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Agile Coaches' Corner shares practical concepts in an approachable way. It is for agile practitioners and business leaders seeking expert advice on improving the way they work to achieve their desired outcomes.

Agile Coaches' Corner shares practical concepts in an approachable way. It is for agile practitioners and business leaders seeking expert advice on improving the way they work to achieve their desired outcomes.


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Agile Coaches' Corner shares practical concepts in an approachable way. It is for agile practitioners and business leaders seeking expert advice on improving the way they work to achieve their desired outcomes.




Are Scrum Masters the CEOs of the Future? with Vasco Duarte

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by a very special guest, Vasco Duarte, the host of the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast — a daily podcast for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches. Vasco interviews guests from all over the world to give his listeners actionable advice and daily doses of inspiring conversations to help improve their craft! Vasco himself is a Certified Scrum Master, an Agile Coach, and a Business Consultant. He was also one of the leaders and catalysts of Agile methods and Agile...


What Is Agile?

Dan and Sam have covered a lot of ground in previous episodes about agility but never the full scope of what exactly is considered agility. Many people have their own unique definitions of what agile is and what it looks like…but when you really dig in, these are often ways that do not seem to be in alignment with the Agile Manifesto or principles. So, in this week’s episode, Dan and Sam are diving into another fantastic listener question to address this topic! Chris on Twitter asked,...


Why You Should Try Lean Inception with Gabriela Corrêa

This week, Dan is joined by Gabriela Corrêa! For the last three years, Gabriela Corrêa has served as an Agile Coach and Project Manager at BRQ Digital Solutions. Most recently, she has transitioned into the new role of Digital Solutions Specialist within BRQ. Together, they’re talking all about Lean inception. Gabriela shares about the challenges that teams traditionally face when they’re kicking off a project, how to address these early challenges, the activities that are involved in...


Spotify, Schmotify: Do Your Own Agile Thinking

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by his co-host, Sam Falco, principal trainer and professional scrum trainer at AgileThought. Together, they’re exploring a question that was sent in by a listener. They asked Dan and Sam to share their take on “the Spotify Model.” The popularized model was first introduced in 2012 by the whitepaper, “Scaling Agile @ Spotify” and described a “people-driven, autonomous approach for scaling agile that emphasizes the importance of culture and...


How to Master Remote Facilitation with Kristen Belcher

Today, Dan Neumann is joined by Kristen Belcher, an Agile Coach who is saving the world, one retrospective at a time! Kristen’s focus is all around developing genuine human connections and relentlessly pursuing improvement. She enjoys working with technical people to solve business problems and thrives on helping people find ways to make their jobs — and lives — easier and more fulfilling via better communication and technology. And more than anyone else, Kristen knows that facilitation...


The Journey of an Agile Transformation with Quincy Jordan

This week on the podcast, Dan Neumann is exploring the journey of an agile transformation with Quincy Jordan, a Director in AgileThought’s Innovate Line of Service. Agile is no longer the new kid on the block. However, when a new organization decides that they want to benefit from adopting an agile practice, they are sometimes not aware that agility is a journey — not something where you install agile and walk away. This sometimes leads them to run into problems early on. In this...


Self-Managing vs. Self-Organizing with Michael Guiler

In the new Scrum guide update, one of the key but subtle changes has been on the phrasing that teams must be “self-organizing” to now saying that they must be “self-managing.” So what might leaders do to help teams move forward in a direction of becoming more self-managing? Joining Dan to discuss this topic and share his insights is return guest and AgileThought colleague, Michael Guiler. Mike is an agile consultant at AgileThought. He has been an agile coach for over 13 years and has...


Build Better Teams with Sam Falco

Today, Dan Neumann and Sam Falco are exploring the topic of teams — and not just Scrum teams, but all teams. As a leader, it can be difficult to manage many lines of communication — especially in larger teams. In Dan and Sam’s conversation, they discuss The Tuckman Model as a thinking framework on how to nurture high-performing teams. From forming to storming to norming and performing, The Tuckman Model lays out the manner in which a leader should engage with teams to become more...


Entering a New Organization as a Scrum Master with Sam Falco & MC Moore

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by two fellow AgileThought colleagues — Sam Falco, a Principal Trainer, and M.C. Moore, a Team Agile Coach. Together, they explore the topic of Scrum mastery — specifically, being a Scrum Master new into an organization. There’s a lot of excitement — but also many potential pitfalls — that come with entering a new group as a Scrum Master. And as someone who joined AgileThought just six months ago, M.C. Moore, in particular, has a lot of experience in this...


Big Room Planning 101 with Andrea Floyd

Today Dan Neumann is joined by fellow AgileThought colleague and return guest, Andrea Floyd! Andrea is an enterprise agile transformation consultant at AgileThought with over 25 years of experience in software development and management. She is an innovator who has led multiple organization-wide scaled agile implementations, and she has also architected innovative solution strategies and roadmaps across many frameworks (including Scrum, Kanban, and the Scaled Agile Framework). In this...


Don’t Get Your Agile Shorts in a Knot

Oftentimes, those who practice agility will turn their nose up at teams or companies that are not doing agile perfectly. And though the agile practices are important and are great pathways to success, many teams and companies often find ways that work for them that are not perfect agile. In this conversation, Dan and Sam highlight some of the ways in which companies and teams find what works for them, why perfect practicing agility isn’t the end-all-be-all, share the key characteristics for...


Why Has Self-Organizing Changed to Self-Managing in the New Scrum Guide?

In this episode, part three of a three part series on the new Scrum Guide, Professional Scrum Trainer Sam Falco answers the question: "Why has self-organizing changed to self-managing in the new Scrum Guide”? From Self-Organizing to Self-Managing In this final episode about the major changes in the new Scrum Guide, I’m going to talk about what may be the most significant change in the Scrum Guide update. And that is the change from saying that teams must be “self-organizing” to saying that...


Modern Management Made Easy with Johanna Rothman

This week, Dan Neumann is excited to be joined by Johanna Rothman — also known as the Pragmatic Manager. Johanna is a management consultant for managers and leaders. She helps leaders identify their problems and seize the opportunities that they know exist — but just can’t find yet. She also provides assessments, workshops and training, coaching, speaking, and facilitation. Additionally, Johanna is also an author of some incredible books on the topics of amplifying your effectiveness,...


How Has the Sprint Goal Changed with the New Scrum Guide?

In this episode, part two of a three part series on the new Scrum Guide, Professional Scrum Trainer Sam Falco helps you improve Sprint Planning by answering the question: "How has the Sprint Goal changed with the new Scrum Guide”? The Sprint Goal and the Sprint Planning In my last episode I talked about introduction of the Product Goal and how that changes the way we see the Product Backlog. The Product Goal is the commitment associated with the Product Backlog. In this episode, we’re...


Scrum Mastership: Patterns and Practices vs. Principles

In this episode, co-hosts Dan Neumann and Sam Falco discuss the topic of filling the role of a Scrum Master. In particular, whether you should follow Scrum practices and patterns as opposed to using the Scrum principles, or vice-versa. They talk about what they see most Scrum Masters doing, some of the common mistakes they may make, how to take an effective approach as Scrum Master, and share some of the lessons they have learned throughout their careers as Scrum Masters themselves. Key...


How Has the Product Goal Changed with the New Scrum Guide?

In this episode, part one of a three part series on the new Scrum Guide, Professional Scrum Trainer Sam Falco answers the question: "How Has the Product Goal Changed with the New Scrum Guide?" What’s New in the Scrum Guide? The more I think about the new edition of the Scrum Guide, the more excited I am about the changes. Scrum is still Scrum of course. Nothing changed about how Scrum works or the value it brings. But by stripping out prescriptive elements, Ken and Jeff have given us a...


Agility: Difficulties vs. Opportunities in Organizational Decision-Making

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by his regular guest/co-host, Sam Falco! Together, they’re exploring the topic of agility and some of the early decisions that either create difficulties or opportunities as organizations are moving towards agility. The decisions that you make early on with your organization can strain you in ways that are unforeseen. It’s one of the reasons why agile coaches and leaders often say: “Don’t make a lot of decisions about your product up-front until you get...


Clean Language with Andrea Chiou

This week, Sam Falco is joined by Andrea Chiou to discuss the topic of clean language! In their conversation, they discuss clean language; what it is, what it is not, where it originated from, its applications, and the barriers or challenges to using clean language (and how to address them). Andrea also outlines key clean language questions, how to know when and where to use them, and what you can do to further improve your clean language! Andrea Chiou’s past work includes many roles...


Making the Shift From Product to Platform with Scott Brinker

In this episode, Dan Neumann is joined by Scott Brinker! Scott is the VP of Platform Ecosystem at Hubspot, the author of the ChiefMartech blog, and the founding program chair of MarTech Conference. In their conversation today, they explore some topics around approaches with shifting from product to platform, organizational change with distributed agility, and exploring the Flywheel Model at Hubspot. Scott also shares his tips and advice around alignment, distributed authority, and...


The Role of the Agile Coach with Abiodun Osoba

Joining the podcast today is Abiodun Osoba, the CEO and founder of The Agile Advisor Africa! Abiodun has over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, banking, retail, wholesale, technology, startups, and software industries, and over 16 years of experience working in Agile environments. She has provided executive Agile coaching in 10 countries; trained over 200 staff in Agile fundamentals, Scrum, and Kanban; and successfully led digital programs in six countries. Additionally, she is...