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TWB 208: Best TV of 2018, Apple Watch ECG, Streaming Services, Waymo One

The single Best TV of 2018, solving the issue of too many streaming services, Waymo One autonomous car service, Apple Watch ECG update, Japanese robot waiters.


TWB 207: Samsung S10 leaks, Chinese gene-editing, Elon Musk's Dragon, Mean robot

On today's episode: The latest Samsung S10 rumors hint at massive storage, a Chinese scientist claims to have successfully edited human genes, Elon Musk's Boring setback, and impending Dragon launch, a new kind of robot will impersonate terrible customers. Today's podcast cast includes: Drew Prindle, Caleb Denison, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 206: Waymo car service, hands-on with Facebook Portal, Black Friday/Cyber Monday tips

Waymo is expected to launch the first ever commercial, autonomous driving service in the next couple of months. Would you ride in it? We'll also discuss a report about the future possible uses of autonomous vehicles. The Facebook Portal is officially out and we go hands-on with one in studio. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner, plus we showcase the Mobilimb.


TWB 205: Samsung Galaxy Foldable, Facebook Portal, Tesla Summon RC Mode

Samsung’s foldable phone is officially a reality. We’ll go through the proposed specs, but the real question is how much would you be willing to pay for one? The Facebook Portal is now shipping. If it didn’t say Facebook, would you want one? Tesla’s Summon feature will allow you to turn your car into a remote control, Comcast may launch a new set top box, and the Dutch want to create a cow island.


TWB 204: Apple Event Recap, I Heart Apple Music, Foldable Phone, Robot Deliveries

Apple's new MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and iPad Pro come out with mixed reviews. Apple Music looks to partner and/or buy I Heart Media. A foldable phone from Royole beats both Samsung and Huawei to market. Starship Technologies will soon be sending packages via robot delivery vehicles. Today's podcast cast includes: Marie Pardo-Garber, Caleb Denison, Adrien Warner, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 203: Apple Mac leaks, Red Dead 2, Google Lens

The 4th Apple Event of the year is next week and we believe that new Macs are on the way. Luke bring in the newest Lenovo Yoga, which has two screens and no keyboard. Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out tomorrow, but is it the greatest open world game of all time? Google Lens helps you investigate the world via search, and an AI portrait sells for over $400k!


TWB 202: Apple Event speculation, Google Home vs. Echo Show, Flying Car for sale

Apple announces future announcements and we’ll speculate as to what they will be. We’ll have a live Google Home Hub vs Amazon Echo Show comparison, including a whispering Alexa. Facebook makes another creepy device. Also, a flying car will go on sale, and a robotic dog will live with Kim for 7 days.


TWB 201: Google Pixel 3, Samsung 4 camera phone, Alexa gets really creepy

On today’s episode: We have the new Google Pixel 3 on-hand for a review and questions. Samsung releases a phone with 4 cameras. Smart Home Hubs abound, with Google Home’s update, the Echo Plus and Echo Dot, and even the Facebook Portal.


TWB 200: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. iPhone XS Max hands-on review, Google Event preview

Today we’ll have a live, hands on review of the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Which is better? You decide! The Google Pixel 3 is set to be announced next week at Google’s October event, we’ll preview that and everything to expect from it. Also, Fitbit data was used as evidence in a murder case, and a company called ChameleonMask wants to be your telepresence solution. Today’s podcast cast includes: Juan Garcia, Caleb Denison, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 199: Google turns 20, Elon gets sued, Amazon 4-star, Robot survey

Google has turned 20 years old, providing some interesting insight into searches, and a Google Stand image may have been leaked. Elon Musk is getting sued by the SEC; what does this mean for the future of SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company? Amazon opens up yet another brick and mortar, with the Amazon 4-star store. A Robot Survey was conducted with surprising results, and Alaska Air tests out VR in first class. Today's episode includes: Oilang Maui, Brad Read, Adrien Warner, and Greg...


TWB 198: Amazon Alexa in everything, 3000 Amazon Go stores, SpaceX Moon trip

Amazon dropped 12 new hardware devices today, incorporating Alexa in different ways. New products include updates to current Echo devices, and the addition of the new Echo Input, Sub, Link and Link Amp. Plus a smart plug and even...a microwave. Amazon may also be opening 3000 cashier-free stores by 2021, and Elon Musk's SpaceX announces it's first moon trip passenger. Today's podcast cast includes: Catherine Van, Adrien Warner, Caleb Denison, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 197: Apple iPhone XS Max, Samsung foldable phone, Net Neutrality, PUBG controller

The big Apple Event is a week away and we have the latest on the potential iPhone XS Plus/Max, and the iPhone 9. Samsung confirms a foldable phone, and a Galaxy X. Caleb relays the trends from IFA including 8k, robots and AI in everything. The ramifications of Net Neutrality ending are now being seen. Xbox unveils a grease-proof controller.


TWB 196: 8k televisions from IFA, New wireless headphones, Apple iPhone leaks

8k televisions are now reality, with new consoles being announced at IFA from Samsung and LG. But….who are they for? Is there 8k content? How much will they be? Also from IFA, new wireless headphones from Sennheiser and Jabra. Apple rumors abound about a new iPhone XS, Apple Watch 4 and more. Plus, if Waterwold happens, we may breathe with the Amphibio.


TWB 195: DJI Mavic 2 review, Google Pixel 3 leaks, iPhone SE rumor, Aibo robotic dog

The new DJI Mavic 2 Pro drones are out and we have all the details on the upgrades! Plus Google Pixel 3 leaks, and new Apple iPhone SE rumors. Mercedes-Benz wants to change the way you drive, with a new LED Headlight display system that projects messages. Also, Robot Pets have been around for a while, but the new Aibo is taking it to the next level with AI.


TWB 194: Galaxy Note 9 hands on, MicroLED vs OLED, Apple hacked, Robot actor

Would you rather own a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, or an Apple iPhone X? We have a hands on look at Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 and what makes it different than other phones. Would you rather have an OLED, or MicroLED television? Caleb Denison will tell you what the differences are. Plus, Apple gets hacked by an Australian teen, and a robot may be the star of a new movie.


TWB 193: Samsung Unpacked, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Home takes on Google and Amazon

On today’s episode: Samsung Unpacked presented some of the latest products from the company. We’ll cover the best features of the Galaxy Note 9, including the water carbon cooling system designed for gamers. Can the Galaxy Home with Bixby, take over Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa? Plus a new Galaxy Watch appears to be the refresh of the Gear series. Today’s podcast cast includes: Caleb Denison, Parker Hall, and Greg Nibler


TWB 192: Microsoft Surface Go, Facebook security, Tesla and Atari, animated Home Assistant

Microsoft’s Surface Go is the company’s most recent addition to the Surface line and at $400 it may be a great value. We’ll give a hands on review. Apple becomes the world’s first $1 trillion company, Facebook’s security chief quits, you can soon play Atari in a Tesla, an AI has been created to write sonnets and a new home assistant will “cheers” you when you walk in the door. Today’s podcast cast includes: Juliana Jara, Hanif Jackson, Luke Larsen, and Greg Nibler.


TWB 191: Unbreakable OLED, Lenovo Smart Display, Holographic screen, Iron Man jetsuit

On today's episode: An unbreakable OLED screen could truly be a game changer, if everything announced from [internal-link post_id="1411833"]Samsung[/internal-link] is correct. Would you be willing to pay a higher price for a screen that never cracks? The [internal-link post_id="1298287"]Lenovo Smart Display[/internal-link] is the first foray for Google Home into a smart assistant with a video screen. A revolutionary 3D holographic display device called [internal-link...


TWB 190: Samsung 'foldable' phone, Google record fine, Flying cars for sale soon

Samsung’s elusive ‘foldable’ phone, may finally be coming to fruition, if recent rumors hold up. With up to 3 OLED displays, will you be purchasing the possible Galaxy X? Google is facing a $5.1 billion fine from the EU and we’ll discuss how that could effect you. Flying cars are getting a new push from Aston Martin, and Terrefugia‘s may be for sale next year. Virtual Reality is also upping the horror game with one that will incorporate a biometric heart monitor. Today’s podcast cast...


TWB 189: Apple Music vs Spotify, Smart Speaker battle, Google Duplex may answer your call

On today’s episode: Apple Music is currently beating out Spotify when it comes to paid streaming music services. We’ll discuss why that is and what the future holds for streaming services. Google Home and Amazon Echo devices are far outpacing the Apple HomePod in the smart speaker category. Google Duplex AImay be talking to you soon. The new Cheetah robot from Boston Dynamics is once again awe-inspiring and terrifying. We also have a giveaway for a Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1...