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A year long exploration of the history of video games told through the stories of the every day people who lived it. Join me along with a rotating cast of friends, family, gaming journalists, and industry types as we share personal recollections from the last thirty years of gaming, one story at a time.

A year long exploration of the history of video games told through the stories of the every day people who lived it. Join me along with a rotating cast of friends, family, gaming journalists, and industry types as we share personal recollections from the last thirty years of gaming, one story at a time.


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A year long exploration of the history of video games told through the stories of the every day people who lived it. Join me along with a rotating cast of friends, family, gaming journalists, and industry types as we share personal recollections from the last thirty years of gaming, one story at a time.




A Gamer Looks at Camping: A Semi-Tragic Tale w/Pete Harney

What do you get when you take a city kid out of the suburbs and stick him on the edge of a lake in a pop-up camper? A semi-disastrous weekend that makes for a semi-entertaining piece of side content for this very podcast. Staring Pete Harney (@cipherzero on Twitter) My Twitter: @agamerlooksat40 My Facebook: facebook.com/agamerlooksat40 My Insta: @agamerlooksat40 My Patreon: patreon.com/agamerlooksat40 My Email: agamerlooksat40@gmail.com My Phone Number: Ehhhhh, not gonna happen....


Tales From the Bargain Bin #9 - Chex Quest (PC)

What do you get when you cross a controversial first person shooter with an average breakfast cereal and throw it into 5.7 million cereal boxes? A generation of kids whose first Doom clone was Chex Quest. Join loyal patron, Twitch channel viewer, and my brother-in-law Pete Harney as we discuss this surprisingly solid shooter, favorite breakfast cereals, and the never ending allure of shameless product placement in your local supermarket. Starring Pete Harney (@cipherxzero on Twitter) My...


Ep 46 - An EGM Retrospective w/ Greg Sewart, Chris Johnston (CJ), and Dan Hsu

In the days before websites, social media, and the hellish world of click-bait, we had videogame magazines. They weren't just an information source. They were a window into another world. When you have the funds for give games a year, videogame magazines allowed us to play the titles without owning them. There are few things more nostalgic than flicking through an old Nintendo Power or GamePro. And of all the magazines available on convenience store shelves, one reigned supreme: Electronic...


Ep 45 - The Three Questions: Part 3

Before nearly every interview, I assault - I mean - kindly ask my guests three silly questions with the hope of getting equally silly answers. What often occurs is a find side conversation, neat anecdote or touching tale. On this week's three questions episode, we discuss national monuments, game shows, and corporate shakeups. 12 guests, three questions, 90 minutes worth of fun. Starring in order of appearance (all handles Twitter) Allen Petrozzi Ryan aka GamesWithCoffee...


Ep 44 - Formed by Final Fantasy 6

Part of the joy of doing this podcast is hearing how games shaped people's lives. If music and movies can do so, why can't videogames? On this week's episode, I chat with professor of game design and studio founder Daniel Greenberg. Where most people can cite moments and memories of Final Fantasy 6, Daniel professes the game as a formative title in his life. From personal connections, to professional opportunities to academic pursuits, this 1994 Square classic touched nearly every milestone...


Tales From the Bargain Bin #8 - James Bond Jr (SNES)

What do you get when you create an animated TV show filled with teenagers with bad British accents protecting the something from nefarious henchmen? James Bond Jr, the TV show. What do you get when you make a game off this very average cartoon? James Bond Jr the video game. Join my brother and I as we clumsily attempt to fill a 30 minute episode with comments on the game, GameFAQs reviews, and a talk on nuclear fission. Starring the one and only Bobby Tucker. My Twitter:...


Ep 43 - Diamonds and Disappointments: Uncovering the Truth of the N64 Library

When people discuss the Nintendo 64, they talk about the hits. Mario 64, Goldeneye, etc. And that's where we've been living for the last few episodes. But this week, we dive deeper into the console's library and mine memories of the lesser known titles. Sure, we hit on the bangers and commonly discussed games. Can't get through a survey course on N64 games without talking about Mario Kart 64. But we also attempt to find those precious jewels long forgotten by time and communal taste. And in...


Tales From the Bargain Bin #7 - Barbie (NES)

Back in the late 80's / early 90's, developers didn't factor girl gamers into their production plans. Videogame marketing was (and still is) heavily male skewed and the result was titles like 1991's Barbie for the NES. An ill conceived cash grab for parents who didn't know better, Barbie barely functions as a game and is a prime example of what happens when you don't respect your audience. And the worst part was, my sister had a copy. And we played it. Alot. Join us as we go on a journey...


Ep 42 - The Game With the Golden Gun: Goldeneye 007

The name's 40. A Gamer Looks at 40. When Goldeneye 007 shadow dropped into the hands of N64 players in the winter of 1997, few thought it would be more than a movie tie-in title. Thanks to revolutionary physics, a tight relationship to the source material and a multiplayer mode the likes of which console players had never seen, it became the 3rd best selling game on the console. But ask anyone who's played it today, and they'll usually say the same thing - Goldeneye 007 kinda stinks. The...


Tales From the Bargain Bin #6 - Uniracers (SNES)

What do you get when you mix a circus clown's preferred method of transportation with a 16 bit videogame console? Uniracers, the super fast, super fun, and super strange SNES title that is exactly as advertised - sentient unicycles racing at lightning speed along colorful 2D tracks. Join Dan of Retrologic Podcast as we discuss the game, his memories, evil Pixar lawyers, late 90's Cher, games as investible commodities, and the word mondo. Lots and lots of mondo. Be sure to follow Dan on...


Ep 41 - The 40th Episode AMA Special (Part 2)

An AMA so nice, we recorded it twice - in two days, that is. Join Joey, Bobby, and myself for another round of Q&A fueled by the fine listeners of this audio podcast thing. Thanks again for participating! Starring: Mike from Games My Mom Found (@mom_found) Nancy Tucker-Datrio Eric Highland Michelle Corio Derek Tagliarino Heather Aspergren Ben Bazzrea @wrytersview My Twitter: @agamerlooksat40 My Facebook: facebook.com/agamerlooksat40 My Insta: @agamerlooksat40 My Patreon:...


Ep 40 - The 40th Episode AMA Special (Part 1)

In honor of the podcast's 40th episode, I asked friends, listeners and family to submit questions and boy did they. Listen to Joe Corio, my brother Bobby and I answer questions, have some laughs, and chat about utter nonsense in this sprawling milestone special. NOTE: Due to the massive 2.5 hour length, I decided to break the AMA into two episodes. If you submitted a question and didn't get an answer, it should been addressed in Part 2. Thanks! Answering questions from (all handles from...


Ep 39 - Soaring Through the Skies of Super Mario 64

From spinning in circles to soaring through the sky, Mario 64 offered gamers untold control and freedom. It's endured through the years, enjoyed new life in remasters and still considered by many to be a Top 5 N64 game ever made. But who did the game impact, and more importantly, what are the stories behind the accolades. Beyond the graphics, the sound, and the unprecedented control, we explore the tales of the people who played it as kids and still love it as adults. Starring (all handles...


Tales From the Bargain Bin #5 - South Park (PS1)

Come on down to South Park, and meet a crappy game. In the late 90's, South Park was a cultural phenomenon. Annoying kids like me lived off Cartman impersonations, "You Killed Kenny" t-shirts were everywhere, and parents were horrified by this crew of foul mouthed children. And like anything good and awesome, we needed a videogame. Enter South Park: The Game. A port of the 1998 N64 game of the same name and design, the 1999 PS1 version took a barely average 1st person "shooter" and thrust...


Ep 38 - Destined to be Divisive: The Nintendo 64

How do you follow one of the most popular consoles ever made? If you're Nintendo, take every risk and break every convention. While my memories of the Nintendo 64 are mostly rosy, this 64 bit workhorse brings just as much ire to retro game fans as it does excitement. The controller is strange, the visuals less than crisp, and the games came on carts. But for many of my guests, the N64 brings good memories of traversing 3D space for the first time and playing multiplayer games with friends....


Tales From the Bargain Bin #4 - Fester's Quest (NES)

A perennial YouTube punching bag, the reputation of this flawed but oddly ambitious title's been dragged through the mud for decades. But what's the truth? My brother and I scratch the surface on this infamous title and attempt to separate fact from fiction. And talk about Snoop Dog's many contributions to society. My Twitter: @agamerlooksat40 My Facebook: facebook.com/agamerlooksat40 My Insta: @agamerlooksat40 My Patreon: patreon.com/agamerlooksat40 My Email:...


Ep 37 - Life Behind the Counter of a 90's Videogame Retail Store

Us old-timey gamers didn't have Amazon, Game Pass, or streaming sites. We had retail stores. Grand playgrounds full of scannable treasures and playable games. And it wasn't just a place to pick up the latest titles. It was a part of social circle. An important element of our growing up experience. On this episode, I chat with Julien from Nerds Without Pants Podcast (@NWPCast) and actor, cartoonist, and contributor to the Digital Noise podcast John Gholsen as we explore their experiences as...


Tales From the Bargain Bin #3 - Mickey Mousecapade (NES)

How would you like it if you had an invisible tether between you and your partner as you traversed the dangers of life together? That's the main gameplay conceit of Mickey Mousecapade, a below average action platformer for the NES. Join my brother and I as we chat about the game, the evils of kid's TV, and how the Mouse Ears will eventually enslave us all. Well, maybe not the last bit... Starring: My brother Bobby! My Twitter: @agamerlooksat40 My Facebook: facebook.com/agamerlooksat40 My...


Ep 36 - 100 Years of Retro Collecting w/the Directors of the NVM

Imagine if you had a full set of your favorite console. Now imagine you had a full set of every console ever made. With a combined 100 years of game collecting experience, Joe Santulli, John Hardie, and Sean Kelly amassed an epic collection of gaming consoles, games, and memorabilia. When they could have cashed in on our current state of crazy game selling and buying. they chose another route. Instead, the trio built an epic museum dedicated to preserving these artifacts and educating gamer...


Ep 35 - Side Quests Volume 4

After months of interviews and awesome chats, it's time to release the next edition of Side Quests. A collection of bits and bobs from a dozen different conversations that didnt fit the main show, this series is a great way to get to know many voices in a slightly structured way. In this episode, we have PC talk, awesome retro projects and two - count 'em - two people who don't like Metroid Dread.