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EP : 20 Lewis & Kappes, w/ Monica Conrad and Mrs. Susan Traynor Chastain

Today's guest are Mrs. Monica Conrad and Mrs. Susan Traynor-Chastain, attorneys with Lewis Kappes. Mrs. Conrad and Mrs. Traynor-Chastain , have been teachers and professors of school law in various Indiana Universities as well as numerous public speaking engagements, so both have been instrumental in shaping the conversation about Indiana Public Schools, and they have the ability to look at education from various lenses which is very important of course, they have been a tremendous asset to...


EP 13: Chipotle is Finally Getting Queso | Afterburn

On today’s episode, we are talking about one of the most important developments of 2017. That’s right, Chipotle is finally going to be serving queso. After years of competing against Qdoba with the prospect of “better” food, it seems like the people at Chipotle have finally given in and are going to attack what Qdoba has been doing for years with their queso. Do you want to see this change? Does this change your loyalties? Everyone loves a good burrito, but people love queso maybe more. The...


EP 12: The #DriveByDunkChallenge Epidemic | Afterburn

On today’s episode we are talking about the #DriveByDunkChallenge, which is rapidly canvassing many social media channels. Yes, it sounds like exactly what it is. It is taking on a life of its own, to the point where even NBA players are participating. Is your basketball goal in danger of a drive by dunking? Stay tuned for everything you need to know to protect your rim… The #DriveByDunkChallenge started on July 18 by @t.currie on Instagram and has since taken social media platforms by...


EP 11: Sponsored Ads are Coming to Giphy

Are you a fan of using GIFs? Well, you aren't the only one! The Giphy userbase is growing by the day and now they are looking to monetize. Listen to Nate Torvik and Sam Kolczak talk about the upcoming sponsored ads that are coming to Giphy.


EP 10: Working Remotely or Remotely Working?

This week Nate and Tyler discuss the hot button topic of remote work. We have talked to a number of different agencies recently and found that a lot of them either all work remotely or offer at least partial work from home. At Site Strategics, we allow employees to work at least two days away from home and have seen great success with that. Listen to Nate and Tyler discuss this topic, today on Afterburn! To see more of our episodes, please visit our website at...


EP 9: National Fried Chicken Day

Every July 6, the US celebrates National Fried Chicken Day. It is unclear where the holiday originates, but it is still a national holiday. Nate Torvik and Tom Brodbeck discuss this holiday and they have a few ideas of how probably invented the holiday. Plus, they share some Fried Chicken facts that you may not have known. Plus, we share some of our local Indianapolis favorite places to get Fried Chicken for National Fried Chicken Day, those include: The Eagle Joella's Hot...


EP 8: CSquared - Google's Latest Project to Build Metro Fiber & Wi-Fi Networks

Google continues their mission to get internet access to the entire world. They announced their new project CSquared and they plan to build metro fiber and Wi-Fi networks to help local providers connect more people to the internet and each other. Over 3.5 billion people in the world have no connection to the internet and CSquared is looking to change they. So far, they have built a metro fiber network in Kampala, Uganda and are looking to expand into Ghana. Nate and Brittany talk about...


How Does Alcohol Effect Your Personality

On the seventh episode of Afterburn, Nate and Brittany talk about a recent study that was featured in Newsweek that was conducted by the University of Missouri to see how moods changed as a result of alcohol. The study included 156 participants from the University of Missouri and paid them to drink vodka and sprites. Nate and Brittany break down this topic and discuss their drunk personalities. To see the article, please click here:...


EP 6: Have You Seen The "RompHim"?

Have you seen the latest trend going around the interwebs? In case you haven't Brittany and Nate discuss the RompHim and why it needs to go away. According to the Kickstarter campaign, they have spent countless hours designing, the RompHim to be a favorite summer outfit for males. Their goal is to revolutionize men's fashion and they come in all sizes, prints, and styles for you to choose from. If you want to see more about the RompHim, you can visit the Kickstarter here:...


EP 5: Avocado Toast

Have you seen the headlines lately about Avocado Toast? Well, Nate and Brittany certainly have and they discuss it all on today's episode of Afterburn. Is Avocado Toast really really having an impact on the housing market and how many times do Nate and Brittany each brunch? Find out this and more on this week's Afterburn!


EP 4: 13 Reasons Why

Have you heard of the new Netflix series "13 Reasons Why"? This show has been taking social media by storm due to the show's content. Based on the 2007 book by Jay Asher, "13 Reasons Why" addresses some major controversial issues like cyberbullying, depression, rape, and suicide. Listen to Nate and Brittany discuss this show and how social media has helped spread the word of this show!


EP 3: Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories

We are talking rivalries today and there is a new rivalry on hand - Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories. Nate and Brittany talk about their experiences with each and where they think each will go in the future! All this and more in the third episode of Afterburn - are you ready to burn it up?


EP 2: Google Expanding Google Classroom

It's that time of year again where we honor our teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week! Plus, Nate and Brittany talk about Google Classroom and the new features that are being opened to the public! What is Google Classrom? Find out this week on Afterburn! Are you ready to burn it up?


EP 1: Free Chicken Nuggets for a Year from Wendy's?

Thank you for joining us on our inaugural episode of Afterburn! Your hosts, Nate and Brittany, will bring you the lighter side of the internet every Wednesday. For this episode, Nate and Brittany talk about one person's quest to get free chicken nuggets from Wendy's for one whole year by getting 18 million retweets for one tweet. The record for the most retweeted tweet was Ellen DeGeneres's Oscar selfie with over 3.3 million retweets - so that's quite the challenge. Plus, there is some...