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33 Tangents - Episode #80 - How Do You Promote Your Values and Principles Without It Being a Marketing Gimmick?

It’s important for a company to share the principles and values that make up its foundation. If you’re not careful though, it can come across as a disingenuous sales pitch. How do you ensure that you do so genuinely and not turn off potential customers? On this week’s episode of 33 Tangents Jason, Hila, and Jim discuss the challenges to promoting the core values of a company authentically and not letting it turn into a marketing gimmick. THANK YOU We know your time is limited, so it means...


33 Tangents - Episode #79 - What is at the Root of The Recommendations You Receive?

When soliciting solutions to business problems your organizations has, you have the potential to receive varying solutions from different sources, both internal and external. When you receive a solution from an external agency, do you know what the core drivers that determined how the agency went about designing it? Do they have your best interests in mind or do they have theirs? This week Jim and Jason cover this topic while talking about current state of analytics and marketing...


33 Tangents - Episode #78 - How Can You Make Yourself Valuable Without Getting Stuck in Marketing Pixel Hell?

When it comes to being a technical implementer, one of the key ways to provide value is through the deployment of analytics and marketing technology data collection logic. Putting a significant amount of focus on this can be a problem because the many times the value is fleeting. There is always something new to deploy and before you know it, you’re stuck in marketing pixel hell. How can you make sure you’re providing value without falling into this trap? Do all tag deployment requests carry...


33 Tangents - Episode #77 - Presenting to Executive Teams

Recently Jim and Bryant presented to a client’s executive team. These kind of situations can be nerve wracking and can make the most seasoned presenter nervous. For those who are detailed oriented, these kinds of presentations can be filled with landmines. Too much information or too little information can cause the presentation to spiral. Wording is critical as one mislabeled item will cause the attendees to fixate on the wrong item or believe there is a problem when there isn’t. What are...


33 Tangents - Episode #76 - Talking Building Out a Digital Ecosystem with Carrie Bourke

This week Jim and Jason are joined by Carrie Bourke, Director of Customer Analytics and Insight at Harvard Business Review. Prior to her time at HBR, Carrie spent times in analytics leadership roles at Clario Analytics, L.L. Bean, & Staples. Over the last 3 years Carrie has been a partner of 33 Sticks and during that time she has taken a methodical approach to building out a new digital marketing ecosystem. Carrie’s plan to build and add new capabilities over time runs counter to what is...


33 Tangents - Episode #75 - The Dangers of Managing to Metrics

Metrics and KPIs are provided so we know the health of the business. What happens when they are overemphasized and become the sole focus of employees? What could possibly go wrong by managing to these? This week Jim, Jason, and Bryant discuss the flaws with managing to metrics but why it’s very alluring to do so. THANK YOU We know your time is limited, so it means a lot to us that you would spend some of your time with us. If you have found this episode to be valuable, we would...


33 Tangents - Episode #74 - The Document is Not the Deliverable

With many engagements, the focus is a document. Questions like “What is the status of the document?” and “When will the documentation be delivered?” are often asked. The document is viewed as the deliverable when in actuality, the document is not the deliverable. The solution conveyed in the document and the process to identify and design the solution are the deliverables. This is a key difference, but something so many miss. Why is that the case? Why is the document the focus and not the...


33 Tangents - Episode #73 - Making Business Personal

In a recent episode, Jim and Jason talked with Dan Roden about building a culture of trust. This week Jim, Jason, and Bryant talk about another business taboo, being personal. There is a common belief that business needs to be formal, cold, and boring. Anything going on with a person outside of work should be kept there What does it mean to make business personal? Are there benefits can be seen? Why do people shy away from it? THANK YOU We know your time is limited, so it means a lot...


33 Tangents - Episode #72 - Really Smart People Make Really Bad Managers

We’ve all seen this, heck it may have even been us at times in our career. You have a really smart person who is amazing at their job. They are promoted into a leadership position and they fall flat on their face. They are inept as a manager and the respect they had gained previously is lost. What can be done for these types of people? What do you do if you are one of these types of people. This week Jenn, Jim, and Jason dissect this subject and their experiences with it. THANK YOU We...


33 Tangents - Episode #71 - Jumping At Every Consulting Opportunity with Stephen Marshall

As a consultant, you may feel the need to have to jump at every opportunity that comes your way. What could go wrong with more work and keeping busy? This week, Jim and Jason sit down with Stephen Marshall from East Tennessee State University to discuss why you might not want to go after every opportunity that comes your way. Mentioned during the episode: So Good They Can’t Ignore You THANK YOU We know your time is limited, so it means a lot to us that you would spend some of your time...


33 Tangents - Episode #70 - From the Archives - Talking New Age-y Business Stuff with Evan LaPoint and Randy Zwitch

This episode originally aired on May 24th, 2019. Jason and Jim are joined by friends of the show and past guests Evan LaPointe and Randy Zwitch. What started as a comment on twitter lead to this conversation about new age-y business stuff; the trends in business that often turn out to be fads. THANK YOU We know your time is limited, so it means a lot to us that you would spend some of your time with us. If you have found this episode to be valuable, we would appreciate if you would...


33 Tangents - Episode #69 - Trust Culture with Dan Roden

The business world is often thought of as cold and calculating. The only purpose employees serve is to make widgets and check items off a list. When push comes to shove, employees are cut loose when finances are tight. Employees are scared to reach out and ask for help for fear of being seen as weak, thought of as less, and someone else taking their job. There are those that are trying to change it. More and more are talking about building a culture of trust within their business or...


33 Tangents - Episode #68 - Lack of Transparency

Below is a recent LinkedIn Post from Jason: I see a pretty consistent lack of transparency and honesty in business. Perhaps it's because i'm exposed to it more on the sales side, where there is a lot of hidden meaning to the words being used, but it does seem to permeate all levels of corporate. It's like we have been groomed to be more agreeable rather than to be openly honest in certain situations. Examples: I hope we can work together again --> Bye Sorry, we are really busy right now -->...


33 Tangents - Episode #67 - The Cons of Working Remote

In previous episode and through social media posts, we’ve made no secret of how we are proponents of working remotely. With anything, however, there are pros and there are cons. We’ve had previous episodes where we’ve talked about the benefits of working remotely and how to do it successfully. This week Jim, Jenn and Jason talk about the cons of working remotely. THANK YOU We know your time is limited, so it means a lot to us that you would spend some of your time with us. If you have...


33 Tangents - Episode #66 - When an Employee Decides to Move On

In previous episodes we’ve talked about how the average tenure in the digital analytics space is 18 months. That means as a hiring manager, you’re bound to have times when an employee decides to move on and your reaction to it makes all the difference. This week, Jason, Hila, and Jim talk about the types of reactions we’ve gotten when they’ve given notice we’re leaving a position as well as how they’ve handled things when some has moved one. THANK YOU We know your time is limited, so it...


33 Tangents - Episode #65 - Why Are Many People Forgoing Vacation Time?

As we’re now in summer, many American workers taking vacations to spend time with family and friends. There will be just as many who won’t be taking any vacation. Research published last year by Kimble Applications (https://www.kimbleapps.com/2018/05/no-vacation-nation-infographic/) showed that 47% of those surveyed did not take vacation and 21% left 5 or more vacation days on the table. The research also showed that this trend is strongest with younger workers. Why aren’t Americans taking...


33 Tangents - Episode #64 - Is Unlimited Time Off Actually Unlimited?

There seems to be a trend with many tech jobs for the company to offer Unlimited Time Off. Is this actually true or is it just a gimmick? We’re going to discuss next week why people aren’t taking vacation, unlimited or not, in significant numbers. Are companies offering it as a benefit employees won’t use? How do you ensure employees take their time off? THANK YOU We know your time is limited, so it means a lot to us that you would spend some of your time with us. If you have found this...


33 Tangents - Episode #63 - From the Archives: What do you mean (insert metric) won’t match exactly across these different systems?

Please note: We’re taking short break for summer vacation. We'll be back with a new episode next week, July 19, 2019. This episode was previously published on December 21, 2018. We’ve gotten this question, in one form or another, many many times: I’m looking at system A and system B and they don’t match, how do we fix that? To validate that a system is collecting data correctly you need to compare it to another system. For example you would compare your Analytics implementation to your...


33 Tangents - Episode #62 - From the Archives: Being “Always On” and Distractions

Please note: We’re taking short break for summer vacation over the next two weeks. We'll be back with new episodes on July 19, 2019. This episode was previously published on August 3, 2018. This week Jim, Jon, and Jason discuss two different, yet related problems faced by remote workers today. The first is the concept of being “always on”. The expectation, explicitly stated or implied, that you’re always accessible via phone, or email, or a messaging platform such as Slack. The second...


33 Tangents - Episode #61 - Ways to Keep Your Industry Expertise Up To Date

Description: It’s easy to get stuck in the day to day requirements of your job, we’ve all gotten sucked into that pattern. One of the major problems with that is if you’re not careful, you get so focused on the present that your industry related skills become dated. What are some ways to ensure that you stay up to date on industry trends so as to keep your skill set relevant? On this week’s episode, Jenn, Jim, and Jason talk about different ways to keep up with an industry as it...