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Build For Bharat features bite-sized discussions with the Makers who are building India’s inclusive, digital future. The podcast is a part of the Bharat Inclusion Initiative from CIIE.CO, where we support entrepreneurs who are Building for Bharat with inclusive products.

Build For Bharat features bite-sized discussions with the Makers who are building India’s inclusive, digital future. The podcast is a part of the Bharat Inclusion Initiative from CIIE.CO, where we support entrepreneurs who are Building for Bharat with inclusive products.


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Build For Bharat features bite-sized discussions with the Makers who are building India’s inclusive, digital future. The podcast is a part of the Bharat Inclusion Initiative from CIIE.CO, where we support entrepreneurs who are Building for Bharat with inclusive products.






Nurturing Innovation in India with Priya Kapadia | Episode 44

About the Episode: Marico Innovation Foundation is scaling Innovation in India by providing customized guidance for enabling organizations to achieve growth through scale-up programs and sectoral innovation programs. Join Priya Kapadia, Head of Marico Innovation Foundation in conversation with the host Sanjay Jain to know what innovation means to the foundation, the qualities contributing to a great mentor relationship, the innovation criteria considered while selecting a startup, and how...


How ONDC realigns India’s eCommerce with Shireesh Joshi | Episode 43

About the Episode: ONDC is a capability that helps create eCommerce solutions where buyers can search in terms of product, brand, or context, and find the solution they need. It is designed to streamline the future of digital commerce and provide opportunities to all sellers, no matter big or small.Join Shireesh Joshi on this episode with host Sanjay Jain as he explains how ONDC is a building block that will facilitate buyers to choose from many applications to purchase a product from the...


Making travel convenient in India with FASTag with Denny V Thomas | Episode 42

About the Episode: FASTag is a device that employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly while the vehicle is in motion. Today, FASTag is accepted at 964+ toll plazas on National & State Highways across the country, including both national and state highways, through 14 acquiring banks.Join Denny Thomas, the product head of FASTag with host Sanjay Jain as he talks about how FASTag was developed, why RFID technology was taken into consideration,...


Digital Push for Farming In India with Rajeev Chawla | Episode 41

About the Episode: Agristack is like an aadhaar for farmers as it is a collection of technologies and digital databases proposed by the Central Government focusing on Indian farmers and the agricultural sector. Join Mr. Rajeev Chawla with host Sanjay Jain as he explains how Agristack will enable the farmer’s crop and lands to be discovered, and how the farmer's data is the backbone to provide recommendations on their crop production. About the Guest: Rajeev Chawla is Strategic Advisor and...


Making Indian MSMEs Digitally Saksham with Sandip Chhettri | Episode 40

About the Episode: Trade India is a platform with over 77 lakh digitally aggregated MSMEs, who use this platform to sell and buy. Join their CEO Sandip Chhettri with host, Sanjay Jain as he talks about enablement infrastructure and helping MSMEs navigate challenges in this aspect. About the Guest: Mr. Sandip Chhettri is one of India’s prime leaders in the MSME space, with nearly two decades of sectoral expertise. He is currently managing the overall operations & direct agendas to drive...


Financial Inclusion of Bharat with Supriya Sharma | Episode 39

About the Episode: 'Financial Inclusion for Bharat: Insights into People, Markets and Start-ups' is a compendium of insights from the lives of people of Bharat, extensive research studies on pressing questions about inclusion and cases that improve founders' decision-making. Featuring a variety of research forms including human stories from across the geography of India, insights and use cases based on extensive data, rigorous methods and case snapshots with focus on dilemma facing founders...


Equitable access to high quality education for young Indian from Low-Income Background with Akshay Saxena | Special Episode

About the Episode: A special episode on Build for Bharat podcast featuring Akshay Saxena, founder of Avanti fellows. Avanti runs India's largest interventions integrating technology to improve maths and Science achievements in secondary school. The episode was recorded live on 8th Aug 2022 by Daily Hunts in collaboration with MASH foundation as part of celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, 75 years of Independence. Join Akshay as he chat with Sanjay on his journey forming Avanti fellows...


Billing for Bharat with Rahul Tandon | Episode 38

About the Episode: Bharat Bill Payment System is an integrated bill payment system in India offering interoperable and accessible bill payment service to customers through a network of agents of the registered members as Agent Institutions, enabling multiple payment modes, and providing instant confirmation of payment. Join Rahul Tandon as he shares how this brings one-touch billing to life with host, Sanjay Jain. About the Guest: Rahul Tandon is currently working as Head Product, Market...


Frictionless finance for a billion Indians with Rajesh Bansal | Episode 37

About the Episode: Fostering innovation in the financial sector has always been interlinked with regulation. Last year, RBI set up an independent not for profit company with an independent board - the Reserve Bank Innovation Hub (RBIH) - to act in the interests of the ecosystem and working with all stakeholders, be it academia, FinTech or industry. Join RBIH's CEO Mr. Rajesh Bansal with host Sanjay Jain as they discuss RBIH's vision of frictionless finance for a billion Indians. About the...


A primer to Open Credit Enablement Network with Hrushikesh Mehta | Episode 36

About the Episode: We are not able to reach out to the bottom of the pyramid because it's not economically viable to do so. However, with India Stack, technology can enable greater access. Join Hrushikesh Mehta as he chats with Sanjay Jain on one such piece of the India Stack - Open Credit Enablement Network (OCEN). About the Guest: Hrushikesh Mehta is a Fellow at iSPIRT and Chief Evangelist, CredAll. He is responsible for driving the awareness and adoption of standardized Application...


Understanding Account Aggregator with BG Mahesh | Episode 35

About the Episode: BG Mahesh is passionate about building products to Bharat. He did this for two decades with Indian languages in digital media and is now co-founder at Sahamati, a collective of the Account Aggregator ecosystem. AAs give individuals greater control over their data and is a step towards financial inclusion in India. Join him with host Sanjay Jain on this episode of the build for bharat podcast to take a peek into Account Aggregators and the India Stack. About the...


Building a service network for Bharat with Abhishek Sinha | Episode 34

About the Episode: Eko gives an opportunity to shop owners to turn into Banking & Financial institutions. Customers who do not have bank accounts and still want to transfer money using cash , pay their utility bills, have insurance and avail services you give. Join Abhishek Sinha with Sanjay jain on this episode of the Build for Bharat podcast as they discuss service networks that have arisen due to the collaborative efforts put in by Eko About the Guest: Abhishek is one of the Co...


The Beckn protocol - Explained like you were 5 with Ravi Prakash | Episode 33

About the Episode: Beckn is the base protocol layer that powers ONDC - which is in the news today. While many have not heard of it, Sanjay spoke with Ravi Prakash, the Head of Architecture & Technology Ecosystem, and asked him to explain it in a simple way - as if the listener was 5 years old. Listen in at Build for Bharat podcast and join the conversation. About the Guest: Ravi Prakash is currently working as the Head of Architecture and Technology Ecosystem at Beckn Foundation. Ravi is...


Connecting work opportunities with Gig workers with Dheeraj Khatter | Episode 32

About the Episode: This episode of Build for Bharat talks about enabling GIG workers to execute their technical last-mile services. Dheeraj Khatter, co-founder of MyMobiForce, addresses how there was no digital identity created for them, building a platform that connects businesses to the technicians. Join Sanjay Jain to learn how they are removing middle men and bringing more opportunities. About the Guest: Dheeraj Khatter is the Founder and CEO@MyMobiForce, an organized full-stack...


Build online interactive platform helping Agri-businesses with Ruchit G Garg | Episode 31

About the Episode: This Build for Bharat podcast episode gives an insight into what led Ruchit Garg, Founder and CEO of Harvesting Farmer Network, build this platform that provides farmers with many fold larger market access and better price realization by online bidding. Join the host Sanjay Jain as he finds out how HFN leverages technology and utilises remote sensing data to help the farmers. About the Guest: Ruchit G Garg is the founder and CEO of Harvesting Farmer Network, an...


Simplifying digital journey of businesses in Bharat with Jasminder Singh Gulati | Episode 30

About the Episode: In this episode of Build for Bharat podcast, co-founder of NowFloats Jasminder Singh Gulati in a conversation with Host Sanjay Jain, talks about how they are building a platform which simplifies the digital journey of every business in Bharat. Tune in to discover the challenges faced by NowFloats as they Build for Bharat. About the Guest: Jasminder has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry spanning multiple responsibilities and geographies. Before...


Redefining the experience of onboarding businesses and customers with Ankit Ratan | Episode 29

About the Episode: Signzy facilitates 10 million+ end-user and corporate onboardings each month, with a 99% success rate, while reducing time to market from 6 months to 3-4 weeks. In this episode of the Build for Bharat podcast, co-founder Ankit Ratan discusses Signzy, a worldwide digital trust platform, with host Sanjay Jain. About the Guest: Ankit Ratan graduated from IIT Delhi in 2011 with a silver medal. Having worked in data analytics firms at New York and Shanghai for a few years,...


Helping users in Bharat pay digitally with Rahul Chari | Episode 28

About the Episode: The co-founder and CTO of PhonePe, Rahul Chari, discusses the value of emphasizing User engagement and customer experience on this episode of the BuildForBharat podcast. Listen in at... About the Guest: Rahul is the co-founder and CTO at PhonePe. He is a serial entrepreneur in the consumer internet space and has built PhonePe into one of India’s fastest growing and largest fintech companies. He comes with over two decades of experience in consumer internet and...


Building a pensionTech platform with Gautam Bharadwaj | Episode 27

About the Episode: In this episode, co-founder of pinBox solutions Gautam Bhardwaj talks with host Sanjay Jain about their use of technology to expand digital micro-pension inclusion across numerous nations for an assured affluent old age. About the Guest: Gautam is co-founder of pinBox - a global pensionTech and expert advisory firm committed exclusively to expanding digital micro-pension coverage to self-employed women and youth across Asia and Africa. Over the last 25 years, Gautam has...


Improving trust through digital documents with Amit Ranjan | Episode 26

About the Episode: Join Amit Ranjan, in this episode with Sanjay Jain, as he shares the journey of DigiLocker. With over 200 types of documents, over 5 Billion documents, it is making the lives of Indians better by allowing them easier ways to manage various critical documents, and improving trust. Truly a #BuildForBharat initiative! About the Guest: Amit Ranjan is Cofounder of SlideShare, the world's largest professional content sharing community. SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn in...