionality, npm’s growth pains in dealing with security as well as insight on how experience correlates with best practices, that efficient developers are preferred over […]


Episode 14: Rick Risi / Flying Cars / The Conference Was Excellent (LIVE AT NEJS)

On this episode of TalkScript NEJS organizers, Lindsey Pfeifer and Zach Leatherman, join the TalkScript team to discuss the safari, train, wizard, and space themes of the past and present conferences, what on and off the record means, and why more tech conferences should take place in the midwest. Then conference attendees Andy and Corbin […]


Episode 13: Lying to the Browser/Advertising Alcohol to Alcoholics (LIVE AT NEJS)

On this episode of TalkScript The TalkScript team hosts Karl Groves, founder of the accessibility company, Tenon, and Clarissa Peterson, an instructor for and the author of Learning Responsive Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide. Show Notes WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices Karl Groves on Twitter Clarissa Peterson on Twitter Neil Roberts on Twitter Bryan Forbes on […]


Episode 12: MargieMap/Mad Russian Scientist/Serverless Server (LIVE AT NEJS)

On this episode of TalkScript Neil and Bryan make the rounds at NEJS 2018. Carmen Bourlon introduces us to the world of service workers and how support for intermittent connectivity and offline access is one of the areas of web development that has the potential to impact everyone. Next on is Andrey Sitnik who, inspired […]