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Every week the hosts put together a podcast about High Definition TV and Home Theater. Each episode brings news from the A/V world, helpful product reviews and insights and help in demystifying and simplifying HDTV and home theater.

Every week the hosts put together a podcast about High Definition TV and Home Theater. Each episode brings news from the A/V world, helpful product reviews and insights and help in demystifying and simplifying HDTV and home theater.
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Every week the hosts put together a podcast about High Definition TV and Home Theater. Each episode brings news from the A/V world, helpful product reviews and insights and help in demystifying and simplifying HDTV and home theater.








Podcast #840: Real Life OLED Burn In Test

Walking through a large electronics store the other day something caught our eye on one of their OLED display televisions. While you’d like to hope it was the vivid, realistic images on screen, it wasn’t. It was the obvious burn-in. And it was bad. You could clearly see a shadow of the bottom logo bar / ticker from content they must use regularly peeking through what would have otherwise been a stellar video presentation. The burn-in scare was one of the factors that ultimately led to the...


Podcast #839: Channel Master SMARTenna+ Review

Channel Master has introduced a new indoor antenna that gives the Mohu Leaf a run for the money. The Channel Master SMARTenna+ is a mostly paper thin amplified antenna that can easily be placed inside your home and pulls in quite a few channels. There is a processor built into the bottom of the antenna which helps “Steer” the antenna to maximize the reception. No more moving the antenna around until you find the right position. Just press a button and the signal is locked in.


Podcast #838: Short Throw Projector Follow Up

On Episode 836 we talked about the idea of short throw projectors for home theater use and asked the question: Why aren’t more people using them in their homes? Their price per square inch of screen real estate seems like, at least on paper, the most cost effective way to get a huge screen at home. So why aren’t they flying off the shelves? We had a ton of great listener feedback on it, so we decided to create a feature out of it.


Podcast #837: Interview with founder David Sanderson

James from Illinois sent us an email tipping us off to a service at Reelgood is an extensive streaming guide, with every TV show and movie available to stream online. Browse through every TV series and movie and sort by title, release year, genre, IMDB rating, and, most important -- see where to watch it. Then play with a single click or tap.


Podcast #836: Short Throw Projectors

There was a short throw projector on Woot! this week for $999. Not a bad price at all for the potential to have a 100” television in your family room or home theater. That got us thinking… Why aren’t more people using short throw projectors in their homes? Their price per square inch of screen real estate is by far the most cost effective way to get a huge screen at home, and the install and setup is a snap. So what gives? Why aren’t people using them.


Podcast #835: Control4 & Home Automation with Adam Pizzo

Interview with Adam Pizzo. He is a home integrator specializing in Control4. Adam is based in Toronto and was kind enough to come on the show and talk about what a home integrator can do for your home.


Podcast #834: The Devices We Can’t Live Without

Research firm iQor recently commissioned an online survey called the Customer and Product Experience (CPX) 360 Survey (part 2). It was conducted online and polled 1,004 U.S. adults 18 and up living in a “smart household” environment from Nov. 9 to Nov. 17, 2017. The goal was to gauge customer experience and customer service expectations of buyers of consumer technology in today’s digital age. All respondents indicated they own or regularly use: a smartphone, a computer (desktop, laptop or...


Podcast #833: Philips Hue Lights

For many home automation is limited to lights turning on and off at prescribed times. Others would like the ability to control their lights while they are away from home. For these people full blown automation is not necessary. There are a growing number of products that will let you do this. They range from smart wall plugs to wifi connected light bulbs. One such solution are Hue lights.


Podcast #832: Smart Speakers and Dumb Aspect Ratios

If you haven’t already invested in one of the many smart home speakers on the market, this summer you’ll have even more options, as Facebook plans to unveil its own version of voice-enabled smart home speakers, called Fiona and Aloha. Looking like something one might buy at Hobby Lobby, the $70 ClearStream View is a large, black picture frame with cutouts for family photos. Concealed in its back is a flat HDTV antenna.


Podcast #831: Apple HomePod Review

Most are probably well aware that Apple released it's smart speaker, the HomePod ($349), last week. As you would imagine you can’t click a link without somehow landing on a page that has a review. Well we’re adding our two cents to the discussion. But we’ll try to be succinct.


Podcast #830: Disney Streaming Service, Subwoofers and High End DIY

Disney's Netflix competitor, a streaming service for movies from Disney properties like Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars, will arrive in late 2019. AVSForum compiled their list of the best subwoofers of 2017. And with the CA-1, Control4 introduces their most affordable smart-home controller yet with Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and optional Z-Wave support.


Podcast #829: Five Reasons to Automate Your Home

The HT Guys have been singing the praises of home automation for about ten years now. It starts slow with one device and then quickly becomes an obsession. But it's the one thing that we have added to our homes that gets no pushback from family members. So if you are thinking about going down the home automation rabbit hole and are looking for a way to justify it, we have you covered. This is our list of five reasons to automate your home.


Podcast #828: Samsung’s MicroLED Bet

We first stumbled across Samsung’s new MicroLED technology when we were reading up on CES, and specifically the giant 146” TV the South Korean electronics giant had on display this year. A TV so big, they actually just call it “the wall.” The technology intrigued us, and we thought it may have intrigued a few of you as well, so we took it on ourselves to dive a bit deeper into what it is and why we, as lovers of great televisions, should care.


Podcast #827: Speaker Cables - What does High Quality Cost?

Ara was going through some of his typical AV websites the other day and came upon an article at Electronic House about speaker wires and was very interested to see what a site for installers had to say about the subject. We have been saying for years now that you should buy high quality cables to get the most out of your system. However, we have also been saying that high quality cables don’t have to cost a lot of money. We will examine the article, credited to EH Contributor, and give you...


Podcast #826: CES 2018

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years - the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it attracts the world's business leaders and pioneering thinkers.


Podcast #825: Predictions for 2018

Time for the HT Guys to look into our crystal ball and try and predict the HDTV and Home Theater landscape for 2018. Our crystal ball isn’t as clear as a good HDTV but we faithfully give it another shot nonetheless.


Podcast #824: Prediction Review for 2017

It's hard to believe that another year has gone by! With that it's time to see how we did with our 2017 predictions.


Podcast #823: Happy Holidays 2017

The HT Guys are officially on Christmas Vacation right now, but that won’t stop us from putting up a new podcast. The HDTV and Home Theater Podcast doesn’t take vacation. It’s not like home theater or the consumer electronics industry takes a break at the end of the year, so how can we? We hope you’re surrounded by friends and loved ones and can cozy up by a nice warm fire and enjoy another installment of the show. Merry Christmas.


Podcast #822: Ultimate Home Theater in a Box for 2017

Each year we design a Home Theater setup that is considerably better than a typical home theater in a box. We have seen complete setups for less than $500 from manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic that quite frankly do not sound good. While our system costs more than a name brand HTIB your satisfaction will be dramatically more. Plus we include EVERYTHING you need to actually setup a home theater. Minimum components for our system are a HDTV, Blu-ray Player, Receiver, and 7.1 speakers.


Podcast #821: HDTV Buying Guide 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and whether you celebrate Christmas, a different holiday, or nothing at all, we can all agree that somehow getting a new HDTV in your life on or around the 25th of December would be a good thing. If you happen to be lucky enough to have budget for a new HDTV this Christmas season, but still aren’t sure which one to buy, we’ve got you covered. We each pick three TVs and one ultimate HDTV present for you to consider.


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