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Ep. 52- News And Commentary On Atlassian And More!!!

A light week in Atlassian news, Matthew, Ryan and special guest Sarah Stallan discuss: Atlassian and Invision's new strategic partnership: Breaking update for Atlassian Devs: The Distributed Team's Guide to Git Mirrors: Three...


Ep. 51- News And Commentary On Atlassian, ALM Works, Adaptavist, And More!!!

On this episode of Adaptavist Live, Matthew, Brenda and Ryan review: Jira Service Desk Cloud Email Security Vulnerability: Updates to Atlassian Cloud: New features in Confluence 6.11: Bitbucket 5.13:...


Ep. 50- News And Commentary On Atlassian, Slack, And More!

On this week's edition of the podcast, Brenda, Matthew, Ryan, and special Fisheye/Crucible correspondent Jonny Carter discuss: Atlassian and Slack announce partnership, Hipchat to expire: Adaptavist CEO Simon Haighton-Williams ressponse: Fisheye/Crucible updates:...


Ep. 41- News And Commentary On Atlassian, Tempo, And More!

Ryan, Matthew, and Brenda bring you the news from all around the Atlassian Ecosystem the past two weeks! Discussed in this episode: Updates to Atlassian Cloud: Atlassian's move to AWS / AWS Outage: Jay Simons Profile in the Seattle...


Ep. 40- News And Commentary On Atlassian, CPrime, Adaptavist, Service Rocket And More!

On this edition of the podcast, Brenda, Matthew, and Ryan discuss news and blogs from around the Atlassian ecosystem including: Adaptavist named one to the 100 best places to work in the UK!!!: Stride API released publicly: The new Jira issue view rolling out to cloud users......


Ep. 39: News And Commentary On Atlassian, ALM Works, K15t, And More!

Ryan, Matthew, and Brenda bring you the news from all around the Atlassian Ecosystem the past two weeks! Discussed in this episode: New features in Jira Portfolio: Atlassian carrying the Software Development world: Atlassian changing the world of business management software:...


Ep. 37- Draw Smart, Draw Smartdraw Pt. 1

Matthew and Ryan are joined by Smartdraw VP of Marketing Joshua Platt to discuss art, the story of Smartdraw, the partnership between Adaptavist and Smartdraw, and a bit on how Smartdraw and Adaptavist Scriptrunner work together. Look out for Pt. 2 of the conversation soon!


Ep. 35- DST

Matthew and Ryan are joined by the fantastic Mr. Phill Fox to talk Daylight Savings Time. They share stories of changing clocks, showing up late/early, and the one time where Matthew had to update 6000 computers by hand (in the snow, going uphill both ways). They then discuss how Daylight Savings Time affects Jira and Jira Service desk, and how to solve potential problems. For more on working with DST and Jira, check out Phill's blog post...


Ep. 33- Easy BI & ATM

Matthew and Ryan are joined by special guests Zane and Janis Baiza of Easy BI to talk about the amazing integration between their product and Adaptavist Test Management. They also discuss their favorite flavor combinations, and Zane and Janis give listeners a little insight into what's coming up in forthcoming updates to Easy BI!


Ep. 32- Shona Force One

Ryan Spilken and Matthew Stublefield are joined by Adaptavist's Atlassian Consultant and Speedster Shona Gilchrist. After a Thunderbolt Round of the pit hosts sharing their fastest and most exciting driving experiences, Shona talks about her time working for Force India, an F1 racing team, and how they use Jira to manage their work and super-extreme-fast development.


Ep. 31- Hiring An Atlassian Administrator

After returning from a week off to recover from the epic #AtlassianSummit2017, Matthew and Ryan talk about what it takes to find an Atlassian administrator for your organization. They talk about best practices for writing a complete job description, a compelling job advertisement, and some of the pitfalls they've encountered along the way. Enjoying Adaptavist Live? We'd sure appreciate a "Like" and "Share" on any social platform you use. Cheers!


Ep. 30- US Summit Wrap Up Party

We're having a party! Join Dylan, Ryan, and prodigal host Matthew Stublefield for a Summit wrap up jam session featuring guests from Uber, Praecipio, K15t, and Sapient, as well as many, many Adaptavistians. (Boom)


Ep. 27- US Summit Day 1

Coming at you live from San Jose and Atlassian Summit 2017, Ryan and special guest host Dylan Lyndsey recap training day 1 and Add-on Discovery day; events leading up to the kickoff/keynote on Wednesday. We'll be here all week folks!


Ep. 26- Meet Me In San Jose

After a Labor Day break, Matthew and Ryan hang out and get pumped up for Atlassian Summit 2017! They talk about what outfits they think Mike and Scott will arrive in, the sessions they're most excited to watch, and the probability of making it to the morning yoga session (spoiler alert: it's low.) Be sure to catch us next week at Atlassian Summit, where Ryan will be podcasting at least once per day!


Ep. 25- Hey Didja Get That Email I Sentcha?

In this week's episode, Matthew and Ryan are joined by Adaptavist Atlassian Consultant Eric LeMay to talk about Email. They chat about their early experiences with email, what tools they like working with in the Atlassian ecosystem for email, and go into some best practices that organizations can implement to ensure that emails don't get ignored by customers or staff.


Ep. 24- Groovy Conference, Man...

On this week's episode, Matthew and Ryan are joined by Senior Scriptrunner Engineer Jonny Carter and Scriptrunner Product Owner Neal Riley to talk about the experience of attending Gr8Conf ( They discuss what fandoms they've belonged to over time, and the value they get in attending conferences, and get hyped up for Atlassian's US Summit 2017! Do you have a suggestion for a podcast, or would you like to be a guest? Email us at


Ep. 23- Brew - Ing Up The Internet

On this week's episode, Matthew and Ryan have a chat about the evolution of technology and the internet with the team at Brew Digital, a sister company of Adaptavist. They chat about how their work has changed as web technology has matured, and what it takes to keep up in the industry.


Ep. 20- The Party Planning Committee

We're having a party! This week, Matthew and Ryan are joined by Adaptavist Event Coordinator Eliza Findlay and the North American Head of Consultancy, Harp Athwal to talk about how (and why) Adaptavist brings employees together. They also talk about their dream birthday parties, how #Confluence helps keep track of all the plans, and what distributed teams can improve by meeting in person.


Ep. 19- Imposter Syndrome

Matthew and Ryan are joined by Adaptavist Project Manager Brenda Burrell and Technical Consultant Christie Lyons for a discussion about Imposter Syndrome, which according to Wikipedia is "a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a "fraud". After discussing what they've faked and gotten away with in the Thunderbolt round, the conversation moves into an open and honest talk...


Ep. 18- There's No "I" In Team

Matthew and Ryan are joined by Adaptavist's Global Head of Consultancy Gareth Llewellyn and Managing Consultant Nelson Jordan for a bracing conversation about working with and managing remote teams with the #Atlassian tool suite. They also wax philosophical about who would win in a fight: the A-Team or the Harlem Globetrotters. Who did they decide on? Listen and find out! #Stublefield #Spilken #Llewellyn #Jordan #Remote #WorkingRemote #workingfromhome #EpicBattles