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Alexa on my face is here! Echo Frames Review

In this article, I will detail my journey to purchase and obtain the exclusive Echo Frames from Amazon. I will discuss what Echo Frames does, how it works, and if I recommend Echo Frames. This is an unbiased review as I paid for Echo Frames out of my pocket.


Creating a Multi-language Alexa Skill

Did you know that Alexa can speak English, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese? Furthermore, Alexa recognizes linguistic differences / languages variations by country. For example, Alexa has language variations for English for the countries: USA, UK, Australia, India, and Canada. In this post, I will discuss Alexa Skills from a multi-language perspective from the perspective of an Alexa Skill developer.

Alexa Skill FAQs

In this post, I will discuss the basics of Alexa Skills for a non-technical perspective. • What is an Alexa Skill and why should I care? • How to name your Alexa Skill according to Amazon's guidelines • Minimum things you need to get started creating an Alexa Skill • Can I create an Alexa Skill without coding? • Most often asked question about Alexa Skills What is an Alexa Skill and why should I care? An Alexa Skill is similar to an app on your smartphone. You can enable and disable skills...


Is Failing Fast a Sign? Automating the Build of Voice Applications.

For the past 30 years, I’ve been fascinated by all the new ways to automate our lives. And in the last 10 years, many of those new ways have become commonplace. Doorbell cameras, watches that send health data to our .....


Google’s Response to Alexa Live

In response to Amazon’s Alexa Live 4-hour virtual event on May 2, 2019, Google has started to ramp up their 3rd party developer partnerships. To level-set, to develop an ‘app’ for Alexa is called a “Skill.” To develop an app .....


Alexa Live Recap

On May 2, 2019, Amazon hosted their first Alexa Live 1/2 day virtual event for Alexa developers featuring 4 tracks and 4 hours of Alexa development content. I was thrilled that this was a free and virtual event, requiring no .....


Voice: The Next Frontier (Guest Podcast)

Caroline Dunn, VP of Marketing, was recently a guest on the Cornerstone Media Podcast. Listen to her guest podcasts below:


AWS Certified – Alexa Skill Builder

We are pleased to announce that our VP of Marketing, Caroline Dunn, passed her AWS Certification as an Alexa Skill Builder.


Featured on Hypepotamous

Our VP of Marketing, Caroline Dunn, was featured on Hypepotamous (an Atlanta media outlet) as the only woman Finalist in the Amazon Alexa Multimodal competition. Please check out the full article here.


Top Innovator Award

Alexa Dev Group received the Top Innovator award on March 21, 2019. Presentation below:


Alexa Multimodal Finalist

We are thrilled to announce that our own VP of Marketing, Caroline Dunn, is a top 10 finalist in the Alexa Skills Challenge: Multimodal for her skill Running Clothes! Caroline developed Running Clothes to take the guesswork out of checking .....


Welcome to our Podcast

I’m pleased to announce that the Alexa Dev Group has launched our podcast. Our podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.


How to Publish on Alexa without Coding

As companies look to “the next big thing,” and start asking questions about Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, the inevitable question becomes, “How do I create a skill without coding?” REWIND: Before I delve into that, let me provide a .....


Running Clothes

We have entered the Alexa MultiModal Skill challenge for 2019! Wish us luck! Check out our latest Alexa Skill, submitted to the Amazon Alexa MultiModal Challenge! Activate Running Clothes on Alexa here. Wondering what to wear on your next run? .....


Getting Your Skill Published on Alexa

In my last article, we discussed best practices in Beta testing our Alexa Skills including skill name nuances and the importance of finding good testers. If you missed that post, please check it out here. Prior to the last post, I presented ideas .....


Best Practices for Testing your Alexa Skill

In previous articles on my LinkedIn profile, I have presented ideas on developing Alexa Skills and Google Home Actions including scripting, writing requirements, MP3s, APIs, and Lead Gen. If you’re wondering what the heck an Alexa Skill is, please check out my Alexa 101 post here. As we develop Alexa .....


Alexa as a Lead Gen Vehicle

In my previous post, Developing API Alexa Skills, I provided 3 examples of how to integrate your enterprise business existing APIs with Alexa. If you missed that post, please check it out here. If you’re wondering what the heck an Alexa Skill is, please .....


Developing API Alexa Skills

If you have content in your existing API, perhaps it is time to consider creating an Alexa Skill to make that content available. I’ll cite 3 examples in this post ranging from simple to complex. If you’re wondering what the .....


Developing MP3 Alexa Skills

One of the most common types of mediums for Alexa Skills are MP3s. The MP3 Alexa Skills I have created include Cat Food, Balanced Running, and Baby Einstein Story Time. Why include MP3s in Alexa Skills? MP3s are important in .....


How to Write Requirements for Alexa Development

In my last post, we discussed best practices for creating a script for your Alexa Skill. If you’re wondering what the heck an Alexa Skill is, check out my Alexa Skill 101 post here. If you missed Best Practices for .....