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A fresh Apple tech news podcast from an Australian perspective. Get the latest news, rumours and reviews on Apple iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac and more!

A fresh Apple tech news podcast from an Australian perspective. Get the latest news, rumours and reviews on Apple iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac and more!
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A fresh Apple tech news podcast from an Australian perspective. Get the latest news, rumours and reviews on Apple iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac and more!






Ep 55 - New MacBook Pro, Hands-on Shortcuts, 11” iPad Pro

Surprise! New MacBook Pro models land out of nowhere - get the specs and our reactions on these powerful Pro magnets. Nic delves into the highly anticipated Shortcuts app for iOS 12… how is the first taste of this virtual assistant game-changer? Redesigned and resized, an 11” iPad Pro now expected - we weigh in on the how this size difference affects the tablet line-up. Plus iPhone survival stories and Adobe go cross-platform! It’s all here delivered to your ear - Ep 55 of Apple...


Ep 54 - X-like iPhone 9, iOS 12 Beta Life, Rebuilding Maps

There’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X… so what happened to 9? Simon and Lance give a clearer picture of what to expect in September. A host of new audio hardware may be on the horizon too - AirPods Pro anyone? The guys have been living the beta life for the past week, listing their favourite iOS 12 features and unfortunate (but expected) bugs. Plus Apple remap Maps, rebuild Stores and repair keys - get the juicy info with Apple Slice. Part of the Auscast Network


Ep 53 - USB-C for iPhone, Watch Series 4, Apple TV Subscription

To C or not to C… we ponder the potential switch from Lightning to USB-C in iOS devices. It’s also time to talk Watch with new details on hand. Apple are ramping up a diverse range of original films and series, so when will we see the long-awaited TV subscription service? Nic gets stereo-centric with HomePod and more in a perfectly packaged Apple Slice! Part of the Auscast Network More details at


Ep 52 - WWDC Unpacked: iOS 12, watchOS 5, macOS Mojave, tvOS 12

The WWDC keynote revealed a load of exciting new features coming in iOS 12, watchOS 5, tvOS 12 and macOS Mojave. With just over a day since the main event, Simon and Nic deliver their fresh take and summarise what was presented. Jammed packed with software, no time for hardware! Episode Of The Year? You be the judge - listen to Apple Slice and let us know! Part of the Auscast Network More details at


Bonus Bite - WWDC Wishlist

With WWDC right around the corner, it's time to talk about what we'd like to see announced for iOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS as well as new hardware releases. Simon is joined by returning guest Ty (The Podcast Post) to compare and contrast each other's WWDC Wishlist - will it become reality or is just wishful thinking? Get your "dub-dub" hype on with Bonus Bite by Apple Slice! Part of the Auscast Network More details at WWDC LIVE STREAM TIMES FOR AUSTRALIA...


Ep 51 - Circular Watch, Google I/O Reactions, Face ID Future

What if Apple went circular for the Watch? Simon and Nic discuss UI and hardware struggles of this recently approved patent. Also, with Google I/O and the viral Duplex demo hitting headlines, the guys handpick highlights from the event… but what does it mean for Apple and user privacy? Plus, the next step for Face ID and iMac’s 20th birthday. Prepare your ears for another episode of Apple Slice! Part of the Auscast Network More details at


Ep 50 - AirPort Ends, Not-So “Doomed” iPhone X, Apple Leaks Run Dry

While Apple boast a thriving array of products, a handful are left stagnant with no sign of change. Apple’s decision to officially discontinue the AirPort line raises a few points worth getting off the runway. Simon and Nic reveal interesting sales stats for Q2 2018, with one tackling the so-called “doomed” iPhone X. A major source for Apple tech rumours leaves, so what will this mean for the often misleading tech clickbait headline? Plus Apple Watch survival and SE 2 in the wild! Jump...


Bonus Bite - Social Podcast App ‘Breaker’ with CEO Erik Berlin

Finding a podcast player with the right balance of design, function and suitability for your listening habits may prove to be a tricky process. This is where Erik Berlin and crew cruise in with ‘Breaker’ - the social podcast app. In this Bonus Bite, Simon rides the ‘Breaker’ wave as Erik (Breaker CEO) drops tech talk on the design, development and vision of this exciting social-centric podcast player. Give it a go right here. A podcast pro with tech insight, all wrapped up in a Bonus...


Ep 49 - Gold iPhone X + SE 2, Watch Face Future, Meet Daisy

With rumours at an all-time high, backed by new evidence, could we finally see a second iPhone SE? Then the FCC casually reveal a Gold iPhone X… so what happened to it? Simon and Nic delve into what’s next for Apple Watch Faces - could it be an exciting expansion or mighty mess? Liam also becomes Daisy (well, sort of) with an enhanced iPhone recycling system both good for the planet and the consumer. Plus a ‘red herring’ from Tim Cook? Don’t just read about it… listen about it! Just...


Bonus Bite - iOS 12 Concept: Behind the Scenes with iupdateos

In the tech space, concept videos ebb and flow - some questionable and others outstanding. On April 6, an exciting new iOS 12 concept was launched courtesy of iupdateos - what set this apart from others was the attention to detail married with features that could very well appear at WWDC 18. In this Bonus Bite, Simon speaks to the mastermind behind this concept. Sam (iupdateos) was happy to jump on board and provide a behind-the-scenes look at how his vision for iOS 12 came to life. It's...


Ep 48 - (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 8, Mac Pro, Google-fied Siri

With rumours flying high of a new iPhone X colour, Apple launch the speccy (PRODUCT)RED iPhone… 8 and 8 Plus. Simon and Nic cover what’s different this time around plus new accessories that continue to support The Global Fund. Interesting new details arise of the ’modular’ Mac Pro release, and Apple’s internal ‘Pro Workflow Team’ - exclusive article here. Apple also acquire some VIPs from Google and Amazon backgrounds - what will their roles be, and should we expect big changes in the...


Ep 47 - Event Wrap-up: New iPad + Pencil in Education

Surprise! ICYMI, Apple just held an exclusive education event in Chicago. Simon and Nic drop deets on the powerful new 9.7” iPad, Pencil support, iWork updates and other sweet school extras. Plus a host of flavourful Watch Bands and Sleeves to expand your collection. It’s a tech after-school special - it’s Apple Slice! Part of the Auscast Network More details at