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The official Blender Guru podcast, presented by me, Andrew Price. Every Friday I give my thoughts and opinions on a new topic in Blender.

The official Blender Guru podcast, presented by me, Andrew Price. Every Friday I give my thoughts and opinions on a new topic in Blender.
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The official Blender Guru podcast, presented by me, Andrew Price. Every Friday I give my thoughts and opinions on a new topic in Blender.




Ep69: Creating Beautiful CG Art w/ Rob Garlington

In this episode we chat with one of the talented artists behind Blender Guru's promotional images: Rob Garlington. You likely haven't heard of him before, but he's been in the CG industry for almost 20 years and knows a lot about creating images that sell. In this episode you'll discover: -The workflow for creating a beautiful scene from scratch -The power of feedback - and why you should take it -Why drawing, painting and other art forms are beneficial in cg -Tips for being more...


Ep68: Modelling like a Pro w/ Jonathan Williamson

THE blender modelling guy joins us for a full hour on tips for improving your modelling skills. Discussed in this podcast: -Is knowing how to draw something essential for modelling? -How new technology has recently changed the modelling workflow -The importance of good 'form' in your model -Some tricks for avoiding the horrible uncanny valley -How Jonathan got started with Blender -Will 3D scanning ever replace modelling? -Artificial intelligence, and how it could possible replace artists...


Ep67 - Podcasts now monthly!

In this podcast, Reynante and I talk about some of the events that happened over Christmas (both the good and the bad) as well as something very important... a change to the podcast frequency. In a recent survey, I asked you "What posts do you like most?" and 2,378 of your responded! Not surprisingly, the #1 response was Tutorials, with #6 being Podcasts. Now as much as I'd like to do both, there simply isn't enough time to do regular podcasts and tutorials. So based on the results from...


Ep66: End of Year Q&A from Twitter

2015 is almost here! And I want to know what you want to learn in the next 365 days. So I've created a quick survey which you can do here: (only takes a few minutes!) For the rest of the podcast I answer these questions from Twitter: -When are you going to make a recommended books post? (next week!) -Do you bother naming everything in a blender scene? -What about a macro photography competition? -Can you effect a...


Ep65: The Christmas Break

Christmas is almost here so we're doing a quiet podcast of questions and answers from the community, and me complaining about mowing the lawn. Questions answered from Twitter: -How can I sketch ideas when I can't draw? -How do I start drawing? -Starting a blender website -Is torrenting okay? -Where to post tutorials online? Got a question for next week's podcast? Use #bgpod on Twitter


Ep64: Push Yourself w/Gleb Alexandrov

Gleb has slowly be steadily been building a reputation in the Blender community for his eye catching renders. You've likely seen quite a few of his renders already. He's now a full time artist working hard to build his brand and business at In this podcast you'll discover: -Why Gleb switched from 3dsmax to Blender -Gleb's workflow for creating amazing images -When to "cheat" with post-processing -Finding the motivation to experiment -Why conferences are worth all the...


Ep63: Adding Emotion to Render

Learning how to add emotion to your renders is vitally important in your career. Because an image that elicits an emotion from the viewer is an image that is shared, distributed and viewed by a lot more eyeballs than one without. So how can you add emotion to a render? Reynante joins for a discussion on what sort of emotions you can aim for, and how to achieve it. Got a question or theme suggestion for next week? Use #bgpod anywhere on twitter.


Ep62: 5 Ways to Overcome Artistic Failure

In this podcast we discuss artistic failure; that frustration you feel when you're working on a scene and it doesn't look right. What can you do to overcome these common roadblocks? I give 5 tips that I've used over the last 10 years. Plus blender Q&A as usual - if you've got a question for next week, use #bgpod on twitter :)


BG Podcast Episode 61 - Lackluster blender features, investing in your education and the new store

A chat with Reynante about: -The reason behind lackluster blender features -Investing in your own education -Whether to make blender a hobby or career -Upcoming Blender Guru Store -Q&A from Twitter Got a question for next week? Use #bgpod


Ep60: Tips For Blender Beginners

New at Blender? Reynante Martinez joins to talk about his latest article, Things Blender Beginners Must Know: In this episode we discuss: -The importance of knowing the interface and shortcuts -Interacting with the community - the good and the bad -The OS war - and why it's infuriating -Blender's terrible file recovery system -The soon to be updated keymap system for Blender -Why paid add-ons aren't hurting Blender at...


Ep59: Car Salesmen, Luck and Frying a computer

Short podcast this week on a count of me being sick. But in it, I discuss: -My recent experience of buying a car -"Luck" and why I find it dismissive -Frying a computer Got a question for next week? Use #bgpod on twitter.


Episode 58 - Back in Australia!

After 3 years in Korea, I've finally returned to Australia. Yeeeahhh In this podcast I talk about: -Russians at the airport -Accidentally driving on the wrong side of the road -Addictive TV shows -Getting past creative roadblocks -Why you SHOULD do what you love for a living -Building a reputation in the blender community -Why I choose paid software over free 9 times out of 10 Got a question for next week's podcast? #bgpod


Episode 57 - Moving Home, Japan Weirdness and Blender Questions

Only 7 days left in Korea! In this podcast I discuss: -Moving home -Saying goodbye to pets -My recent visit to Japan -A theory on why Japan is so weird -A possible racist experience? -Plus Q&A from Twitter Got a question for next week's podcast? Use #bgpod on twitter.


Episode 56 - Consistently Creative With Reynante Martinez

Reynante Martinez is well known online for his unique artwork. In this podcast he joins to talk about what inspires him, how he stays motivated and how to make an online presence. As well answering Blender questions from the community. Also discussed: -How Reynante's anniversary was partially ruined -Broad daylight robbery in the Phillipines -That time I embarrassed myself in a business seminar -More book recommendations ;) Got a question for next week's podcast? Use #bgpod on Twitter.


Episode 55 - Questions and Answers

A full hour of questions from the Twitterverse. Topics covered: -How to avoid abandoned projects -The rise in interest for Blender -How to promote yourself -Thoughts on Pie Menus -This years Blender Conference Got a question for next week? Use #bgpod on Twitter.


Episode 54 - How to Become a Successful Freelancer, with Jonathan Lax

Jonathan Lax started Gecko Animation Studios 3 years ago, along with well known blender user; Ben Simonds. Together they've done work for the BBC, Channel 4, 2K games and more. In this podcast, Jonathan answers common freelancing questions: -How much to charge for your work? -What to do when you can't find work? -How to give an accurate time estimation? -Should you have a contract before starting work? Got a question for next week? Use #bgpod on Twitter.


Ep53: HDD Down... I wonder if there's a lesson here

Short podcast this week - My harddrive went down so I'm constrained to my crappy computer. Also discussed: -The Lean Startup - Must read book for anyone interested in starting a business. -Awful communities that turn away newbies -Blender 101 - an upcoming blender version for newbies Got a question or topic for next week? Send via twitter using #bgpod


Ep52: The Blender Disease - Our 'feature checklist' culture

In this podcast we discuss: -The pervading culture of wanting new features over improving old ones (starts at 21:03) -Why this is against our best interests -How this can negatively effect development -How it could turn potential new users away -How this further harms our reputation Also, discussed: -The horrible trend of movie trailers showing the entire movie -Why I could understand a business owner who commits suicide -Moving back to Australia - and how the grass is always greener...


Ep51: Advice for 17 year old me

Ever wish you could go back in time and give yourself some life advice? I do. In particular I wish I could go back and give advice on getting a headstart as a 3D artist. In this podcast I'll explain why you should have a blog, experiment with all art forms, distance yourself from the blender community, read books like crazy and travel abroad. Show notes:


6 Tips for Creating Your Own Blender Website

Show notes: Listeners last week expressed an interest in starting their own blender website. So I've dedicated this episode to helping those of you who are thinking about, or already own a website. 6 years ago I was working in manual labor and wasn't happy. I loved Blender, but could only use it in the evenings. So I had the grand plan to start a tutorial site to help me get freelancing work. I started out making a...