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TWB 193: Samsung Unpacked, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Home takes on Google and Amazon

On today’s episode: Samsung Unpacked presented some of the latest products from the company. We’ll cover the best features of the Galaxy Note 9, including the water carbon cooling system designed for gamers. Can the Galaxy Home with Bixby, take over Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa? Plus a new Galaxy Watch appears to be the refresh of the Gear series. Today’s podcast cast includes: Caleb Denison, Parker Hall, and Greg Nibler


TWB 192: Microsoft Surface Go, Facebook security, Tesla and Atari, animated Home Assistant

Microsoft’s Surface Go is the company’s most recent addition to the Surface line and at $400 it may be a great value. We’ll give a hands on review. Apple becomes the world’s first $1 trillion company, Facebook’s security chief quits, you can soon play Atari in a Tesla, an AI has been created to write sonnets and a new home assistant will “cheers” you when you walk in the door. Today’s podcast cast includes: Juliana Jara, Hanif Jackson, Luke Larsen, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 191: Unbreakable OLED, Lenovo Smart Display, Holographic screen, Iron Man jetsuit

On today's episode: An unbreakable OLED screen could truly be a game changer, if everything announced from [internal-link post_id="1411833"]Samsung[/internal-link] is correct. Would you be willing to pay a higher price for a screen that never cracks? The [internal-link post_id="1298287"]Lenovo Smart Display[/internal-link] is the first foray for Google Home into a smart assistant with a video screen. A revolutionary 3D holographic display device called [internal-link...


TWB 190: Samsung 'foldable' phone, Google record fine, Flying cars for sale soon

Samsung’s elusive ‘foldable’ phone, may finally be coming to fruition, if recent rumors hold up. With up to 3 OLED displays, will you be purchasing the possible Galaxy X? Google is facing a $5.1 billion fine from the EU and we’ll discuss how that could effect you. Flying cars are getting a new push from Aston Martin, and Terrefugia‘s may be for sale next year. Virtual Reality is also upping the horror game with one that will incorporate a biometric heart monitor. Today’s podcast cast...


TWB 189: Apple Music vs Spotify, Smart Speaker battle, Google Duplex may answer your call

On today’s episode: Apple Music is currently beating out Spotify when it comes to paid streaming music services. We’ll discuss why that is and what the future holds for streaming services. Google Home and Amazon Echo devices are far outpacing the Apple HomePod in the smart speaker category. Google Duplex AImay be talking to you soon. The new Cheetah robot from Boston Dynamics is once again awe-inspiring and terrifying. We also have a giveaway for a Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1...


TWB 188: Amazon Echo Look, Galaxy X foldable phone, iPhone X giveaway

The new Amazon Echo Look is part home-assistant and part style coordinator. Do you want it to tell you what to wear? Amazon is opening up a second Amazon Go store, with several more in the works. Samsung Galaxy X phone rumors are heating up around a potential foldable phone. The CanguRo robot is a buddy you can ride to work. We’ll also tell you how to win an iPhone X and rep your soccer team with Speck Presidio World Grip cases AND a giveaway for a Furbo treat-tossing dog camera! Today’s...


TWB 187: Apple bundle service, E-Sports and Olympics, Robots, Win an iPhone X

Rumors are flying that Apple may be creating a bundled subscription service, with original video content, streaming music, and news all in one. Would you subscribe to it? E-Sports are being considered for a future Olympics. Do you think it should happen and which games should be included? Also, robots are taking over! Pepper the robot is in NYC, helping out at an HSBC Bank. We’ll also tell you how to win an iPhone X and rep your soccer team with Speck Presidio World Grip cases!


TWB 186: Amazon Fire TV Cube review, Google Continued Conversation, German Drone Taxi

On today’s episode: The Amazon Fire TV Cube may be the entertainment center we’ve all been waiting for. Digital Trends gave it the highest rating possible and we’ll discuss why. Also, Alexa just said something scary, Google Assistant gets an upgrade with Continued Conversation, a German drone taxi, and high tech Mosquito repellent. We also have a great giveaway today, for the same HP Omen gaming setup that was used during the 2018 Fortnite Pro-Am at CES! Follow the link to enter to...


TWB 185: iPhone third-party access, AT&T/Time Warner merger, World Cup technology

Should Apple allow law enforcement access to iPhones? An upcoming iPhone software update promises to deter that from happening. Also, what will the AT&T/Time Warner merger mean for you? World Cup starts today and we’ll discuss the stadium tech, the NFC chip-enabled ball, how to watch in VR, and more. Also, a HoloLens development may let you watch holographic sports. Today’s podcast cast includes:Juan Garcia, Juliana Jara, Rick Stella, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 184: Apple's WWDC recap, Amazon Fire TV Cube, E3 preview

With Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) almost over, we'll discuss some of the highs and lows from Cupertino's big event. Editor-in-Chief of DT, Jeremy Kaplan, was there in person. iOS12, AR, AirPod advancements, the lack of Smart Home upgrades and more are all on the docket. Plus the Amazon Fire TV Cube and Hanif gives us a preview of E3. Today's podcast cast includes: Jeremy Kaplan, Hanif Jackson, Caleb Denison, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 183: Trond Wuellner of Google and the future of computing, Robot Restaurants, Moon bases

On today’s episode: Future technology is our focus, with special guest Trond Wueller of Google Inc., discussing the future of computing. Imagine being able to seamlessly switch from one device to another, using one responsive, unified operating system. He’ll tell us about their efforts to accomplish just that. Also, we’ll cover robot restaurants, ‘smell-o-vision’ phones, and living on the Moon. Today’s podcast cast includes: Trond Wueller of Google Inc., Luke Larsen, Caleb Denison, and...


TWB 182: Buy a home on Amazon, Alexa records a conversation, Google Home surge

On today’s episode: You can now buy houses on Amazon. What wouldn’t you buy online? Also, Alexa allegedly records a conversation and emails the file to someone else, Google Home devices outpace Amazon Echoes in sales, and a Norwegian robot is able to teach itself how to walk. Today’s podcast cast includes: Kim Wetzel, Ryan Waniata, Adrien Warner, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 181: YouTube Red becomes YouTube Premium, Boston Dynamics in your home, A Touch of Bass

On today’s episode: YouTube Premium is replacing YouTube Red, which adds YouTube Music, which will replace Google Play Music. Confused? We’ll try to sort it out. Also, by 2019 you could be sitting in an Apple Car, Boston Dynamics’ terrifying and possibly useful SpotMini robots could be in homes soon, and Ezra Cimino-Hurt of A Touch of Bass shows off his amazing new product. Today’s podcast cast includes: Ezra Cimino-Hurt, Rick Stella, Caleb Denison, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 180: Google Duplex AI speaks for you, Self-driving semis, Sound-adapting headphones

On today’s episode: The Google Duplex AI system has shown an incredible ability to mimic human speech, almost to perfection. Is this technology exciting, or does it cause concern? Also, self-driving trucks are being put to use, drone testing regulations were just relaxed and we’re joined by Danny Aronson, CEO and founder of EVEN. Today’s podcast cast includes: Danny Aronson, Juliana Jara, Caleb Denison, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 179: Google Home in 5K devices, Apple Watch saves life, Mammoth resurrection

On today's episode: Google Assistant is compatible with over 5K devices; Are you more likely to choose it, over Amazon's Alexa? Also, an Apple Watch helped save a woman's life, Oculus Go may bring inexpensive VR to the masses, and Scientists plan to resurrect the Woolly Mammoth. Plus Caleb and Rick, recount their test run of a new Airstream. Today's podcast cast includes: Hanif Jackson, Rick Stella, Caleb Denison, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 178: Amazon trunk deliveries and home robots, TCL 6-series, M-R Touch

Amazon has plans to deliver packages to your trunk, provide kids with their own echo, and an Alexa-enabled robot. Are you ready for a Home Assistant robot? TCL has some of the most impressive TVs we have seen in a long time, at an incredible price. Snap is giving the Spectacles another go. Microsoft Research shows off the latest HoloLens developments with Touch. Today’s podcast cast includes: Juliana Jara, Kim Wetzel, Caleb Denison, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 177: Blockchain

Blockchain is one of of the most exciting developments in technology we have seen in a long time. Digital Trends has released several articles featuring Blockchain and how it can potentially change security, medical records, gaming and much more. We are joined by Brian Krogsgard of Ledger Status, and Mitchell Opatowsky of CryptoPets to help explain it. Today’s podcast cast includes: Mitchell Opatowsky, Brian Krogsgard, Matt Smith, Drew Prindle, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 176: ESPN+ vs cable, 'Minority Report' becomes reality, AR Virtual Wearables

Will ESPN+ be enough for you to quit cable? On this week’s installment of Trends with Benefits we’ll cover ESPN+ and the Spotify/Hulu bundle announcement and what it could mean for streaming services, India tests ‘Minority Report’ style AI to predict crime, Leap Motion shows off the potential of ‘Virtual Wearbles’, and we take a look at what blockchain is and how it will change everything. Today’s podcast cast includes: Drew Prindle, Marie Pardo-Garber, Caleb Denison, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 175: Facebook's data breach reaction, Apple iPhone touchless display, AR for cars

Are you upset by Facebook’s data breach? On this week’s installment of Trends with Benefits we’ll cover the reaction to the ongoing revelations regarding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, Apple’s rumored iPhone touchless screen, AR windshields, and Fribo the robot cat designed to combat loneliness. Today’s podcast cast includes: Juliana Jara, Caleb Denison, Greg Nibler, and via Double the telepresence robot, Julian Chokkattu.


TWB 174: Airpod iPod Nano, Samsung Note 9 rumors, QLED vs. OLED, Beer Bot

What feature would you most like to see in your next smartphone? On this week's installment of Trends with Benefits we cover the latest patent for Apple AirPods which suggest it could be like an iPod Nano, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rumors, QLED vs OLED and TCL's latest and greatest TV, a Ford vehicle vending machine in China, and a beer delivering robot. Today's podcast cast includes: Caleb Denison, Rick Stella, Parker Hall, and Greg Nibler.