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Is Apple the Van Halen of Podcasting?

Today I am joined by Super Joe Pardo who is a podcaster, author, and the man behind Podcast Mid Atlantic. Van Halen is a band that was huge in the 80's. They are a huge Hall of Fame band. Yet they do not communicate with their audience AT ALL. You never really know who is in the band, are they recording, are they touring, etc. They are radio silence and with the new wave of people getting kicked out of Apple, with many people wondering how many downloads does it take to get stats, is Apple...


Don't Get Bitter - Get Better: Podcast Charts

Jim's appearance on the Podcast Engineering School Show 3:22 The Joys of Coming Home 4:48 Austrailia Reflections There are No Kolala Bears - Know Your Audience 12:54 Are Charts Healthy? Do We NEED Podcast Charts? 16:52 Jim discovers its best to be yourself 21:04 Podtrac and their "industry charts" 22:45 Don't Get Bitter Get Better 23:46 Latin Podcast Awards were last night 24:40 Our Awesome Subscribers 26:24 Facebook Group Dedicated to Feedback for Your Show 33:46 Emily's Book is...


Are There Too Many Podcasts?

Today on episode 230 we are joined by Emily Prokop who has her book "The Story Behind" launching next week and is the host of the Story Behind Podcast and an editor at Epodcast Productions Reminder: No Show Next week Dave binge listened on Making Oprah (now renamed Making Obama) 4:42 Are there too many podcasts? 10:43 If you borrow a style of someone who is no longer doing a show.... (the Led Zepplin approach) 12:00 Emily's new book "Drops" on Monday ORDER TODAY 16:30 Do we need...


Rejected by Apple Podcasts

Today we are joined by John Bukenas from Audio Editing Solutions 2:50 Finding your saved Facebook posts are at 3:52 Audiograms? 8:50 What do I put in the author tag for Apple? 12:10 the Band Hammer from Apple 15:36 What do you do with TV shows? 23:08 Underdog Podcasting - Condensor vs Dynamic Microphones 24:0 Do I need a mixer, what is a mixer 25:20 Podcast Experts: Is this a bad word? 26:14 Monthly Squats don't mean anything 29:52 Are Podcast Gurus being...


Apple's Recommended File Format

To we are joined by Chris Nesi of 2:00 My listener is somewhat abusive, how do I handle this? 9:50 Apple Recommended AAC over Mp3 see 12:57 Hindenburg allows you to make chapter markers in mp3 files - should I use them? 18:15 Calendar and planning ahead 18:20 Do you have a show calendar? 22:30 Hearing other people talk about you, should I change the name of the Podcast Rodeo show? 30:08 Burt Reynolds...


How Much Data is Enough Data for Apple Podcasts Connect?

2:28 Most if the time when I listen to a podcast, I am giving it my undivided attention (I might be walking, etc, but my brain is only focused on the podcast) 12:32 Minor issues with Chat wing 13:52 Miss Ilene wants to know what the criteria is to see your stats in 28:32 Does Simplecast make Dave's list of media hosts? (They do something to my file) 30:30 Podbean's ad insertion tool 32:20 Unique vs Total Downloads 38:30 Kim from Sound...


Podcast Interviews Are Harder Than They Look

Today on episode 226 of Ask the Podcast coach we talk about the following topics: Dave shares a little about Podcast mid-Atlantic 4:10 Mike and Jim were twins earing The Story Behind Podcast as we prepare for her book launch 6:15 Always press record on the player 6:45 Big Online Summits Where You Can Speak and what it really means 10:45 Podcast Junkies is a great example of conversational interviews 11:45 Live podcasting keeps you on your toes 16:21 Over prepare for your episode when...


Always Tap on Your Mic

Jim shares a story about how his recording on the Podcasting For Radio Dummies where he accidentally use his camera as a microphone. 5:10 Blue Snoballs and Blue Yeti Nano Review 13:28 The Mixer Buzzing Problem 13:44 What happens when you go over the free messages at Slick Text? 16:12 Stats on Shout Engine and 22:30 Subscribe tools that subscribe to podcast and email? (Slick text) 23:50 Dave uses Zapier to automate things 26:23 Text Expander and Divi add automation as...


Be Careful Joining a Podcast Network

1:00 DILLY DILLY How adding stories to football makes me want to watch it more 4:55 Should I join a podcast network? 12:10 Hardware deals from Jim 17:25 a Discussion of OneDrive from Microsoft mentioned 24:00 Thoughts on relying on your guest to promote your show (from Josh) Mentioned: Stop Chasing Influencers: The True Path To Building Your Business and Living Your Dream 29:15 SP from the network shares insights into the Gonna Geek Network. 44:25 Thanks...


Solving Podcasting's Discovery Problem

2:06 Optimized Podcast Workflow - Show Notes First 5:43 Why did Rob Sanchez not stand up for podcasting on the Word From Mouth when they say there is a discovery problem 8:00 Proving there is no discovery problem in podcasting 12:48 Gary V on launching your podcast 21:00 Be Yourself - Ronnie James Dio 28:46 My last episode was not great 34:27 Our Awesome Supporters 36:00 The Story Behind Book almost released 38:20 Boats on YouTube 42:00 Repurposing your content 47:00 The Dave and...


Podcasting From Nashville

Emerald City Productions Tour 8:30 The Nashville Podcasters Meetup 11:20 Meetup Tips. 16:20 Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters 18:29 People get all of your episodes when they subscribe 22:01 Are people overthinking it? 27:47 the Blue Yeti has a RIGHT setting? - The Accessories are super expensive 33:23 Bossjock with Multiple volume issues - solution? Ferrite Recording Studio for iPad 37:04 Uploading to Auphonic, is the desktop better? 40:25 the Ease of Use of the Mix...


Scheduling Your Podcast Episode

4:00 Scheduling your episodes for the future 6:00 Having Alexa remind you to go to bed 8:25 Huckster! ( see ) 9:33 My first episode got so-so feedback. Podcasting is like bowling 16:00 Find your best talents and use those 18:45 Guess the microphone 24:55 USing Questions to help determine who can join your facebook group 26:33 Dave uses a DBX 286and loves it. 29:19 Sound Devices did a classy thing 30:55 Which Website to use? MIx Pre-63 $649 Mix Ore-6...


Hall of Fame Reflections

Daniel (from the audacity to podcast ) did a great job of inducting Dave into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame 3:55 There were a ton of new people at Podcast Movement 2018 5:45 Jim talks about how Dave did a "greatest hits" version of his speech which was inspired by Craig from 7:40 Dave's mouth wouldn't work during his speech 17:20 Dave got a free microphone from they have a lower priced version at...


Tips on Attending Conferences

Jim had a busy schedule of a wedding and a HUGE conference 2:42 Taking time off from your podcast 4:44 Moving from to (Dave recommends Siteground for hosting), and Generatepress, and Divi for Themes. For backup check out Manage WP 13"04 Why instead of 15:46 Podcast Movement Tips 23:00 Office Lens to Manage Business Cards by taking pictures of them see...


Don't Think Sponsor - Think Partner

Today we are joined by an old friend Steve Stewart of Steve has been podcasting for a while and now does editing for other podcasters full time. He also has a course on Audacity 2:00 Steve's history and the reality of working from home 3:40 Sponsorships - Partnerships 11:20 Host Reads need to be entertaining 13:08 Where is all the "bad" information coming from? 15:44 People are obsessed with...


Should I Buy A Wordpress Theme For My Podcast?

Did anyone notice the weird noise in last week's episode? Drive my car by the Beatles, you can't un-hear the cowbell 4:45 What do you do with bad audio? 7:25 Should I buy a Wordpress Theme for My Website? Dave loves the Generate Press theme. It's $39 for unlimited websites. Other Themes discussed Divi and Thrive 13:25 Emily Prokop from The Story Behind wants to know if other companies will make an Amazon Skill (besides Libsyn) 18:50 Secure RSS feeds SLL Certificates 23:14 Getting a...


Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

1:50 Would you move to a new media host for "more exposure." 5:25 Super Sexy websites for Media Hosts does not mean they are a good host 7:10 Castbox seems to not have an understanding of how podcasting works 18:16 Dealing with Imposter Syndrome 26:11 Practice interviewing by interviewing your parents 30:37 Using the Nox Android emulator with Bill from See video at 39:16 Thanks to our Awesome Supporters. Become an awesome supporter by...


Google Podcasts App - Will Google Get It Right?

1:34 Remote Recording, how do we connect headphones? Voicemeeter Bana Mackie ProFX8 (4 XLR Inputs) Headphones Splitter Cable Zoom H6 4 input recorder Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX Mixer ($99) 2 XLR inputs Atr2100 Microphone Desktop Boom Arm Art Headphone Amp Behringer HA400 Stereo Headphone Amplifier 13:46 Do you need Pamela if you have a portable recorder? Dave has been using Squadcast which records both sides of a conversation and then you mix them together You can get a basic...


The Problem With Podcast Facebook Groups

Questions? 888-563-3228 1:40 What is Bingo? Check out 3:40 What would you do with $500? Zoom H6 $349 DBX 286 $199 Podcast Rodeo Show Heil PR40 16:20 Dave Ventures back to the 1940's 18:40 14 Years of Podcasting and how things have changed over time 20:05 If you tell them they will come (with permission) 26:14 The Problem With Podcast Facebook Groups 32:10 Updates From Apple Keynote - Don't spam the carts 34:05 Talking bingo 35:28 Thank you to our awesome...


550,000 Podcasts in Apple Delivering 50 Billion Downloads

2:14 Should I do a podcast under my umbrella and work with a client who has a large audience, or should I do the podcast for them so it goes to that big audience, but now I would need to get approval for content. 10:44 The "giant" commitment of a podcast launch 13:48 550,000 podcasts in Apple Podcasts Read Story 18:42 Should I start a podcast? Everyone is ahead of me... 16:56 Howard Stern Interview on Netflix on David Letterman show 21:14 Jm and Emily listen to each other's show 23:06...