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Hurling Woj Bombs Live From San Francisco (S3E8)

Our latest podcast / FB Live episode, live from San Francisco! We're live with Francis McCarthy from Unikrn. In this episode we discuss: 1. NBA Trades 2. Tech News - Women in tech being harassed (11.30) 3. Product Craft meetup (14.00) 4. The art of sparring - testing your ideas, encouraging healthy debate for your product decisions (16.30) 5. Maslows' new hierarchy of needs - having battery charge for your mobile. Reviewing the Anker mobile charger. (19.25) 6. Visiting the LinkedIn office...


Life Before Amazon Prime And After Prime (S3E6)

In this pod, we cover NBA finals (Game 3)& the impact of Amazon Prime. With regular guest Francis McCarthy from Unikrn & special guest Helena McCarthy, university recruitment programs from Amazon. 1. NBA Finals - Game Review - Financial impact of a longer series - The Draymond Green effect 2. The impact of Amazon in Seattle 3. Amazon Prime - Range of services you get with Prime - Free & Same Day Shipping, Video, Kindle books - Life before and after prime - Prime Pantry 4. The opportunity...


Instagram stories, Snap IPO, Medium with Francis McCarthy from Unikrn

I chat to Francis McCarthy, Senior Marketing Manager at Unikrn. He was previously on Season 2. Now he's back for a 2 part episode (S3E3 & S3E4). We always have an awesome chat and this time is no different! We cover everything from esports to my favourite sport, NBA! We also go in depth to chat about the future of content in Snapchat stories vs Instagram stories, Snap's IPO and Medium. About UNIKRN Unikrn is the ultimate esports experience. It lets you bet on esports matches, play your...


Designing Sydney Opera House App with Peter Chen from Beaconmaker (S3E2)

I chat with Peter Chen, Head of Design & Co-founder at Beaconmaker. I met Peter via the Sydney Opera house hackathon which he won. Peter previously was Head Of Design at Yatango. He also has a lot of digital and advertising agency experience at Holler, Tribal DDB, Soap Creative and WHYBIN. I've always been impressed by Peter's designs and his approach to design. So super excited to be chatting to Pete himself - also his twitter handle! ABOUT BEACON MAKER Create visitor guide apps with well...


App Store Optimisation with Gabriel Machuret from ASO Agency (S2E12)

We chat to THE App Store Optimisation (ASO) expert, Gabriel Machuret from ASO Agency. Gabriel has written the first book on ASO, has courses on Udemy and has worked on ASO for hundreds of mobile apps. His clients include EA Games, Redbull and Xerox. He also has a podcast on ASO! We discuss the following questions: 1. Why is ASO important for apps? 2. Why is app store search broken? 3. How do you approach ASO? 4. What are Apple Search ads? 5. Is is similar to SEM? From reading your books...


The SEO challenge with Alan Byrne from Cogmotive (S2E11)

In this podcast, we're hailing from TechCity in London! We interview Alan Byrne, co-founder of Cogmotive. Alan is a Sydney transplant now living abroad in London. We're super excited to interview Alan as he is also a moderator of the Sydney Startups Facebook Group. I found out that when we met up that he's running a SaaS business, so we had to interview him for the podcast! Cogmotive's vision is to create tools to make SysAdmins and IT Managers' lives simple - or at least simpler - by...


Mobile UX Research with Anna Lee Anda, Zendesk (S2E8)

I chat to Anna Lee Anda, UX research at Zendesk. She's based in Singapore. We met many years ago when we both lived in Melbourne. We have similar backgrounds in law/accounting, before moving into the world of tech. Anna has worked in UX and product. She shares some great insights into SaaS from Zendesk. Previously, she worked at, one of Asia-Pacific's largest recruitment marketplace. Anna has also worked on ANZ's Go Money app which has millions of downloads. Topics we discussed:...


Behaviour design with Iz El-Bahnasy of Gather (S2E6)

This is Part 2 of our chat with Iz El-Bahnasy, founder of Gather. Gather is a Shopify app that boosts lead generation capabilities for eCommerce merchants. We cover the following: 1. What is business model canvas? 2. What is behaviour design? 3. How does the business model canvas interact with behaviour design 4. The hooked model 5. Designing with breaking points in mind Make sure to check out Part 1 which is S2E5. If you like the podcast, please rate it 5 stars, heart it and share it with...


A podcast about podcasts - This Mobile Life by Inspiredworlds (S2E2)

This episode is a podcast about podcasts! I describe the journey of making a podcast. Also the latest in mobile audio world. There's a discussion about Soundcloud, Spotify and Amazon's foray into podcasts with Channels. I've now got 800 subscribers in 10 months. I wanted to have 1,000 subscribers so 80% of the way there :) At the end of the day, it wasn't about numbers. The purpose was to share the conversations we have everyday in our industry about mobile and to teach people about...


The Agile Toolkit For Product Teams With Alwin Chin - This Mobile Life by Inspiredworlds (S01 E09)

The topic is "The Agile Toolkit For Product Teams" with my good friend Alwin Chin. We discuss: 1. Background of agile software development 2. Agile process - standups, retros, estimating, showcases 3. Agile, scrum, or lean? 4. How to manage a software team 5. Can agile work with mobile apps? 6. Can non-tech people hire developers effectively? 7. Do 10x developers exist? Had a lot of fun interviewing Alwin. If you like the episode please rate it 5 stars on the app store and share it with...


On Demand Services - This Mobile Life by Inspiredworlds (S01 E07)

This podcast is about "On Demand Services" for This Mobile Life (S01E07). My guest was Ilter Dumduz, co-founder of Blys. Blys provides on-demand mobile massage service in Sydney ( I'm very excited to have Ilter as a guest as he's worked in product management at Freelancer, Domain and GlamCorner. It was an awesome interview discussing on-demand services, marketplaces, and product craft. I hope you like it as much as I did chatting with Ilter. If you have any feedback,...


This Mobile Life by Inspiredworlds [Season 1 Episode 6] - Great Products Require Restraint

I recorded this podcast whilst driving my car. I'm cruising through traffic, stopping, overtaking cars whilst chatting about the latest developments in mobile. I discuss this week's news: 1. Parse shutting down 2. Apple iTunes creating its own movies I cover a topic on "Great Products Require Restraint". I highlight one of the key challenges in product management and the role of the product manager. Lastly, how building brands and communities are critical for successful mobile games. I...


This Mobile Life [Episode 4] - API First Approach with Raymond Ho, Food Blogged app

In the fourth episode of "This Mobile Life", we chat to Raymond Ho, Founder at Food Blogged. Food Blogged helps you discover new restaurants and cafes based on Food Blogger recommendations. It is available in Australia for the cities of Sydney & Melbourne. We discuss how the API first approach and product development process for the app. We also discuss testing, test driven development the role of testers for software development. iTunes:...

This Mobile Life [Episode 2] - Part 2 with Jason Allan, Digital Marketing Manager at Cammy

The second episode of "This Mobile Life" with Jason Allan, Digital Marketing Manager at Cammy. We continue our conversation on all things mobile. We discuss the importance of data, analytics, the role of digital marketing manager, software as a service, and internet of everything. Jason also mentions his favorite marketing tools and what it was like being an early employee of Canva. Jason works at Cammy ( It allows you to monitor your home anywhere, anytime. Check out the...

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