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Blind Abilities: The most comprehensive resource for Assistive Technology, Accessible Devices, Blind and Low Vision Technology, iPhone demonstrations, success Stories, Job Insights, College and Career Pathways and all with a Blindness Perspective.

Blind Abilities: The most comprehensive resource for Assistive Technology, Accessible Devices, Blind and Low Vision Technology, iPhone demonstrations, success Stories, Job Insights, College and Career Pathways and all with a Blindness Perspective.


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Blind Abilities: The most comprehensive resource for Assistive Technology, Accessible Devices, Blind and Low Vision Technology, iPhone demonstrations, success Stories, Job Insights, College and Career Pathways and all with a Blindness Perspective.






Modesty, Integrity, a Dedicated Work Ethic and Above All, a Strong Love of Family - Meet Sandhya Rao: Attorney in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas and VP of iBugToday

Jeff Thompson and Pete Lane are joined in the Blind Abilities studio by Sandhya Rao. They recently met Sandhya a few weeks ago along with Michael McCulloch as they discussed the amazing organization called, I Blind User's Group, (iBug). You can listen to the iBugToday episode on Blind Abilities In this episode, they shift the focus to Sandhya, the person. Sandhya is currently employed as an Attorney in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division,...


The Mojo Lens is Focused on Bringing Super Powers to Low Vision – A Conversation with Dr. Ashley Tuan, VP of Medical Devices at Mojo Vision

Dr. Ashley Tuan, Vice President of Medical Devices at Mojo Vision, joins Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities studio about the development of a new and innovative product for low vision individuals called Mojo Lens. Dr. Tuan discusses the fascinating and impressive capabilities of these high-tech contact lenses, which are placed on the white part of the user’s eye, called the Sclera. With the help of a wearable device which serves as a relay, the lenses will project a variety of images to...


iBUG – the iBlind Users Group for Beginners and Proficient Assistive Tech Users. Join iBUGToday – it’s Abuzz!

In this episode of Blind Abilities we feature the iBlind Users Group, aka iBUGToday, a nonprofit organization located in Houston, Texas, but which operates a variety of virtual training and social activities for individuals around the country using the Zoom platform. The mission of iBUG, is to promote the individual independence, social integration and educational development of the blind and visually impaired community through accessible technology training. Our guests in the Blind...


Unified English Braille (UEB) Practice Sentences - Comprehensive, Ready to Use and Fun. A New Book from Roberta Becker

introducing a new braille book for Teachers of the Blind/Visually Impaired, TBVI), parents and others who wish to instruct Blind students in learning Unified English Braille, (UEB). The book was written by one of our guests, Roberta Becker. She joins Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities studio along with her colleague, Lori Scharff. Roberta and Lori chat about a variety of topics, ranging from the implementation and description of "the new Unified English Braille (UEB), to many of the...


Easterseal Disability Film Challenge Creatives Talk about the Experience, Challenge and Disability in Films

Bree Klauser, Spencer Frankeberger, Juan Alcazar and Jeff Thompson got together in the Blind Abilities Studio to talk about the Easterseal Disability Film Challenge that they participated in and want you to check out their films and “like” them as the Awareness campaign is ending soon. A Dog-umentary & Scene of Possibilities” PREMIERED ON MARCH 27, 2021 Sponsored by Access Acting Academy FEATURING : Two teams of Blind/Low-Vision Cast and Crew. Each team released a short film as part of...


Intel AI-Powered Backpack Helps Visually Impaired Navigate World: Meet Jagadish Mahendran, AI Developer, and Hema Chamraj, Director, Technology Advocacy at Intel

In the Blind Abilities Studio, we welcome Jagadish K. Mahendran, Artificial Intelligence Developer and Engineer,and Hema Chamraj, director, Technology Advocacy and AI4Good at Intel Raqi joins Jeff in the studio to learn and find out more about this great initiative that may one day enhance the navigating experience while Blind. From the Intel Press Release: Intel just announced a research project involving an AI-powered backpack that can help the visually impaired navigate and perceive...


Tech Abilities #1 Million and 6, Clubhouse Dreams, HBO Max and Audio Description? Specialized Help? Raqi? And Where Did Flicktype Get Them Apples!

The crew is feisty on Fridays but hey it’s Monday, Raqi. From the release of Audio Description on HBO Max to Flicktype bolstering some Apples, we seem to get into a lot about what we want in the Clubhouse arena. What is it with Ringtones anyways? The real thing here is this, have you heard the Home Pod Minis in Stereo? Wowie Wow Wow is all I got on that. We talk tech, we talk a lot and we dive right into it. Join us for some fun in the sun if you got it. Maybe in a month from my vantage...


Programs and Opportunities are Growing for Students: A Chat with Transition Coordinator Sheila Koenig - Make that a Chill and Chat!

our guest on Blind Abilities today is Sheila Koenig, Transition Services Coordinator for State Services for the Blind of Minnesota (SSB). Sheila talks about a variety of opportunities available to Transition Age students. Learn about the programs such as the Summer Transition Program (STP), Chill and Chat, Peer Educators, Blind and Socially Savvy and the Learning Ally College Success Program. There is something for everyone! Sheila also discusses the Spectacle Newsletter, where you can find...


Transitioning from High School to College: A Panel of College Students Take on the Questions from High School Students from a Blindness and Low Vision Perspective

Transitioning from High School to College is a major step towards self-determination and independence. Career choices are made and Colleges and Universities are explored to best fit one’s needs. A group of high school students ask a panel of college students questions to help them understand the challenges and gain from the experience the college students share. When leaving the high school and the security of the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and move into the Independent Plan for...


Going Hard Core on Tenacity, Advocacy, Perseverance and Empathy - Meet Alaska Center for the Blind Transition Coordinator for Youth, Multi-Talented Musician, Tony Gebhard

Blind Abilities welcomes Tony Gebhard back into the studio. he first appeared on Blind Abilities in the summer of 2019, when Geoff and Pete chatted with him at the NFB National Convention in Orlando, Florida. You can find that interview here, A Morning with Tony Gebhard… The focus then was on his musical journey, This time back in the studio, the focus of this interview, is Toni‘s life, his recent completion of assistive technology training and TVI classes at World Services for the...


Racial Disparities in School Discipline of Students with Disabilities.

Japricia shares her experience from Elementary school with discipline, race, and her Individual Education Plan (IEP) that inspired the goals she has for college. In this interview, Beau RaRa a staff attorney for the Youth Law Project and Minnesota Disability Law Center, sits down with Japricia, a recent high school graduate, to talk about the experiences of racial disparities in school discipline of students with disabilities. Beau's work includes the Client Assistance Program, also known...


NaviLens - The new smart digital signage for everyone! Or, as we say, QR Codes on Steroids! Free App on iOS and Android

Jeff and Pete are in the studio again, this time to chat with Javier Pita, founder and CEO of NaviLens Corp., and their remarkable product, NaviLens. NaviLens is a new and enhanced kind of QR code, but unlike existing QR codes that can only be read from a short distance, the NaviLens tag can be detected by your smart phone camera up to 60 feet away with a 160 degree wide-angle range. This means that you will now be able to detect NaviLens tags that are almost at your 9 o’clock or 3 o’clock...


How a Journey Through Vision Loss Prepared Laura Allen to Become Head of Strategy for Accessibility and Disability Inclusion at Google

Laura Allen joins Raqi and Jeff in the Blind Abilities Studio to talk about new developments in Google’s accessibility and disability inclusion. Laura Allen is Head of strategy for Accessibility and Disability Inclusion, bringing together the Google network of teams to bring awareness to accessibility and disability inclusion within the entire google corporation. Laura uses a mix of accessibility tools to be independent which gives her a clear perspective on the need for accessibility and...


Transitioning Through Change and Mental Health with Beth Gustin, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and Nationally Certified Mental Health Counselor

Blind Abilities welcomes back to the podcast, Beth Gustin, licensed professional counselor, a nationally certified mental health counselor, to speak about the impact that the prolonged pandemic is having on our mental health. Beth was a guest on the Job Insights podcast show back in October 2018 where she spoke about mental health and job searching with Jeff and Serina. Beth addresses the stress imposed by restricted access to our favorite places, such as coffee shops and other activities,...


Author Feather Chell Has So Many Interesting Chapters in Her Life, I just wanted to keep turning the Pages. And Her New Book, Stranded, is a Page Turner as Well!

Feather Chelle has just published her first book, Stranded, in December and soon her second book, a picture book, will be available as well. Feather Chelle, aka Heather, is a young mother of five and home schools her kids and leads a Girl Scout Troop as well. Heather lost her sight by age 3 due to cancer and adopted her late friends daughter while having 4 kids of her own. She is from a large family and kids have been a part of her life since she was a child herself. Heather started writing...


Our Space Our Place: A Creative Program Helping Students Connect Socially Through Arts, Sports and Community Service and Mentoring

Blind Abilities Teen Correspondent, Simon Bonenfant, chats with Cheryl Cummings and Ruth Kahn, representing an after school and career exploration program in Boston for middle and high school students who are blind or low vision. the Our Space Our Place program takes advantage of a variety of activities to promote social interaction and networking among the students, including the arts, theatre, dance, poetry and many more. The founder and Director is Cheryl Cummings, who shares her story...


Inclusion in Academia for Blind and visually Impaired Students, Inclusion in STEM and the Importance of Braille at Any Age, Meet Dr. Natalina Martiniello

Full Transcript Dr. Natalina Martiniello completed her Doctorate in the study of Aging on Braille Literacy from the University of Montreal in December of 2021 and has a vast and robust knowledge of all things diversity, accessibility and related issues facing the Blind and Visually Impaired. Inclusion in the classrooms, inclusion in the curriculum building in Universities and the importance of learning Braille at any age are some of the focuses Natalina brings to the conversation. Dr....


Get Out of Your Brain and Do It! 4th Fittest Standing Adaptive Athlete in the World Kym DeKeyrel on CrossFit Training and How Her Life Changing Diet Made Her Who She is Today

Full Transcript Kym DeKeyrel has faced life threatening challenges and has made the necessary changes in her life to take on more and more as she is now all-in on the CrossFit training. Kym is the 4 Fittest Standing Adaptive Athlete in the World. Working out twice a day and balancing her family life and work as a Massage Therapist, Kym strives on being the best she can be. Listen in as Kym describes how her change in her diet saved her life and gave her back her life and she never looked...


What’s the Big Idea, Dr. Cal? A Conversation with Dr. Calvin Roberts, President and CEO of Lighthouse Guild

Full Transcript Our guest on this episode of the Blind Abilities podcast is Dr. Calvin W. Roberts, MD, President and CEO of Lighthouse Guild, a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing and preventing vision loss. Dr. Roberts has a unique blend of academic, clinical, business and hands-on product development experience. He is a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at Weill Cornell Medical College, and formerly Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Eye Care, at Bausch Health...


Tech Abilities: Face ID Gets a Buddy in the Apple Watch. Will Your Air Pods Pair with Your Mac? Is Proximity Always a Good Thing? New Disney Bundle and Spam Call Blues

Jeff and Serina are joined in the Blind Abilities Studio with State Services for the Blind of Minnesota Assistive Technology Specialist Jesse Anderson. Jesse is the creator and host of the Illegally Sighted channel on YouTube. If you are interested in Video Gaming from a Low Vision perspective, be sure to check out his YouTube channel! In this episode: You can go to the articles mentioned in the episode by clicking on the links below: iOS 14.4’s HomePod proximity notifications driving...