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How Much Data is Enough Data for Apple Podcasts Connect?

2:28 Most if the time when I listen to a podcast, I am giving it my undivided attention (I might be walking, etc, but my brain is only focused on the podcast) 12:32 Minor issues with Chat wing 13:52 Miss Ilene wants to know what the criteria is to see your stats in 28:32 Does Simplecast make Dave's list of media hosts? (They do something to my file) 30:30 Podbean's ad insertion tool 32:20 Unique vs Total Downloads 38:30 Kim from Sound...


Podcast Interviews Are Harder Than They Look

Today on episode 226 of Ask the Podcast coach we talk about the following topics: Dave shares a little about Podcast mid-Atlantic 4:10 Mike and Jim were twins earing The Story Behind Podcast as we prepare for her book launch 6:15 Always press record on the player 6:45 Big Online Summits Where You Can Speak and what it really means 10:45 Podcast Junkies is a great example of conversational interviews 11:45 Live podcasting keeps you on your toes 16:21 Over prepare for your episode when...


Always Tap on Your Mic

Jim shares a story about how his recording on the Podcasting For Radio Dummies where he accidentally use his camera as a microphone. 5:10 Blue Snoballs and Blue Yeti Nano Review 13:28 The Mixer Buzzing Problem 13:44 What happens when you go over the free messages at Slick Text? 16:12 Stats on Shout Engine and 22:30 Subscribe tools that subscribe to podcast and email? (Slick text) 23:50 Dave uses Zapier to automate things 26:23 Text Expander and Divi add automation as...


Be Careful Joining a Podcast Network

1:00 DILLY DILLY How adding stories to football makes me want to watch it more 4:55 Should I join a podcast network? 12:10 Hardware deals from Jim 17:25 a Discussion of OneDrive from Microsoft mentioned 24:00 Thoughts on relying on your guest to promote your show (from Josh) Mentioned: Stop Chasing Influencers: The True Path To Building Your Business and Living Your Dream 29:15 SP from the network shares insights into the Gonna Geek Network. 44:25 Thanks...


Solving Podcasting's Discovery Problem

2:06 Optimized Podcast Workflow - Show Notes First 5:43 Why did Rob Sanchez not stand up for podcasting on the Word From Mouth when they say there is a discovery problem 8:00 Proving there is no discovery problem in podcasting 12:48 Gary V on launching your podcast 21:00 Be Yourself - Ronnie James Dio 28:46 My last episode was not great 34:27 Our Awesome Supporters 36:00 The Story Behind Book almost released 38:20 Boats on YouTube 42:00 Repurposing your content 47:00 The Dave and...


Podcasting From Nashville

Emerald City Productions Tour 8:30 The Nashville Podcasters Meetup 11:20 Meetup Tips. 16:20 Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters 18:29 People get all of your episodes when they subscribe 22:01 Are people overthinking it? 27:47 the Blue Yeti has a RIGHT setting? - The Accessories are super expensive 33:23 Bossjock with Multiple volume issues - solution? Ferrite Recording Studio for iPad 37:04 Uploading to Auphonic, is the desktop better? 40:25 the Ease of Use of the Mix...


Scheduling Your Podcast Episode

4:00 Scheduling your episodes for the future 6:00 Having Alexa remind you to go to bed 8:25 Huckster! ( see ) 9:33 My first episode got so-so feedback. Podcasting is like bowling 16:00 Find your best talents and use those 18:45 Guess the microphone 24:55 USing Questions to help determine who can join your facebook group 26:33 Dave uses a DBX 286and loves it. 29:19 Sound Devices did a classy thing 30:55 Which Website to use? MIx Pre-63 $649 Mix Ore-6...


Hall of Fame Reflections

Daniel (from the audacity to podcast ) did a great job of inducting Dave into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame 3:55 There were a ton of new people at Podcast Movement 2018 5:45 Jim talks about how Dave did a "greatest hits" version of his speech which was inspired by Craig from 7:40 Dave's mouth wouldn't work during his speech 17:20 Dave got a free microphone from they have a lower priced version at...


Tips on Attending Conferences

Jim had a busy schedule of a wedding and a HUGE conference 2:42 Taking time off from your podcast 4:44 Moving from to (Dave recommends Siteground for hosting), and Generatepress, and Divi for Themes. For backup check out Manage WP 13"04 Why instead of 15:46 Podcast Movement Tips 23:00 Office Lens to Manage Business Cards by taking pictures of them see...


Don't Think Sponsor - Think Partner

Today we are joined by an old friend Steve Stewart of Steve has been podcasting for a while and now does editing for other podcasters full time. He also has a course on Audacity 2:00 Steve's history and the reality of working from home 3:40 Sponsorships - Partnerships 11:20 Host Reads need to be entertaining 13:08 Where is all the "bad" information coming from? 15:44 People are obsessed with...


Should I Buy A Wordpress Theme For My Podcast?

Did anyone notice the weird noise in last week's episode? Drive my car by the Beatles, you can't un-hear the cowbell 4:45 What do you do with bad audio? 7:25 Should I buy a Wordpress Theme for My Website? Dave loves the Generate Press theme. It's $39 for unlimited websites. Other Themes discussed Divi and Thrive 13:25 Emily Prokop from The Story Behind wants to know if other companies will make an Amazon Skill (besides Libsyn) 18:50 Secure RSS feeds SLL Certificates 23:14 Getting a...


Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

1:50 Would you move to a new media host for "more exposure." 5:25 Super Sexy websites for Media Hosts does not mean they are a good host 7:10 Castbox seems to not have an understanding of how podcasting works 18:16 Dealing with Imposter Syndrome 26:11 Practice interviewing by interviewing your parents 30:37 Using the Nox Android emulator with Bill from See video at 39:16 Thanks to our Awesome Supporters. Become an awesome supporter by...


Google Podcasts App - Will Google Get It Right?

1:34 Remote Recording, how do we connect headphones? Voicemeeter Bana Mackie ProFX8 (4 XLR Inputs) Headphones Splitter Cable Zoom H6 4 input recorder Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX Mixer ($99) 2 XLR inputs Atr2100 Microphone Desktop Boom Arm Art Headphone Amp Behringer HA400 Stereo Headphone Amplifier 13:46 Do you need Pamela if you have a portable recorder? Dave has been using Squadcast which records both sides of a conversation and then you mix them together You can get a basic...


The Problem With Podcast Facebook Groups

Questions? 888-563-3228 1:40 What is Bingo? Check out 3:40 What would you do with $500? Zoom H6 $349 DBX 286 $199 Podcast Rodeo Show Heil PR40 16:20 Dave Ventures back to the 1940's 18:40 14 Years of Podcasting and how things have changed over time 20:05 If you tell them they will come (with permission) 26:14 The Problem With Podcast Facebook Groups 32:10 Updates From Apple Keynote - Don't spam the carts 34:05 Talking bingo 35:28 Thank you to our awesome...


550,000 Podcasts in Apple Delivering 50 Billion Downloads

2:14 Should I do a podcast under my umbrella and work with a client who has a large audience, or should I do the podcast for them so it goes to that big audience, but now I would need to get approval for content. 10:44 The "giant" commitment of a podcast launch 13:48 550,000 podcasts in Apple Podcasts Read Story 18:42 Should I start a podcast? Everyone is ahead of me... 16:56 Howard Stern Interview on Netflix on David Letterman show 21:14 Jm and Emily listen to each other's show 23:06...


Can I Be On Your Podcast?

Questions? 888-563-3228 Dave is being inducted into the Academy of Podcasts Hall of Fame 5:50 What questions can you ask to keep the conversation going with your emailers? 12:02 How do I ask the be on a podcast? 25:40 What's the deal with ? 28:30 helps you find guests and helps you be found 30:26 Thanks to all our Awesome supporters. Become a supporter today 34:56 is having a synchronized watching of a Cubs...


How Many Podcast Subscribers Do I Have?

Got a Question? 888-563-3228 4:25 Splitting up a long interview 7:45 Conferences and virtual tickets 11:15 Live Streaming 28:05 Health Documentaries 31:46 Ringr Review / Weird Issues With Google Hangouts / Auphonic / 35:44 Zencastr is getting better... 36:36 How many Subscribers Do you Have? 39:20 Submitting your show to apps Podbean submission form 42:08 limits uploads 45:20 stats 54:50 Andoird devices are not all the same Post...


Is there an App Gap?

More (epic Film guys) 3:42 What is the cheapest setup to record two people without latency? Zoom H2 Rode Lavalier microphones 7:24 What should I take to Podcast Movement? 12:22 Updating a File that I've already published 16:02 New Google Search Widget Update they only want one. 17:34 Audioboom has four weeks left 23:14 supposed to be the biggest library of audio...*sigh* 27:00 Thanks to our supporters 27:50 App Gap? Do I Need My Own App? You can...


Talking Dirty

Today on episode 209 Dave Jackson and Jim Collison are joined by a live chat room to talk about the following subjects Mother's Day is Tomorrow 2:30 Should You Podcast Angry? 8:30 The Seven Dirty Words 11:15 Distorted View Daily 15:15 Should I upload in Mono or Stereo 20:40 Microphone Technique 22:44 29:48 Thanks to our Awesome Supporters 30:36 Google Search 33:48 Transcription dave has been using 40:00 Why are We texting? 42:00 What is the average...


Computer Hardware Discussion

Got a Question for the Show? 888-563-3228 2:00 Why was there no episode last week? 2:40 Should I go directly into the computer with a USB microphone or use the H6 as an interface. 2:50 Do not update to Windows 1803 update 7:40 Anti-virus discussion 16:3o Utah Podcast Summit 20:20 Our Patron Supporters 31:13 Taking Your Podcast On Tour Need Help With Your Podcast Click Here to Work With Dave