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Informal, low-BS chats on all things enterprise - with Jon Reed of http://www.diginomica.com


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Informal, low-BS chats on all things enterprise - with Jon Reed of http://www.diginomica.com






Making sense of Sapphire 2023 Orlando - with Josh Greenbaum

To make sense of the barrage of news stories, keynotes and meetings, Jon gets Josh Greenbaum in the podcast chair. Josh hit on a few key storylines he was pursuing at the show: the state of SAP Business Networks, partner ecosystem issues, and whether SAP's sustainability push has progressed. The guys also talk about their discussion with ASUG members at the ASUG Executive Exchange program on the Monday prior to Sapphire's kick off. The discussion closes with Josh and Jon's personal reflections on a memorable Sapphire LGBTQ+ Pride panel, moderated by Julia White.


Sapphire Orlando ’23 review - Brian Dennett has strong takes on SAP Datasphere, cloud business transitions, and the future of TechEd

I haven't caught up with Brian Dennett in a few years. After honing his tech chops in AI startups, Dennett is back in SAP land as an SAP Mentor. I was pleased to learn, during our conversation, he is keeping the tradition of the outspoken/critical/a little grouchy SAP Mentor alive. Dennett has strong views on the SAP Datasphere news, SAP's cloud business model transition challenges, and the future of SAP TechEd. This on-site podcast discussion also weaves in a few of my recent interviews and digging on SAP's hot Sapphire topics.


Build your own user group - Tim Rodman on user groups, community and Acumatica

In this online podcast taping, Jon talks with Tim Rodman, creator of the first independent Acumatica cloud ERP user group, AUGforums.com. We talk about the importance of community and user group voices in the enterprise, and Tim shares what he's learned over the years by starting his own independent user group. He also shares how he has produced so much Acumatica-related content, and how he sustains these efforts.


HR tech blowout - research reveal and buzzword deconstructions

Time to hash out what HR tech is getting right - and where it's falling short. Join us for an interactive discussion and research reveal. Bonnie Duncan Tinder, Stacey Harris and Brian Sommer will surely bring their A game, so bring your smartest questions. We'll also blow off steam via the most hated buzzwords in HR tech. You can bet ChatGPT is going to come up. Before we wrap, we'll have advice for HR leaders on making their talent goals stick, despite the economic "headwinds" and KPI overdose. If you like no-BS podcasts, consider leaving me a review on your favorite platform - I take no sponsors ever.


ERP as a data platform? BI pitfalls and potentials - with Joni Girardi

In this on-site podcast from Acumatica Summit 2023, Jon Reed talks with Joni Girardi of DataSelf. ERP as a data platform? Extracting more value out of ERP was a big topic at the show. Acumatica customers - like all ERP customers - are looking to get more out of their ERP investment with analytics, planning, and improved reporting. Girardi has spent 20 years on this topic - he shares the pitfalls and potentials of BI projects, as the two hit on topics ranging from the impact of AI to the great dashboard debate - do dashboards lead to better decisions? Some of this discussion is Acumatica-specific, but most is relevant to any enterprise software listener concerned about deriving more customer value from data. Note: if you like unsponsored, ad-free, no BS enterprise podcasts please consider giving me a good rating to help me beat the algorithm. I fund these myself for discerning listeners.


DevOps and AIOps - what is their relevance in ERP shops? A post-SAP TechEd roundtable

Jon didn't think SAP TechEd put enough emphasis on DevOps and AIOps, so he set about to correct that, via a roundtable with John Appleby and Brenton O'Callahan of Avantra, and Martin Fischer of Neptune Software (Fischer is also the lead for DSAG's DevOps interest group). But is DevOps even relevant in an ERP context? And what about AIOps? How do we move beyond dashboards and observability? What do SAP customers need to move forward with effective automation? Has this issue been overlooked by SAP, and what kind of educational/project content is needed? What is the future of SAP Basis engineers in this context? Do they have one? Is DevSecOps even worth a mention? These are just some of the issues the guys get into during this "alternative SAP TechEd" session. Show notes: the company mentioned by Martin for the DevOps session at SAP TechEd is Nuve.


Debating hybrid events - and how the metaverse fits in

Jon is back on the CRMKonvos show to make his case for why hybrid events matter - and to issue a scorching grade to vendors (and yet, the grade is an improvement over the spring). The CRMKonvos gang, Thomas Wieberneit, Ralf Korb and Marshall Lager once again keep the hot seat hot, but making sure that Jon is forced to comment on how the metaverse might play a role in hybrid events (the metaverse is Jon's favorite tech concept - err, not). But it does make for a convo with some surprises. Thanks to the CRMKonvos team for permission to issue this audio version - catch all their video replays on the CRMKonvos YouTube channel.


Industry clouds - separating BS from reality with CRMKonvos

In this special appearance, Jon joins the CRMKonvos gang in the hot seat, to help sort industry cloud BS from reality. Industry clouds matter - but customers should evaluate carefully. What are the true criteria? Jon shares his views, while the smart CRMKonvos gang of Thomas Wieberneit, Ralf Korb and Marshall Lager keep the hot seat hot. This replay is issued with the express permission of the CRMKonvos team - thanks to them. Catch all their replays on the CRMKonvos YouTube channel.


The great customer success - a meaningful discipline or marketing creation?

Yep - we're back. Phil Wainewright and Josh Greenbaum both wrote landmark posts on customer success - but do they agree? And what should customers take from all the "customer success" brouhaha? To help me weigh the arguments, Bonnie Tinder of Raven Intel was on hand to share data and find a way forward. As usual, the audience brought their sharpest and smartest questions. Trivia note: this is my diginomica colleague Phil Wainewright's debut on my hits/misses video show, not to be missed.Also check the itunes channel for the full podcast archives.


The practical hyper-personalization debate - myth, reality, or buzzword bingo?

Yep, we're back! Time for a jugular, interactive session on hyperpersonalization. Join CX smarties Marshall Lager and Thomas Wieberneit as we define this term, probe into why it's needed (or not), and, most important, what practical do's and don'ts apply to enterprises? Bring your sharpest questions as always, and let's do this. Also check the itunes channel for the full podcast archives. If you care about unfiltered, unsponsored enterprise content, a great review will help others find this show amidst the marketing flotsam.


Why aren’t services firms part of the transformation they provide? - With Tinder and Sommer

Yup - we're back. Join us for a vigorous discussion of the overlooked role of services partners in transformation efforts. Bonnie Tinder of Raven Intel and Brian Sommer will count down the top things to look for in services firm selection - and the worst services firm characteristics and warning signs. Bring your sharp commentary and smart questions and let's see if we can advance this conversation and put more emphasis on what is often, in my view, the weak link in an enterprise project/transformation effort. Note: if you believe in unsponsored, unfiltered enterprise content and like this series, please give this self-funded series a quick review on the platform of your choice. Thanks.


Live from Planful Perform Vegas - continuous planning vs inflation, AI hype and more with Hyoun Park

Let's see how hits and misses "live" does on the road talking analytics in the real world and more with Hyoun Park of Amalgam Insights, one of the smartest/most interesting enterprise thinkers I know... Final note: this 30 minute show was live from Planful Perform, Las Vegas. I didn't get the sound completely right, this was my first live stream on site in more than a decade - I'll get better. But meantime, I thought Park's sharp insights on the economy, AI, and analytics were worth sharing regardless.


Busting HR project myths - an HR data reveal with Stacey Harris

Buckle up... First time hits/misses video guest Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer at Sapient Insights Group, is going to unfurl fresh HR data and debunk HR tech myths. We'll also get into the underrated keys to HR project success. The audience brought their sharpest questions and comments, and Stacey was ready to roll! Also check the itunes channel for the full podcast archives.


Retail in 2022 - where are the wins and pitfalls? With Guy Courtin

Now rescheduled for this Friday! The problems retailers face amidst supply volatility and Amazon/Walmart dominance are immense. The retail year kicks off at the NRF big show - and our hot seat guest, Guy Courtin, was actually on the ground (I was not). We'll get Courtin's view of the highs and lows of the show (and most interesting tech). Bring your sharpest retail questions - Courtin will also count down some of the underrated (and overhyped) aspects of retail tech.


Why is digital transformation falling short? With Eric Kimberling

On this edition of the enterprise hits and misses show, join me and first-time guest Eric Kimberling of Third Stage Consulting as we hash out the fundamental problem: if transformation is essential, than why are we as an industry continually falling short? Kimberling will be unveiling, and counting down his digital transformation do's and don'ts. Note: this is a resolutely sponsor-free, unfiltered podcast/video show. If you believe in this, please rate and review it.


The highs (and lows) of CX in 2021 - with Liz Miller and Nicole France

Aka "revenge of Nicole and Liz", or the "Liz and Nicole show," join me as we wrap the hits/misses show year with unfiltered tour through the year in CX, CRM, and marketing run amok. The audience brought their usual sharp commentary as Nicole and Liz counted down their highs and lows of the CX year. Yeah, this should be fun.... Yes, you can get Busting the Omnichannel on iTunes.


Behind the 2022 un-predictions - how the techno-sausage is made! With Brian Sommer and Jon Reed

Ever wondered how diginomica's annual un-predictions get made? Want a first hand look at a hyper-agile waterfall best practice methodology like no other? Oh yeah - we've got slides baby! Want to take a crack at building your own crystal ball? Paging all tech ninjas and prognosticators - join us for the un-predictions launch release. Feel free to bring your own un-predictions as we gear up for another rollercoaster of a year. Yes, you can get Busting the Omnichannel on iTunes. You can get the slides on youtube via /jonathanwreed.


Crossing the enterprise buyer chasm - A live chat with Gartner‘s Hank Barnes

Here we go - continuing with my "blogs that matter" editions of the hits/misses interactive video show, I'll be diving into the recent milestone blogs Gartner's Hank Barnes has published on enterprise buyers, via his own dialogue with Geoffrey Moore ("Crossing the Chasm"). Barnes and I will also revisit our debate on how informed today's enterprise buyer actually is, and how customers can make better buying decisions (or not). Bring your sharpest questions for the free for all chat, this will be a good 'un. Yes, you can get Busting the Omnichannel on iTunes.


Customer success debunked and rebooted - a live talk about the role of service providers and SIs - with Josh Greenbaum and Bonnie Duncan Tinder

Yep, on this edition of Enterprise hits/misses radio, Josh Greenbaum and I will settle our differences on customer success. Bonnie Duncan Tinder of Raven Intel will join us to reveal her latest research on the problematic role of professional services partners in customer success initiatives. Join us for this live discussion and yes, your comments will be a big part of this. We'll hash out the problems and shine the light on those getting it done the right way. Reference post: Attention vendors - please stop the customer success hype train, unless you have these six proof points (You can get the link to Josh's post there also). Yes, you can get Busting the Omnichannel on iTunes.


Getting hybrid (and virtual) events right - with hybrid event pioneer Paul Richards

Hybrid events aren't nearly what they could be - and here's someone who can help us change that. Yes! Enterprise hits and misses video show is back, and with a doozey. Paul Richards, huge influence on my thinking on hybrid events, will join us for an interactive session. Richards is the Director of Marketing for HuddleCamHD. He'll share how he pioneered hybrid events, talk about how to put on a good one, and we'll even get into production values as he has one of the best setups you'll see. Note: to see Paul's tour of his studio, you'll want to check out the video version of our talk. Yes, you can get Busting the Omnichannel on iTunes.