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The Zen of Blockchain- and the Tyranny of the 51 percent

Description: Glen talks with Rob Viglione, Co-Founder of blockchain platform ZenCash, about their public and private model, why they’re not pursuing an ICO, and the recent “51% attack” against them. Also, the latest on GDPR and Visa’s Fretful Friday. The ZenCash website: More detail on “51% attacks”: Wired’s story on Visa’s EU outage:...


Disruptive Data

This episode is sponsored by OnApproach David Hilger and Michael Bryan of Allied Solutions join John Best to discuss big data disruption. Learn about the implementation of OnApproach at Allied Solutions. Listen in as John, David and Michael discuss big ideas surrounding big data, including the effect autonomous cars will have on the insurance industry; winners and losers in big data transformation from Amazon to Blockbuster; and the untapped potential of big data within the health care...


Building a Modern Credit Union

John Janclaes is joined this week by Bill Partin, CEO of Sharon View Credit Union to discuss the credit union’s journey to transform their growth. Learn how Sharon View harnessed new technology to completely revolutionize services for their members while still retaining their focus on the heart of their Credit Union – the branch.


Data Lakes: What it takes

Description: Paul Ablack, CEO of OnApproach, a CUSO focused on collaborative analytics, joins host John Best in an exploration of data lakes. Learn how Credit Unions can work together through OnApproach Caspian in order to harness the power of the OnApproach 360 data lake. This episode is sponsored by OnApproach. In This Episode: Relevant Links: John Best’s new book Breaking Digital Gridlock on Amazon


Immersed in Payments Conferences

John and Glen get a rare chance to connect in person at Trellance's inaugural Immersion18 conference, chatting with CU 2.0's Kirk Drake as well as Canh Tran of fraud analytics trailblazer Rippleshot. Plus Glen recaps Atlanta's FinTech South conference, including a discussion of EY's FinTech Adoption Index.


Flipping the Script on (NACHA) Payments

Glen queues up six conversations from NACHA’s Payments conference, extending well beyond ACH. His on-site chats include Blockchain-based journalism startup Civil, fraud fighter NICE Actimize, and twists on existing models from Ingo Money and Deluxe eChecks.


Take care of your data, and it will take care of you

Data is one of the robust assets of a credit union, but it may be the least formally managed. You would never be so casual about your loans, so why are you about your data? David Rose, analytics expert at McKinsey talks to Anne about the who, what and why of data governance. To summarize, there are 6 key elements in a data governance program 1. Establish vision and goals 2. Data accountability - identify who are the stewards 3. Identify critical data elements 4. Establish data...


Technology Evolution and Revolution

In this episode: Revolutionary technology: how offering brand new technology will aid you in member retention Evolutionary technology: addressing specific member needs to enhance your offerings Relevant Links: Buy Breaking Digital Gridlock


How to Harness the Agile Mindset in your Digital Transformation

Join John Janclaes, CEO of Partners FCU, as he shares part two of his five-part series highlighting Partners’ journey through digital transformation while employing the agile mindset. In this episode, you will hear from members of the cross functional agile team as they detail the last two months of their training and what the agile methodology has done for their teams as they attempt to move 2x as fast through their transformation process. John shares lessons he and his team have...


Tips to Secure your Data Lake

In the first episode of our OnApproach Data Lakes series, John Best speaks with Rojin Nair, General Manager of Financial Technology at Celero. Join John and Rojin as they discuss predictive modeling, data lake security, and how credit unions must pool resources to gain an edge in the industry. This episode is sponsored by OnApproach. In this episode: Relevant Links:


Breaking Digital Gridlock

Glen turns the tables on John and interviews HIM about his new book addressing the digital transformation challenges facing credit unions and community banks. Also- theories on Bitcoin's recent price recovery, and a debate on insider tweeting. This episode is sponsored by - Be sure to submit your application by 4/20/18 for Global Innovations Award Show notes: Relevant Links: BAI Global Innovation Awards; applications due by April...


FinTech with Grit(s)

Glen sheds light on Atlanta’s understated but nationally recognized fintech scene, including interviews with Monetizr (a startup with a unique angle for monetizing mobile gaming) and the chair of May’s upcoming FinTech South conference at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Also, Christof Wittig of the LGBT foundation discusses his organization’s upcoming initial coin offering (ICO) designed to harness and promote the economic power of the LGBT community. Links related to this episode: FinTech South,...


Data transformation and Agile explained!

Eric LeVin, CTO of AdvantEdge Analytics brings expertise and tenure to an informative conversation around two important and complex topics, data transformation and Agile project management. Eric also shares what he thinks is the sweet spot for credit unions.. listen and find out!


Accelerating Digital Transformations

This month’s C-Suite Interview hosted by John Janclaes is an interview with Peter Hildebrandt from The Boston Consulting group. John and Peter have an in depth conversation about Agile methodology and why so many firms are turning to it to accelerate digital initiatives. During this month’s interview – John and Peter discuss Partner Federal Credit Union’s agile journey and some of the lessons learned. Key take-ways include: BCG Article: Taking Agile Way Beyond Software


How to Drive Results From Your Data Analytics

So, you finally have the data for your credit union. Now what? In this episode, John will help you identify your data strategy in order to create the data driven culture your organization needs to succeed in a digital focused future. In this episode: Purchase John’s book Breaking Digital Gridlock: Join BIG at this year’s AXFI Conference June 10-13 in Minneapolis, MN. Register here:...


Faster Payments, Slower Rules Reform

Glen chats with NACHA's head of association services Scott Lang about the upcoming Faster Payments Conference and the recent surge in Same-Day Debit volumes. Also, more Bitcoin/Blockchain blowback from Finovate Europe, a contrarian perspective on the nearly finalized regulatory relief for "small" FIs, and Glen wonders why credit unions and community banks can’t just get along. The NACHA Payments conference website- don’t forget to use code (Laura, please insert code) for a BIGCast...


March Madness, FinTech Style

Finovate Europe had its own field of 68 young hopefuls and seasoned contenders. Glen shares his takeaways from the London showcase and his conversations with an impressively deep group of companies, including two Best of Show winners. Links related to this week’s podcast: BIGCast coverage of September’s Finovate NYC conference, including an interview with Sensibill, as mentioned on today’s podcast: BIGCast coverage of...


Define, Design and Deliver ... Change!

Denise Gabel, chief operating officer for the Northwest Credit Union Association, shares how to be a change agent, impactful leader executive, embrace fear and highlights from her in progress new book. Not only will you feel inspired after this conversation, but you will also find out who Harold is and why potlucks are important in the workplace. Enjoy!


Members - and Money - Keep Flowing In

Glen shares highlights from CUNA's just-concluded annual Government Affairs Conference, including an interview with CUNA's economists about the US financial outlook, the newly launched CU Awareness campaign, and a fascinating look inside the essential yet risky world of cannabis banking. Plus, more proof the BIGCast is ahead of the curve in featuring emerging industry issues. In this Episode: Jordan Vanreen and Mike Schenk speak with Glen regarding the economic update on CUNA. Glen...


Bitcoin's Need for Speed: The Case for Hashgraph

This week, John speaks with Paul Madsen, Technical Architect for Swirlds to discuss Bitcoin’s speed issue and how the new technology Hashgraph could heighten efficiency. In this Episode: Related Links: Join us at this year’s AXFI Conference June 10-13 in Minneapolis, MN. Learn more about Hashgraph with Swirld’s founder Leemon Baird Pre-order John Best’s upcoming booking “Breaking Digital Gridlock” available March 13, 2018