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A monthly AI podcast giving you the inside scoop on what's going on in the industry and what people are doing right now with this amazing technology, hosted by Miriya Molina and Spyro Ananiades from Rackspace Technology.


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A monthly AI podcast giving you the inside scoop on what's going on in the industry and what people are doing right now with this amazing technology, hosted by Miriya Molina and Spyro Ananiades from Rackspace Technology.




10: Evolving Safer Spaces: How AI is changing Smart Access

Enjoy our sit-down with smart access technology expert Lee Odess of Latch. Lee joins Rackspace Technology moderator Miriya Molina to discuss how artificial intelligence is transforming the smart access and smart lock industry approach to security. Smart safety can become a self-evolving technology that improves over time, given access to better data and adaptive systems.


9: The co-evolution of AI and Humanity

Too often, conversations around AI are doomsday-related. But real conversations should include the impacts of AI innovations on what it means to be human. Special Guests: Dominique Courbin, Mel Vera, and Sanaz Abravani.


8: Best Practices for Adopting AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have come a long way. Today, companies of any size can adopt the capabilities and gain the benefits. On the latest episode of AI & U, Miriya Molina, Professional Services Delivery Architect, chats with Khobaib Zaamout, Ph.D., Data Science Architect at Onica by Rackspace Technology. Special Guest: Khobaib Zaamout.


7: Giving Children the Gift of Lighter, Faster Bionic Arms

Limbitless Solutions has leveled up the manufacture of robotic arms for children. On the latest episode of AI & U, Miriya Molina chats with John Sparkman, Dominique Courbin and Dr. Peter Smith, Ph.D., from Limbitless Solutions about the world of bionics. Special Guests: Dominique Courbin, Dr. Peter Smith, Ph.D, and John Sparkman.


6: AI and Machine Learning Are Here to Empower People — Not Replace Them

Data is everywhere — and AI and machine learning can help organizations make best use of it. In this episode of AI & U, AWS experts Dr. Ségolène Dessertine-Panhard and Julien Simon explore how. They dig into benefits these technologies can bring — most notably how they can free up professionals to focus on what they love, in industries as diverse as finance, education, healthcare and wildlife conservation. Special Guests: Julien Simon and Segolene Dessertine-Panhard.


5: The AI Aesthetic: Building Beautiful Data Apps

It’s previously been hard to show off machine learning models. But now, like with most areas of AI, tools are being built that simplify things. On the latest episode of AI & U, Mark McQuade chats with Johannes Rieke, Product Engineer at Streamlit, about app frameworks for building data apps. Special Guest: Johannes Rieke.


4: Enabling the Computer Vision Revolution

Building computer vision models can be difficult and time-consuming. Luckily there are several startups out there simplifying this process. On the latest episode of AI & U, Mark McQuade sits down with Joseph Nelson, CEO of Roboflow, to discuss computer vision and its real-life use cases. Special Guest: Joseph Nelson.


3: The Chief Data Officer’s Perspective on AI

The Chief Data Officer is responsible for making sense of data within an organization. On this episode, Juan Riojas, Chief Data Officer at Rackspace Technology, joins podcast host Mark McQuade for a discussion about the role of the CDO and how can AI help those who work in data do their job more effectively. Special Guest: Juan Riojas.


2: Utilizing ML libraries in deep learning

Deep learning is being used in some of the most innovative projects in the world. And that’s partly due to the amazing resources available. On the latest episode, Mark is joined by Randall Hunt, Developer Advocate at Facebook AI, to discuss deep learning and ML learning library PyTorch. Show notes PyTorch website: PyTorch dispatcher: NYU Deep Learning with PyTorch: Course website: Playlist: Stat453: Introduction to Deep Learning and Generative Models (Spring 2021) Special Guest: Randall Hunt.


1: Deriving value from NLP and Transformers

For the inaugural episode of AI & U, Joe Davison, Research Engineer at Hugging Face, joins Mark for a chat about one of the hottest topics in AI: Natural Language Processing. Hugging Face is a company aiming to democratize natural language processing, and Joe gives some amazing insight on this transformative tech. Tune in to hear about the following: • What is NLP? • How Transformer architectures work • Making use of Transformer-based language models such as BERT and GPT • The power of transfer learning • Hugging Face and auto NLP • NLP business use cases Special Guest: Joe Davison.