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Blockchain Disruption is a podcast dedicated to giving our listeners access to the top names in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency innovation. Every week we’ll be bringing you interviews with experts on currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with founders of exciting use cases for Blockchain technology. If you’ve ever wondered what Blockchain can actually change, or what impact it will have on your life, this is the show for you.


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Blockchain Disruption is a podcast dedicated to giving our listeners access to the top names in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency innovation. Every week we’ll be bringing you interviews with experts on currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with founders of exciting use cases for Blockchain technology. If you’ve ever wondered what Blockchain can actually change, or what impact it will have on your life, this is the show for you.






EP.78: Un-Breaking Supply Chains Using Blockchain - Eric Piscini

Without supply chains, non-fisherman wouldn’t be able to enjoy fresh salmon. Techies would have to trek to the factory to get their hands on the latest iPhone model or VR headset. Eric Piscini and his team at Citizens Reserve are well aware that supply chains keep the world spinning, but he’s also seen that most supply chains are broken. His solution: apply blockchain technology to supply chains, and watch inefficiencies and obstacles melt away.


EP.77: Hyperledger's Role in The Future of Blockchain - Brian Behlendorf

Amidst the blockchain bluster lies a select few use cases that will have an impact on the future of the industry — it’s not a matter of if, only when. Hyperledger is an open-source, collaborative platform for developers, and its impact crosses industry lines. Put simply, Hyperledger is one of the few can’t-miss (knock on wood) blockchain concepts, and it has the funding necessary for continued growth. Listen to today’s episodes to soak up rare insights from Brian Behlendorf, one of the...


EP.76: The Past, Present, and Future of Decentralized Exchanges - Quoc Le

Every cryptocurrency exchange and/or wallet claims to be one-of-a-kind. It’s fair to wonder why anyone should believe such claims. What does QUANTA, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, offer that would make serious crypto investors pay attention? They’ve got the prerequisites of any functional exchange — liquidity, above average trade times, and a solid reputation. Beyond this, QUANTA users can point to the leadership of Quoc Le as reason to invest and trade using the QUANTA...


EP.75: Blockchain For The Energy Sector - The Hype Meets Reality - Robert Godes

It turns out there are many people talking about blockchain’s potential to disrupt the energy sector — you just need to know where to find them. We were fortunate to track down one blockchain enthusiast within the energy sector, Robert Godes. As the founder, president, and CTO of Brillouin Energy, Godes has a firsthand view of blockchain’s impact on the future of energy. Tune into today’s episode to hear how Brillouin Energy and their ilk are applying blockchain to energy trading,...


EP.74: Blockchain Will Protect You From Hackers, Here’s How - Didier Collin de Casaubon

As humanity stores more and more of their sensitive information in digital not-so-strongholds, these breaches will only increase in scale and frequency. You could — scratch that, you will — fall victim unless serious changes come to data security processes. Pikcio AG, under the leadership of their President Didier Collin de Casaubon, aims to help improve data security while helping businesses make heads and tails of their customer data. Listen to find out how blockchain could keep your...


EP.73: Taking Blockchain Global With Kendrick Nguyen

When was the last time you spoke to someone who has advised foreign governments on the blockchain space? If your answer is “never”, you’re surely not alone. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Kendrick Nguyen, Co-Founder and CEO of crowdfunding platform Republic, has spent plenty of time in Washington discussing the merits of blockchain technology. Listen to today’s episodes to catch a glimpse into the life of an international blockchain advisor.


EP.72: Giving Consumers Power Over Their Data - Kristoffer Nelson

SRAX’s digital marketing, consumer data management and distribution technology platform is powered by blockchain technology. Their aim is to allow consumers greater power over their data — to protect or sell, however they please. In this episode, Kristoffer shares insight into the state of blockchain in digital media, and how SRAX is differentiating themselves from the pack. Listen for a firsthand look into blockchain’s impact on the media landscape.


EP.70: The Future Of Art Collecting Is On The Blockchain - Jason Rosenstein and Peter Engleman

It’s 2019, and art trading went digital long ago. But the evolution of art exchange hasn’t stopped with the internet. The likes of Jason Rosenstein and Peter Engleman — co-founders of blockchain-powered art exchange Portion — are exploring the new frontier of art trading on blockchain platforms. Listen to today’s episode to get a glimpse into the state of blockchain in the art trading marketplace.


EP.69: Blockchain Smart Contracts as a Business Asset - Lisa Smith and William Fox

When an obvious need in an industry aligns with the potential of blockchain technology, a use case emerges. As employees of a data aggregation service with a blockchain twist, Lisa Smith and William Fox of Data Gumbo found their company centered at the intersection of industry-wide need and a blockchain-powered solution. Listen to today’s episode to glean insight from the minds of two blockchain industry pros.


EP.68: A Marketing Guru’s Guide To Blockchain - Jeremy Epstein

Jeremy Epstein has likened the blockchain to a “tsunami of disruption”. Like most tsunamis, few noticed its momentum gaining until it became unavoidable. But Epstein has had his eye on blockchain’s rising swell for years, establishing himself as an early identifier of the technology’s potential. He’s parlayed his expertise into his role as CEO of Never Stop Marketing by helping blockchain-powered startups establish their value in a crowded marketplace. Give this episode a listen for a...


EP.67: Using Blockchain to Crowdsource and Reinvigorate Scientific Discoveries - Patrick Joyce and Cristina Escoda

Knowledgr was created to solve the problem of siloed information. Patrick Joyce & Cristina Escoda, Co-Founders of Knowledgr, want to democratize the knowledge discovery process using blockchain. The platform issues rewards for the best questions and answers, bringing competition to attract better answers. Listen to this episode for Joyce and Escoda’s perspectives on blockchain’s future in learning.


EP.66: Blockchain is Transforming Digital Art - Misha Libman

Digital artists struggle with a common problem. A digital work can be duplicated and re-sold without the artist’s consent, and all it takes is a basic knowledge of file types to do so. The need for true scarcity of digital art prompted Misha Libman and his business partners to launch, a project deploying blockchain in collaboration with artists. The project puts artists at the center of the brainstorming process, instead of being dictated to. Give this episode a listen to see...


EP.65: The Art of Creating Faster, More Sophisticated Blockchains - Giulia Fanti

Giulia Fanti’s research has led her to critical questions about blockchain’s impact on the future of tech and life. Questions like ‘how do we make blockchains faster?’ are fundamental to the technology’s success, and they’re the sort of questions Fanti and her team at Carnegie Mellon University tackle in the laboratory. Giulia gives a behind-the-scenes look into blockchain research labs, give this episode a listen to learn more about the life of researchers on the front lines of...


EP.64: Bringing Real Estate Into the Digital Age With Blockchain - Natalia Karayaneva

Over $1 billion is lost to real estate-specific wire fraud in the United States each year, according to Natalia Karayaneva, CEO of blockchain-powered real estate company Propy. Making matters worse, one in three people worldwide can effectively prove property ownership — most land and home owners are at risk, and most don’t even realize it! That’s where Propy comes in. Using primarily smartphones, Propy aims to make proving property ownership and transferring real estate-related funds...


EP.63: Monetizing Your Data With The Blockchain - Rob Viglione

Based on all of the hubbub about data security and a general awareness that brands want to get their hands on your browsing history, you know it’s worth something. But can you put a dollar figure to it? Rob Viglione and his partners at Horizen want to go a step further, allowing users to make money from their own data. But in order to do this, Viglione understands that the platform has to be compelling. Viglione details the hurdles and benefits that Horizen has and will encounter on their...


EP.62: Detecting Volcanic Eruptions Through Cryptocurrency Funding - Jason Brink

If tasked with reviving a completely broken crypto token, where would you start? Jason “BitBender” Brink took on this challenge when he became director for, a cryptocurrency with a focus on geothermal research and development. Through strategic partnerships with universities in Asia, Brink has brought renewed purpose to Vulcano, once a defunct, over-leveraged high-staking coin. This episode sheds light on one of the rare live platforms that merges cryptocurrency and...


EP.61: The Future of Real Estate With Blockchain - Chao Cheng-Shorland

Real estate is broken. Inefficiency drives up costs for all parties and causes beautiful homes to languish on the market. Paperwork bogs down outdated administrative processes. Showing, buying, and selling properties is a headache. ShelterZoom, led by co-founder and CEO Chao Cheng-Shorland, wants to reform the broken state of real estate. Cheng explains how blockchain will change the way that homes and property are listed, shown, bought, and sold.


EP.60: Creating Legal Corporations and Organizations on the Blockchain - Stefano Covolan

Imagine a business without borders — no trade restrictions, national taxation, no geographical limits. This is the vision that Stefano Covolan, Founder of Korporatio, has for the future of businesses. In this episode, Covolan gives us a look into the potential future of business powered by blockchain. Give it a listen, you may just find yourself incorporating on the blockchain before you can say Seychelles!


EP.59: How to Make Cryptocurrency A Part of Your Investing Strategy - Chris Kline

If you’re looking to invest for your future, and you have cryptocurrency to spare, you’ll need someone who knows both digital currencies and IRAs. Someone like Chris Kline, Chief Operating Officer of Bitcoin IRA. “It’s not your grandfather’s economy,” Kline says. He’s right, and investing in the likes of GE is no longer a sure-fire retirement plan. In the age of DIY investing, Kline’s advice shouldn’t be ignored.


EP.58: Taking Data Marketplaces Open Source with Blockchain - Henri Pihkala

Looking for a few extra bucks? What if we told you your data could be the means to a quick payday? Henri Pihkala, CEO of open-source data exchange platform Steamr, believes your data is worth more than you think. Find out how Henri and his crew are elevating data sharing with blockchain technology. You will also discover when you can expect to be able to sell your data, how it will all work, and why the future of data sharing will be far brighter than the present.