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One East Way to Rank Higher In iTunes

Ever wonder what the secret to ranking higher in Itunes/Apple Podcasts? Well, I don’t know all the answers but I might be able to offer you some tips and strategies to help you get some traction! This episode goes into ONE key metric I am 99.99% sure weighs heavily into ranking your podcast high. Make sure your launch strategy factors this metric. Now, this episode also goes into why its important and what it could lead to, such as access to better interview opportunities, higher paid...


Five Reasons NOT to start a podcast

Fact: Podcasting is not for everyone. And that’s okay. Today we’re going to have a heart to and you.. There are some key signs that will tell you if you should or shouldn’t start a it for you? Free is a very powerful word. - Luis Diaz Want me to help you grow your podcast? Connect with me on Facebook Timestamps: 3:00 The number one reason why you should not start a podcast show 5:07 Podcast is not for you if you are planning to make it a commercial or using...


4 Ways to Find Sponsors

As more and more business turns to audio as another place to seek attention from there customers the opportunities for finding, and fostering a sponsorship relationship is a possibility. Now it is not my favorite way of creating revenue from a podcast, but it's a possibility especially if you are covering a very niche topic. Today I share some tips and overlooked and unexpected places you can look to find a potential sponsor for your show. Let me know if you need help finding a sponsor here...


Five Biggest Launch Mistakes People Make When Starting a Podcast

The launch (and pre-launch) phase of your podcast (about the first eight weeks) is critical to its ultimate success. On this episode, I’m going to reveal five killer launch mistakes, that can impede the growth of your podcast. I’m also going to share with you tips to actually put your content and podcast on the best path to success during the launch period. Just wanted to send a huge shoutout to Vince Del Monte for putting on an amazing 7Figure Mastermind, and for supplying out his...


How to Position Yourself Like a Pro to Get on Any Podcast with Kelly Glover

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of spending a few hours in a coffee shop with one of the most brilliant minds in podcasting. Seriously, with over 17 years experience in media and has worked with some of the biggest brands in TV and Radio Kelly is an expert in what I call finding the “damn” factor in people through her ninja-like interviewing process. In this episode, Kelly and I cover tools, tactics and practical strategies you can leverage to pitch your story to hosts with higher...


Intent Based Podcasting

What the heck is intent based podcasting? More importantly, why should you care? Today I’m going to let you in on a super simple method I learned from one of the greatest internet marketers on the planet, Frank Kern, and how I adapted his proven system for making content that sells like hotcakes to make podcast content that attracts your audience like bears on honey. Plus its ridiculously simple a chimpanzee can do it. Seriously... it's a plug and play system, and all you need is a pen and...


Insider Tips To Grow A Massive YouTube Channel with Mike Piet

Luis with Podcast Domination asks Mike Piet to share the secrets to growing your YouTube channel with the 4-step framework. Included below is the link for the tools for keyword research for YouTube. Mike left his job as a radiographer to marketing after seeing Tony Robbins at an event. Mike says to just go Live on YouTube. People would rather watch raw and unedited videos rather than edited ones. Plus, who has time for edits? YouTube ads are less expensive than Google SEO and with videos...


Unheard Ways To Market Your Podcast and Grow Your Audience with Ravi Jayagopal

A true practitioner of his craft and a guy who’s been doing for a while Ravi Jaygopal has been podcasting for many years and has tried many different things to drive traffic to his content. Which is why I want to bring him on as a guest. I actually discovered his podcast through a reddit forum about podcasting. Which is one of the strategies he talks about today. You’ll learn so unheard of ways to go about marketing your podcast, which are both in my opinion HIGHLY under used, usually...


How to Get on Other Podcasts to Increase Your Authority and Top Line Revenue with Tom Schwab

Today on the show I have the "podcast guesting wizard" Mr. Tom Schwab from Tom is a veteran in podcast guest and today he shares with us his formula for building your authority and driving sales with podcast guesting. I really learned a lot from this podcast interview for my own podcast guesting journey that my team and I will be sharing with our partners. You'll discover how to pick a pitch and overdeliver on every guest appearance after you're done here today....


Expert Secrets For Growing Your Podcast Audience with Yann Ilunga

I had the pleasure to connect with “the nicest guy” in podcasting, Yann llunga. He’s a wealth of knowledge, and in this episode, we break down the mistakes, tools and audience growth strategies Yann uses for his show and his clients. You can learn more about Yann here. Timestamps: 4:29 - How Yann becomes a polyglot/multilingual 14:01 - The biggest podcasting mistakes 15:10 - Yann's Three T's principle for a successful podcast 16:25 - Podcast Episodes are evergreen content 19:01 -...


Welcome to the Podcast Domination Show

Welcome :) If your looking for ways to grow your podcast then stick around. If you don't want to wait then follow me on Instagram @luisryandiaz and you'll get a handful of podcast tips a week. Why stick around? Once a week you'll discover some actionable stuff to help you grow your podcast, make some $ with your podcast and have some fun.