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Make Your Vendors Your Partners

John Best chats with Jeremy Pinard and John Listak from Alliant Credit Union to learn all about Alliant’s experience in building their own custom Lending Management System. In this episode, explore the pros and cons of build versus buy. Hear tried and tested tips from Jeremy and John as they detail the agile process their team undertook, and weigh in on their successes and challenges. Finally, learn how Alliant’s partnership with FICO and their use of the OMDM (Originator Management...


Driving New Sales- and Just Plain Driving

Glen chats with BAI's Byron Marshall about his firm's latest research on FI cross selling and new account opening. Also, Glen shares some warning flags on auto lending from the recent GCUA Idea Institute and engages in a bit of Bitcoin gloating.


Global Credit Union Collaboration with Blockchain

Aonghus O’Ehocha, CEO of Irish blockchain startup Bitcub, sits down with John Best this week to speak about the pathways available for credit unions in the blockchain space. John and Aonghus discuss how blockchain could be instrumental in strengthening the joint worldwide credit union community, and how collaboration and resource sharing can speed up that reality. Explore how Bitcub’s unique AI will aid significantly with cross border same day transfers. Additionally, learn more about...


The Agile Workforce

In this episode of The BIGCast C-Suite Edition, John Janclaes sits down with Gene Zaino of MBO Partners to talk about the present and future of America’s independent workforce. Explore why your organization will benefit from tapping into this ‘constellation of resources’ that are available to you when you need them the most. Learn why this corner of the workforce is growing at three times the rate of the traditional workforce, and become educated on the risks and regulations that might be at...


The Morality of AI

This week, John speaks with Dr. Harry Kloor; futurist, science fiction writer and founder of the XPrize. Learn more about Dr. Kloor’s vision of the future of avatars, explore the good, bad and the ugly of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and listen in on a fascinating viewpoint about the future of AI and how it will change our society’s moral structure.


Land of Lending: Illinois’ Credit Union Creativity

Glen chats with Illinois Credit Union League CEO Tom Kane about community outreach, innovative auto lending, and the upstate/downstate vibrancy of Illinois’ CU movement. Also- blockchain comes to fantasy football, fintech charter turf battles, and Glen gets cranky about states’ rights.


Chris Skinner: Doing Digital Transformation Right

Chris Skinner of joins John Best for a discussion onsite at the World Council of Credit Unions Conference in Singapore. Listen in to learn the difference between digital transformation and digital adoption, and explore with them as they discuss the ever-expanding global fintech market. In this episode: Easy digital currency exchange in the age of Stripe and Square China and India’s growing dominance over the financial technology space. More on Chris Skinner’s book...


Reinventing Finance, from Cape Town to Hong Kong

Glen chats with Finovate's Greg Palmer about the conference's first African event, the differences he's noted in fintech communities across the globe, and the addition of Blockchain and AI tracks to their fall NYC showcase. Also- vanishing CDs and traveler's checks, Mnuchin’s Mnoodlings on fintech, and BIG's beauty contest.


Staying Relevant and Flexible in the Era of Data Science

Bob Trunzo, President, and CEO of CUNA Mutual Group joins John Janclaes on this episode of The BIGCast C-Suite in order to discuss his professional journey, CMG’s latest push into the important field of data science, and why it is important to face failure. Explore why data science is a necessity for your credit union in order to stay relevant, and hear Bob’s advice to Millenials currently climbing the ranks in the industry.


Breaking Digital Gridlock

Glen turns the tables on John and interviews HIM about his new book addressing the digital transformation challenges facing credit unions and community banks. Learn why culture is just as (if not more) important as technology as your credit union embarks on digital transformation.


Out-Partnering Your Competition

This week, John is joined by BIGCast series regular John Janclaes, CEO of Partners FCU, as well as Jeffrey Kendall of KONY to discuss how strategic vendor partnering might be your key to success. Learn from the pros as they advise the digital priorities for small and medium-sized CUs, and explore why vendors are your teammates, not your enemies. Relevant links: John Best’s book – “Breaking Digital Gridlock” John Janclaes’ book – “Doing What Matters” Kony -


Your Data: The Ultimate Toy Box

In this final episode of our OnApproach Data Lake series, John speaks with Karan Bhalla and Suchit Shah of CU Rise Analytics. Join the discussion to learn more about how CU Rise works with OnApproach to analyze the vast pools of data that credit unions possess. They use the three models of attrition as an example to walk you through the process. This podcast is sponsored by OnApproach. To learn more, visit and


Science Fiction- An Influencer of Banking's Future?

Glen wraps up our AXFI coverage with a conversation with science fiction author Kevin J Anderson and futurist/entrepreneur/screenwriter Dr, Harry Kloor on how sci-fi influences rather than predicts the future. Also an update from the recent Visa Payments Forum from Trellance’s Lou Grilli.


Learn. Love. Kick A** - A Conversation with Brandi Stankovic

In this episode of BIGCast C-Suite Edition, John Janclaes is joined by Dr. Brandi Stankovic, SVP of Engagement and Consulting of CU Solutions Group. Listen in as Brandi tells us about the words she lives by in her career – Learn. Love. Kick A**. Brandi also shares her advice on what to keep in mind as young emerging leaders advance in their careers. Relevant links: Brandi’s book, The Strategic MVP: Brandi’s podcast, The Strategic Hotbox:...


AXFI 2018 Recap Part 2

Our second batch of AXFI Conference coverage includes interviews with Killer FinTech contestants Alpharank (the Innovation Club choice for Best in Show) and Suitebox, Glen’s attempt to explain hashgraph in under 10 minutes with Swirlds’ technical lead, and John’s bizarre obsession with Brian Ley. Alpharank’s recent Finovate presentation: Suitebox’s website: Swirlds’ website: The...


AXFI 2018 Recap Part 1

John and Glen convene at the AXFI Conference to talk innovation, share interviews with standout Killer FinTech Speed Round presenters CU RateReset, Lendified and Pricerazzi, and dissect the BIG band’s Sunday night set. Lendified’s website: Pricerazzi’s website: CU Rate Reset’s website: The AXFI Conference website: Connect with John on Twitter: @JBFintech Connect...


Financing the Future

Billy Parish, Founder and CEO of Mosaic, the largest financier of home solar electricity in the US, joins John to discuss Billy’s book “Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money and Community in a Changing World.” Now that solar has become cheaper than traditional utilizes in 32 states, Billy and John explore all of the reasons why it is a smart move for Credit Unions to offer solar loans.


The Zen of Blockchain- and the Tyranny of the 51 percent

Description: Glen talks with Rob Viglione, Co-Founder of blockchain platform ZenCash, about their public and private model, why they’re not pursuing an ICO, and the recent “51% attack” against them. Also, the latest on GDPR and Visa’s Fretful Friday. The ZenCash website: More detail on “51% attacks”: Wired’s story on Visa’s EU outage:...


Disruptive Data

This episode is sponsored by OnApproach David Hilger and Michael Bryan of Allied Solutions join John Best to discuss big data disruption. Learn about the implementation of OnApproach at Allied Solutions. Listen in as John, David and Michael discuss big ideas surrounding big data, including the effect autonomous cars will have on the insurance industry; winners and losers in big data transformation from Amazon to Blockbuster; and the untapped potential of big data within the health care...


Building a Modern Credit Union

John Janclaes is joined this week by Bill Partin, CEO of Sharon View Credit Union to discuss the credit union’s journey to transform their growth. Learn how Sharon View harnessed new technology to completely revolutionize services for their members while still retaining their focus on the heart of their Credit Union – the branch.