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Episode #23: Caring For Your Facebook, Roku Vs Chromecast

This week on the eHow Tech Podcast, we talk about GPS-enabled smart shoes that tell you where to go as well as the controversial Spritz Reading App, which boasts the ability to let you read up to 1000 words per minute (about 5 times faster than average). Dave and Nikole chat about things you can do to take control of Facebook, like clearing your search history and blocking certain kinds of sites from appearing in your news feed. Finally, we’ve got friend of the show and tech expert Rick...


Episode #22: Nutrition Planning, Car Play, and Pinball

This week, on the eHow Tech Podcast, Dave and Nikole chat about Apple’s new move into automobiles — Apple Car Play. They’ve also rounded up a slew of apps you can use to track and manage your calories and nutrition. Here are the apps mentioned on the show this week: Lose It Restaurant Nutrition MealSnap Livestrong MyPlate DietBet GymPact And finally, we talk about one of the oldest examples of gaming technology: The venerable pinball machine. We’ve got Gary Stern, owner of Stern...


Episode #21: Heroes Star Greg Grunberg Talks Lost, JJ Abrams, and Yowza!!

This week, Dave and Nikole talk to one of our favorite actors, Greg Grunberg. He’s appeared in Heroes, Lost, Hawaii Five-O, and Star Trek, and he talks about growing up with JJ Abrams, what it was like to whisper in Felicity, making his new film Big Ass Spider, drumming in Band From TV, and how he came to create the location-aware couponing app Yowzaa!!That's a lot of stuff, but we pack it all into one podcast. Greg also takes the Geek Trivia Quiz and amps up the stakes by throwing a...


Episode #20: Being Anonymous Online, We Talk to a Pro Skateboarder/Photographer

Did you notice the Take Back the Internet event recently? No matter how worried you are about the NSA, hackers, and privacy, you might want to find ways to better protect yourself and your identity online. This week, we’ve got a handful of tips for enhancing your anonymity on the Interwebs. Before we get to that, though, Dave and Nikole talk about new Apple rumors. An iPhone with a bigger screen? A new gesture-controlled Apple TV? And this week we welcome pro skateboarder Jamie Thomas to...


Episode #19: Flappy Birds, Musicians Returning to Vinyl!

We’ve got Flappy Bird Fever this week – Dave and Nikole discuss the most unlikely iPhone game controversy of all time, and explain some ways you can still get your Flappy Bird fix now that it’s no longer in the App Store. Spoiler alert: Despite what you might have heard, you probably can’t buy it pre-installed on a phone on eBay. We also discuss the Comcast/Time Warner merger and what it means for you. The big news this week, though, is that we’ve got musician Terri Moeller on the show....


Episode #18: Cracked’s Soren Bowie and Dan O’Brien

This week on the eHow Tech Podcast, Dave and Nikole tell you about burrito vending machines. They’re real, and they might be coming to your hometown. If you’d rather nom something healthier from an automated food dispensery, they’ve got the line on salad vending machines as well. Made, in fact, from actual barn wood – or, as Dave puts it, his “hipster nightmare.” Want to experience more of your favorite TV shows? They also talk about how to get into the Second Screen craze. There are apps...


Episode #17: Go Inside the "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks

The eHow Tech Podcast says "Happy Valentine's Week!" To celebrate, Dave and Nikole talk about dating apps like Tinder and How About We. In tech news, they discuss some interesting developments in the world of wearable tech -- especially the news that Google is now offering a "Titanium Collection" of prescription frames for Google Glass. The big news this week, though, is that we chat with Bethany Keeley-Jonker, founder and editor of the "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. We talk all...


Episode #16: We Talk to Awkward Family Photos!

Valentine’s Day is coming, so Dave and Nikole talk about the oh-so-sexy merger of Google and artificial intelligence company DeepMind. They also discuss the Kickstarter campaign for Flag, a service that would let you get free prints from your iPhone photos. There’s still about a week to go, so go here to back it yourself: Friend of the show and CNET Cheapskate Rick Broida joins us for his...


Episode #15: Save Your Laptop and Phone from Theft

This week on the show, Dave and Nikole talk about the scariest of subjects: losing your phone or laptop to theft. They talk about the proposed California legislation that would require all smartphones to have a "kill switch," which would make stealing phones far less attractive to criminals, but did you know that all iPhones and many Android phones already have a kill switch and anti-theft tech built in? Dave explains. They also talk about the fact that Google has acquired Nest for $3.2B....


Episode #14: Get In Shape with a Fitness Tracker

It’s time for a New Year’s resolution check-in: Nikole admits that she just ate two dinners becuase she was bored, while Dave reveals that he is boldly reinventing his entire wardrobe. But on to more important things. Dave and Nikole discuss the recent Net Neutrality news. How are you affected by the courts striking down an FCC attempt to regulate ISPs from throttling bandwidth for different customers? And is it fair if Dave and Nikole pay the same amount for Internet access but use vastly...


Episode #13: Avoiding Lost Car Keys (and Other Stuff You Lose)

In lucky episode 13, Dave and Nikole talk about “cutting the cord” – how to get rid of your cable service and get all of your TV viewing from the Internet. You’ll hear about Netflix, Hulu Plus, Chromecast, Roku, and more. Nikole reveals that Game of Thrones is the number one most pirated show ever… and that she chose her current eyeglasses to looks like Orphan Black's Kassima. Before we get to that, Dave and Nikole talk about the big news from the week before: the Consumer Electronics Show....


Episode #12: Using Tech to Keep a Your Resolutions

A dozen episodes ago, we kicked off this little podcast. This week, we usher in the New Year with our look at apps designed to help you keep your New Years resolutions. Nikole and Dave talk about a number of apps, including: Livifi 43Things Aherk! Nikole is also excited to talk about news out of China: They’re using supercomputers to combat their smog problem. And Dave brings up DoctorOnDemand...


Episode # 11: Taxi Rides Via Smartphone, Combat Creature Robots Attack!

As you get ready to go out to holiday parties, be sure to check out this week’s podcast for tips on how to get there and home again safely with the help of your smartphone. We tell you all about apps like Taxi Magic ( for summoning and paying for cabs. And have you heard about services like Uber and ( and Lyft ( We have the scoop on those as well. Also, be sure to listen to our warning...


Episode # 10: Smart Moves to a Smarter Home

In this sad episode of the eHow Podcast, we bid a kinda-fond farewell to Blockbuster, which closed its doors forever last month. Nikole reminisces and Dave and Nikole talk about more modern alternatives. This episode is all about “smart homes,” so Dave discusses many of the most interesting connected devices you can purchase today to make your house smarter and more science fiction-y: Sonos Nest and Nest...


Episode #9: Save Money with No Contract Smartphones

If you pay $100 or more each month for your cell phone bill, you’ll want to check out this week’s podcast, which focuses on saving money on your mobile phone bill. First up, Dave and Nikole talk about inexpensive cell phone plans, including refurbished phones and no-contract plans from companies like: Republic Wireless Virgin Mobile TextNow On the show this week is Dawn...


Episode # 8: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Advice with CNET Cheapskate Rick Broida

The holiday shopping season is about to start, and so this week we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not only do we recommend some smartphone apps to help you shop, but we’ve got Rick Broida, the official Cheapskate at CNET dispensing holiday buying advice as well. Some of the apps and sites we mentioned in the podcast this week: Black Friday Amazon Red...


Episode # 7: Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards; Choosing a Tablet

In episode 7 of the eHow Tech Podcast, we go one-on-one with a veritable icon of the geek universe: Popular Mechanics magazine. This week, we chatted with Jerry Beilinson, Deputy Editor of Popular Mechanics. It’s time for the annual Breakthrough Awards, and so we talked to Jerry about the technology that made the cut in the 9th annual awards. Jerry handled the Geek Trivia Quiz with poise and cunning as well. He answered questions about tech urban legends, chainsaws, and the arctic in...


Episode # 6: We talk to miniature photographer expert Michael Paul Smith, plus holiday photo tips

News: The new Nexus 5. Dave and Nikole talk about the phone and why you should consider Android, whether or not you currently carry an iPhone. Also, Panasonic exit the plasma TV market – what’s that mean for your next TV? The hot topic this week is how to take better holiday photos. Dave explains how to capture high quality night photos of lighting displays, and suggests a way to capture better family and group photos. Specifically, Dave talks about the Photo Fuse feature in Microsoft’s...


Episode # 5: Keeping your PC healthy, we talk to Nerds on Call

In the news this week: Apple unveils some new products, including a pair of new iPads. Dave and Nikole discuss what's to like, and what's not to like, about these new tablets. Also, Nikole runs down the most important updates the latest patch to iOS7. This week we talk about computer maintenance -- specifically, what simple steps you should take to keep your PC and Mac healthy and running efficiently. Ever need to connect remotely to take a look at your mom's PC? No problem: Dave has a...


Episode # 4: Halloween! Go inside a haunted house

This week is (mostly) all things Halloween. After discussing what’s new in Windows 8.1, we talk about the tech you need to make your house and your phone more spooky. We also interview Ed Terebus, owner of Erebus Haunted House in Pontiac, Michigan, a member of America Haunts, a chain of 30 haunted house attractions across the US. Ed talks about what it’s like to run a haunted house, and recounts some hilariously terrifying tales of customers who bit off more horror than they could...