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In this podcast we share our experience with you to learn and entertain. Peeking behind the screens of IT and Tech in general at Showing you our approach to IT, e-commerce and retail platforms.

In this podcast we share our experience with you to learn and entertain. Peeking behind the screens of IT and Tech in general at Showing you our approach to IT, e-commerce and retail platforms.




In this podcast we share our experience with you to learn and entertain. Peeking behind the screens of IT and Tech in general at Showing you our approach to IT, e-commerce and retail platforms.




Tech Culture Month and the Tech Culture Manifesto

In the introduction mail, it said: “Having a culture in which we all can thrive, is one of our most valuable assets. To celebrate and cherish our unique tech culture, we are organizing events throughout the month of June. ” From Meetups to Games, from Tech talks to sessions with the IT management and most important of all, interactions. That's in brief Tech Culture Month. We hope to inspire you to have one yourself or participate in these tech community-building events. What this episode...


Demo-time; Google Glass capabilities in a pop-up Warehouse

This experiment triggered so many questions with us: Creating a pop up warehouse with Google Glass implementation, how much time does it cost? Why are we doing this? Is this totally new in the market? What this episode covers We dive into the experiment with this business usage of the Google Glass in a popup warehouse. (Image: Guests Turan BulmusNiels de VriesMelih Gultekin Notes


Golang as simple as

Over three years ago we published our third podcast episode. The topic of the episode was the Go programming language. We noted, “When you listen to the stories our two enthusiastic guests share in this episode, you might even believe Go is the future.” So, let's check in and see how things have evolved. The number of feature teams in using Go has grown. What else has happened? Our guests share their experiences and provide solid advice for starting your journey with Go. What this...


Product Led - Easier when done together

We discuss the way of working of the Tech Lead and Architect in the Marketing Domain. Functional- and Technical aspects need to be taken into account when defining the direction of the development teams. From our guests Alexandra and Lennart, we learn what cooperation means in these relatively new functions. What this episode covers Product-Led is adapted more and more as a way of organizing for innovation. In we are shifting towards this concept. One important topic in the...


To indie game developer and back

A few months ago we noticed a message that stood out on our internal platform. Basically, it stated: "I'm back". Naturally, it happens every now and then that employees explore their horizons but still return to What this episode covers However, the number of software engineers that turn to indie game developer and come back, is quite limited. That sparked our curiosity since for a vast group of engineers it is some kind of dream job to develop games. That must have something to...


Front-end Framework Journey

Everybody can go to and check the Front-End of our webshop. But what if you are a seller, supplier, partner or internal employee? What is your view when interacting with our IT systems? In general, you will use one of our Portals. These portals made a long journey to get to the stage where they are today. What this episode covers Not only does the backend site, mainly covered by SWAP's (Small Web APplications) rely on different frameworks, also the Front-End work does. How to adapt...


Inclusion of Introverts

Welcome to episode number 100! A special show with a very interesting topic: Inclusion of Introverts and Introversion. We asked our CEO Margaret Versteden for a quote for this number 100. She surprised us with the fact that this topic is so important for her as she is dealing with this her whole life, as an introvert. So if you are an extrovert, we think this is a "must listen". What this episode covers It will help you to understand and to make the world and your environment safer for...


Transforming your experimentation knowledge into a book

We are not only the hosts of the show but so far we also do the selection of the topics ourselves. Research what’s interesting. Find diverse subjects and guests, etc. What this episode covers And sometimes guests make it easier for us. They post on our internal platform a message…. “What is the superlative of bragging? I don't think I can go any further than telling you that I co-wrote a book. And of course, it's about experimentation Yesterday I received the first copy in my hands, and...


2021 Wrapped

This episode is 2021 Techlab Wrapped. Inspired by one of the platforms that host our podcast Spotify. It is the end of Season 3 and the end of 2021. Time to look back and to look ahead. What this episode covers 2021 Wrapped and maybe a glimpse into 2022. Log4j and the PMC member Guests Peter Brouwers Peter Paul van de Beek Shownotes Top 3 according to Blubrry Episode 91 - Retailer APIEpisode 93 - The Programmers BrainEpisode 81 - Data Maturity and Data LiteracyTop 3 according to...


Load testing with Locust

During the recording of this episode, we are in the week of Black Friday. An exciting week for people hunting for bargains. And also for a lot of our colleagues. What this episode covers Whether that is from a commercial point of view or an engineering one. All the eyeballs on our website, bring a lot of traffic. And consequential a lot of load on our systems. In this episode, we focus on one aspect of preparing for a large load: Load Testing. In this episode, we are going to talk about...


How could this happen

If you are a regular listener to the podcast or an e-commerce watcher, you know “the season” is very important for us. It is a yearly recurring theme in the podcast. You are probably also aware that uptime and responsiveness of our app and website are crucial. What this episode covers And you might have noticed that enabling our software engineers to perform at their peak is very important for us. Enabling teams and engineers is what we do to build a great place to engineer. And sometimes...


AI for Retail Lab on recommendations

In this episode, we virtually visit the AI for Retail Lab and dive with two members into the world of recommendations. The AI for Retail (AIR) Lab Amsterdam is a joint UvA-Ahold Delhaize industry lab and conducts research into socially responsible algorithms aimed at the retail domain. Think of developing models for recommendations and managing goods flows. What this episode covers The research, testing and application of the models take place in Albert Hein Delhaize and...


Warehouse Mechanization

Warehouse mechanization is a part of our IT landscape where our IT meets the physical world. It is one of those places where we encounter that while we could scale our IT almost indefinitely in the cloud, the physical world and warehouses don't work that way. As you listen to this episode you will learn how the world of IT has to adapt to the physical world to make things work. And as Peter states this is also the place where e-commerce comes to life. What this episode covers This is the...


The Programmer's Brain

Some aspects of software engineering are easily overlooked. In the book The Programmer's Brain some of these like reading code, thinking about code and collaborating on code are at the centre. In this episode, we talk to the author of this book to guide us through these aspects. To improve your coding skills it is good to know how your brain works. What this episode covers That will enable you to set your brain to work for you. If you spent significantly more time on reading code than on...


Understanding customers using their search queries

Imagine you want to buy something. You go to and you start typing the article in the search bar. Automatically you will be served suggestions and as a result, you want a limited number of articles from our 30 million products catalogue. What this episode covers You select the product you want, press the buy button and there it is, at your doorstep at the selected moment. Sounds simple, right? Inspired by a talk of our guest of this episode earlier this year, we wanted to find out...


How the Retailer API became the heart and soul of an ecosystem

In early April the latest version of our Retailer API was launched. Given the importance of the API for almost 15.000 partners this was again a major step. Over the years the retailer API became the heart and soul of our ecosystem. What this episode covers But this path wasn't always that obvious. It took vision, decisiveness and perseverance to get this far. In this episode, we explore this journey. The importance of the Retailer API API’s are considered a major part of a serious...


Engineering Productivity and Backstage

Engineering Productivity With the growth of our engineering community, the need for more focus on engineering productivity is clear. We invited two experts to discuss this topic with us. We actually got to this point when one of our listeners pointed out one of the products we are using for this and how awesome a topic that would be for our podcast. Backstage The product he was referring to, is Backstage. What this episode covers Backstage is a platform for developer portals that is used...


Outside perspective on the edges of autonomy

How interaction resulted in a guest appearance “We like interactions and feedback”, that’s what we say in our outro. The guest of our show reacted to one of our podcasts earlier this year. We reached out to him and invited him to the podcast. What this episode covers Why? Because it’s good to look in the mirror. Check our stories with the outside in view. And that’s exactly what we are going to do in this show. Getting the outside perspective on the edges of autonomy. Discussed Items on...


Predict the Unpredictable

How Data Science supports us to predict the unpredictable Just like for any store, forecasting is an important tool to support the business and its profitability. At we have worked on several major iterations of our forecast. One of the hosts worked on a large leap in forecast performance over 8 years ago. You can check some another leap we have made while listening to our podcast episode from May 2019 - nom more crystal ball for forecasting, Data Science it is. In this episode, we...


Why would you build an open source FTP server in Rust?

Why build an open-source FTP server in Rust? Sometimes, I must admit I’m a little dazzled by all the languages, frameworks and stuff our engineers work with. So, when our guest of today explained to me some of the intriguing aspects of the language we will be discussing in this episode I had to stretch my mind a little. I managed and could follow his explanation. What this episode covers And I found a great topic for this podcast. In the episode, we explore the Rust programming language...