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Boundaryless Conversations Podcast is an ongoing exploration of the future of Platforms & Ecosystems. Here we explore new perspectives about how we organise at scale in a rapidly changing world.

Boundaryless Conversations Podcast is an ongoing exploration of the future of Platforms & Ecosystems. Here we explore new perspectives about how we organise at scale in a rapidly changing world.


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Boundaryless Conversations Podcast is an ongoing exploration of the future of Platforms & Ecosystems. Here we explore new perspectives about how we organise at scale in a rapidly changing world.




S2 Ep. 8 Adrien Nussenbaum – Becoming Anything you want in the Platform Value Chain

In this episode we are speaking Adrien Nussenbaum, co-founder and U.S. CEO of Mirakl, a global leader in online marketplace solutions. Since graduating from HEC in Paris in 2001, Adrien's career has been focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and disruption. His background in corporate finance and management consulting has allowed him to support top Fortune 1000 companies in their strategic growth and transformation initiatives, including creating and leading FNAC's marketplace from 2008 to...


S2 Ep. 7 Robyn Scott – Enabling an Ecosystem of Civil Servants in the Age of Platforms

Today we’re talking to Robyn Scott, co-founder and CEO of Apolitical, a global learning network for public servants. The Apolitical Academy, Apolitical’s non-profit arm, helps young and traditionally excluded people run for political office. Previously, Robyn co-founded OneLeap, an executive education company, and two southern African non-profits teaching coding and entrepreneurial skills to vulnerable youth, women, and prisoners. She has written a critically acclaimed memoir about...


S2 Ep. 6 Juho Makkonen – Democratizing the Platform Economy through Marketplace as a Service

Today we have the great pleasure of speaking to Juho Makkonen, CEO and co-founder of Sharetribe – and a common friend from the heydays of the onset of the sharing economy. Sharetribe builds software that helps entrepreneurs and organizations create their own online marketplace platforms. Today their software powers more than 1,000 marketplaces in 70 countries around the world. Juho is also co-author of The Lean Marketplace, a practical guide for building a successful marketplace business...


S2 Ep. 5 Dave Snowden – Building Scalable Organizations that can Deal with Uncertainty

Today we’re talking to Professor Dave Snowden, the founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Cognitive Edge and Director of the Cynefin Centre Wales. His internationally acclaimed work covers government and industry, and looks at the complex issues of strategy, organisational development and decision making. He has pioneered a science-based approach to organizations drawing on anthropology, neuroscience, and complex adaptive systems theory. He is a popular and passionate keynote speaker on a...


S2 Ep. 4 B. Joseph Pine II – Experience Platforms: Staging Experiences through an Ecosystem

In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking to Joe Pine, an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and management advisor. Joe has addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos, the original TED conference in California, and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. He's a Lecturer in Columbia University's Technology Management Program, and has co-founded Strategic Horizons LLP to help businesses conceive and design new ways of adding value to their economic offerings. As a...


S2 Ep. 3 Peter C. Evans – Platform Talent: Jobs & Skills for the Age of Networks

In this episode, we speak to Dr Peter C. Evans, Managing Partner at the Platform Strategy Institute and co-founder of the advisory firm Enterprise Sound Strategy. Peter holds a PhD from MIT and is co-chair of the MIT Platform Strategy Summit. He has over 20 years of experience leading teams in identifying, assessing, and communicating high-priority marketplace trends and disruptions to shape effective business strategy, innovation and investment. He has specialized in helping companies...


S2 Ep. 2 Alicia Hennig - Embeddedness: Exploring the Roots of the Eastern idea of Organizing

In this episode we have the pleasure of introducing a very interesting academic voice, Alicia Hennig, Associate Professor of Business Ethics. Her research focuses on Chinese philosophy and its application in organisations in the context of values, ethics and innovation. Working with Chinese as well as foreign companies in China, she continues to promote a better understanding of Chinese culture and thinking. This conversation with Alicia was very crucial to explore the embracing of...


S2 Ep. 1 Sangeet Paul Choudary - Re-bundling the Firm around Problems to Be Solved

In this episode, we’re excited to have a legend from the platform thinking space Sangeet Paul Choudary, where we explore his fascinating journey from the micro level to macro when analysing the platform economy. As Founder of Platformation Labs, and author of two bestselling books Platform Revolution and Platform Scale, Sangeet is best known for his work on platform economics and network effects. He frequently advises the leadership of Fortune 500 firms and has been selected as a Young...


A Beacon for Future Explorations - Wrapping up Season 1 with Bill Fischer and Lisa Gansky

In this episode, we have our two dear guests Lisa Gansky — the eternal entrepreneur, great thinker and our long term advisor — and Bill Fischer, professor at IMD in Lausanne with whom we’ve developed the very first Rendanheyi Masterclass based on Haier’s revolutionary organisational model and a partner in our long term research on the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization. In our conversation, we wanted to pick their brains on the key theses emerging from the research for our...


Ep. 18 John Bunch - Building Complex Organizations through simple constraints: Zappos

In this episode, we have a conversation with John Bunch, Lead Organizational Designer and Adviser to the CEO Tony Hsieh at Zappos. John joined in 2009 as a Software Developer and moved on to lead the Public API team. John was the Implementation Lead during Zappos’ shift to Holacracy and self-organization. Coming out of the rollout of Holacracy, John transitioned to leading internal infrastructure and systems design. In the conversation, we talk about how Zappos - through the...


Ep. 17 Jeremiah Owyang - The Future of Platforms in the midst of Silicon Valley's moral reckoning

Today we’re speaking to Jeremiah Owyang, founding partner of the San Francisco based research firm Kaleido Insights, where he focuses on how disruptive technologies—such as social media, collaborative economy, autonomous world, blockchain and more— impact the relevance of corporations. Jeremiah is well recognized by both the tech industry and the media for his grounded approach to deriving insights through rigorous research.and is frequently quoted in top-tier publications, has given a TED...


Ep.16 Marshall Van Alstyne and Geoffrey Parker - Human Value as the North Star: Regulating pervasive platforms

In this episode we have two leading platform thinkers on the show: Marshall Van Alstyne, Questrom Chair Professor at Boston University and Geoffrey Parker, professor of engineering at the Thayer School of Dartmouth College. They are both visiting scholars at the MIT Initiative for the Digital Economy and co-chair the annual MIT Platform Summit (see references below) Marshall Van Alstyne and Geoffrey Parker - together with Sangeet Choudary - are the authors of Platform Revolution: How...


Ep.15 Nicolas Colin - The Entrepreneurial Age: Networks and a fragmenting world

In this episode, we’re speaking to Nicolas Colin, co-founder & director of The Family, a pan-European investment firm founded in 2013 and headquartered in London. Nicolas publishes an extremely valuable newsletter European Straits about entrepreneurship, finance, strategy and policy, with a European perspective. He’s also the author of three books, one of which is Hedge: A Greater Safety Net for the Entrepreneurial Age and member of the board of directors at Radio France, and a former...


Ep. 14 Joe Norman - Organizations as Architectures for Complexity

In this episode, we’re having a boundaryless conversation with Joe Norman, a complex systems scientist researching systemic risk and precaution in large-scale systems. Joe explores strategies for uncertainty, complex systems engineering, pattern formation in biological and social systems. Joe’s work brings amazing insights to creating new organizational development models that could be better equipped to deal with the asymmetric risk factors that we foresee these days, in light of rising...


Ep.13 Martin Revees - Remaking the Case for Strategy in an Interdependent World

In this episode, Simone Cicero is again joined by a special co-host and former guest on the podcast — Bill Fischer — Professor of Innovation Management at IMD Business School in Lausanne. They talk to Martin Reeves, Managing Director in the San Francisco office of BCG and Chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute, BCG’s think tank on business strategy and co-author of the book “Your Strategy Needs a Strategy”. Martin is also currently leading research on the post-COVID era, winning the ’20s,...


Ep 12. Alex Osterwalder - Unleashing thoughtful Innovation at Scale

In this episode, Simone Cicero is joined by a special co-host and former guest on the podcast - Bill Fischer - Professor of Innovation Management at IMD Business School in Lausanne. Together they pick the brain of nobody less than Alex Osterwalder, whose work continues to influence the way established companies do business innovation and how new ventures get started. The inventor of the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, and Business Portfolio Map together with Yves Pigneur,...


Ep. 11 Joost Minnar - Tackling the Fundamental Problems of Organising at Scale

In this episode, we talk to Joost Minnaar, co-founder of the blog in 2015. Joost travels the world researching progressive organisations, blogs about the discoveries he makes and advises on workplace issues. Joost is the co-author of the book 'Corporate Rebels, Make Work More Fun' (2020), winner of the Thinkers50 Radar Award (2019) and a Doctoral Candidate at the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (VU University, Amsterdam). We also have the pleasure to collaborate...


Ep. 10 Indy Johar - Redrawing the Human Development thesis for the 21st Century

In this boundaryless conversation we speak with Indy Johar, architect and co-founder of Project 00 and most recently Dark Matter Labs (see his full bio here: Indy is really a great thinker when it comes to going beyond “corner shop” size social transformation initiatives to explore the next generation of institutions - living at the edge between public, open and private. We explore what he thinks will happen to organising, institution-building and human...


Ep. 09 Daniel Wahl - Organizing in Nested Systems: Re-regionalisation, Landscape and Global Solidarity

In our conversation with Daniel, we talk about the interplays between technology and landscape, between the virtual and the analogue world, and we explore what kind of new experiments and institutions that may emerge — and what new constituencies will likely gain a key role in organising at scale — for the re-regionalisation of the economy, which is such an important step of society’s regeneration. How to find and support Daniel’s work: > Medium Blog:...


Checkpoint episode with Lisa Gansky - Ecosystems: between the "no more" and the "not yet"

This is a “checkpoint” episode where we talk to Lisa about what we’ve been discovering so far in the research for the Whitepaper and get her valuable take focusing on the role of incumbents in adapting to a fast-changing world. She talks about the emerging space between the “no more” and “not yet”. In this in-between space where most of the potential to re-invent organizing seems to lay, ecosystems appear to be a candidate driver of transformation for incumbents, although questions abound...