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There is only one feed that you need to subscribe to if you wish to automatically receive every video that CNET produces. Here's a hint: It's this one!

There is only one feed that you need to subscribe to if you wish to automatically receive every video that CNET produces. Here's a hint: It's this one!


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There is only one feed that you need to subscribe to if you wish to automatically receive every video that CNET produces. Here's a hint: It's this one!




Pfizer seeks FDA approval, and a Chinese rocket is expected to crash back to Earth

In today's top stories, Pfizer seeks full FDA approval for its COVID-19 vaccine instead of its temporary-use authorization, a Chinese rocket will be crashing back to Earth this weekend, and Google is adding two-step verification to most accounts.

2021 iPad Pro: The best new features

Apple's latest iPad Pro squeezes in a lot of tech in a slim package, like the M1 chip and Thunderbolt. Here's what sets apart the newest iPad Pro from all the rest.

Testing out T-Mobile's home internet service

The carrier's long-awaited home service is here. At $60 a month, it has no data caps and offers speeds from 25 to 100Mbps. But what's it like using it in the real world?

Mark Zuckerberg talks to CNET about the future of VR, fitness, Quest Pro and a Facebook metaverse

Our exclusive conversation digs into how VR has evolved through the pandemic, and how Facebook Horizon and new hardware could open more doors next.

Google ups security for all, Twitter improves image crops

In today's top stories, Google announces it will turn on two-factor authentication for pretty much everyone. Meanwhile, mobile Twitter users will no longer see oddly cropped images in their feeds, thanks to a new update.

Peloton recalls treadmills, Signal and Facebook clash

In today's top stories, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Peloton announce a recall of the Tread Plus and Tread. Meanwhile, Signal claims that Facebook refused to allow a new style of Signal ad on Instagram.

Trump stays banned on Facebook, Twitter invests in ad blocking

In today's top stories, Trump stays suspended from Facebook and Instagram after a decision from Facebook's oversight board, Twitter buys ad blocker Scroll and Dogecoin and Ethereum hit record highs.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a hidden camera?

The latest leaks say that for the first time, Samsung will build an under-display camera into the Fold. That's not all: S-Pen compatibility could be coming to the foldable phone.

Twitter invests in ad blocking, Apple and Epic face off in court

In today's top stories, Twitter buys ad blocker Scroll for its subscription platform, Apple and Epic head to court over the app store and Dogecoin and Ethereum hit record highs.

Ford Explorer gets the off-road treatment with Timberline trim

The dirt-focused Timberline features better suspension, tires and geometry for more fun when the going gets rough.

Foldable iPhone predicted in 2023, Twitter expands Spaces

In today's top stories, An Apple analyst says a foldable iPhone is likely to come in 2023, Twitter expands its Spaces audio chat room to more users, and May the 4th treats Star Wars fans to news and online sales.

Did the AirTags survive our durability test?

How tough are the Apple AirTags? We put them through a series of tests to find out if they can withstand drops, water and freezing cold temperatures.

SpaceX astronauts return, Florida bill questions social media bans

In today's top stories, SpaceX safely splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico, a new Florida bill rejects "deplatforming" political candidates and Riot Games may record voice chats to curb harassment.

New Apple products are available for preorder

In today's top stories, Google Assistant wants to get better at pronouncing unique names, the Uber app can help you schedule (and get to) your COVID vaccination and new Apple products are available for preorder.

How NASA made oxygen on Mars out of thin air

NASA has used the MOXIE instrument on Perseverance to create oxygen on Mars. It was just enough to sustain a Martian astronaut for 10 minutes, but it has huge implications for terraforming the red planet.

Samsung's new Galaxy Book laptops add AMOLED screens, promise future 5G

Lots of options, 13-inch or 15-inch, clamshell or hybrid, starting at $999.

Epic Games v. Apple: Trial preview

One of tech's biggest antitrust trials is about to begin; here's what to expect.

Apple has a stellar quarter, Google to make Assistant smarter

In today's top stories, Apple manages to double its profits and sell a record number of Macs. Meanwhile, Google Assistant will gain the ability to pronounce unique names.

Electric trucks are the hottest kind of electric car

The Tesla Cybertruck and Hummer EV aren't the only ones, but are perhaps the most iconic.

Samsung Unpacked offers new Galaxy devices, Uber adds vaccination appointments feature

In today's top stories, Samsung announces new devices during a digital Unpacked event, Uber updates its app to include vaccine appointments and the CTA announces its plans for CES 2022.