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Latest from the Orchard And Busy Bees are Making Honey. You May Not Get Stung Picking Apples this Autumn – And, Brian, it’s Just a Knob, Just a Knob.

That Blind Tech Show got together and with all of us busy, busy, busy we gathered in the Orchard to pick some apples. However, my dear listeners, was there really much for the picking? There were a couple of low hanging fruit and some elusive ones that never showed up. We decided to slice up the apples and add some filler and make some apple crisp. Yes, the crumbley kind at that. With iOS 13 ready to play with your accessibility, or maybe not, Apple already has thrown out a bone to us by...


AudioWizards – an Accessible Audible Game from myTrueSound: An Audiotastic Journey Available on the App Store and on the Google Play Store!

AudioWizards is the brand new Audio Game from myTrueSound. Awesome audio and 3D sounds and most of all, totally inclusive. Yes, even the sighted can play Audio Wizards and believe the developers, they may want to close their eyes! David Oliva, Jani Nevaranta and Aleksi Turunen joined Jeff in the Blind Abilities studio after the Audio Wizards dropped into the App Store and the Google Play Store. The myTrueSound team were excited about the initial response from the Blind Community and wanted...


Demo of the Xfinity X1 Set Top Box with Voice Guidance - Join Simon and Comcast’s Vice President of Accessibility, Tom Wlodkowski at the Comcast Accessibility Lab.

Blind Abilities Teen correspondent Simon Bonenfant sat down with Comcast Vice President of Accessibility at the Comcast Accessibility Lab. Tom and Simon demonstrate some of the latest features added to the Xfinity X! Box and remote control. Tom walks us through Voice Guidance accessible commands and menus along with demoing the ability to access HBO, Netflix and YouTube all with voice commands and button navigation if you so desire. Check out our previous podcast with Tom and Simonhaving a...


Straight from the Comcast Accessibility Lab - Meet Comcast’s Vice President of Accessibility, Tom Wlodkowski

Blind Abilities Teen correspondent Simon Bonenfant sat down with Comcast Vice President of Accessibility at the Comcast Accessibility Lab. Tom walks us through his path to his present position at Comcast and shares with us the tools he utilizes every day and shares some good tips and advice we all can use on our own journeys. Check out our next podcast where Tom and Simon demonstrate some of the latest features added to the Xfinity X! Box and remote control. The Voice Guidance accessible...


Fresh from the Summer Transition Program, Working as an AT Specialist and Volunteering for Apple, Microsoft and Google, Yahya Abdikadir Picks the U of M for his Programming and Computer Science Goals

School is back in session and Yahya Abdikadir, a transition age student from Minnesota, took time out from his busy schedule to sit down with Jeff Thompson and talk about his choices and experience preparing for his studies and planning his career. Yahya attended the Summer Transition Program (STP) where he learned about Soft Skills and met other Blind and Visually Impaired students from around the state. Yahya was hired by a local middle school to work on accessibility and found out about...


Teky Teky Long Time – That Blind Tech Show Keeps it Up Well Beyond a Dominos Pizza, However, the First 5 Minutes are Free! Aira, Microsoft VERSE, Apple Card, Orcam, Facebook and 3 Things Not to Do with a Microphone.

Serina, Brian and Jeff with some cameos from Marlon, went into the studio for far too long and it begs me to question if it is the pain or the joy of podcasting that drives them to do what they do. Brian even upped his game with a new microphone. And stay tuned for a headset burning later this fall. Serina pitches her view of a Dominos Pizza in the Supreme style in court. Brian slightly, just slightly, sweetens up his view of the world and actually is now purchasing old movies with audio...


Introducing Circus Masters Revenge - Mental Vision Games’ First Immersive Action Game for the Visually Impaired - Meet Mental Visions’ Joe Quirk along with Jesse Anderson from Illegally Sighted

Mental Vision Games is proud to announce the release of the new Immersive Action 3D Audio game, Circus Masters Revenge available in the App Store for iOS. Joe and Jesse Anderson joined Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities studio to talk game development, creation and working with the industry to bring more awareness to accessibility in the gaming realm. Joe wrote and created along with his Mental Vision team a 3D audio game which involves the right and left audio in relation to your...


Aira is Free! Connect with an Agent Now and Start Saving Time. You Have Nothing to Lose – Literally! A Conversation with Ryan Bishop, Explorer Account Manager at Aira

The news that shot around the world, Aira has gone free, yes, free. Ryan Bishop from Aira joins Jeff Thompson in the Blind Abilities studio to talk about this ground-breaking news that shocked the Blind Community. This Free service is available where Aira provides full service, which includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United States. When the news went out, and you can read the post below, people were flooding social media with shares and likes about how anyone can become an Aira...


Got Money? Download the Free Money Reader Apps, iNote App for iOS and the IDEAL Currency Identifier for Android and Apply for the Free iBill Currancy Reader from the Bureau of Engraving.

Blind Abilities Teen Correspondent John Dowling sat down with Lydia Washington of the United States Bureau of Engraving to talk about accessibility, apps and how to apply for the Free iBill Reader. The iBill stand-alone currency reader identifies U.S. currency by inserting the bill into a slot and depressing a button. The iBill then gives you audio feedback on the amount of the bill. The iBill is battery operated. You can download the applicationand receive your iBill Currency Reader just...


Back to School with Vispero: Jeff Bazer Tells Us All About Freedom Scientific, Jaws, Optelec and Enhanced Vision. From Low-Vision and Screen Readers to Braille Displays, Vispero Has Got You Covered!

As Back to School once again comes around we have to consider being prepared technology-wise and make sure our Toolbox is well stocked and Vispero has the tools built for success. Vispero is the parent company of Freedom Scientific, Optelec and Enhanced Vision. Jeff Bazer from Vispero joined Simon Bonenfant in Las Vegas to talk about all the solutions and opportunities Vispero brands have to offer. You can find out more about all the products and services from Vispero on the web at...


He Asked for It, He Worked for It, Now He’s Busier Than Ever! Able Artist Foundation’s Founder, Stephen Letnes, Announces New Grant Program, Emmi Nomination, Awareness, Nurturing Relationships and Working on Skills

Able Artist Foundation is launching a new grant program for musicians with disabilities. AAF also provides huge discounts on tools and programs used throughout the Music Industry. While the Grant Program is local, the discount program has gone Global and more and more people are joining Able Artist Foundation and gaining access to tools for success. Stephen Letnes, Founder and Executive Director of AAF, returns to the Blind Abilities Studios to promote the New AAF Grant Program and talk...


Envision Summer Sale! See What You Can’t with EnvisionAI! A Future So Bright, I Think We’ll Where Shades. Or, Smart Glasses According to Karthik.

Karthik from Envision joins Jeff in the Blind Abilities Studio to tell us all about the huge Summer Sale on the subscriptions to the EnvisionAI app available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. 50 percent off the monthly subscription and give me a drum roll please, 75 percent off the Life Time subscription. This Summer Sale from Envision will only be available through August so act fast as opportunity knocks but once, right? Karthik talks about how the EnvisionAI app can read print...


iPhone101: Snatch It, Grab It and Paste It! A Review of the Text Selection Features in iOS

Blind Abilities offers another episode in our iPhone 101 series, covering the much-requested process of selecting, copying, cutting, deleting and pasting text on your i-Device. Pete walks us through not only the multi-step process of using your iOS Rotor for such actions, but also reviews the streamlined process for using the 3-finger Quadruple-tap to capture the last spoken phrase by Voiceover. Learn how to use the Rotor for each individual step of the process, and when to use a...


Job Insights - Career Resources for the BVI: Working From Home

Serina Gilbert and Jeff Thompson once again join forces in the Blind Abilities Studio to bring you the latest Job Insights podcast, Working From Home. By popular demand our followers and members of the Career Resources for the Blind and Visually Impaired Facebook Group have been asking about working from home and the resources available in the job market. Serina and Jeff give an overview of the environment of working from home and what expectations one may find when considering working from...


Planes, Trains and Canes: Meet Holman Prize Winner Dr. Mona Minkara and Get Ready to Take a Ride on Her Adventures Through Public Transit

Mona Minkara’s Planes, Trains and Canes is a winning entry to the 2019 Homan Prize sponsored by the San Fransisco Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Mona joins Jeff in the Blind Abilities studio and talks about her upcoming documentary and the adventures she will be embarking upon. Mona shares her most recent travels that she has been doing since finishing her post-doctorate at the University of Minnesota. Mona has just started her new position as Professor of Biology...


Walmart and Sam’s Club Announces Accessible Prescriptions Through Script Talk from En-Vision America! David Raistrick Brings Us the Latest Updates From En-Vision America. #NFB19

En-Vision America’s David Raistrick joins Jeff Thompson to talk about what’s new at En-Vision America. David goes over the latest updates and news from En-Vision America and gives us a demonstration of Script Talk in action. David announces the Script Talk iPhone app is now out of Beta and ready to use! Be sure to check out En-Vision America on the web Contact Info: David Raistrick Vice President/CTO En-Vision America 825 4th Street W, Palmetto FL...


BARD – Braille and Audio Reading Download from the National Library Services (NLS): Free Downloadable Books and Magazines. #NFB19

Blind Abilities Teen correspondent, Simon Bonenfant, was in the Exhibit Hall in Las Vegas attending the NFB Convention when he caught up with Tamra representing the National Library Service. Tamra fills us in on all the services NLS provides and who can apply for the free service of accessible books in Braille and Audio formats. Join Tamra and Simon in this brief introduction to the BARD service from NLS. BARD stands for Braille and Audio Books Download. You can find out more about BARD...


While Popping Popcorn with Alexa, Peter Korn and Simon Bonenfant Talk Echo Show 5, Amazon Fire TV Addition Toshiba TVs and the Affordable Fire Tablets with Braille Support. #NFB19

Peter Korn, Director of Accessibility at Amazon’s Lab 126, Gives Us a Demo on the Alexa equipped Microwave Oven. Peter also goes over the brand new Echo Show 5 which comes with a 5 inch diaganol screen and Voice View built screen reading capabilities as well as Alexa all in one. Full Transcript Below Peter gives us an overview of the Amazon Fire TV Addition Toshiba Smart TV’s now available in 20 different models starting at 24 inches with a HD Screen for $150 and up to a 55 inch, 4K Ultra...


That Blind Tech Show: Microsoft To Do, Amazon Prime, No-No Google, APH Partnerships, Two Blind Brothers, NFB2019 and Some Mystery Accessory that has Brian Stumped

That Blind Tech Show is out of the studio and washing their hands of this episode. Yes, actually we should have worn gloves while recording this one! Serina returns once again and Brian and Jeff flipped an accessible coin to see which one had to sit next to Serina. Let’s just say, Brian virtually loss. Amazon Prime, NFB2019 overviewed, Microsoft, American Printing House, Google, Aira and Two Blind Brothers make the scene and much much more as we dabbly doop a dooble along trying to make out...


The Complete Story of Johnny Hiland: Legendary Guitarist, , Legally Blind and a Chicken Pickin’ Good Person, Too!

Blind Abilities presents another epic podcast featuring an in depth interview with an amazing guest. Johnny Hiland is a highly successful and well-respected musician, a fantastic country guitarist who is widely recognized as one of the fastest “chicken pickers” in the world. But his musical expertise is not limited to the country arena. No, Johnny has mastered rock, blues, swing, medal and almost any other genre into which he chooses to go, whether in the studio with the likes of Hargus...