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There is only one feed that you need to subscribe to if you wish to automatically receive every video that CNET produces. Here's a hint: It's this one!

There is only one feed that you need to subscribe to if you wish to automatically receive every video that CNET produces. Here's a hint: It's this one!


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There is only one feed that you need to subscribe to if you wish to automatically receive every video that CNET produces. Here's a hint: It's this one!




The Matter Alliance could finally fix the smart home

A high-powered tech team-up, the Matter Alliance has Apple, Amazon and Google on board, and it's working to make the connected home more seamless.

Google's retail store opens and shoppers prepare for Amazon Prime Day

In today's top stories, Google opens its first brick-and-mortar in New York City while Airbnb disallows landlords to profit from pandemic evictions and shoppers prepare to snatch up Amazon Prime Day deals starting Monday.

New Echo Show 5 rests on the first edition's laurels

Amazon's latest smart display comes with barely there updates. But the Kids version is compelling.

Here's why a Chromebook might be all the laptop you need

They're not for everyone but they're definitely not the browser-in-a-box laptops they were 10 years ago either.

Sony opens up PS5 beta program, Facebook takes on deepfakes

In today's top stories, Sony is allowing PlayStation 5 users to sign up for beta versions of its PS5 system software. Meanwhile, Facebook works with Michigan State University to combat disinformation.

The best cordless impact wrenches you can buy

Need a battery-powered impact wrench for use in the garage? Well, here are the best options available. You can buy our TOP PICKS of Impact Drills here: Ingersoll Rand half-inch 20-Volt Amazon: The Milawkee M12 Amazon: Milwaukee 2767-20 M-18 Fuel Ace Hardware: The Avid Power drill Amazon: Dewalt XTREME 12-Volt MAX Amazon: DeWalt 20-Volt MAX XR Amazon:

AR is coming, but not where you expected it: Think bigger

Buying and driving a car are two experiences ripe for a remake with augmented reality.

iPad Pro 2021: Testing its most exciting features on a single charge

For our third episode of One Charge Challenge, we're seeing what Apple's newest iPad Pro can do on a single battery charge. This 12.9" model has a Liquid Retina XDR Display and the new M1 chip. With these upgrades, can it become my go-to tool for making things?

Google opens first retail store, Facebook begins testing ads in Oculus VR headsets

In today's top stories, Google launches its first retail store, Facebook announces ad testing in Oculus VR and MacKenzie Scott says she's making (another) huge round of charitable donations.

The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L sets a new standard

This overhauled SUV's interior really wows thanks to its elegant design, premium materials and cutting-edge tech.

Beats Studio Buds review: The stemless AirPods we've always wanted?

The noise-canceling $150 Beats Studio Buds are targeted at both Apple and Android users, delivering very good sound and voice-calling capabilities along with an excellent design. While Android users may be pleased, Apple users may be disappointed with what's missing.

2022 Honda Civic is a more refined segment leader

Honda's new Civic improves on a winning formula with performance upgrades and a huge cabin overhaul.

Moto G Stylus 5G review: A good phone, but Motorola sells better ones

This isn't just the 2021 Moto G Stylus with 5G added. It has a redesigned stylus, more RAM, more storage and comes with a different processor.

Web's source code to be auctioned as NFT, Razer's Project Hazel N95 mask gets launch window

In today's top stories, Sotheby's plans to auction an NFT that includes the web's original source code, Razer offers more details and launch information for its futuristic N95 mask and Airbnb says it's banning landlords from converting eviction properties into rentals.

OnePlus Nord CE is an excellent budget buy

With its solid specs and low price, the Nord CE has a lot to offer.

Nintendo unveils Legend of Zelda Game & Watch gadget

At the Nintendo Direct E3 event, the gaming giant introduces a new Game & Watch device that plays The Legend of Zelda and other classic games.

Gazelle Ultimate C380+ HMB: Review

The C380+ HMB has a robust set of features that set it apart from the many other hybrid commuter e-bikes out there.

Windows 10 support gets an end date, Musk says Tesla will eventually accept clean energy Bitcoin

In today's top stories, Microsoft announces when support will end for Windows 10, Elon Musk clarifies Tesla's tipping point for accepting Bitcoin again, and NASA eyes Halloween for a new mission with SpaceX.

Lawmakers propose antitrust legislation against big tech, new Xbox games are announced at E3 2021

In today's top stories, the US government hopes to reform antitrust laws aimed at big tech, privacy concerns arise over Amazon Sidewalk and new Xbox games debut at E3 2021.

Microsoft unveils Halo Infinite multiplayer trailer at E3 2021

At E3 2021, Microsoft and Bethesda showed new Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay footage for the Xbox exclusive.