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All Your Questions About Startup Fundraising: Asked And Answered

Start-up fundraising is hard, unpredictable, and often very difficult to navigate. To shed some light on best practices for successful startup fundraising, Aviv Gilboa sat down with his partners Eric Feng and Randy Komisar to ask and answer the most frequently asked questions entrepreneurs have about fundraising today.


The User Guide to Early Stage Fundraising

Over the last decade, the early-stage funding environment has dramatically changed. There are now myriad financing options that founders can consider as they look to build their companies. Nearly 70,000 companies received funding through angel networks and 3,000 through venture capital firms annually, according to CB Insights. On the most recent episode of Ventured, we spoke with Qasar Younis, Chief Operating Officer of Y Combinator (YC), about the early-stage funding landscape and how...


Tony Fadell Speaks Out About Innovation, Revolution, Nest, Steve Jobs and Entrepreneurship

This week on the Ventured podcast, Randy Komisar sat down with Tony Fadell, father of the iPod and co-founder of Nest. Tony recently announced he was leaving Nest and Alphabet to pursue other opportunities. Before letting Tony off the hook to focus on the future, Randy wanted him to sit down and share the insights he gained from his work at General Magic, Apple, Nest, and Alphabet. He didn’t disappoint.


Taking The “Dysfunction” Out Of Cross-Functional Teams

As part of our Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) engineering meet-up series, Eric Feng had the opportunity to host a panel of leaders of various functions at top tech companies to discuss best practices in cross group teamwork and collaboration -- Jessica Verrili, director of corporate development at Twitter; Eugene Wei, head of video at Oculus and previously head of product at Flipboard and Hulu; and Wendy Owen, product design lead for the Facebook ads platform.


Building the Foundation for Company Growth: Why Boards Matter

When people think about company building, they often think about high-performing management teams and hard-charging founder-CEOs who are assembling the business brick by brick. But when disaster hits or scandal strikes and organizational challenges come to light, it’s the board of directors which ultimately come under fire. In the world of venture capital, there is nothing more fundamentally important for an entrepreneur than building a strong board of directors.


The Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley

In this episode of ventured, KPCB partners Swati Mylavarapu and Mike Abbott had a discussion with KPCB Entrepreneur in Residence Ryan Panchadsaram about the intersection of government and technology. They discuss how Healthcare.gov was fixed, how to uncover opportunities for startups to work with government, and how government can adopt the latest technological advances.


An Interview with General Keith Alexander on Cybersecurity, Snowden, and IronNet

KPCB partner Brook Byers interviews General Keith Alexander about cybersecurity, terrorism, and corporate security. In the discussion, we learn that Alexander founded IronNet to fight cyber threats through technology as well as hear stories about his time during the Edward Snowden and 9/11 eras.


Lessons from Bill Campbell, Silicon Valley’s Secret Executive Coach

In this episode of Ventured, KPCB partner Randy Komisar talks to his longtime friend and colleague Bill Campbell about coaching tech CEOs in Silicon Valley. Having been a mentor to Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt and Larry Page, Campbell draws on decades of experience and openly shares his (usually behind closed doors) coaching methodology with Komisar. Campbell describes his personal journey from football coach to tech executive to coach to CEOs. In hearing the details of his...


Better Health Through Design – More Usable, Understandable, and Profitable

In this episode of ventured, KPCB design partner John Maeda and partner Lynne Chou discuss with designers and healthcare entrepreneurs the product decisions that led to the rise acquisition of Misfit, how designing good constraints can improve design decisions in fitness products, and how consumer healthcare apps are "ethically" gamified to make chronic illnesses more manageable.


Preparing for the Technology Revolution Created by Artificial Intelligence

In this episode of Ventured, KPCB partner Randy Komisar speaks with Jerry Kaplan, author of Humans Need Not Apply, and John Markoff, author of Machines of Loving Grace. They discussed the impact of artificial intelligence and its effect on society, job security, and the future of the human race. How do we welcome the growing field of artificial intelligence as it makes its way into our lives through advancements in self-driving cars, companions to the elderly, automated machines used to...


The Inside Story of How Uber Built a Global Business

Kleiner Perkins partner Mood Rowghani interviewed Emil Michael, SVP of Business at Uber at a recent Kleiner Perkins CEO Summit. Throughout the discussion, Michael reveals how Uber started as an underdog and emerged as the market leader. A mix between a technology business and a business that moves people to physical places, partnerships are especially important when it comes down to making a deal. In the conversation, Michael talks about how finding product market is important, how Uber...


How Cyber Hacking is the New Global Battlefield

Kevin Mandia and his security company, Mandiant, are probably most well known for their 2013 report exposing APT-1, one of China’s espionage units. Previously, there had only been rumors about the matter; Mandiant technology provided the proof. Later that year, the company was acquired for more than $1 billion by FireEye Inc., a purchase that validated KPCB's earlier investment in Mandiant. At KPCB’s recent CEO Workshop, Kevin talked about the current security outlook and a bit about...


How Google Thinks About Hiring, Management, and Culture

During Laszlo Bock's nine years as Google’s SVP of People Operations, the company has won more than 100 awards for its employment practices. Bock, who came to Google after stints at McKinsey and GE, recently collected his thoughts about management and culture into "Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead," a New York Times best-seller. He expounded on some of his HR-related ideas in a conversation with Beth Seidenberg at KPCB’s recent CEO Workshop.


How Netflix is Trying to End Boredom and Loneliness

Most start-ups would be happy if they were responsible for one major industry disruption. But Netflix, under the leadership of Reed Hastings, can count already two to its name — how we watch movies and TV shows and how content is produced — and it’s not done yet. In a conversation with John Doerr at our recent CEO Workshop, Hastings discussed some of the things that make for great companies — and great leaders.


Behind the Blockchain: How Decentralized Identity Aims to Level the Financial Playing Field

KPCB General Partner Randy Komisar interviews Marwan Forzley, CEO of Align Commerce, and Anjney Midha, founding partner of KPCB Edge, about how the blockchain enables greater speed, transparency and lower costs in today’s financial transactions. They discuss how this technology provides the underlying infrastructure to level the playing field for small businesses by opening up markets so payments can be made worldwide, not just in local regions.


How Investing in Food Technology Can Save the Planet and Improve Human Health

Our latest podcast features a conversation between KPCB General Partner Randy Komisar, Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat, and Doug Evans, founder and CEO of Juicero, as they discuss the impact that food technology can have on climate change, sustainability, and healthcare costs. They also outline the challenges that food technology companies face in changing established human behavior.


Marrying Successful Business with Social Mission

In this podcast, KPCB General Partner Randy Komisar interviews Priv Bradoo, Founder and CEO of e-waste recycling company BlueOak, and Lila Ibrahim, Chief Business Officer of online course provider Coursera, about what it is like to run a social mission-driven startup in today’s funding environment. Halfway through the interview, the interviewees turn the tables on Randy and ask him what it is like to invest in companies like theirs. Both sides agree that although it may be more difficult...