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Blind Abilities: The most comprehensive resource for Assistive Technology, Accessible Devices, Blind and Low Vision Technology, iPhone demonstrations, success Stories, Job Insights, College and Career Pathways and all with a Blindness Perspective.

Blind Abilities: The most comprehensive resource for Assistive Technology, Accessible Devices, Blind and Low Vision Technology, iPhone demonstrations, success Stories, Job Insights, College and Career Pathways and all with a Blindness Perspective.


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Blind Abilities: The most comprehensive resource for Assistive Technology, Accessible Devices, Blind and Low Vision Technology, iPhone demonstrations, success Stories, Job Insights, College and Career Pathways and all with a Blindness Perspective.






How a Journey Through Vision Loss Prepared Laura Allen to Become Head of Strategy for Accessibility and Disability Inclusion at Google

Laura Allen joins Raqi and Jeff in the Blind Abilities Studio to talk about new developments in Google’s accessibility and disability inclusion. Laura Allen is Head of strategy for Accessibility and Disability Inclusion, bringing together the Google network of teams to bring awareness to accessibility and disability inclusion within the entire google corporation. Laura uses a mix of accessibility tools to be independent which gives her a clear perspective on the need for accessibility and...


Transitioning Through Change and Mental Health with Beth Gustin, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and Nationally Certified Mental Health Counselor

Blind Abilities welcomes back to the podcast, Beth Gustin, licensed professional counselor, a nationally certified mental health counselor, to speak about the impact that the prolonged pandemic is having on our mental health. Beth was a guest on the Job Insights podcast show back in October 2018 where she spoke about mental health and job searching with Jeff and Serina. Beth addresses the stress imposed by restricted access to our favorite places, such as coffee shops and other activities,...


Author Feather Chell Has So Many Interesting Chapters in Her Life, I just wanted to keep turning the Pages. And Her New Book, Stranded, is a Page Turner as Well!

Feather Chelle has just published her first book, Stranded, in December and soon her second book, a picture book, will be available as well. Feather Chelle, aka Heather, is a young mother of five and home schools her kids and leads a Girl Scout Troop as well. Heather lost her sight by age 3 due to cancer and adopted her late friends daughter while having 4 kids of her own. She is from a large family and kids have been a part of her life since she was a child herself. Heather started writing...


Our Space Our Place: A Creative Program Helping Students Connect Socially Through Arts, Sports and Community Service and Mentoring

Blind Abilities Teen Correspondent, Simon Bonenfant, chats with Cheryl Cummings and Ruth Kahn, representing an after school and career exploration program in Boston for middle and high school students who are blind or low vision. the Our Space Our Place program takes advantage of a variety of activities to promote social interaction and networking among the students, including the arts, theatre, dance, poetry and many more. The founder and Director is Cheryl Cummings, who shares her story...


Inclusion in Academia for Blind and visually Impaired Students, Inclusion in STEM and the Importance of Braille at Any Age, Meet Dr. Natalina Martiniello

Full Transcript Dr. Natalina Martiniello completed her Doctorate in the study of Aging on Braille Literacy from the University of Montreal in December of 2021 and has a vast and robust knowledge of all things diversity, accessibility and related issues facing the Blind and Visually Impaired. Inclusion in the classrooms, inclusion in the curriculum building in Universities and the importance of learning Braille at any age are some of the focuses Natalina brings to the conversation. Dr....


Get Out of Your Brain and Do It! 4th Fittest Standing Adaptive Athlete in the World Kym DeKeyrel on CrossFit Training and How Her Life Changing Diet Made Her Who She is Today

Full Transcript Kym DeKeyrel has faced life threatening challenges and has made the necessary changes in her life to take on more and more as she is now all-in on the CrossFit training. Kym is the 4 Fittest Standing Adaptive Athlete in the World. Working out twice a day and balancing her family life and work as a Massage Therapist, Kym strives on being the best she can be. Listen in as Kym describes how her change in her diet saved her life and gave her back her life and she never looked...


What’s the Big Idea, Dr. Cal? A Conversation with Dr. Calvin Roberts, President and CEO of Lighthouse Guild

Full Transcript Our guest on this episode of the Blind Abilities podcast is Dr. Calvin W. Roberts, MD, President and CEO of Lighthouse Guild, a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing and preventing vision loss. Dr. Roberts has a unique blend of academic, clinical, business and hands-on product development experience. He is a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at Weill Cornell Medical College, and formerly Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Eye Care, at Bausch Health...


Tech Abilities: Face ID Gets a Buddy in the Apple Watch. Will Your Air Pods Pair with Your Mac? Is Proximity Always a Good Thing? New Disney Bundle and Spam Call Blues

Jeff and Serina are joined in the Blind Abilities Studio with State Services for the Blind of Minnesota Assistive Technology Specialist Jesse Anderson. Jesse is the creator and host of the Illegally Sighted channel on YouTube. If you are interested in Video Gaming from a Low Vision perspective, be sure to check out his YouTube channel! In this episode: You can go to the articles mentioned in the episode by clicking on the links below: iOS 14.4’s HomePod proximity notifications driving...


Telling Stories Visually: Meet Legally Blind Filmmaker and YouTube Creator Juan Alcazar

Full Transcript Juan Alcazar is a Film Maker and YouTube Creator and you can find his work on YouTube at JC5Productions. Juan joined Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities Studio to talk about his journey with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and his passion for making films and videos. Storytelling is something Juan took to at a young age and he continues his passion as he embraces his sight loss and the blindness community he found once he stopped denying his loss of vision. I really enjoyed...


Rebranding Your Services to Fit the Changing Times: Meet Apple Certified Coach Donna Jodhan

Today’s guest on Blind Abilities is Donna Jodhan. Donna is a multi-talented individual, an author, entrepreneur and an advocate for the blind and visually impaired. Now Donna is rebranding herself as a sight loss coach, aiming at helping people who are experiencing sight loss to “...become more comfortable in their new type of world…”, to become independent and fully functional. Adding to her long list of credentials as author, entrepreneur and advocate is Donna’s unique perspective on...


Tech Abilities: Dude, Where’s My Clubhouse? Homan Prize is Live, PC vs Mac Round 1, Mac Mini, Mantis, iPad Air4 are Keepers but Did the Air Pod Pros Go Back? Then she’s like, Dude!

Show Summary: The crew is intact and with a latte in-hand and most of the microphones locked down and ready, Serina, Raqi, Angie and Jeff take on a lot of topics starting with a very sad, sad story. Serina tossed her nose up at the Air Pod Max headphones and landed a new iPad Air 4. Meanwhile, Raqi scores a Mac Mini just to spoil her Mantis. Meanwhile, Angie’s travel experience is shared and she is now Home Sweet Home at Las, Las Vegas that is. Jeff rows in counting his strokes and loving...


Braille Doodle: Creating touchable drawings. and the Perfect Solution for Teaching and Learning Braille While Remote Learning

Full Transcript BlindAbilities presents the team from touch pad pro assistive technology, who is in the process of developing three new and totally innovative products for the blind and visually impaired. Jeff Thompson chats with Kristin Smedley, Chief Communications Officer, Brian Edwards, chief operating Officer, and founder and Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Lubiner With long term plans to develop the highly technical touch pad pro, the team is first focusing on the loess technical,...


Strap - Change the way you explore the world! A New Device Being Developed by Strap Technologies, and Claiming Strap Could Possibly Replace the White Cane.

Roel and Ben Eynon from Strap Technologies sat down with Simon in the Blind Abilities Studio to talk about a device that could possibly replace the white cane. This is a huge claim being that for nearly 100 years the cane has remained for the most part, the same low tech device used for navigation by the Blind and Visually Impaired. Diego and Ben talk about how they came about working together for this initiative and what inspired them to commit their efforts in developing Strap for the...


Sing for Serenity Choir is an International On-Line Choir for the Blind. Come Listen and Join Us virtually!

Full Transcript In the era of Covid-19 we have seen a sharp rise in the production of virtual music, ranging from individual performers, to bands, to choral groups. Prior to the pandemic, however, this form of music was not only unusual, but rare. Our guests today on blind abilities represent one of those rare music groups that originated before the Corona virus burst onto the world scene. the Serenity Virtual choir is that group, and Kaleigh Brendle is the group’s founder. Initially she...


Tech Abilities: The Show Must Go On, Headset Mania, Activity Goals on the Apple Watch and Everything You Wanted to Know About Aira but Were Afraid to Ask! Welcome Jenine Stanley

Serina, Angie and Jeff were joined by Jesse Anderson to host this episode of Tech Abilities. Jesse is an Assistive Technology Specialist and will be coming on to Tech Abilities more and more in the near future. Jesse is also the creator of the Legally Sighted YouTube Channel were he demonstrates gaming for the VI Community. From Headsets, to Guide Dogs during the Pandemic, to Apple Watch and Fitness Plus and a quick little Apple Watch demo from Kristy Viers on Changing your Activity goals...


Meet 14 Year Old Ryan Lukowicz – - Future Meteorologist and Creator of the Behind the Weather Forecast Podcast

Full Transcript Jeff’s guest today is Ryan Lukowicz. Ryan has a fascinating interest in a unique topic: Meteorology. as a matter of fact, he has studied Meteorology for over four years now and has developed an expertise in the topic that is respected across the industry. so, you may ask: where did he attend college? how did he attain such an advanced knowledge of this subject that is rooted in complex math and science? well, the answers to these questions may surprise you, because this...


Build Confidence, Explore Career Possibilities, and Expand Horizons of Opportunity – Meet Pre-Employment Transition Services Counselor Travis Mashuga

Full Transcript Travis Mashuga is a Pre-Employment Transition Services Counselor at State Services for the Blind (SSB) in Minnesota. Travis switched gears in college and decided to work in the Rehabilitation field and is now part of the Transition team at SSB. Travis explains what Transition Services offers and tells us how to get connected with the Transition Services. Whether you are a transition age student or a parent of a student who is visually impaired or blind, Travis walks us...


Assistive Technology Specialist Jesse Anderson and State Services for the Blind Go Virtual in Providing Transition Services to Students

Full Transcript Minnesota State Services for the Blind (SSB) like every other state rehab agency, is certainly not exempt from the impact of COVID-19. Like much of the Nation’s business and governmental sector, the staff began working from home back in mid-March. Jesse Anderson, Assistive Technology Specialist, Joins Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities Studio to talk about how his department has adjusted to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 and how they are keeping the virtual...


Tech Abilities: SeeingAI Swiss Army Knife Adds LiDAR, Facebook About Faces Apple, Apple Car Waiting Continues, Multiple Users on Your iPhone? Is Fitness Plus Actually Fitness Less?

Saddled in between Christmas and the New Year, the crew arrives with a healthy dose of information regarding Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and maybe a bit about Google. We hope all of you are safe and warm. And while Angie is basking in the Florida sunshine, the rest of the crew are weathering the blistery wrath of Winter. But the show must go on! Why are headsets, headphones and ear buds becoming so important? What about that Bluetooth relationship with Windows? And how do you feel about...


See3D: 3D Printing for the Blind and Visually Impaired. An Insightful Perception Through Touch. Let’s Get Involved!

Full Transcript Are you familiar with 3D printing: how it works, what tools and materials are used to create 3D models, and what is done with them when they are completed? If not, or if you just want to learn a bit more about the subject and how it might affect you directly as a blind person, then sit right down and listen. We have the answers to all of those questions. We will also fill you in on how 3D models might find their way onto your doorstep, or even your own 3D printer, if you...