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There is only one feed that you need to subscribe to if you wish to automatically receive every video that CNET produces. Here's a hint: It's this one!

There is only one feed that you need to subscribe to if you wish to automatically receive every video that CNET produces. Here's a hint: It's this one!


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There is only one feed that you need to subscribe to if you wish to automatically receive every video that CNET produces. Here's a hint: It's this one!




Review: The Nubia RedMagic 6 has a ridiculous screen

The newest gaming phone packs a 165Hz display, a giant battery and a decent price.

Tech accessibility is lagging. Here's why that needs to change

People with disabilities are often overlooked in product design, shutting millions out. More companies are recognizing the problem.

Lotus Elise: Saying goodbye to an iconic British sports car

In 2021, the final Elise will roll off the production line as Lotus turns its attention to newer models.

Apple shortages, T-Mobile's home internet service

This week's major tech stories include rumours of possible Apple hardware shortages, T-Mobile's home internet service, and E3 going all-digital.

Watch the newest box-stacking robot from Boston Dynamics at work

Stretch is a box-stacking, pallet-moving robot from the company that created the world's most famous robotic dog, Spot.

Union reacts to Amazon defeat

The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union and pro-union Amazon workers react to news that employees in Alabama voted against creating the first unionized Amazon warehouse.

The headphones you wear all day

The Sentien Audio headset is a pair of bone conduction headphones designed for you to wear for prolonged periods. CNET's Iyaz Akhtar tried out a prototype and was quite impressed with its long battery life and comfort.

How Marvel Cinematic tech influenced the GMC Hummer EV's dashboard

We call up the studio behind the superheroic tech in the MCU to learn how it brought a sci-fi flair to the upcoming GMC Hummer EV.

Apple may be facing shortages, Facebook testing labels on Pages

In today's top stories, a new report says that iPads and MacBooks may be running into supply issues. Meanwhile, Facebook hopes to give users better context to what they are reading.

COVID-19 vaccine passports explained

Proving you've been vaccinated could be the key to opening up life, post-COVID. But how do vaccine passports work in practice? And will they keep all your information secure?

Neuralink's latest monkey brain chip demo explained

Elon Musk's Neuralink just implanted a chip in a monkey's brain and demonstrated it playing video games with its mind. The science behind that could be a game-changer.

Sonos Roam: Best mini wireless speaker ever?

The Sonos Roam is small, light and fairly affordable, for a Sonos speaker, at $169. Sonos calls it the best ultraportable wireless speaker ever made. David Carnoy has the full review.

T-Mobile's Home Internet launches, Facebook says massive data leak was a scrape

In today's news, T-Mobile makes its Home Internet service official, Facebook offers more information about a data leak and Twitch adds off-service misconduct to its safety policy.

T-Mobile announces $60 Home Internet is available nationwide

As part of its Un-carrier Next event, T-Mobile's CEO says its no-contract Home Internet service is now available to 30 million US homes.

Samsung's seriously cheap new Androids

The phone giant unveils several phones, including one that barely cracks $100 and a 5G phone that's less than $300. Say hello to the new Samsung A Series.

Super73 S2 vs. Super73 RX electric bikes: Is the RX worth the extra $800?

There's an $800 price difference between the Super73 S2 and Super73 RX, but they're nearly identical. I put these two electric bikes head-to-head to see which one I think is a better buy.

OnePlus Watch: What's in the box?

Our first look at the $159 smartwatch on the wrist.

SpaceX's Starlink closes in on global broadband coverage, E3 announces all-digital show in June

In today's top stories, SpaceX's president says its Starlink satellite internet will cover the globe sooner than expected, E3 reveals its plans for an all-digital conference, and a futuristic face covering called Xupermask is unveiled.

Polestar aims to be climate neutral by 2030

The Polestar 0 Project rethinks vehicle manufacturing to neutralize the company's carbon footprint.

LG stops making phones, GM tests electric Cadillac

In today's top stories, electronics giant LG calls it quits on the phone business. Meanwhile, Cadillac is closer to launching its first electric vehicle, the Lyriq.