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Blind Abilities: The most comprehensive resource for Assistive Technology, Accessible Devices, Blind and Low Vision Technology, iPhone demonstrations, success Stories, Job Insights, College and Career Pathways and all with a Blindness Perspective.

Blind Abilities: The most comprehensive resource for Assistive Technology, Accessible Devices, Blind and Low Vision Technology, iPhone demonstrations, success Stories, Job Insights, College and Career Pathways and all with a Blindness Perspective.


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Blind Abilities: The most comprehensive resource for Assistive Technology, Accessible Devices, Blind and Low Vision Technology, iPhone demonstrations, success Stories, Job Insights, College and Career Pathways and all with a Blindness Perspective.






Tech Abilities: Girl, Girl, Girl, Oh Boy, Big Sir Control Center, Magnifier People Detection, PC vs Mac Fight, Stitch Fixed, Accessible Shopping and Google Photos App Storage is Gonna Cost Yah!

Serina, Raqi, Angie and Jeff stay socially distanced and still sound great in the Blind Abilities Studio! Who invited Marlon again? Anyways, Serina and Raqi go at it in the Mac Fight of the season. Actually, they state their cases and Angie and Jeff keeps the show running with some tidbits and demos showing the People Detection feature on the iPhone 12 Pros series of iPhones. Big Sir has a new member in the Menu Extras Bar called, Control Center… Nice! We are all pert near dressed in Stitch...


Blind Cricket: Through Enthusiasm and a Shared Passion, Brittany and Riley are Raising Awareness and You Can Help Them Bring the Game to the U.S.

Brittany Montgomery and Riley Robinson join Jeff in the Blind Abilities studio to share their mission to bring blind cricket to the U.S. They describe the passion for this hugely popular sport that has energized people in other countries and believe that if they can generate an awareness and familiarity in the states, then that passion would grow here as well. Listen as they show their sheer enthusiasm, not only for the enjoyment that the sport would bring to blind athletes stateside, but...


College Continues from a Distance, Know Your Tech!: Around The World with COVID-19 from a Blindness Perspective - Episode 22 – Sammie Shipman, from California

Every day we hear of how the coronavirus has impacted people all over the world, but rarely have we heard specific reports about its effect on blind and visually impaired individuals. In this 22nd episode in our series, Around the World with COVID-19 from a Blindness Perspective, we hear from Sammie Shipman in California, who fills in those details for us. Sammie Shipman is a college student living in the San Francisco bay area in northern California, in the US. Sammie shares her routine...


Tech Abilities One More Thing Before That One More Thing. Accessible Rowing, Apple One, Could it Kill off Dropbox? Have You Found My Air Tag? If I had a Million…

Raqi, Angie and Jeff are in the studio while Serina gets some well deserved time off. She told me to write that, yes she did. Marlon pops in with a few One More Things and We are talking Apples, Plans, Accessible Rowing Machine, Audio USB Mixer, New Mic from Shure and notta thing about that election! Remember, is announcing the upcoming NVDA Convention Dec. 5 and 6. Here are some notes from the show: Apple One subscription. Family plan is nearly automatic. You can have...


Tech Has the Power to Change Lives, Especially People with Disabilities – Meet Kiran Kaja: Google's Accessibility Lead for Search, Assistant and News

Kiran Kaja is the Accessibility Lead for Search, Assistant and News at Google. Kiran joins Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities Studio for a conversation about Kiran’s journey from a bleak outlook for education to his jobs that led him around the world and to Google. It is not by chance that Kiran made it to where he is today, he followed his passion and is excited each day that he gets to make possibilities come true through the work he does at Google. Kiran started coding and pivoted...


Tech Abilities: Put on Your Halos, Pacific Blue is True as the iPhone 12 Pro. One Newbie, One Gremlin and Some T-Vision to Boot. HBO What?

Tech Abilities is back in the saddle or should I say Stagecoach? We got a full studio with Serina, Raqi, Jeff and guest, Angie Fisher. Yes, a full house and a full episode of Breaking News, Insights on the iPhone 12 Pro, HBO and Audio Description, Google Nest Speakers, Halos Tactile Icons, the MagSafe connection from Apple and just a delightful dish being served up in this episode of Tech Abilities. Marlon jumps in now and then with a twist, make that a Transylvania Twist for Halloween....


Bridging the Distance: NVDACon 2020 December 5 and 6. Learn about the Free NVDA Screenreader and the Upcoming NVDA Conference.

Simon Bonenfant sat down with Laura Cornwell and Robert Hänggi from the NVDACon Planning Committee to talk about the upcoming December 5 and 6 on-line NVDA Conference. They explained how you can contribute your ideas and suggestions up until the November 14 deadline. Laura and Robert fills us in on what to expect at this year’s NVDACon. Laura explains what the NVDA Screen Reader is and how you can get started using NVDA on your Windows computer. Robert goes into detail about the NVDA...


Around The World with COVID-19 from a Blindness Perspective (Episode 21): Gerardo Corripio - Describing the Dichotomy of the Corona Experience in Mexico

In this ongoing series from Blind Abilities, we have heard from blind citizens Around the world about how they have experienced and adapted to COVID-19. from Australia and Malaysia, to the united kingdom, and more. our guest on Episode 21 is Gerardo Corripio who comes to us from Mexico. Gerardo, Gera, immediately points out how important it is to first understand an overview of the political and geographic make up of his country. Mexico is comprised of 32 states, 10 of which are controlled...


A Different Way of Seeing (Second Edition): Author Lois Strachan is Living an ordinary Life in an Extraordinary Way. Pre-Order on Amazon Today!

Lois Strachan is a multi-talented artist and has just published her new book, “A Different Way of Seeing (Second Edition): A Blind Woman’s Journey of Living an Ordinary Life in an Extraordinary Way.” Lois returns to the Blind Abilities Studio to talk about her decision to author a 2 edition and what led her to take a 2 look at “A Different Way of Seeing”. Lois is an author, singer, speaker, podcaster and her new book gives a look at how she has overcome the challenges of losing her sight...


Tech Abilities: How is Your Apple Picking Going? Finally, an Apple Smart Speaker, or Is It? Is Prime Really Prime? Is the iPhone Really Just a Subscription Plan? Lidar is Cool!

The gang is all here and by gosh, where are the Action Figures? Serina, Raqi and Jeff give their thoughts about the Apple Event and that Amazon Prime thing that came and went. Although, Raqi scored another set of Air Pod Pros for her ever growing stable of Air pods. Serina ordered her Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro and is absolutely stumped on her next case since the Apple MagSafe cases are not on Amazon. $49 in the Apple Store! Hmm. Still deciding? So is Raqi and Jeff. Looks like November 3...


Ana Sikhashvili Shines a Light on her Student Exchange Experience in the U.S. and Attending Minnesota Academy for the Blind and How She is Bringing it All Back Home to the Republic of Georgia

Ana Sikhashvili spent a year in Minnesota attending the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind (MSAB)through a student exchange program called, Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX). Ana is definitely a leader and her future is looking very bright as she is now attending University in the Republic of Georgia. Ana’s experiences in the United States and especially her experiences at MSA B and the programs she attended through State Services for the Blind (SSB) have made an impact on her in such a...


Around the World with COVID-19 – Episode 20: Breaking Out of Years of Self-Limiting Excuses, Nick D’Ambrosio Steps Out into the Pandemic with a Passion for Self-Determination

In the 20th episode in our series, Around the World with Covid-19 from a Blindness Perspective, we welcome back Nick D’Ambrosio, from Montreal Canada, with a special follow-up report. We first heard from Nick in Episode 5 in which he shared his perspective on life as an essential worker in his Drug Store in Montreal. Now Nick returns with a clean and fresh outlook on handling Corona, now, in October 2020. Rather than describing the tasks of hand-sanitizing or the rigors of social...


The Organizations of the Blind and Visually Impaired Series (Episode 1) – The Keystone Chapter Of the NFB of Pennsylvania and the Virtual Talent Show October 17 at 7 PM EST

In our first episode of the Organizations of the Blind and Visually Impaired series, Harriet Go, President of the Keystone Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Pennsylvania, joins Simon Bonenfant in the Blind Abilities Studio to talk about the Keystone Chapter, the NFB Philosophy and share the news of an upcoming event for all to participate. The event is called, “Believe You Can” - A Virtual Talent Show on Zoom. You can purchase tickets for Believe You Can! Talent Show at...


GoodMaps: Making the World More Accessible One Place at a Time - Indoor and Outdoor Navigation in the Palm of Your Hand

GoodMaps CEO, Jose Gaztambide, and Chief evangelist, Mike May, joins Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities Studio to talk about the new app GoodMaps Explorer. An indoor and outdoor navigation application on iOS and soon to be on Android. With outdoor navigation being available through various GPS apps and Map apps, American Printing House for the Blind formed GoodMaps in an effort to take on the challenges of indoor navigation. With breakthrough technology, Jose and Mike are here to give us...


Meet Tech Enthusiast Rita Howells from Rita’s iDevice Advice – Taking Accessibility Recumbent Style and Sharing 33 years of Tech Know-How

Rita Howells joins Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities Studio to tell us about her new Recumbent Exercise Bike, why a recumbent and how she gained access to the manual, the Electronic Screen and much more. Rita produces a column called, Rita’s iDevice Advice, and monitors a Tech Group e-mail list called, iDevices located through email at and you can keep up with her weekly releases as well as join in on the discussions, give advice and learn from the hundreds of...


Kristy Has Gone viral! YouTuber, Kristy Viers, Talks Braille Screen Input, Dystopia Beta, 3D Printing, College and a Little about Cats

Kristy Viers joined Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities Studio and talked about her YouTube Channel Kristy Viers, her College Experience, Beta Testing Apps and Braille Screen Input on her iPhone. Kristy had a YouTube video go viral with nearly 30,000 people listening. Kristy had to shut down her notifications as every device was going off for a few days. Kristy is doing more videos with instruction and about being Blind and how she does what she does. Kristy gives some good advice to...


YouTube Creator, Musician and College Student, Gabby Mendonca is Breaking Down Barriers and Sharing Her Journey World-Wide

Gabby Mendonca joins Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities Studio to talk about her inspiring YouTube Channel @GabriellaMendonca, her educational journey, white and pink canes and her upcoming guide dog adventure. Listen in as Gabby explains how living in New York during the pandemic has effected her home life, education and social interaction. With a Guide Dog in her future plans, Gabby tells us about the Guide Dog Foundation and her timeline for obtaining her first Guide Dog. You can keep...


Around the World with COVID-19 from a Blindness Perspective - Episode 19: Manique Gunaratne, from Sri Lanka - Success is not Inclusive for All

Welcome back to Episode 19 in our ongoing series. Thus far we have spanned the globe with blind citizens Around the world, from Australia and Malaysia, to the United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, and much more Our guest today is Manique Gunaratne, who comes to us from Sri Lanka. Manique’s story speaks of the situation that she and other disabled citizens of Sri Lanka experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic this year. This in itself is not unusual. All of our guests have described their...


It’s Just Life… Now. Meet Hilda Dunford – Mother of a Child Who Happens to be Blind. @OurBlindSide on Instagram

Full Transcript Hilda Dunford is a mom with 3 children and with the distance learning being the virtual reality that it is, Hilda is fining more and more time to be with her children, learning, caring and growing together. I met Hilda through her @OurBlindSide Instagram account. Her Blog-like content gave me a peek into the life of Hilda, her family and her son who happens to be Blind/Low Vision. With the changes that the Pandemic has brought to all of us, Hilda never imagined that she...


TechAbilities: After the Dust Settles in the Apple Orchard, Along Comes Serina, Raqi and Jeffy AppleSeed

Full Transcript 3 is company and we were feeling Pretty, Pretty Good once we got the iOS14 downloaded and up and running on our various versions of the iPhone. Raqi and Jeff virtually High-5 each other and Serina just shrugs. With the new iOS full of features that extend beyond the reach of the iPhone 10, there was a lot to talk about and the Time Flies event was nearly the opposite. Kind of a lack luster event unless you were waiting for the new Apple Watch Series 6 or SE or an iPad in...