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The Problem With Podcast Facebook Groups

Questions? 888-563-3228 1:40 What is Bingo? Check out 3:40 What would you do with $500? Zoom H6 $349 DBX 286 $199 Podcast Rodeo Show Heil PR40 16:20 Dave Ventures back to the 1940's 18:40 14 Years of Podcasting and how things have changed over time 20:05 If you tell them they will come (with permission) 26:14 The Problem With Podcast Facebook Groups 32:10 Updates From Apple Keynote - Don't spam the carts 34:05 Talking bingo 35:28 Thank you to our awesome...


550,000 Podcasts in Apple Delivering 50 Billion Downloads

2:14 Should I do a podcast under my umbrella and work with a client who has a large audience, or should I do the podcast for them so it goes to that big audience, but now I would need to get approval for content. 10:44 The "giant" commitment of a podcast launch 13:48 550,000 podcasts in Apple Podcasts Read Story 18:42 Should I start a podcast? Everyone is ahead of me... 16:56 Howard Stern Interview on Netflix on David Letterman show 21:14 Jm and Emily listen to each other's...


Can I Be On Your Podcast?

Questions? 888-563-3228 Dave is being inducted into the Academy of Podcasts Hall of Fame 5:50 What questions can you ask to keep the conversation going with your emailers? 12:02 How do I ask the be on a podcast? 25:40 What's the deal with ? 28:30 helps you find guests and helps you be found 30:26 Thanks to all our Awesome supporters. Become a supporter today 34:56 is having a synchronized watching of a...


How Many Podcast Subscribers Do I Have?

Got a Question? 888-563-3228 4:25 Splitting up a long interview 7:45 Conferences and virtual tickets 11:15 Live Streaming 28:05 Health Documentaries 31:46 Ringr Review / Weird Issues With Google Hangouts / Auphonic / 35:44 Zencastr is getting better... 36:36 How many Subscribers Do you Have? 39:20 Submitting your show to apps Podbean submission form 42:08 limits uploads 45:20 stats 54:50 Andoird devices are not all the...


Is there an App Gap?

More (epic Film guys) 3:42 What is the cheapest setup to record two people without latency? Zoom H2 Rode Lavalier microphones 7:24 What should I take to Podcast Movement? 12:22 Updating a File that I've already published 16:02 New Google Search Widget Update they only want one. 17:34 Audioboom has four weeks left 23:14 supposed to be the biggest library of audio...*sigh* 27:00 Thanks to our supporters 27:50 App Gap? Do I Need My Own App? You...


Talking Dirty

Today on episode 209 Dave Jackson and Jim Collison are joined by a live chat room to talk about the following subjects Mother's Day is Tomorrow 2:30 Should You Podcast Angry? 8:30 The Seven Dirty Words 11:15 Distorted View Daily 15:15 Should I upload in Mono or Stereo 20:40 Microphone Technique 22:44 29:48 Thanks to our Awesome Supporters 30:36 Google Search 33:48 Transcription dave has been using 40:00 Why are We texting? 42:00 What is the average...


Computer Hardware Discussion

Got a Question for the Show? 888-563-3228 2:00 Why was there no episode last week? 2:40 Should I go directly into the computer with a USB microphone or use the H6 as an interface. 2:50 Do not update to Windows 1803 update 7:40 Anti-virus discussion 16:3o Utah Podcast Summit 20:20 Our Patron Supporters 31:13 Taking Your Podcast On Tour Need Help With Your Podcast Click Here to Work With Dave


Stickers are Cool

Comments / Questions 888-563-3228 1:55 YouTube vs Podcasting for a School 12:12 What to do when you run out of Room on Soundcloud 13:00 Collaborative Show Notes? 15:00 One Person Can Ruin a Group (Voxer) 27:38 Speakpipe works on androids. FlipgridPadlet 29:30 Shindig events New platform we will try 35:30 Thanks to our awesome supporters 36:00 Stickers? Sticker Mule 39:00 I made $6 with T-shirts! vis teepublic 40:16 When you get pitched a bad sponsor 45:30 Voxnest may be...


To YouTube or Not to YouTube Your Podcast

Got a Question? 888-563-3228 1:10 Is there anything wrong with this clip? 3:40 Does Phantom Power Hurt an RE320? 13:43 It's OK To Sound Like You 20:21 Building Community Via iTunes Reviews Jeff Brown Input: What is a way you've maximized iTunes ratings and reviews that you'd recommend others consider? Mathew Passy The best way I have seen someone maximize their use of ratings and reviews is Dan Cummins Timesuck Podcast. For every 100 reviews posted, he releases a special bonus...


I Need a 4 Input Audio Device for Podcasting

1:42 I need an interface with 4 USB inputs Zoom H6 $349 Audiobox from Presonus Scarlet 18i8 $349 The Sound Devices MixPre-3 is $649 and the MixPre-6 is $899 Presonus Ar8 $400 8:46 Alex Inc has aired the first episode 12:34 Apple released a new version of Safari that broke some things 13:16 How do Podcasters Shoot themselves in the Foot? 16:38 Is the Lame Encoder upgraded when you upgrade Audacity 25:34...


People Are Deleting Facebook, Are You?

This show was plagued with technical issues with Dave finally powering up the world's slowest Laptop to do the show. Hence, no music in the show. Dealing with Technical Challenges 3:45 Windows 10 update 5:10 Deleting Facebook 18:35 Mastodon New Platform? 25:15 Forums vs Facebook 26:50 Thanks to our Awesome Supporters 28:30 Making Your site compliant for people who are visually impaired 34:40 Things that podcasters do who waste their time 38:00 Dave's...


Creative Ways To Start Your Podcast Episode

Happy St Patricks Day and March Madness 4:15 What Happens if I wake up tomorrow with a million downloads? 07:00 What would you do if you have $1000 dollars 11:55 Listening to podcasters Faster 13:15 Finding Money to Pay For Your Podcast 14:30 How many mixers do you have? 15:45 Dave ponders cutting his cable TV 16:55 Spending money on equipment you are testing 19:15 Creative way to start off without sounding cheezy 27:30 We all want to be good, but do we want feedback? 31:10...


How is this Crappy Show More Popular Than Mine?

Got a question? call it in 888-563-3228 (courtesy of ) 12:50 Matt from the Author Inside You joins us with some questions 17:12 is this too niche? 23:18 Becoming the official podcast of an event 34:43 What lights are you using? 36:44 Dave Handles a Bad Pitch By Narking on the Company 38:09 Awesome Supporters 42:00 Accessing the Post show and Bonus Content 45:00 making a video for Amazon 49:00 What Makes Dave Really Mad Connect with Jim at...


Temi - Transcripts For 10 Cents a Minute

Dave and Jim are joined by Emily Prokop from The Story Behind Podcast and E Podcast productions to talk all things podcasting 2:12 the 70 Million that Twitter gave Soundcloud is never coming back. 3:55 Squarespace makes it harder to leave them for an actual media host 7:00 The basic Libsyn page ( see ) 10:45 The computer skill of new podcasters 15:00 Does being an editor make you less patient? 16:30 is still a bad idea 23:07 Transcripts -...


Your Podcast Launch

Call in your questions 888-563-3228 Quick Podfest Reflections - Nice Back Fat Stephen from Mic 8:21 Your Podcast Launch 27:01 Thanks to our Awesome Supporters 28:08 What was up with Dave's voice on the School of Podcasting 32:32 Audacity Tips? 34:17 I'm So sorry about your cat 36:20 SHotgoun microphones 38:12 We have a weird sound glitch 38:48 41:17 Best part of Podfest 44:49 Preserving Audio with 46:29 Live...


New Tools From Voxnest With Rob Greenlee

2:30 The New Mixer Review 8:27 Thanks for the Awesome Supporters 12:10 Rob Explains and Dynamo Dynamic Ad Insertion 60/40 split 19:45 What if you have ads on Spreaker? 23:00 Having a Launch on a certain day 26:25 Podcamp Toronto - Need a Passport? 27:45 Podsumit in Canada 28:20 Interviewing On Site 33:05 What to bring to your first event 38:40 What's the biggest podcast hurdle? 44:05 Formatting and outlines for an episode


Just a Podcaster

To Dave is Joined by Jeff From Dave has a new mixer the Presonus AR-12 and it has been a little overkill to get everything going this week 3:16 Dave is not happy with the mixer's volume on the input 6:56 Jeff has helped produce podcasts for Microsoft. 10:34 Podcasting Cures Cancer 12:16 Dave is sporting the Just a Podcaster T-shirt from thanks to Jim Harold for the shirt. Check out for help with Design. 15:00 Podcast...


Cool Portable Mixer Behringer Xenyx 1002B

Nick Seuberling from Cincinnati Soccer Talk joins us this week as Dave dusts off his award 2:15 Gear Talk: HOw do you record multiple people on location on the road? Nick is using the BEHRINGER XENYX 1002B 09:15 Quitting a show that is getting thousands of downloads per episode 17:10 Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters on Patreon. Become an Awesome Support and keep the lights on 18:30 Spotify is creating a new format for podcasts that mixes images with audio.... 24:50 Spotify is...


Wine and Mixer Don't Mix

Jim's new mixer the Mackie PROFX8V2 after accidentally dumping an entire glass of wine into the mixer. The V2 may have better preamps. The PROFX4V2 is $119 but not USB. Jim loves the Alesis Multimix 4 USB FX is one of Jim's favorite Smaller boards. USB devices d mix minus automatic, but you can't split the track. 10:50 Dave forgot to press record (this is the auphonic file run through auphonic). 12:00 Mixer vs USB Interface like a Scarlett 2i2 interface 14:20 Behringer Mixers...


Racing to the Bottom With Podcasting CPM

IT'S FREEZING! 2:35 Bernie the Cat is No Longer With Us 7:15 Planning For Your Podcast If You Die 12:16 Planning For your Success 18:00 Dave got added to a bunch of emails lists that he didn't sign up 18:57 Are we catering to the CPM model too quickly? Getting .0002 cents per download 25:11 Sponsors vs Selling Your Own Products 29:56 What about Affiliate Links? 36:24 Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters (join today and get bonus content 41:31 Am I going to Get a Pet? 43:09 Take some...