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By and for the Blind, audio reviews and tutorials on the things we're passionate about. Assistive tech from Apple's Mac & iOS to reviews on the latest bespoke devices from @iBlindTech, @TheBlurredNerd and @TheDarkKayaker.

By and for the Blind, audio reviews and tutorials on the things we're passionate about. Assistive tech from Apple's Mac & iOS to reviews on the latest bespoke devices from @iBlindTech, @TheBlurredNerd and @TheDarkKayaker.


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By and for the Blind, audio reviews and tutorials on the things we're passionate about. Assistive tech from Apple's Mac & iOS to reviews on the latest bespoke devices from @iBlindTech, @TheBlurredNerd and @TheDarkKayaker.






Introducing the Koshi Chimes - AP128

These hand crafted chimes make a wonderful gift for a birthday, or for a loved one for whom the perfect Christmas gift is hard to find. Choose fromAir, Water, Earth, Fire, or perhaps all four.


Amazon's Apple Audio Predictions - AP127

Hey, I added chapters, don't expect show notes as well. But really, thanks for listening.


It's in the Air - AP126

We take a look at what's all over the news, well at least our news feeds, Apple's new MacBook Air, and get side tracked on a few other techie topics.


Jordie Howell - Vocal Adventure - The Holman Prize Pitch

You can help Jordie with her Holman Prize pitch by going to her Youtube video and clicking like Thank-you so much for your support with this. Rationale My dream is to record a CD featuring works by blind composers, Australian composers, and works that are more familiar. I plan to travel to my pianist Penny Cashman in Adelaide for rehearsals, to the UK later in the year for coachings with specialists in the classical music field, and to record the finished product in Melbourne at Move...


TART 2019 Christmas Special - The Gentleman's Edition

Merry Christmas folks. Support OSARA development by buying the Christmas Everywhere album. Take a listen to Komiti’s This Is My Time on Apple Music or search KOMITI on your favourite platform.


Mopping Up Ed Murrow, Appointment Setting and Making a Tart - TART10

We welcome back Derek to show us what he achieved with the work and lurk. Ed Murrow before and after clean up is spectacular. Satauna tells us about the most accessible appointment setting service she has found and Garth takes us briefly through the workflow of putting together an episode of Tarts. Links: Lanes Audio You Can Book Me Audio Hijack Reaper


Work and Lurk, Logos and Lamentation - TART09

On this episode we are joined by Derek Lane and discuss an idea he and Scott had to improve their propensity to getting stuff done. Will it work?


WWDC 2019 in Review with former Apple's Senior Director, Brett Halle - AP125

The Audio Pizza team are joined by Brett Halle to discuss the details of Apple's WWDC2019. Brett offers a unique insight in to some of the implications of the wide ranging announcements at this years conference.


Scott Gets Sticky, Satauna Gets Rich, Garth Gets Ribbed, and Matt Doesn't Get Punched TART08

I really didn't feel like doing show notes, so I didn't.


Prolific Overthinking, Progress Roundups, and Starting Sticky Practice – TART07

Finally another session of TART has arrived after much machinations. Scott explains why he was having so much trouble with his podcast editing goals and his success with Wolf Garden. There’s updates on all our goals, and Scott starts sticky practice. This has nothing to do with his sticky fingers after eating his birthday cake.


Fat µGlasses, Embracing The Dark - AP124

The usual crew along with a special guest star takes an ever darkening look at life with Retinitis Pigmentosa, with their usual insightful, witty and heart warming perspectives. Ok, yeah, they are just chatting and laughing about walking into poles, but they do cover some topics that might make you feel that you are not alone with all the literal headaches of RP. For more information on RP, check out the Foundation for Fighting Blindness at


Fast Auditions and Even Faster Albums – – TART 06

Making a Record with Matt (Four Nights in Heaven) or , 4 N.I.H. as the cool kids say and we learn how Satauna lands her work.


Don't Feed The Seagulls, Marry Matt, or Join a Band With Scott - TART05

Circus (the song you heard in this episode) has an animation video on YouTube Fancy buying a copy? It’s on all the stores, or you can pick what to pay here: The band are on Facebook. This is where Scott is currently testing the water with less traditional content to see what works, so expect some fairly funny stuff and many epic fails: If you really really want to (actually, make that “have to”) you can write to TMH using and one of them will probably remember to...


Predicting 2019 - AP123

Well, it's another predictions show. I know you've probably heard enough of them, but if you want to know what's really going to happen, bunker down.


Matt’s Hats, Mince Pies, and Christmas TARTS – Session 4

Matt explains his obsession with high hats, Scott has so many reasons and Satauna, well she’s as lovely as usual, but still no Windows on her Mac.