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Land of the "Super Founders" With Ali Tamaseb @alitamaseb

Ali's Medium Post: Land of the Super Founders On this bonus episode, we’re going to revisit a past weekend longread suggestion and talk to the author of that longread to go further in-depth. Do you remember I recommended Land of the Super Founders a medium piece by Ali Tamaseb who spent 300 hours gathering data on unicorn startups to answer the simple question what did billion-dollar startups look like when they were getting started? What common traits did they...


Health Tech With CNBC's Christina Farr @chrissyfarr

This week had a lot of health tech news in it… a lot of it broken by CNBC’s health tech reporter Christina Farr. So, I reached out to Christina to chat, and we discussed Amazon getting into healthcare—possibly even getting into health insurance—what Apple’s health strategy is, where health tech might go beyond wearables and how the healthcare industry is responding to Silicon Valley invading their turf. Sponsor:


Fri. 01/18 - Gadget Reviews Now Mean Sneaker Reviews

Netflix starts to open up, Cortana stops competing, gadget reviews now include shoes as a category and the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Links: Netflix beats on subscriber growth, but misses slightly on revenue — stock falls after hoursIt’s Official: Satya Nadella Confirms Cortana Defeat Nike's auto-laced futureNIKE'S NEW SELF-LACING BASKETBALL SHOE IS ACTUALLY SMART The Weekened Longreads Drone Radio ShowDelivery Drones Use...


Thu. 01/17 - Tim Cook Sayz: Regulate THOSE Guys

Tim Cook calls for a data-broker clearinghouse, a possible criminal case against Huawei, the largest leak of user credentials ever found in the wild, and why we probably need a Unix for machine learning. Sponsors: Links: Removing Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior from RussiaYou Deserve Privacy Online. Here’s How You Could Actually Get ItI Mentored Mark Zuckerberg. I Loved Facebook. But I Can't Stay Silent About What's Happening.Huawei Targeted in U.S....


Wed. 01/16 - Razr's Coming Back To Usher in the Foldable Phone Era

More high profile execs quit Snap, Apple’s in talks to get more Apple Watches in the hands of seniors, the state of the App Economy, and the Razr is coming back to herald in the era of the bendable phone. Sponsors:'s Blog Post on Container Trends) Links: WeWork’s CEO Makes Millions as Landlord to WeWork Apple is in talks with private Medicare plans about bringing its watch to at-risk seniorsApp economy expected to be $120 billion in 2019 as small...


Tue. 01/15 - Netflix Raises Prices

Netflix raises prices, maybe the Apple battery replacement WAS a big deal after all, cops can’t force you to unlock your phone with your face, and Amazon is driving its retail competitors into the arms of Microsoft. Sponsors: Links: Netflix will raise prices for US subscribers, with its most popular plan going up to $13 per monthApple Q1 Numbers: Missing ExplanationsON APPLE’S $29 IPHONE BATTERY REPLACEMENT PROGRAM AND ITS ROLE IN THEIR EARNINGS MISS...


Mon. 01/14 - Am I Gonna Do That Egg Instagram Story?

Event sharing comes to stories, what this year’s CES says about where consumer tech is at the moment, and then a bunch of stories about what that means for the future in different ways, including wireless chips that suck power from the air, and the dilemma that voice assistants pose for the modern office. Sponsors: Links: Facebook’s new Stories feature for event sharing actually sounds usefulCES 2019: A Show ReportSoundGuys: USB-C audio is deadWiliot...


What Wall Street Thinks of Tech w/ @howardlindzon

The great Howard Lindzon and I discuss how Wall Street is thinking of Tech right now, what Apple's deal is and what the prospects are for those big tech IPOs coming down the pike.


Fri. 01/11 - Mooaaarrr... Cameras on Smartphones!

Motherboard shames the telecom companies into not selling us out, shareholders are suing Alphabet’s board, the government shutdown claims more tech victims, Apple says, “We can add more cameras also!” and the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Links: I Gave a Bounty Hunter $300. Then He Located Our PhoneAT&T says it’ll stop selling your location data, amid calls for a federal investigationGoogle Board Sued for Hushing Claims of Executive...


Thu. 01/10 - Foldable Phones Have An Arrival Date

We have a good idea when that foldable Samsung phone is coming, Google is actually close to a big legal win in Europe (for a change), the government shutdown might actually be affecting CES and why the “gig economy” might actually be a big nothingburger. Sponsors: Links: Samsung to Show Off Its New Foldable Phone in FebruaryAmazon Web Services calls MongoDB’s licensing bluff with DocumentDB, a new managed databaseGoogle Nears Win in...


Wed. 01/09 - Google Assistant Everywhere!

Now we know why Google has gone so big at CES: they want to put Assistant in everything, the first foldable phone arrives at CES, Twitter wants to show you only half of an NBA game, and Marc Zuckerberg wants to host his own version of a podcast, I guess. Sponsors: Links: GOOGLE’S PLAN TO TAKE ON ALEXA: NEW FEATURES, NEW DEVICES, AND A TROJAN HORSEThe world’s first foldable phone is charmingly awful Twitter hopes you want to watch NBA games from a camera...


Tue. 01/08 - Smartphone Recession?

Are we in a smartphone recession, mooooaaaar tv new from CES, AT&T wants to make 5G confusing, and why WeWork is now, simply, We (company). Sponsors: Links: Sorry, Samsung. Seems nobody is immune to peak smartphoneApple’s ErrorsSony doubles down on 8K TVs and the entertainment to play on themAT&T decides 4G is now “5G,” starts issuing icon-changing software updatesUber’s Confidential Documents Show Path to $90 Billion IPOExclusive: WeWork rebrands to The We...


Mon. 01/07 - Is Apple's Resolution Hardware Agnosticism?

Is Apple willing to sacrifice Apple TV for the greater subscription good, is Google Assistant is coming to feature phones, what is the use-case for a tv you can roll up into a box, and plenty more like that because it’s time to let the CES headlines rain over you. Sponsors: Stories from: @henrytcasey, @AshleyRReports Tweets: @geoffreyfowler Links: Apple is putting iTunes on Samsung TVsGoogle Assistant will soon be on a billion devices, and feature phones are...


Fri. 01/04 - The Verge vs. AT&T And L.A. vs. The Weather Channel app

The Verge and AT&T have a trademark dispute, the city of Los Angeles and The Weather Channel app have a location data dispute, more on how shows like Bandersnatch really might be the future of storytelling and the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsor: (iOS App) (Android App) Links: AT&T tries to trademark ‘Verge TV’ as if we’re going to let them get away with itLos Angeles Accuses Weather Channel App of Covertly Mining User DataD-Link debuts a 5G Wi-Fi router with 40 times...


Thu. 01/03 - Apple-ocalypse Now?

Apple lowers its guidance and the tech world freaks out, the company that you can outsource your censorship friendly China content to, a more durable e-scooter is coming and what to expect from CES. Sponsor: (iOS App) (Android App) Links: Letter from Tim Cook to Apple investorsCensoring China’s Internet, for Stability and Profit Segway unveils a more durable electric scooter and autonomous delivery botWhat to expect from CES 2019


Wed. 01/02 - What would I have to pay you to give up Facebook for a year?

Today, Roku is quietly a major combatant in the Streaming Wars, Tesla slashes prices, how many cameras can we fit on a smartphone, how much would it cost to convince you to quit Facebook, and why Bandersnatch might just be the beginning of the choose your own adventure trend. Sponsor: (iOS App) (Android App) Links: Activision Plans to Fire CFO Neumann, Puts Him on Paid LeaveROKU BREAKS FREE FROM BOXES AND TVSTesla slashes EV prices by $2,000 to offset reduced tax...


New Year Podcast Announcement

Happy 2019! And... here's what we've got on tap for the pod in the new year!


Fri. 12/28 - Why Horizontal Instagram Might Be Inevitable

Instagram briefly goes horizontal, more on how epic Fortnite has been for Epic Games this year, Larry Ellison joins Tesla’s board, the global GPS wars are joined and the last weekend longreads of the year. Links: Instagram briefly switched to a horizontal feed and people freaked outEpic Games, the creator of Fortnite, banked a $3 billion profit in 2018Exclusive: Foxconn to begin assembling top-end Apple iPhones in India in 2019 - sourceTesla Taps Ellison, HR Expert to Prove Musk Is Reined...


Thu. 12/27 - Mobile Alerts Are Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Amazon has a record-breaking holiday season, surprising absolutely no one, another Instagram crackdown, a look at Austin as a tech hub, and why mobile alerts are a Frankenstein monster increasingly out of control. Amazon Says Alexa Voice Shopping Tripled During 2018 Holiday SeasonInstagram’s Christmas CrackdownTesla's Supercharger network will cover all of Europe in 2019With Tech Expansion, Austin Is Still Weird. It’s Just More Wired Now, Too.Pushed Even Further: US Newsrooms View Mobile...


Wed. 12/26 - Airbnb and Slack Mull Untraditional IPOs

How the US government shutdown affects cybersecurity, how the Open Government Data Act is possibly good tech governance, Airbnb and Slack are considering non-traditional IPOs and the state of AI research at the end of 2018. How a government shutdown affects America’s cybersecurity workforceIn a huge win for open data, Congress passes the Open, Public, Electronic, and Necessary Government Data Act Wall Street Quietly Shelves Its Bitcoin DreamsLayoffs Underway Amid ‘Adjustments,’ Bitcoin...