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Bob and Kevin talk all things technology news, social media, artificial intelligence, robots and more!

Bob and Kevin talk all things technology news, social media, artificial intelligence, robots and more!


Batavia, Illinois


Bob and Kevin talk all things technology news, social media, artificial intelligence, robots and more!






Ep. 091 - Tech ecosystems and responsibility to end users and participants

This week we discuss ecosystems... not like where plants and animals live, but tech ecosystems like an app store, or Amazon or Facebook... or even operating systems like Microsoft with communication platforms, productivity tools and more. The focus of the conversation is on the responsibilities of the ecosystem owners and how we see things currently working in ecosystems and how they might be changed moving forward. As always, let us know what you thought of this episode, and feel free to...


Ep. 090 - NFTs are super hot, but are they really? Sophia sells an NFT and more

Bob & Kevin are back this week with an episode about NFTs, the new crypto darlings of moment. What are they? What purpose do they serve? Why do we even care? and what comes next for NFTs? Also, dafuq, a robot just sold an NFT at auction for nearly $700k! oh, yeah... need to remember to say block chain, so we sound super cool, right? Take a moment to read this gem, then buckle in for another fun episode! As always, let us know what you thought...


Ep. 089 -Mars landing, the race back to the moon, WandaVision and more

A lot has happened in the world of tech since our last episode and we break it all down in this one. We discuss the recent landing on Mars, the tech behind it and what it means for future visits. Bob & Kevin then transitioned into how the moon plays into all this and speculated on the upcoming race back to the surface of the moon and what that could mean for conflict outside of Earth's atmosphere. We covered a lot, but we hope you enjoyed it. As always, let us know what you thought of this...


Ep. 088 - Alien technology, Navy patents and reaction to Joe Rogan #1597 with Travis Walton

So, not sure if you heard, but the US government is scheduled to release all that they know about aliens this summer and the BK Show is EXCITED! So excited that we decided to talk all things aliens again this episode with new info that has been coming out. We give our reaction to two, January episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience and we discuss some navy patents that sound an awful lot like some of the stuff Bob Lazar has been talking about for years! Check out some of our research links!...


Ep. 087 - GameStop, Reddit, Robinhood app and stonks, oh my!

Yup, you guessed it! Just like everyone else, we are talking STONKS! Bob & Kevin take a look at what a short-squeeze is... how hedge funds traditionally work and why is everyone so upset that our friends over at Reddit just jumped into the game and CHANGED IT! Or did they? We look at how technology played a role in all this madness and if this will impact trading apps to come...or not so much. As always, let us know what you thought of this episode, and feel free to ping us on social...


Ep. 086 - 2021 CES recap! The products that made us laugh, shrug and left us asking what problem does this solve?

Well, we got some listener feedback that maybe we needed to lighten things up a little bit... so here is what we ended up with! In this week's episode- yup, we are trying to get back to weekly, we reviewed a bunch of products from CES 2021 that we thought you might find as interesting as we did. Of course, we added the Bob & Kevin Show twist that we hope you enjoy. Many of the products we discussed can be found in the Wired article linked...


Ep. 085 - The year that privacy died an argument for repealing Section 230 and more

Well, how about 2021 so far, eh? We REALLY try hard not to get political, but tech is so heavily tangled in politics right now that it is SUPER hard not to talk politics. We kicked off the episode focused more on how the events of 2020, the quick jump to platforms like Zoom and more led to a further degradation of our on-line privacy protection -- as if there was much there in the first place! Then we moved on to what we both agreed, might be a legit reason to repeal Section 230 -- which...


Ep. 084 - POTUS has zero twitter followers and Bob and Kevin try a live stream - again

Well, we are going to be trying some new things heading into the new year, but not really. You see, for those that are new to the Bob & Kevin Show, you may not know that we used to be a LIVE show on YouTube a couple of years back. Well, we think we are going to try that all again, but with a twist! Some episodes will stream live out to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter... but ALL episodes will be available on the podcast platforms... so, we hope you dig it! We discussed the transition...


Ep. 083 - Facebook day of reckoning and Salesforce purchase of Slack for 27.7 Billion

Can Facebook actually be broken up? This is the main question that Bob & Kevin try to answer this week along with a discussion of the recent sale of Slack to Salesforce for a whopping 27.7 billion dollars - we have THOUGHTS! Lots of monopoly talk to be sure! As always, let us know what you thought of this episode, and feel free to ping us on social media with your thoughts on this episode or any of our others - Follow us on Twitter at


Ep. 082 - Covid-19 tech innovations, OBS Ninja, Twitter introduces fleets and more

In this episode, Bob & Kevin discuss some of the interesting tech innovations that have been introduced during this time of COVID-19. The focus was on innovations around Zoom meetings and OBS Studio. One of the more exciting highlights is Bob & Kevin shared some things they have learned from their co-workers about working from home and work-life balance. On the lighter side of things, Bob & Kevin talked about the new feature updated from Twitter, which they are calling...


Ep. 081 - The tech of audio engineering and social media for business with Josh Baty-Barr

In this episode, Bob & Kevin have special guest Joshua Baty-Barr from in-studio to discuss various tech-related aspects of audio recording and engineering. We covered a broad range of topics including when to add your effects, different types of gear and software, and how the usage of social media plays a role for Josh both professionally and personally. Some of the gear we discussed: The new MV7 mic from Shure -...


Ep. 080 - EbSynth, Mandalorian Season 2 and more with special guest Grant Giszewski

This week, we celebrate our first in-studio guest from Studio 1A (our midwest location)! Grant Giszewski (the last name might ring a bell for some listeners) joined us to discuss a variety of film industry technology in addition to how some of that tech can be used to enhance social video and more. Check out some of the links we discussed in this episode: EbSynth: Mandalorian virtual sets:...


Ep. 079 - Discussing GPT-3 and the Twitter cropper bias controversy

In this episode, Bob & Kevin welcome our first paid sponsor - to the show... well, technically, Josh has been our producer, editor, and engineer for a few episodes now, but this week he PAID US! Then, of course, we paid him to produce this week's show... LOL Anyway, back to the episode description... Bob & Kevin discussed the recent tweets and discussions around the twitter cropper and racial bias and then shifted to the main topic of conversation GPT-3 (Generative...


Ep. 078 - Thoughts on the Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma"

In this episode, Bob & Kevin discuss the newly released, Netflix, documentary "The Social Dilemma" ( If you have not watched it, we strongly encourage you to do so. Topics covered range from AI to social engineering and the impact that social media has on our world today and its threat to freedom as we know it. Shortly after the show was recorded, this article was posted to Medium and we think it adds some great flavor to the discussion:...


Ep. 077 - Are you suffering from Zoom fatigue? And what is Facebook doing about QAnon?

This week Bob & Kevin discuss how Zoom fatigue has or has NOT affected them and some strategies to help reduce the potential effects of Zoom fatigue. They also discussed social media's role in the spreading of conspiracy theories, misinformation, and disinformation with a strong focus on QAnon. As always, let us know what you thought of this episode and feel free to ping us on social media with your thoughts on this episode or any of our others - Follow us on twitter at...


Ep. 076 - Is TikTok still for sale? and the Epic battle between Fortnite and the Apple App Store

This week, Bob & Kevin discuss how, why, and if TikTok is indeed still for sale and the implications of such a sale and where Microsoft fits into the story. They also take another look at the entire "Apple App Store" thing. It appears yet another company, this time Epic games, is at odds with Apple over the very nature of how the app store makes money for Apple. Will Fortnite finally be the drivng force to change how app stores work? You will have to listen to find out! As always, let us...


Ep. 075 - Cancel Culture: is it a myth or malicious mob mentality?

In this episode, Bob & Kevin take a look at cancel culture and debate if it is fact or fiction. We found some very interesting definitions of cancel culture and discussed what (if anything) actually constitutes being #cancelled. As always, let us know what you thought of this episode and feel free to ping us on social media with your thoughts on this episode or any of our others - Follow us on twitter at


Ep. 074 - Hey email and their troubles with the Apple App Store plus a mini product review

In this episode... Bob & Kevin discuss the email platform and their struggles with Apple (app store) to get and keep their app available to anyone that is interested. This brought the conversation around to "ecosystems" in general and the pros and cons of their existence. Anyway, as always, let us know what you thought of this episode and feel free to ping us on social media with your thoughts on this episode or any of our others - Follow us on twitter at...


Ep. 073 - We are listening and trying to learn, but pretty convinced Mark Zuckerberg is not! Analysis of Mark's recent letter to his employees

Things in the world are heavy right now, we get that. The Bob & Kevin Show is listening and we strongly believe that Black Lives Matter. We are also laser-focused on the impact companies like Facebook and Twitter have on the collective social and political mood of not just our nation, but the world. In this episode, we discuss some of Facebook's and Twitter's reactions and responses to world events addressing racial equality and some of the garbage being posted to social media by "dear...


Ep. 072 - Did President Trump's executive order just kill social media? And did Joe Rogan just re-define podcasting with his exclusive deal with Spotify?

BREAKING NEWS! Yup, just the day before President Trump's history-making, executive order related to social media giants like Twitter and Facebook, Bob & Kevin were already discussing the implications of Trump's tweets being labeled as "fact check required". In fact, the boys even played out a couple "what if" scenarios - how accurate were they? Take a listen and find out! Oh, they talked about puzzles in the pandemic and Joe Rogan's big Spotify deal as well (weird, right?) Let us know...