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Episode 34 | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux: Linus Torvalds gave his opinion on Wireguard, Lubuntu Takes a New Direction, LineageOS launches their annual Summer Survey, and Hiri’s Experience with Selling on Linux. Then we’ll check out some distro news from Slackware, OpenWRT, Ubuntu LTS, and RebeccaBlackOS. Later in the show, we’ll look at the… Read more


Episode 33 | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Slackware, Humble Bundle is running a “Linux Geek Bundle”, Microsoft makes PowerShell Available as a Snap, and we get a sneak peak at System76 Manufacturing Facility. We got a lot of App News this week with a new release of Latte… Read more


Episode 32 | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we celebrate an awesome milestone for both Red Hat and the WINE Project, both reaching their 25th Anniversary. Ubuntu shares a some news about a new Minimal ISO for Containers and the Cloud. We take a look at some cool developments from the Nouveau project and Firefox.… Read more


Episode 31 | This Week in Linux

Linux Mint 19 “Tara” was Released. Elementary releases a Developer Preview for their new version called “Juno”. Kdenlive issues a request to the community for beta testing of the next generation of Kdenlive. We do a follow up on the EU’s Copyright Reform Directive, this time it’s good news, at least for now. We discuss… Read more


Episode 30 | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we take a look at some Distro News with Peppermint 9, Devuan 2.0, GeckoLinux which is based on openSUSE Leap 15 and then we take a closer look at Linux Mint 19 which should release soon. New version of KDE Plasma with 5.13 and PulseAudio 12.0 have… Read more


Episode 29 | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we got some big distro releases from openSUSE, Linux Lite, CRUX and Knoppix as well as some beta releases for Linux Mint and Bodhi Linux. The new Atari VCS is now available for Pre-Order on Indiegogo. LXQt released the 0.13.0 version the desktop environment. The EU’s General… Read more


Episode 28 | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, check out some big distro release news from Fedora, CentOS, CoreOS, KaOS and more. There’s new versions of Firefox, Kdenlive, GNOME and Cinnamon available. Lubuntu announces their switch to LXQt by default. If you’re interested in learning Python, Humble Bundle has a great Python Development bundle available.… Read more


Episode 27 | This Week in Linux

On this jam packed episode of This Week in Linux, we’ll check out the BIG 18.04 releases from Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Flavors like Kubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, and more. Then we’ll take a look at some application news for GIMP, FFmpeg, MenuLibre, neofetch and more. Later in the show, we got some more distro news… Read more


Episode 26 | This Week in Linux

Facebook is still under fire for privacy violations but Mozilla is trying to help users mitigate these issues with their new Facebook Container Extension for Firefox. There was some very exciting news from the GIMP team regarding the long awaited next release of the software. We got some updates for a couple photo related applications… Read more


Episode 25 | This Week in Linux

Krita 4.0 was released bringing a lot of great performance improvements and features. LG open sourced the Linux-based webOS. We’ll talk about a new Wayland compositor, called Wayfire and BitKey, a cool crypto-currency distro based on Debian. In App News, we saw some new releases from Darktable and Inkscape. Then we’ll check out some distro… Read more


Episode 24 | This Week in Linux

We’ll check out the release notes for GNOME 3.28, Firefox 59, HexChat, MX Linux, Netrunner, LibreELEC, Sparky Linux and more. There’s a new Raspberry Pi that was released this week and we’ll dive into that. Private Internet Access made a major announcement about going Open Source. All that and much more! Segment Index 00:44 =… Read more


Episode 23 | This Week in Linux

We’ve got some new releases from Bleachbit, KDE Falkon, Albert (the keyboard launcher), Caprine (desktop app for Facebook messenger), and more. We’ll follow up with projects we’ve covered in previous episodes like Museeks, Tizonia, WINE, and the Librem 5. Then we check out the future roadmaps of some projects like KDE Plasma 5.13, Ubuntu 18.04,… Read more


Episode 22 | This Week in Linux

Signal got a massive donation from the Co-Founder of WhatsApp, Flameshot: a new screenshot tool is pretty slick. We take a look at an Open Source and Self-Hosted CRM solution for those interested in using Linux in their business. Updates for Unity 8 and the Sway Fundraiser. Psion Gemini: a cool modern PDA device started… Read more


Episode 21 | This Week in Linux

We’ve got a lot of distro news from Ubuntu, Solus, Fedora, Linux Lite and more. We’ll take a look at some updates for Linux 4.16 development and have you ever wanted to use Linux as your bootloader, well that might be possible in the future. For a nice change of pace from Oracle, we got… Read more


Episode 20 | This Week in Linux

We got a new Linux kernel, new updates from LibreOffice, Nextcloud, VLC and more. We also saw some hardware announcements from the KDE and Mycroft teams. Huge desktop environment releases from MATE and KDE Plasma. All that and much more! Segment Index 00:38 = Linux Kernel 4.15 Released · [link] 02:36 = John Perry Barlow… Read more


Episode 19 | This Week in Linux

Ubuntu disabled downloads for the 17.10 ISO. We’ll talk about why and what is being done to solve it. We’ll check out some Good News from Thunderbird, UBPorts, Solus, Amazon, and more. Then we’ll take a look at some interesting command-line tools that had updates this week. Steam’s Winter Sale is currently live for those… Read more


Episode 18 | This Week in Linux

On this episode of This Week in Linux, we talk about the recent FCC decision to rollback Net Neutrality Rules. We check out some application news for GIMP, Firejail, mutt email client and more. Distro news from MX Linux, Kubuntu and Q4OS. Then we check out some Linux Gaming news including some Rocket League bugs.… Read more


Episode 17 | This Week in Linux

TeamViewer 13 was announced and they’re bringing Native Linux support to their remote desktop software. We saw many Distro releases this week and in fact, we’ll be taking a look at 6 of them. We talk about how to get Microsoft Office 2016 on Linux. Then we’ll jump into some Linux Gaming, including one game… Read more